September 1, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 8]

Originally posted @ on August 27, 2012

Prince Natsuki is looking for his princess. Princess Koharu says that she is here. Riding on his white horse, Natsuki says no, it isn’t her. “Where’s my princess!? Ah, I found her.” It is Saionji. Calling Aki his princess, Natsuki asks her if she wants to go on a journey with him. Soon, Natsuki goes to his castle with Aki. Koharu can only helplessly call for him to wait for her. Then, Koharu wakes up from her dream by calling out to Natsuki. Natsuki looks down on her and says that he’s here. It turns out that Koharu has fallen down from her bed. Natsuki tells her that it is already morning. He tells her that she really slept in such an unsightly manner and it shows on her face. Koharu quickly covers her face with the blanket. Climbing back into the balcony, he teases her of being in such deep sleep with him in a beautiful dream that she doesn’t want to wake up but they’ll be late. Koharu mutters that it isn’t a beautiful dream. Lying down on the bed, Koharu laments that he is really a guy who doesn’t understand one’s feelings. “Natsuki-chan, you idiot.” And the school bell rings. In the committee room, Nishina tells the members that they will help in the preparation for the sports festival. They were asked to do a borrowing item race type of thing and also purchase things for the make-up[/cosplay?] assembly. Koharu complains that it seems that they are being made to do thousands of committee work. Natsuki adds that it is all miscellaneous work and it seems that they were deceived. Nishina just tells them that on that day, the students will be doing it so please. Aki volunteers to go. Nishina thanks her for the help. Just when Koharu is also about to volunteer, Natsuki says that he’ll also go. This surprises Koharu. Aki thanks him. Natsuki says that someone has to carry all those stuff. Nishina says that Natsuki is such a good guy. Natsuki asks if he isn’t going to. Nishina excuses himself by saying that he still has work. Just when Natsuki is about to leave with Aki, Koharu doesn’t like the idea that the two of them will go. She quickly shouts that she’ll go, too because after all, this is committee work so during this time, everyone should go.

At a mall, all four committee members are there. Natsuki comments that it is quite unexpectedly for Koharu to say ‘as a committee member’ and be serious about it. Koharu tells him that he’s being rude for she is always serious. Looking at a list, Aki asks where they should go first. While Natsuki is talking with Aki, Koharu nervously thinks that it is because she felt that right now, she shouldn’t let the two of them alone and it is because she has seen that scene – Natsuki hugging Aki. At a store, Natsuki happily tells them that he is cosplaying as a Phantom [thief] Natsuki. Then, he changes into a butler costume. Clapping, Koharu says that cosplaying is really interesting and Natsuki is good at it. Aki says that it seems that they can purchase everything they need here for the makeup assembly. Posing, Natsuki says that wearing this really makes him look good. Blushing, Koharu thinks that he looks really handsome and she is so happy to see many stances[/appearances] of Natsuki. Koharu teases him by saying that clothes make the man. Natsuki tells her that she’s quite mean. Then, Koharu becomes flustered when Aki tells Natsuki that it really suits him, and he looks really handsome in it. Koharu can only think that she also thought he is handsome. To the girls’ surprise, Natsuki decides to play along by saying, “Then.. if [I’m] needed, you can send a sincere imperial decree, Aki-ojousama.” Aki blushes. Natsuki grins to tell her that he’s joking then smiles over this. It made Koharu uneasy for why is Natsuki showing that kind of expression and why is Aki blushing really red. “In the end, during that time, something has happened between them, right? Even if I really wanted to ask clearly about it, but our line of sight hasn’t met. *Koharu seems like a third wheel as Natsuki and Aki are talking. Natsuki is asking Aki to cosplay but she declines.* I have a bad premonition.” Later on, Natsuki says that they have finished buying the clothes so they are now going to buy the props for the borrowing item race. Koharu suggests that it will be more efficient if they split into two. Natsuki agrees with her for it isn’t easy for them to go through all the floors of the mall.
Koharu is happy about this until Natsuki whispers to her if it will be alright for she isn’t good in dealing with Touya. Koharu realizes that Natsuki doesn’t plan on going with her but rather, he’ll be going with Aki. In pain, Koharu doesn’t want that so she quickly turns around and tells Touya that they are leaving. Natsuki calls out to Koharu but they already left. Natsuki mutters that it seems that Koharu will be fine being alone with that guy. Aki has seen Koharu’s pained expression earlier, and she looks a bit sad-flustered. Koharu doesn’t want to stay there for she is afraid to keep on watching those two. At the park by the bench, Touya comments that is like the Sa’en [literally three apes]. Aghast Koharu is going ‘do not want to hear, speak nor see’. [<- three wise monkey = see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil] Koharu asks him what is the Sa’en. To her shock, he tells her that it is monkey. Just when she is going to shout that he’s being rude, Koharu stops and gloomily says that he can just do as he pleases. Touya comments that she is so easy to understand. Koharu looks at him and is surprised that he is gone. She thinks that she really isn’t go at dealing with him for she totally doesn’t know what he is thinking. “Compared with being together with Natsuki, it is more relaxed. And this is the first time I felt this feeling.. without Natsuki around, I unexpectedly felt that I can sigh in relief.” Then, she is surprised to see someone offering her some ice cream. It is Touya who also has his own ice cream. Holding the ice cream, Koharu exclaims if it is for her. Touya says that her voice is too loud. Thanking him, Koharu thinks that she really couldn’t understand this guy and by the way, it turns out that he also eats ice cream. Touya tells her that it is no big deal. “Actually, there is no deep meaning to it, right? The reason why Sugiura didn’t choose to go with you. Saionji and I have not come to this store before so I thought that if we are to separate into two groups, it ought to be separated this way and [the guys] can also carry things.” Koharu looks surprised and says is that so. To her surprise, Touya suddenly gives his ice cream to her. She asks if he ate half of it, or rather, did he even ate it. Touya says that he has things to do so he is going ahead. He tells her to give that ice cream to Natsuki before it melts for she can’t finish it all by herself.
Walking to find the two, Koharu wonders if Touya is actually not a bad person and in the end, and in the end, if they don’t talk, one cannot understand the other person. “That’s right. It is the same with that thing [Natsuki hugging Aki] if I didn’t ask Natsuki and others clearly about it, I won’t be able to understand. Perhaps, maybe it is just that the contact lens have been dropped or not preparing something..” Then, she sees Natsuki and Aki. Just when she is about to call them, she stops to see Natsuki confronting flustered Aki by patting her head. As the ice cream melts on her hand, Koharu thinks that the premonition has come true. In the cafe, Tomo hands over a drink and comments that Aki looks awful. Taking the drink, Aki apologizes for the hassle. Natsuki says that while they were shopping, Aki suddenly squat down and thankfully, their house is nearby. Tomo says that the store hasn’t opened yet so she can take her time and rest. Aki thanks him. Koharu asks her if she is alright. Aki says yes and thanks her. Koharu smiles. Koharu thinks that it turns out that Aki wasn’t feeling well that is why Natsuki did that. Then, Natsuki gives Aki a mug of honey milk which is effective for lack of sleep. “Since this morning, you looked as if you didn’t have any sleep so I’m very worried.” Koharu looks surprised and Aki blushes. Koharu thinks that since he has noticed it since this morning, and that means Natsuki has always been paying attention to Aki. Koharu looks flustered over slightly blushing Natsuki. Aki is feeling uneasy that she quickly stands up. She apologizes and claims that she is alright. Then, she loses her balance. Natsuki quickly catches her. He says that she is obviously not alright for she is still staggering. “Go to my room and sleep there.” Koharu can only wish that she quickly wake up from this dream and her premonition is coming true. Tomo looks somewhat concerned over Koharu. Sitting in front of Natsuki’s room, Koharn wonders over the reason why she doesn’t want to see those two together. “Generally, from the start, I have already become aware of it. *peeks in the room to see Natsuki blushing* It’s because I’m also in love so I know Nat-chan has fallen in love with Saionji-chan.”
Scans by 夜莺工作室.