September 8, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 72]

Originally posted @ on September 8, 2012

After they kiss, blushing Sawako and Shouta look at each other. He hugs her again and says, ‘I like you’ repeatedly. Sawako hugs him back tightly. He wipes her tears. She says that finally he looked at her. He hugs her tight, pulls away and says that he likes her the most. Sawako says, yes. Shouta says that he really cherishes this. He bends down to pick up the bag she dropped. After standing up and giving the bag back, Shouta says that he wants to talk with her properly even if he is a bit late. She says, “Me, too”. Sawako calls her mother to tell her that she will be late, and yes, she is with Shouta. Then, her father doesn’t seem to agree to it that Sawako asks him to let her just this once. Sawako assures him that she will still do her best with her house chores and studies. Shouta asks to talk with her father. Shouta tells her father to just give him an hour and then, he’ll bring Sawako home. After hanging up, Shouta tells Sawako that they were given 45 minutes. He also says that her father said that Sawako will always sufficiently do her best. They hold hands and go to a café. Shouta tells her that last Christmas, she didn’t come so he promised himself that he won’t let Sawako feel lonely again but this year, he made her lonely. “I’m sorry.” Sawako shakes her head sideways. She says that she is just gloomily thinking things by herself and they aren’t worthy for him to be uneasy about. He tells her that he went to her house and met her parents. He wanted to sincerely go steady with her and treat her well. “I want to cherish you.” Sawako remembers he said those things before.

He tells her that because of last year, he thought that she will be happy if they spend Christmas together with everyone. “But, besides that, actually, I don’t have self-confidence. Just like during the field trip, this thing called rationality unexpectedly flew away. In the end, I like you very much- Can you visualize it?” Sawako blushes and shakes her head. She seems to think that she can’t visualize it by herself. With his fist on his chest, Shouta tells her that from the start, she is different from the rest. “And, from the first time I’ve met you, you were always, always, in the bottom of my heart.” Sawako looks surprised. Shouta says that tends to do [things] his own way, no matter what others say or think, he thought that it has nothing to do with him. Generally, the people whom he can speak his mind are quite few. So possibly, he would always maintain a certain distance from the people around him. It can be natural but he cannot do that with her. If it concerns her, none of those things are inevitable[/he can’t be indifferent]. And even if it is embarrassing to say this but he generally want to act cool. And before meeting her, he didn’t know that fundamentally, he was this kind of person. To Shouta’s surprise, Sawako holds his hand. Blushing Sawako thinks that it is the Shouta that she didn’t know. Scans by 夜莺工作室.