September 21, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 13]

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Page 13: Birthday Gift. Cover page: “Third volume is out with a super cute cover. Time stops while staying beside the one you like.” Narration: “Autumn is about to end.” During self-study in class, looking at a picture of some food on his cellphone, Kira says that French restaurant yesterday makes him feel nervous. “I’m always very nervous. That kind of ambiance, honestly speaking, I don’t quite know what is the world’s number 1 flavor[/taste]. Maybe I should find another restaurant for that challenge.” Nino tells him that she is very happy. Kira says is that so. Nino smiles and thinks, “It’s because it’s like a date with you.” Kira is looking at her that Nino asks what it is. Kira says that it is nothing. Blushing Kira thinks that he was prepared to confess yesterday but then isn’t it a good opportunity to go back to the birthday. “I have already decided to sincerely prepare well a birthday gift and make my feelings known. And with that--” Putting his hands behind his head, Kira casually asks have she thought of what she wants for her birthday gift. Blushing a bit, Nino says that she did fully thought of it. “A bird-type merchandise is fine.” Kira sweatdrops and says, “Bird? That’s too simple.” This surprises Nino. Kira decides to search about it in Google on his phone. Nino realizes that she had made a mistake for during this time, she should have asked for a shiny object. “I’ve failed for fundamentally, I wanted to become a bit more girl-like before confessing to him.” Both Kira and Nino ‘gambatte’ themselves in doing their best. Scowling Sensei thinks that these two should quickly notice each other’s feelings already. Narration: “November 17th. First love is in the process of growing.”

While they are walking home, Nino comments that lately, it is becoming cold. Kira agrees. Then, they hear a meow. They look down to see a white kitten in a box with a note, “Please, anyone with a good heart, take care of me. I’m female.” Nino says that it is an abandoned kitten. Sensei exclaims who did such a mean thing. “If it isn’t my natural enemy, it is possible that I’ll help you but I don’t want to be eaten.” Nino says that it is quite regrettable for if it is her house.. Kira is blushing over the kitten’s pleading eyes. Kira picks up the kitten. To Nino’s surprise, Kira says that he’s going to bring it home. In the bathroom, the two are cleaning up the kitten. While spraying some other on a basin, Nino says that it turns out that he likes cats. “Do you want to take care of her?” While soaping the kitten, Kira says it is okay for even if he wants to have one but it should not be okay. Nino asks if it is because it is troublesome to take care of it. Kira says that it isn’t because of that, if he wants to have one, his dad would.. Nino notices that it seems that Kira is lost in thought. Kira tells her to forget it and where is Sensei. Nino tells him that she felt it is dangerous for him so she made him stay in the room. Sensei is pacing around a bird post and thinking that cat should pose a challenge to his position. Soon, the kitten is drinking milk on Kira’s bed. Nino says that she is hungry for she is ferociously drinking. Holding his cellphone, Kira says that he’ll take a picture first of the cat and ask around in school to find an owner who will responsibly take care of her. Kira stops what he is saying when he sees Nino asking the kitten if it is delicious. The kitten meows at her. Just when Nino turns to Kira to tell him that the kitten is finished eating, blushing really red Kira quickly turns around and wonders what’s with this combination. Nino offers to take Kira’s picture with the kitten. Kira gives her his cellphone. While holding the kitten, Kira says that she is really cute. Nino says yes, and she’ll take their picture. Holding the kitten, Kira happily tells her[cat] not to keep coming near him. Nino takes that picture and thinks that she wants to become a cat.
Seeing some old pictures in Kira’s phone, she is surprised to see Kira with a short haired man. Pointing it to Kira, Nino asks who this person is for she hasn’t seen him before. To her surprise, Kira says that it is his father. “It is taken when we went out to eat. Oh ya, isn’t this very ordinary? Pretending to be a woman isn’t his interest, it is only cross-dressing.” Nino says is that so, and it is because of work that is why he is like that. Kira seems to frown. He lies down on bed and says that it can’t be considered as work but rather, it is paying for his check-up expenses. “Fundamentally, he is an ordinary white collar worker and occasionally, at the company’s dinner party, he dressed up as a girl and he notices that it unexpectedly suits him. And like that, he got into a gamble and he had a feeling of changing his work. *the kitten is on top of the cabinet* If he wins the bet, he can earn lots more money.” Returning his phone back, Nino comments that in the end, Tiara is a very decisive father. Kira laughs and says not really, and right now, he had already totally gotten used to him acting like a woman that it is still quite embarrassing. “Forget it. *smiles and lie sideways* Anyway, he also made me feel that he is very cool, and that’s that.” Nino smiles for him. Then, the kitten jumps on Nino’s back. Nino loses her balance and falls on Kira. Soon, they are facing each other on the bed. Blushing, Nino apologizes. Slightly blushing Kira lies down on the bed and caresses her hair. He says, “That’s right- You’ve used that shampoo. It has the same smell as mine.” Just when they are looking intently at each other, they hear some footsteps. Tiara opens the door and exclaims that he is home, today is a vacation from the store and he went out for some fun with the kids at the store. He stops and says that it seems that Nino is there. Kira is sitting on the bed while Nino is sitting on the floor. While blushing Nino apologizes for intruding, blushing Kira thinks that just a while ago is a good opportunity to make his feelings known. Tiara exclaims what’s up with that cat. Holding the kitten, Kira says that he picked it up. Then, Tiara asks if he wants to take care of it. Kira says no, he isn’t going to take care of it. To Kira’s surprise, Tiara says that he can have it. He looks at his father who happily says that if only Yuuji wants it, he can follow his feelings and do it. Nino is puzzled when Kira’s expression looks dark. Looking down, Kira says it is impossible for it is too much of a hassle and he only wants to find someone to take care of it. Tiara lovingly says, is that so. Nino is still puzzled over Kira’s expression and wonders what’s up with that.
At school, Nino shows the picture of the cat on her cellphone to Hyakuta and Ikigoma [girls from the school festival]. Hyakuta [long hair girl] apologizes for it is forbidden in their apartment to have pets. Ikigoma [short hair girl] says that they already have a dog. Nino comments that it turns out that Ikigoma has a dog. Mai says that it is a poodle, does she want to see a picture of it. Yabe overhears them. Covering his face with a book, Yabe blushes and thinks that it is a kitten, his [older] sister seems to really want one before. At the park, the couple is standing with a note ‘Is there any good-hearted person who wants to take care of a kitty?’ Nino comments that it is already 2 hours and they only got people who talked with them because they are interested in Kira. Kira says ya, in the end, they also weren’t able to find someone to take care of it at school. Kira suggests that they spread some leaflets next time. While Nino looks at him, Kira tells the kitty that they are going home. Nino is still concerned about that thing with Kira’s father yesterday. Looking really displeased over the kitty, Sensei asks why Nino brought it home. Taking off her jacket, Nino says that it is because the satin silk in Kira’s house is destroyed so the kitten will temporarily stay at her house. “It is alright, she isn’t a bit scary.” Sensei exclaims that he doesn’t want, for even if she looks very cute outside but Nino shouldn’t be deceived by that. Sensei flies down on the bed where the kitten is. Sensei tells her to listen well, in front of the senpai, she better not get carried away.. To Sensei’s surprise, the kitten pins him down on the bed. Sensei shouts for her to stop, what is she doing, and she’ll be a dead cat. Picking up the kitten, Nino tells Sensei not to bully it. Sensei furiously shouts that it is the other way around.
Then, Nino is surprised to hear Kira shouting that it is too annoying and didn’t he say that he isn’t going to take care of it. Nino looks out at the window and sees Kira looking down while his father is standing at the side. Later on, Nino goes to see Tiara. Tiara apologizes for making the kitten stay with her and just now, Kira left and hasn’t come back. A bit embarrassed, Tiara asks if Nino heard that a while ago. Nino admits that she did. Tiara says that it is embarrassing for he doesn’t know where Kira could possibly have gone to. “Am I being hated by him?” Nino remembers Kira happily saying that he thought his father is quite cool. Nino tells Tiara that she generally knows where Kira went. “Let me go and get him back.” In Tokyo Tower, Kira is looking out the starry night sky from the observation deck. He is surprised when Nino exclaims that she has found him. Embarrassed, Kira asks why she is there. Nino says that other than this place, there is no other place he could have gone to. Smiling, she also tells him that she is there to gather information. Kira is surprised and he realized that she heard. Kira asks about the kitty. Nino says that Sensei and mommy are taking care of her. Kira says that he is troubling them. After a pause, Kira tells Nino that actually, he can’t take care of a cat because his father has an allergy over that kind of thing. “But, he would tell me that it is okay for me to take care of it. It is the same with his job. He is always smiling and self-sacrificing. It always made me feel angry. ..and also very uneasy and then continue on being angry.” Nino asks why he is uneasy. Looking down, Kira says, “My mother, she also would rather give up on her own life to give birth to me. But right now, in the end, won’t I also die? So, I’ve always been thinking about this. *clenches fist* The fact is, dad, whether or not, he always thought that [he] truly ought to die, having me as his son.” Nino gently looks at him and apologizes but can he lend her his right hand. Kira is surprised by that. He looks at her and Nino is taking something from her bag.
While Nino is tying a ribbon on Kira’s right hand, Kira wonders how come things progressed to this. Nino says, “Before, like you, there are times when I’m quite afraid. Mommy will always give me this. And during that time, she will say, ‘No matter what you are, Nino-chan, you are a gift to papa and mama. [You] are the most precious gift that God gave us’ *holding more ribbons* And, until you feel at ease, I’ll tie more on you. I have lots here.” Kira says, but isn’t that only about her family. Nino says no, for his father also told her before. There is a scene of Tiara bowing and saying that he’ll leave Kira up to Nino. Forming the ribbon into a heart, Nino says, “Kira-kun, you are your father’s ‘TREASURE’!” Kira looks dumbfound by that then he realizes something. Looking at the ribbon, Kira asks, treasure? Saluting, Nino says, “Yes, so I must quickly bring back the treasure to uncle’s side.” Kira remembers when he was a child, his father is lying beside him. His father said, “Yuuji, for papa, with only you, I’m very happy everyday.” Young Kira is grumbling that it is too hot and difficult so don’t stay too close to him. End flashback. Kira looks at the ribbon and starts crying. Nino smiles at Kira and says, “Kira-kun, let’s go back.” Holding his ribbon hand to her, Kira replies, “Hu.. Ya, bring me back.” Nino thinks that he’s so cute. Narration: “November 18th. Wanting to express this kind of feelings, in the end, what should be said.” Sitting by the front door, Tiara perks up upon seeing Kira back with Nino. Tiara happily calls out to Kira then angrily puts Kira’s head on a head grip. Tiara angrily scolds Kira for making him worried to death. While Nino sweatdrops over it, Kira tells him that he has given up and surrendered, he’ll bring the cat back. “*pause* Dad, I already have a girl that I like.” Tiara blushes and exclaims if it is a lie, and could it be that because of this, that he.. Kira says, ya. The blushing father and son look at each other. Narration: “When I’m with Kira-kun, even during ordinary days, I feel utterly precious.” Flashing a v-sign, Tiara smiles and says, “Hihi, the proof of living!” Kira smiles back. Tiara tries to tell this to Nino but Kira just tells puzzled Nino that it is nothing. Narration: “Ah, yes, this is ‘happiness’!” Blurb: “One’s ‘most like’ person is smiling at one’s side--. Times when they’re together, the two gradually diffuses blinding light.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.