September 19, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 38] + Side Story

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Cover page: “Because she’s the girlfriend so [I] hope that she will do things in accordance to what [I] say and want. Because he’s the boyfriend so [I] hope he can understand my feelings. But, the two will start walking completely towards the opposite end..” [ seems that in Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium at Namco Namjatown, as a promotion[?], people can eat Aki’s gyoza/pot-sticker there. =P] Flashback: Flustered Aki covered his face and said that in the end, she will still dump him. Riko exclaimed, “I’m not! It isn’t like that. I only want to enjoy our joys together..!” Since Aki is looking down, Riko called out to him. He looked up at her and said, “How can I be happy. Stu-pid. Stu-pid. Stu-pid. *Riko is shock and said, wha-* Didn’t I say I hate it. I said it many times. Don’t ignore me.” Riko shouted back that he was the first one who said that he hated a girl who is into music. Aki replied, “[Yes,] I hate and even right now, I still hate. I really hate a girl who can sing. Stu-pid. Stu-pid. Stu-pid.” While the other customers are looking at them, flustered Riko said that he is obviously an adult and yet, he would say ‘stu-pid’. Aki is looking grumpy. Flutered Aki said, “I want your everything to be mine. It can’t be helped, for me, not to think that way.” Riko looked surprised and blushed over this. Clenching her fists, Riko said that didn’t she told him to treat it as [two] different things [= public and private]. Looking away, Aki replied that it is impossible, he can’t do it. Riko said that he can, because from the start, he knew that she was singing. Aki answered, “But, honestly speaking, at that time, I didn’t like you.” Riko is stunned speechless. She muttered that is unexpected. Aki continued to say that anyone would do. Riko said that he would even say it to that extent. Aki looked at her and said, “Ya, by the way, do you sincerely like me? Is it really okay that I’m not a DT? *points at Riko* You said before that you like a DT, right.” Riko exclaimed ah. Taking his cup of drink, Aki said, “Before, I think that you definitely made some misunderstanding about me. I’m fundamentally not a pure[/innocent] type of person. Definitely, compared to an ordinary person, I would make a move early on. Even if it is someone that I don’t like, no matter how many times, I can do it. *looks at surprised Riko* Even, right now.” Trembling Riko muttered, “..very disappointing.”

Turning to the side, Aki pointed to a sexy woman at the café. He said, “If it is that person, she’s not bad at all. And let me say, I pretty much like a woman who is a bit gaudy[flashy]. I like beautiful women. I like women who are curvy at places where it should be curvy. I like women who are carefree and happy in bed. I also only like feminine women.” While Aki sips on his drink, Riko thought, “Ah, in the end, this person likes a Mari-san type of person.” Aki proudly said that for him to be like this, and be thought like he’s pure virgin. “Please, you should even praise me.” Riko looked at him and thought “Should I use..water? But it will be strenuous for the staff member to clean it up afterwards. How about I give him a flying kick? No, if I did that, it will give more trouble to others- If that’s how it is.” Riko said, “I’m sorry.” Then, she threw the glass of cold water at Aki. Aki and the other customers are surprised. Just when Aki is reacting, Riko apologized again and started to throw two more glasses of drink at Aki. Then, Riko is carrying the chair, ready to throw it at Aki. Aki noticed that Riko is teary-eyed and flustered. Aki is surprised when he heard someone asking if it is a lovers’ quarrel and that girl is crying. Aki quickly put down the chair that Riko is carrying, paid the bill and took Riko out of the café. Some of the customers start to recognize Riko. At the back alley, Aki told Riko that didn’t he tell her before that there are people watching her at places that she doesn’t know so she should watch her actions. A bit surprised, Riko asked how come he is telling that to her right now. Aki said, “Because it is important. What will happen if a picture was taken just now?” Riko exclaimed that it is because he said such mean[/over-the-top] things. Aki replied, “This and that are two things, right? Even if you are very happy that you had a debut single, you should be aware a bit, that you should treat yourself as a commodity.” Riko is surprised. She looked down on her feet and thought that she only wanted to be ordinary lovers with Aki and yet, even having an ordinary quarrel can’t be done. Riko starts to cry. Aki called out to her when she started to ran off. End flashback.
It is already night. The three childhood friends are walking home. Depressed Riko is walking ahead with. Yuu says that even if they asked her what the matter is, she won’t talk. Sou suddenly slaps Yuu’s back hard and starts gesturing which Yuu doesn’t understand. Sou gives Yuu a thumbs up which meant ‘I will be leaving a bit, even if you can’t kiss but at least, hold hands, if you are a man.” Sou exclaims that he suddenly remembered something that he ought to do so he’ll leave them here. Yuu just says ya. Sou tells Riko to let Yuu bring him home. Riko says okay, and goodbye. Then, downcast Riko continues to walk. Yuu quickly catches up behind her. He looks flustered over sad Riko. Trying to say something, Yuu ends up saying, “I.. If it is me.. I absolutely- will not choose you. That Ogasawara’s taste is really bad!!” Riko grumpily says that she doesn’t want to be told that by him. As Riko walks on, Yuu curses over why can’t he properly say it. He catches up to Riko again and tries to put his arm around her. He quickly pulls it away and Riko thought that it is a bug on her arm. ^^; Yuu just exclaims that it is really tiring today. Then, Yuu laments over not progressing. He looks at downcast Riko who is walking ahead, and he becomes flustered. Meanwhile, Sou is practicing his drums with his fingers. Sou tells himself that he specially took the long way home and Yuu definitely can’t do it successfully, he is such a madao[/useless person]. Then, he notices Reiko waiting for him at his house. While holding her bag tight, Reiko looks very displeased. Reiko exclaims why he didn’t answer her message and did he ask his office about the MST thing. Sou says, ya. Reiko happily asks, and then, what did the people at his office say, is it okay. Sou looks a bit flustered then looks determined. He tells her that fundamentally, he didn’t mention it to the office. Reiko’s expression freezes. Sou continues to say that even if he is sorry for her but they had just released a single and he is in no position to be headstrong and ask about it. “First of all, we are not playing around. It is a very important workplace that I cannot bring you along. I’m sorry. *starting to leave* And that’s how it is.. See you tomorrow at school.” Reiko drops her bag and grabs Sou’s hand. She places his hand on her chest which made Sou blush. He exclaims, “Wait, What are you..” Looking flustered and serious, Reiko declares, “You can also touch other places..”
Side Story: He has fallen in love with gyoza Manga + Food= Happiness♥ Three months after high school graduation, Aki started living alone. Looking in Aki’s apartment, Shun exclaims that this room is narrower than his house’s front door. Aki tells him that in any case, he depended on his own ability to rent this place. “By the way, I think that this place is narrower than your closet.” While Aki is taking something from the refrigerator, Shun exclaims that there is even no Toto brand toilet. Narration: “For me, a young master, I didn’t know that a 4½ tatami size [2.73 m × 2.73 m] apartment existed. *sitting on the bed while Aki is making something in the kitchen* And even if he rented such a narrow apartment, Aki would also leave that house and thinking of this makes me feel fretful and uneasy.” Shun tells Aki that it would be okay if he apologized to uncle [Aki’s father?]. “And, from all sides, I stand at uncle’s side. ..tsk *flustered* Why are you quitting Crude Play? *Aki chopping something* For what reason did you learn bass for? ..and I totally still cannot accept this thing. *Aki wrapping something* the way, what are you doing?” While Shun is standing beside him, Aki says that he is making gyoza. “In my house, there is only me and my stupid sister [<- the second eldest sister?]. The food is always made by mama and sister. And, from time to time, I help out in making gyoza. Afterwards, during childhood years, compared to sis Haru, I’ve started to become an expert only in making gyoza. *newly cooked gyoza is served on the table* Try it.” Shun takes a bite and exclaims that it is delicious. Aki happily smiles and says, isn’t it. Shun asks how come it is spicy. Aki tells him that it is a hidden flavor using five spice powder and soy sauce being stir-fried together, then sliced green chili is added to make the gyoza. Shun says is that so, it is delicious. Aki looks at him. A bit flustered, Aki says, “I’m sorry.” Shun looks surprised then hands Aki the empty plate. “I want more.” This surprises Aki. Narration: “That day, for the whole night, I existed on[/deserve] Aki’s gyoza-”
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