September 12, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 69]

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Kyo, Misao and Buzen had just arrived back. Misao is telling Kyo that it is like what she told him and it is accurate. Kyo says that it is normal for him not to believe because after all, it is a dream. Sagami and Houki welcome them back. Sagami asks what they are talking about. Houki asks about the check up at the hospital. Misao tells them that they already know the gender of the baby. “In the end, it is a boy!” Sagami is puzzled over ‘in the end’. Misao says that it is because she obviously told Kyo that she saw the child in her dream so she knew the gender but he totally doesn’t believe it. Looking around, Misao wonders out loud where Kyo is and did he run away. Arriving back with a piece of paper, Kyo says that he didn’t run away, and here, this is for her. Misao opens the folded piece of paper and in it, Name Sou [颯]. Kyo says that didn’t that guy said that he is called Sou. Teary-eyed Misao happily says that it turns out he thought of it. Everyone agrees that it is a good name. Misao happily calls out her baby as Sou-chan. Tarou tells everyone that lunch is ready. Misao thanks him, and Kyo says that he’ll go change his clothes. The others quietly watch on as the kids prepare the food in the dining room where Misao is sitting. They say that Misao looks quite lively that one wouldn’t think that she had fainted. The child’s development is also considerably good. “And, how should I say it..” Inside, holding a bowl that is piled up with food, Misao tells Tarou that it is a lot. Sitting down, Kyo tells Misao to eat it all up for it is for her and the baby inside. Misao says that she is already eating the share of the baby and if she eats too much, she’ll become fat. Kyo tells her to go and become a bit fat. Misao whines that she doesn’t want to because fundamentally Tarou’s food is very delicious and if she isn’t careful, she will eat a lot more. Tarou blushes over this compliment. Buzen and Houki are a bit tense when Sagami bluntly blurts out what Buzen is trying to say, “It doesn’t seem like she’ll die.” Later on, Sagami and Houki are walking at the corridor to carry away the dishes. Houki says that January will quickly pass and soon, it will be February. And, truly upon seeing Misao happily smiling, it makes one feel that there is no sorrowful thing that will happen. Sagami asks if there is any change in the situation. Houki says that they weren’t able to find any data that could give them hope. They think that it is useless to be anxious but still, they feel that they should do something.

Then, they notice Buzen and Zenki talking while Buzen is holding a polka dot design notebook. Sagami asks what it is. Buzen gives the notebook to Sagami and says that Tarou noticed it in the dining room and he asked if someone had forgotten about it. Sagami flips the pages and realizes that it is Misao’s. It isn’t a diary but rather, a letter. Misao wrote that on Dec 6, sunny, Sou-chan is very nice and she is very happy. She talks with him everyday, does he hear it. Right now, she has a DVD drama that she likes but apparently, papa [Kyo] doesn’t it. *sweatdrop* And hopefully, they can watch it together ♡♡ End entry. Another entry has her picture on Dec[?] 12, cloudy, Sou-chan has already grown up and everyday, he will only slightly move a bit. He is definitely a healthy baby. She is excited. Sou-chan is definitely like papa, both strong and kind person. “I really like Sou-chan.” End second entry. Zenki nervously says that even if she is facing sudden death, it isn’t too reassuring that she is planning to pass these thoughts [/memoir] to the child. Everyone looks worried. Buzen tells them not to let Kyo see that. Houki says that for Misao to unexpectedly write a testament [/posthumous writing], could it be that she is already conscious of giving up everything. They all freak out when Kyo asks them what they are saying about Misao and what they are looking at. Sagami quickly stands in front of him and tries to divert his attention by saying that Kyo should learn some back pain medicine from paramecium that was used by the past, past head. Buzen quickly tells Zenki to quickly swallow up the notebook and Zenki tries to. =P Kyo notices that it is Misao’s notebook which she would always write in but won’t let him see it. Kyo takes the notebook from Zenki and asks why it is, with them. While Kyo flips through the notebook, Zenki tries to say something about Misao. Kyo trembles and says, “What is this.. -..that girl--.. Unexpectedly saying this is ‘cute’, what’s up with that?” The others look at the page Kyo is referring to – it is a sonogram/picture of the baby’s ultrasound and Misao wrote that right now, Sou-chan is so cute. Kyo exclaims that he totally can’t understand it, he totally cannot understand that kind of feeling. Sagami agrees but Zenki exclaims that it is cute. Kyo laughs and says that they don’t want him to see this. Sagami tells Kyo not to rebuke Misao over this. Kyo says that he won’t do such a thing. “I don’t know what you guys are thinking about but if someone who is thinking of death, she won’t be that bothered about whether or not she’ll become fat. And, she also planned to watch this autumn’s movie. Over that, we quarreled over it just now. *Kyo is screaming that Misao wants to see a movie because of an actor and he accuses her of being fickle to which Misao protests why he says that* Just because those things are written here, all the more that I think that she hasn’t given up. I’m giving this back to her.”
Kyo goes to Misao who was embarrassed that Kyo has the notebook then, they look happy together. The others comment that obviously before, Kyo is so nervous and then, during some unknown time, he had become indifferent or rather, quite calm about it. Houki says that he felt ashamed to worry too much when the two [K&M] hardly wavers and mutually trust the other. The scene changes to Kyo who flies down to his house. He is surprised to see Misao lying down on the floor from the room overlooking the courtyard. Kyo tells her not to sleep there. Misao says that she isn’t sleeping and it is only because her lower back is aching a bit so she lied down for a while. “Like this, I can wait and see you flying home from the sky. Welcome home.” Kyo blushes a bit and thinks that even if he will be leaving again. Kyo goes to her and asks if she wants him to massage her. And, he asks why she is laughing. Misao says that it is because she thought that she is really blessed. With his wings facing Misao, she tells him that it is a bit moist. Just when Kyo is saying that it must be the reflection, they freak out when Yoko [Misao’s mother] suddenly comes in to greet Misao. Yoko apologizes for barging in because she called out and no one answered. Misao tensely tells Kyo about his wings but Kyo says that it will be stranger if he keeps it in [now]. Yoko says that she only came to say that she is now going out to her friend’s place. The couple nervously tells her to be careful on her way. Then, Yoko giggles over Kyo and asks if he is into cosplaying. After she left, Kyo mutters that it seems that he wasn’t discovered. Misao is thinking that when she was pregnant with Sou-chan, she thought of being honest with her parents about Kyo’s true identity but the current situation is no longer the same as before, so how can she tell them the truth. Seeing through her thoughts, Kyo tells her to tell her parents. He says that even if it will take some time for them to understand but he doesn’t want to use some suggested[/secret] way again to deceive them like in the past. Teary-eyed Misao says yes. Misao is still worried about telling her parents because from the start, they’ve opposed and it felt that they’ll be rejected. She is also worried about the continuing strife which will be quite hard while Sou-chan isn’t born yet. Misao tells Kyo about waiting until Sou-chan is born and things are stable before telling her parents. Kyo says that will be better. While Misao leans on Kyo’s embrace, she wonders how her parents will react. Even if when she stopped schooling is also like this but this is giving birth to a youkai child so even if she is happy, it is unfilial[/contemptuous].
Later on, Misao gets a phone call from her mother. Misao suddenly exclaims about a fire. Misao tries to call her mother but the line has been cut off. Misao worriedly wonders what’s going on for her mother was saying something about a fire and she is currently trying to get out. Trembling Misao couldn’t contact her mother again. Kyo tells her to calm down and where is her mother right now. Misao says that she is be at her friend’s house. Then, Misao remembers something. She tells him that it is in that building where they watched the fireworks during summer. It is a tall building in the horizon. Misao starts breaking down over her mother being caught in the fire. Kyo tells her to calm down, and he quickly runs off. He calls Sagami and Buzen to go with him. While Ayame and Jirou accompany Misao, Kyo exclaims that he’ll go see the situation. “It will be fine. Leave it to me and just wait here!” With that, Kyo and the others fly out. Ayame tells her to call her father. Trembling Misao tries to call her father but ends up crying and hoping that Kyo can do something. At the hospital, slightly bandaged Yoko sheepishly apologizes for it seems that it was serious that she stirred things up. Misao cries what she is saying when it is really dangerous. On an IV, Yoshio [father] exclaims that he was so shock that his heart stopped for a moment. Yoko says that she just inhaled some smoke and from the check up, everything is fine. She then asks how come they are staying at a high class hospital. The doctor exclaims that it is because she is Kyo-sama’s mother-in-law. It is a hospital that has business with Kyo’s clan. Kyo says that it is good that she is okay. After a pause, Yoko says that he really took care of her. This made Misao nervous for a while ago, Kyo had told her... Flashback: While her mother is being examined, crying Misao thanked Kyo for saving her mother. Then, Kyo told her that her mother was too late in escaping. In an unfamiliar place and got separated from her friend, she is already surrounded by smoke and she couldn’t move a budge. And probably, her consciousness is already fuzzy. Flashback 2: While Yoko is coughing, Kyo and others swooped down to her at the corridor. Yoko looked surprised. Sagami told Kyo that they cannot go back in because the room[/building] is filled with smoke. Kyo said that it can’t be helped. Standing up the railing, Kyo took Yoko’s hand. Upon seeing him like that, Yoko had called his name, “Kyo-chan..?” End flashback 2. Aghast Misao asked if her mother saw him fly. Kyo told her that not only did she saw him fly, he also has to fly and carry her down to the ground. He said that maybe her mother would just think that it is all a dream, but she wasn’t able to reach the fire escape stairs on that floor and how come she only got minor injuries. Surely, her mother’s doubts won’t disappear. Misao realizes that it has been found out. End flashback. Then, Yoko asks why Misao’s expression is quite pale. Misao thinks that her mother has found out that Kyo isn’t human.
Scans by 深雪汉化.