September 19, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 2]

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[Side notes: Corrections on the names - Megumu’s nickname is Mego. It turns out that the kanji I thought to be part of the names of Megumu’s friends are just ‘-chan’ So, it is Tomo, not Otomo and Shizu, not Koshizu. I didn’t mention this last time because I didn’t think it is important but in the first chapter at the scene when Megumu tripped in the pedestrian bridge, there is a poster of Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!’s Hoshino Sayaka so maybe the author might make her appear here as a cameo. About Mitsuru’s ‘the great me’, literally, it is ‘the uncle/boss usually of gangs/arrogant self’ in Chinese. I don’t know how it is written in Japanese though, maybe 'oresama' but it seems Azusa also calls herself that way but in a feminine way, literally, ‘the ojousama/missy’. So to distinguish, I’ll write Azusa’s as ‘this ojousama’ when addressing herself. Anyway, it just shows that both characters think very highly of themselves =P]
Narration: “Oh, the twins also fell into the river of love at the same time.” Blushing Mitsuru is holding the handkerchief that he is going to use to help wipe the bullied girl dry. “I’m Kobaysahi Mitsuru, first year high school. Because of some issue, I’ve switched identities with my twin sister, Mego and went to her school. And in this school, I’ve met Tokugawa Azusa, who is beautiful but has a super rotten character. Also at the same time, an enigmatic girl [who has] Biting cold, and beautiful eyes, completely distressed and fragile, type of odd[/fantastic] color. It’s like I’m going to be suck into her eyes--..” The girl sneezes that Mitsuru asks if she is alright and it would be better if she quickly changes her clothes. While Mitsuru is leading the girl out, Azusa shouts, “I said, stand still, you two!! You would even dare call this ojousama an ugly girl. This ojousama will absolutely not let you off!!” Making a face at Azusa, Mitsuru says, “I advise you that you are better off by quickly changing your clothes, too, Tokugawa Azusa. I can see your cute style underwear. *Azusa freaks out for her bra can be seen through her wet blouse.* Ah, that’s right, about cleaning up this wet mess, I leave that up to you. Bye-bye.” As they walk out, the bullied girl turns to look at Azusa. Trembling in anger, Azusa mutters, “This really angers me to death. That wretch. This ojousama will absolutely not let this matter at that--..!!” Outside the room, Mitsuru is holding the girl’s hand as they walk. Mitsuru comments that Azusa is really too scary. Then, he is surprised when the girl suddenly pulls away her hand from him. Wondering if the girl is angry, Mitsuru apologizes and asks if he did something bad. He becomes gloomy for the girl didn’t say anything and she seems to be making a fist. The girl is holding both hands together. He thinks that he just saved her and yet, there is no word of thanks. “It seems that the mood is a bit wrong. Ah ah, the great me advocates gender equality and I stand at the side of the majority of fellow women.”

Mitsuru continues to say, “Let me say, could it be that you are always being bullied by that girl like just now? If you feel that it is convenient, you can tell me about it.” The girl is still silent and she is clenching her right fist. Thinking that she is making a fist again, Mitsuru says, “About that, at least say something, okay? For you not to say even one word makes the mood strange, okay? If you don’t want to, then you don’t want to. If you don’t properly express what you want, you will only make people like those a while ago to recklessly do some rash things..” He stops upon seeing the girl looking really flustered. Then, the girl quickly turns around and left. Mitsuru is calling her when Tomo and Shizu call out to ‘Mego’ and asks where she went, they are going home. Shizu tells ‘Mego’ that just now, she is with section A’s Takenaka. Mitsuru asks if she knows her. Shizu informs ‘Mego’ that actually, Takenaka had just transferred to their school during the second term. “Takenaka Shino-chan [竹仲紫乃]. It seems that she can’t hear so she also can’t talk. But, it seems that she can read lips so she can understand what others are saying..” This surprises Mitsuru upon learning that Shino can’t hear. At a bookstore, Mitsuru asks the saleslady for a book about sign language. Reading through the book, Mitsuru sees the gesture for ‘good morning’ – making a fist and slightly lower the arm. [Note: Apparently, while googling on ‘good morning’, English sign language is different from Japanese sign language. ^^;] So-called sign language is used by people who have a hindrance in their hearing to communicate with other people. There are also a lot of people who can use the lips movements to understand the other party but there are times when the other party speak fast, and cannot understand the other party’s situation, so it is easier to communicate using sign language. In expressing, ‘I’m sorry’, put together the right hand’s thumb and index together [like an o-sign] and then, hold up all the fingers together [like praying gesture with one hand]. Mitsuru does the example and wonders if it is like this- making o-sign and holding up fingers straight.
He becomes embarrassed when the people there start laughing at him. Mitsuru angrily throws the book down and shouts why the great him is studying this thing. He remembers Shino’s expression before she left. “A while ago, those eyes seem like holding the tears in, and it won’t disperse from my mind. Ah.. *blushing* Before, it is no big deal if I was rejected by a girl but right now, for me to always thinking of it like this, this is the first time.. *shaking his head* Ah~ really not like my style. I should go home.” Then, he trembles over the book and soon, he is standing at the cashier. “Darn.. I’m not buying it because of her..” Note says that in the end, he still bought it. The cashier lady says that it is 1250 yen. Preparing to pay, Mitsuru sees Shino passing by outside the store. Blushing, he thinks that her house is also at this side. He is losing sight of her that he starts to rush off but, the cashier quickly grabs him and tells him that he hasn’t paid yet. Mitsuru curses over the bad timing. Shino recalls Mitsuru asking why she won’t say a word. “It’s true, I felt very happy when that girl helped me but if she stays at my side, she will definitely be targeted by Tokugawa. So, it would be better if I don’t walk too close with her. [that is why she pulled away her hand]” Then, a young boy is running towards her while looking behind to his mother about going to that side. Not watching where he is going, the boy hits Shino’s knee and falls down. The boy starts crying and blames Shino for bumping into him. Going to her crying son, the mother scolds Shino for hurting her baby. “Quickly apologize!!” Then, Shino notices the passer-bys saying what happened and it seems that girl injured the boy. “For such a small child to suddenly cry like that, he is quite pitiful- And yet, she won’t even say a word of apology.” Shino remembers Mitsuru telling her about the mood being strange if she didn’t say a word. Holding her other arm, Shino tells herself that it is alright, she is already used to people saying that to her. Teary-eyed, Shino tells herself that it is alright.
Suddenly, Mitsuru grabs her arm and shouts to the mother that it is an accident. “I saw what happened from behind!! This child bumped into the girl by himself and it isn’t her fault!!” The irritated mother asks if ‘she’ is trying to put the blame on her baby. Mitsuru touches the mother’s lips and says, “Stop You are so beautiful when you are angry. *holds the mother’s hand* But, I think that if you smile, you will be more beautiful madam. I love you. *killer bishounen mode!!*” The mother couldn’t breath and she is charmed. =P Blushing, she wonders what’s up with this girl when she is obviously a girl yet she can talk her over. Addressing the boy, Mitsuru says, “And next, the great me, this sister likes a B•O•Y who doesn’t cry and also, is brave ♡ *wink with tongue out and lightly knocking her head* (Bow down, brat. Bishounen mode: Charming eyes + moe + the super ultimate acting that the great me can offer-!! *kisses the charmed boy on the cheek* Even if I’m not into boys, but this time, I’ll present this as a gift.)” Mitsuru not only charmed the mother and son, but also the other female bystanders. The mother is frustrated [for being defeated over this] but Mitsuru is just so cute to the max. Mitsuru thinks, “Ah.. the great me might be able to become an actress and my ability is fairly at the same level with Hoshino Sayaka and Erika Aoi.” Turning away, the mother grudgingly apologizes for blaming Shino. After they left, Mitsuru’s heart beats fast when Shino is looking at him. To Shino’s surprise, Mitsuru apologizes for saying such mean things to her before, when he didn’t know she can’t hear. Then, remembering how it is done, Mitsuru gestures an o-sign with his right hand and straightens up the fingers together. Shino didn’t react that Mitsuru thought that he did it wrong. Shino then makes a ‘slice gesture’ to her other hand, and nods. Mitsuru wonders what that gesture means. He tells her to wait and he quickly looks for it in the book. ‘Thank you’ – hold down the left hand facing downwards, the right hand in chopping gesture will lightly touch the back of the left hand and lightly nodding to send the greeting. Mitsuru quickly turns around to Shino..and he drops the book. Teary-eyed with happiness, Shino gestures ‘Thank you’ again while smiling at him. Narration: “As the twilight shines down through the light violet sky, even if there is no sound, it is so beautiful. A sound that makes one love dearly[/heart ache]. It is the first time I’m taught what is true like[/love].”
On September △ at 16:30, at the moment when the older brother, Mitsuru’s love is sprouting.. Someone is walking downstairs fast in Akechi Academy. Megumu says, “About..about that, please put me down.” Eye-bandaged guy replies that she is so noisy. “Just shut up and listen to what I say.” The guy is carrying blushing Megumu on his shoulder. Narration: “At Mego, the younger sister’s side, something unprecedented happened.” Scans by 夜莺工作室