September 1, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 59]

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With a really creepy face, Kotori carries the orders of the customers. “..Sorry..for..making you wait~~.. Here are your orders, a curry that will make a devil tremble, and the popular dessert that can make one’s blood become cold~~ *serves the food* Please, take~ your time *trembling* to enjoy it~~” The two customer look tense. Giving her a thumbs up, Abe shouts that Kotori did well. “After seeing a ghost, you’re no longer the same! The effect is so lifelike! Truly frightening! Very well done!” Kotori gloomily thanks him and even if there is some sense for her to see a ghost, she still doesn’t feel happy about it. Abe says that if he can be like her after seeing a ghost, then he would be able to do better in serving the customers. “Where did you see it?” Yukito says that their conversation is becoming really baffling. Yukito asks Kotori if she has really seen it, and isn’t she just mistaken over some decoration as a ghost on the ceiling. Kotori tells him that it is true for there seems to be a face covered with hair that has appeared on the ceiling and it had such a sinister smile on it. Yukito just says that maybe she is mistaken. He is quite relieved that she wasn’t talking about his nose hair earlier. Kotori begins to wonder if she was just mistaken but then, a lot of people are saying that they have seen it and just when she thought that they have only mistaken her to be one, because of her cosplay. Kotori says that Harada also mentioned before that a girl died before the cultural festival and it might not necessarily baseless. Yukito tells her that she is too worried about it but it is okay, he’s here. “Don’t be afraid! Even if there’s no basis but when you are afraid, no matter when, just come unrestricted to my embrace. Let’s tightly hug each other~~ This isn’t bad, right? Come on~~” Kotori is speechless over Yukito’s devious motive. Masaya interrupts by commenting that the decoration of their desserts is awful. “And thanks to me! Look! Isn’t this a beautiful creation. *he is wearing a waiter’s uniform and holding a delicious-looking parfait* Besides, there is no such thing as ghosts in this world, okay? Even if you saw one, it is just a fake. It is just an illusion of one’s inner feelings. No, I should say that it is an illusion of one’s mind, right?”

Yukito exclaims that includes his brain for who told him to make ordinary desserts on his own will when their selling point is being terrifying. Ignoring Yukito, Masaya asks Kotori if lately she is quite tired, especially things that involves Yukito. “Think well, something really important has already happened and it involves Yukito, right? Wasn’t it before the summer season? Wasn’t it before the summer season? Wasn’t it before the summer season? And it has to be because of that-” [<- brainwashing her? =P] Kotori timidly says, ah. Yukito exclaims what the heck is Masaya saying and Kotori should also not recklessly think[/imagine] things. “By the way, why are you stirring things up when we are quite busy!” Masaya replies that it is because Yukito went to goof around some place that he was asked to help out. Yukito shouts that is nonsense and about sending that duel challenge to that Kouda guy. “Were you the one who set that up!” Masaya asks him what’s with that reaction and he just made Haruna put that in that guy’s shoe box. They were interrupted when a customer calls out and asks if she can order. The brothers smile and say, of course. Masaya tells Kotori again that there is no such thing as a ghost in this world. Yukito agrees with him. Kotori sweatdrops and thinks that their opinions are quite consistent and no wonder they are brothers. Then, their homeroom teacher says that there is since he had heard of the ghost appearing. Kotori is surprised that their teacher is also cosplaying [as a samurai]. The teacher says that he hasn’t seen it himself but a few years ago, there is a rumor going on among the students. “An insightful person said that during some activity, it will appear but it won’t harm anyone. *Kotori says is that so* And speaking of that, there is also someone who said that upon seeing the ghost, something good will happen. *Kotori doesn’t quite believe him* It’s true, it’s true and it is said that one’s love life will go smoothly.” The teacher bids her goodbye and says that he still has to go inspect around and encourage everyone for their hard work. Pouting, Kotori wonders out loud if the teacher is just comforting her or it seems like he is just pulling her leg when she was obviously quite afraid. Natsume tells her that it cannot be helped if she has seen a ghost but it is better for her not to mind it too much.
Kotori is surprised to see a shimenawa* on Natsume’s head. [*it is believed to act as a ward against evil spirits. Source wiki] Natsume tells her that she is cosplaying as an exorcist. Kotori asks her if she is also afraid of ghosts. Natsume shouts for her to cut it out for that Kaji brother will take advantage of this. Kotori timidly protests that it doesn’t suit Natsume’s style and didn’t she criticize her cosplay before, that she [Kotori] couldn’t say anything about it. “But seeing you like this now..the Natsume in my heart isn’t like this at all!” Natsume asks if that is so. Kotori says it is. Pulling the shimenawa off, Kotori exclaims for her to remove it since it ruins the vampire image and also destroys her illusion. Natsume asks if that is the reason. Then, three girls come in the store. One of the girls asks if that the model Luka is there. A girl with a hat says it is true for she heard it from her lover and she ought to be in this class. Natsume looks surprised at the girl with a hat. The girl with a hat wonders out loud where Luka is for she ought to recognize her with one look. Wavy haired girl says that it is quite amazing to have a model friend. The girl with a hat says that she’ll introduce them to Luka if she is here. Natsume remembers the girl with a hat who told her before that she isn’t really Natsume’s friend for she only wanted to be with her because she is pretty, a model and famous, and yet, Natsume never noticed it. Masaya notices Natsume’s [sad?] expression. The girl with a hat asks Kotori if Ibuki Natsume is there and if she is, can she help her out. Kotori turns to see that Natsume is quietly leaving. Kotori tells the girl that currently, Natsume isn’t here. The girl with a hat exclaims in disbelief for she specially came to see her. Masaya interrupts and welcomes the girl. “How many are you? *hooking Yukito around his arm* Sorry, That girl Ibuki is currently not here, if it is possible, how about we give you girls some service?” While Yukito asks why also him, the three girls were captivated. They exclaim that they look handsome and alike, are they brothers. The brothers invite them inside. The girls are thrilled over being entertained by such good-looking brothers.
After the brothers lead the girls away, Natsume tells Kotori that those was her classmate during junior high and because of a misunderstanding, there was a trust crisis and they drifted apart. “Saying.. we are friends-something, turns out that I’m the only one who thought that way. ..this really sucks, I fundamentally no longer thought about it.” To Natsume’s surprise, Kotori clings tightly on her cape [as if to give her a hug]. Kotori tells her, “I really like you, Natsume. No matter what happens, I’ll forever stand by your side!” This made Natsume happy that she kisses Kotori’s cheek and thanks her. Holding a tray of food, Yukito is shouting what the heck Natsume is doing. To his surprise, Natsume takes the tray of food and happily apologizes for the wait to the girls. “Your orders are- Spaghetti that has been soaking for a night in poison, and resentment in a day. And, bone soup, right?” Blushing over Natsume, the girls say yes and ask if ‘he’ is also a handsome guy there. Natsume says that there’s no need for compliments. Masaya looks happy for Natsume. Holding a camera, girl with a hat asks if she can take a picture together with the handsome guy. Natsume smiles and says of course. Pointing to Masaya, Natsume says that if it is a picture, why not taking a picture with this handsome guy who is so idle that he’s agitated. The girls are thrilled over it. Then, Natsume takes a picture of the three girls with Masaya..and something behind them. Natsume’s eyes widen over this but she acts normally by giving back the camera and says that it seems that she has taken a picture of something good. The girl thanks her. While Natsume quietly leave, the girls are exclaiming that it seems that they have taken a picture of something and what is that. Later on, Kotori comments that there are a lot of customers. Natsume agrees and it will be more tiring for them. “But, it’s quite interesting!” Kotori agrees with her for it is totally not like junior high school, and this is more fun. Yukito tells Kotori that her shift will be over soon, as well as his, so how about they walk around together. Kotori says okay. Yukito tells her that he’ll wait for her at the corridor.
Then, Kotori overhears some female students talking about a confession program being held at the night festival during the bonfire, and it was said that the success rate is quite high. One of them says that her senpai said so, and she would want to try it. Kotori says that there is also such a kind of rumor. Natsume asks her if she wants to try it. Kotori says that isn’t that specially, for single people who had secret crushes. Natsume asks if she didn’t know about the rumor about lovers’ neckties and exchanging vows. “If during the bonfire, lovers will exchange neckties, they will be together forever.” Kotori asks if that is true. Natsume tells her that there’s no harm in trying. Kotori says that is true. Natsume tells her to be more honest. After changing into her uniform, Kotori comes out of the classroom and apologizes for making Yukito wait. She sees Yukito being bugged by some girls to take a picture with him. Yukito refuses and says that it is annoying. Kotori thinks that Yukito is surrounded by girls and he is popular no matter where he is. Yukito sees her and says that she’s too slow. While Yukito ignores the girls who keep on pestering him, Kotori asks him if is okay. Yukito asks her what is okay, is it okay for him to take a picture with some other girl. This made Kotori blush and she says no. Yukito smiles at her and says, then, it is a no. He takes her hand and says, “Let’s go.” They walk around the school. Yukito is happy over hugging Kotori who was scared at the haunted house. They got their fortunes told at a fortune teller booth. They happily eat together. Later on, Kotori tells him that they go eat some takoyaki [octopus in batter balls]. Yukito asks if she is still going to eat. Kotori says that it is because she worked hard today, that is why she is a bit hungry now. Yukito pinches her love handle [waist’s fat] and teases her that if she eats, it will go here. Laughing because it is ticklish, Kotori exclaims why he is suddenly grabbing her. Suddenly, he accidentally touches her chest. Blushing Yukito quickly lets go and apologizes. Also blushing, Kotori says that it is alright. Kotori has remembered that after the cultural festival, they’ll.. Kotori starts to become nervous for she starts to feel strange just because of that.
Yukito comes back with a tray of takoyaki. He says that she wanted to eat it, right? Kotori thanks him. She comments that it is already quite dark. Yukito says that the cultural festival is going to end soon. Kotori is mentally telling herself not to think of it too much so in order for Yukito not to think in that direction, it is better to change the topic. Kotori asks him if she knows about the cultural festival’s exchange vows. Yukito doesn’t know what it is. Kotori tells him that it is something related to love wherein if one confesses during the bonfire, things will go smoothly between lovers. Yukito comments that girls really like those kind of stuff. Thinking that he isn’t interested, Kotori just laughs it off and says, yes, [we] really like. Then, Yukito says that if it is about the bonfire, he has something urgent to do. He apologizes and tells her to wait for him at school. This surprises Kotori. Preparing to leave, Yukito tells her that he’ll quickly come back and she should absolutely stay in the school. Kotori just mutters that he really left. Soon, the bonfire is lit. Kotori mutters that Yukito is so slow. “Even if he said that I should wait in the school, but.. *looks around* I feel that the lovers are increasing around here. If Yukito isn’t around, then there’s no way of exchanging neckties. *surprise* Agh, it turns out that I’m really anticipating that exchange of vows!” At the stage, an announcer says that this year’s cultural festival has ended. “And, now, we are going to have the night festival’s party! Then, those who are participating for the vows, let’s heat up the mood- First participant, 1-F’s Kaji Yukito-kun.” Kotori looks surprised at Yukito who is standing onstage. Holding the microphone, Yukito says, “At first, I thought of doing some rock n’ roll to look cool in front of my girlfriend. Regrettably, my singing is amateurish and I have no sense of music at all. So, I won’t force it. *Kotori is still surprised over what Yukito is doing. The audience are laughing and cheering Yukito* Listen up, Kaji Kotori! *Kotori is surprised that he is addressing her* I want you to listen well to what I’m going to say next. *Kotori blushing* I’ll keep this short- Up until now, I have made you feel uneasy so many times. But, here, I’ll say it once again, I like you. And I still want to be with you from today on. So, I solemnly request that we go steady-”
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.