September 1, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 43]

Originally posted @ on August 28, 2012

Nakaba and Loki have arrived at Farlanseques. They are wearing commoner clothes. Nakaba happily says that the place is amazing. There are a lot of merchants selling their wares from textile to food. Loki tells Nakaba that during this season, the red wine and wool are quite good. “Look, at that side..” With folded arms, Adele calls out to them and tells them not to go all over the place on their own. Nakaba and Loki look back at him. Nakaba says that he obviously doesn’t need to go together with them. Adele angrily shouts that it will be too troublesome if he let her go by herself and what if in case, she got buried in a snowy mountain. Nakaba retorts back that this isn’t a snowy mountain so just try and tell her as to how she can be buried [alive] in this place. Angry Adele calmly says that in short, she is his queen consort so as a royalty, she ought to be a bit aware of this. Loki tells Nakaba that that regarding not wanting her to do any dangerous action, he also agrees with it. Nakaba angrily pouts over this. Adele asks Nakaba about her outfit. Turning to walk away, Nakaba tells him that she didn’t come formally to the fair as a Senan royal family and she can quite blend in with this. Adele comments that it matches her red hair for it seems like she is the daughter of a merchant. “It really suits you.” Nakaba thanks him for his compliment. While they are walking, Nakaba asks Loki if Caesar came. After a pause, Loki asks if she didn’t peek into the future. Turning to face him, Nakaba says that won’t it be too boring if she knows everything. Loki says that it is as she said[/that’s an extreme way to look at it]. Nakaba says that Caesar is the backer of the fair this time so perhaps, they can see each other and she wants to anticipate that.

Nakaba asks Lala if she is okay for isn’t it too noisy for her. Lala says that it is the first time she saw so many people. Nakaba asks if she wants to have something like a snack. Lala perks up and starts looking around. Adele asks what’s up with that girl. Nakaba tells him that upon returning from the snowy mountain, [they] unexpectedly told her that this girl can be her chamberlain[/attendant] who’ll accompany her. “It’s like having a younger sister and she’s very cute.” Adele snorts and says that it is another Ajin chamberlain and is she making some sort of exhibition cottage. He imagines a small cottage with Loki, Lito, Leo and Lala, and the fee for viewing is 300 yen. [Oh, their names start with L. Coincidence?] Holding on to Lala who is busy thinking over a snack, Nakaba glares at Adele and says that he’s annoying and they’re going. As Nakaba and others continue to walk ahead, Adele shouts that didn’t he told her not to recklessly move around. Later on, Lala is eating a cookie snack. Nakaba says that there are a lot of people. She thinks that even if there are so many people, she really wants to see only one person. “..obviously, I only have to open one door.” Nakaba mutters that she would be able to know. She thinks, “But, if I were not to see his figure, I’ll feel sad.” Lala looks at her and asks if it is Prince ‘Caesar’. After looking surprised, Nakaba sadly says yes, she really wants to see him. Later on, they are looking at some books at a stall. Nakaba tells Lala that this book is not bad at all, and it is beautiful. Suddenly, Lala bends over and holds the sides of her head. Nakaba worriedly asks if she isn’t feeling well. Lala apologizes to her. Deciding that she should rest, Nakaba calls Adele that they are going back to the inn.
Soon, it is night. Nakaba is looking out the window when Lala goes in her room and urges Nakaba to quickly come with her. As the two goes out of the inn, Adele sees them from his window. A carriage stops in front of a huge mansion. A man welcomes Caesar to the residence. He also deeply thanks Caesar for his huge support for this year’s fair. Caesar tells him that there’s no need for such greeting. Caesar is there with Louise. At the forest area near the mansion, Nakaba asks where Lala is leading her. Then, she sees Caesar and the others in front of the mansion. Nakaba’s eyes widen for it is Caesar[’s back]. Lala tells her that she heard the voice and some people are saying ‘Caesar-sama’. “Is he the one whom you wanted to see..?” Nakaba realizes that Lala has used her Arcana and could it be she has been using it since that afternoon [when she wasn’t feeling well]. Lala says yes. Nakaba worriedly tells her that if she uses it excessively, it will cause a burden to the body. Then, the man who was talking with Caesar shouts who is there. Caesar turns to look and he is surprised to see Nakaba. After looking at each other, Louise holds on to Caesar and tensely says, “Beloved..” Then, someone says, “Hey- what are you doing?” Nakaba turns around and is surprised to see Adele behind her. Putting his arm around Nakaba, Adele says that this is truly rude. “We are staying at a nearby inn. But my wife said that she wants to a get some whiff of night wind.. It seems that she got lost.” The princes look at each other and Caesar is somewhat flustered. Louise tensely looks at the other couple. Just when Nakaba is going to say something, Adele pulls her away and says that they’re going. Nakaba becomes uneasy for she wonders how Caesar looks at her. “In a second, it is barely an exchange of glances. With only that, it made me feel more guilty but it really made me long for you. *wipes tears* I’m so afraid of what you could be thinking.” Adele says that she is a silly person and is this what she wished for. Teary-eyed Nakaba thinks, “I don’t know. It’s only because I really want to see you. Perhaps, I’m also expecting that upon seeing each other, something will happen afterwards. If I were to open that door, it would have the me, who is crying like this. But I think that even if I were to know of it early on, it still won’t change the fact that I’ll be so lonely to the point of tears. Ah, Loki, it’s like this, right.”
Scans by Rei'S工作室.