September 10, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 45]

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Cover page: “What could be in front of this path?” Anna recalls Hinata saying that occasionally, he would wonder whether or not she likes Sou. She thinks, “I was shock that Hinata would say that. I’m already going steady with Hinata. Why would he still say that? But, if I properly think of it, the one who made Hinata say that is me. Could I have done something that have made Hinata think that way? Always until now, I knew that but I still don’t understand.. what did I do that made Hinata misunderstand.. And I don’t have a single clue.. *gloomily thinking about it in the empty clubroom* What did I do during the double date? Did I talk too much with Sou? No, Hinata is also together talking [with us].. What is it that made Hinata say that-..” Her thoughts are interrupted by Nanoka and Aya who come in the clubroom. Nanoka happily greets Anna a good morning. She comments that Anna is looking so listless so early in the morning and they are now going to start preparing for their booth in the cultural festival. Anna asks how come the two of them are.. Nanoka says that it is because Anna always goes to school so early so they also should quickly start preparing. “This is what Aya-chan had taken note of. Right, Aya-chan♡♡ *happily whispers to Anna* Aya-chan already said it. She won’t go to school with Sou again ♥♥ hihi♡♡” Anna thinks that just because of that, Nanoka’s mood had changed. Anna suddenly remembered that Aya is a bit weird yesterday. Aya apologizes to Anna for suddenly leaving like that yesterday and she wanted to see a lot more of the place but she unexpectedly felt unwell. Anna exclaims is that so, and is she okay. Aya smiles and says yes, she is already fine. Nanoka exclaims if the two of them went out together. Anna[/Aya] says no, they are with Sou and Hinata. Nanoka looks glum over this. Smiling Aya apologizes for not inviting Nanoka and if she has a boyfriend, they can go together next time.. Looking away, Nanoka declares that she doesn’t want a boyfriend. Aya says that she is saying that again. Anna gloomily thinks that no matter which side, there is a dispute. Nanoka exclaims that they’ll end that topic and they should quickly start preparing. While Anna and Nanoka are talking about what to do, serious Aya is glancing at Anna. Anna wonders why, when she can go steady with Hinata, the three of them can go to school together, and fundamentally, she thought that it will be a happy second term, why did things turn out like this.

In 1-5 class, they are practicing the play. Hinata says, “That detestable Princess Snow White. For being more beautiful than me, she is really a hindrance. Hunter! Quickly bring Snow White to the forest and kill her!” Kneeling in front of him, Nanoka says, “It is as you ordered, Your Highness the Queen. *dark smile* I will definitely use this hand and KILL Princess Snow White. And as proof, I’ll bring you her heart.” Someone gloomily exclaims, “Okay, STOP.” They turn to look at Hinata. With folded arms and holding a script, Hinata tells Nanoka that according to the script, ‘even if the hunter is very hesitant, but he also knows that he cannot refuse the Queen’s orders’. “But your acting right now, you really look like you are steaming with killer aura.” Nanoka says that it is because even if they are to say that it is Snow White but in the end, it is still poop Sou. Hinata shouts for her not to mix her public and private life. Nanoka angrily shouts back why he is acting like he is the director and didn’t he want to go home quickly. Hinata angrily retorts back that it is because she is ignoring the script that he cannot just let it be. At the side, Hinata comments that Nanoka is amazing. Sou says that she is quite outspoken. Glancing at Hinata, Anna thinks that yesterday and today’s Hinata seems to be at his usual self.. But for him to say that ‘forget it, it would be great if it isn’t that’, what should be done to resolve Hinata’s misunderstanding.. Some girls are carrying a glass coffin and ask Sou to come there for a while. Sou asks if that is the coffin, and it is amazing. The girl says that they want to make sure if the measurement is right so could Sou lie down on it for them to check. Sou lies down on it. Hinata asks how it is. Sou says that it feels comfortable. Blushing Anna pouts and wonders, ‘comfortable?’ Someone exclaims that it is a rare opportunity so how about they practice the coffin scene. Anna thinks that coffin scene = Snow White (Sou) and Prince (Her) kissing scene and they are still in uniform, and right now, they are in front of Hinata. While Hinata seems to agree to it, Anna thinks that if she deliberately avoid it, the others will notice it more and if it isn’t here, in the end, it will be seen at the official performance.. Thinking that she shouldn’t mind too much about that right now, Anna exclaims that to quickly get the horse. Raising his hand, Sou informs everyone that he had asked Hinata to replace the coffin scene. This puzzles Anna. Hinata tells her that it has already been decided that they scrap the kissing scene for according to the original fairy tale, the prince got the dead Princess Snow White..
He didn’t finish what he was saying for Nanoka has kicked him down. Hinata angrily shouts what’s up with her for that hurts. Calling him a dog, Nanoka exclaims that from how she hears it, it seems like he is changing the scene at will just because of what poop Sou said and weren’t there suppose to be a kissing scene. In a soft voice, Hinata tells Nanoka that it can’t be helped because Aya is extremely furious over that kissing scene between Anna and Sou, and does she know that it is annoying to death to be the blunt of Aya’s anger. Surprised Nanoka asks if that is what Sou said. Hinata says that he didn’t say it but except for that, there is no other reason. He also says that it is also embarrassing [/hard for Aya to take] when Sou said that in front of Aya – Sou agreeing to the kissing scene so that it will hype up the mood. Anna has overheard everything. She puts on a happy face and laughs out loud. This startles Hinata and Anna exclaims that if it is like that, he should said so earlier. Anna exclaims that it turns out that Hinata has already changed the script so she’ll go and make copies of the corrected part. Anna says that she’ll come back after making copies. Both Sou and Hinata are looking at Anna. While walking at the corridor, Sou quickly snatches the script from Anna and apologizes for it was already been decided. Anna laughs and says that it is alright, for even without the kissing scene, the mood will still be hyped up. “And right now, seeing the correction, it has become more interesting! No wonder it is Kazani-kun! *notices Sou is seriously looking at her* What is it?” Anna’s expression freezes when Sou says, “How disgusting. Lately, you only have that kind of smiling expression. On contrary, in the end, you can’t properly hide it. If you want to say something, then say it. *Anna goes huh* It really makes one fretful seeing you like that. Starting right now, it is forbidden for you to smile that makes someone feel disgusted.” Anna’s vein popped. Anna shouts why would he say that to her for she is the one who is ‘injured party’[/affected one] in the change of script and yet, he is acting high and mighty. “It doesn’t make sense!!”
Sou angrily shouts back that it is still that disgusting smile. Anna shouts for him to quit saying disgusting. Sou shouts for her to say what she is feeling and if she has something to say, just properly say it!! A bit tense, Anna wonders what this is and what is he making her say. Serious Hinata arrives and asks what they are doing. Anna and Sou looks at Hinata. Thinking of her true feelings, Anna says, “..I couldn’t say it out. *covers her face with the script* Because I myself don’t quite understand it..” She thinks that it is like what Sou said, lately, she has been smiling even if she is obviously not happy. “Why? *Hinata saying that he wonders if she likes Sou* I like Hinata. Hinata also said ‘like’ to me and we went steady. How come it still won’t progress smoothly?” Then, someone interrupts by saying, “Then, do you want me to tell you?” Anna turns around to see Aya smiling in front of her classroom, 1-2. “I’m sorry, fundamentally, I wasn’t intending to deliberately listen but it is because it is at the corridor and your voices are so loud. *Sou looks tense and Hinata still looks serious* Those two [guys] don’t know Anna-chan’s feelings, right? *smiles* I know Anna-chan’s feelings. *Anna surprised* Anna-chan likes Hinata and has gone steady with him. In the end, [you] also like Sou. *3 childhood friends look surprised* You like both of them and no matter which side, you want them to stay at your side. That’s your true feelings, right?” Anna is stunned. Suddenly, Hinata grabs Ayane’s face and says, “When you are in front of Anna, can you be a bit careful? *glares* Someone like you, what do you know?” Holding Hinata’s shoulder, Sou tells him to stop. Hinata asks what, and don’t tell him that Sou is also by this girl.. Anna shouts for them to quickly stop it. Flustered Anna says, “ is already..enough.. I already know.” To the guys’ surprise, Anna quickly runs off. Aya seems to be looking downwards.
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