September 19, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapter 27 - The Truth About Cats & Dogs: Can’t speak out and say ‘I like you’]

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Cover page: Junko says, “It’s your fault..” “Obviously, I’ve always thought that even if this word ‘like’ isn’t mentioned clearly, you’ll also be able to understand.” “But, if you don’t properly say ‘like’ to me, I won’t know about it.” Junko looks surprised at Takane who just told her that she will be marrying someone else.

Without expression, Takane says that is right, and this matter has already been agreed to by her grandmother. Junko thinks in disbelief that he looked perfectly composed and does he even know what he is saying. She asks him if this is okay. Takane asks what she is referring to. Flustered Junko looks down and says about her being with someone else. 

Takane says that it is inevitable but the other party cannot be Satoshi. Remembering Satoshi telling him that he knows Junko better than any other guy, Takane tells Junko that her grandmother also said that as a temple donor, she is very happy to accept this arrangement so Junko should do it according to what her grandmother wished. 

Junko nervously says that she doesn’t know what he is talking about for why is it okay to be with some other guy, moreover, didn’t he [like] her.. Junko thinks that Takane meant that he ‘won’t like her again’ and he is using that ‘mind firmly made with no possible changes’ attitude towards her.

“Turning your face away and then, just giving me to some other guy?! Are you joking. I won’t show you a face of being shocked. I have to keep calm and my heart steady. I am not hurt. I will absolutely not cry.” Junko looks at Takane and tells him that fundamentally, they haven’t formally engaged so isn’t it strange for him to come here and give her instructions.

She asks him to please don’t continue to talk about that subject here. Takane tells her that it is because it is related to him. Since ancient times, the relationship between a temple and a donor isn’t as simple as she thinks and can she please comply with this decision. Junko just turns around and tells him that today’s class is in room 7 so please go there.

Then, Junko freezes when Takane asks her how come she just won’t honestly say ‘I’m sorry’. Junko turns around in disbelief and exclaims, “Wha..(is he saying?!)” Takane says that if she sincerely apologize to him, and promise him not to have any extramarital affairs again.. 

Junko angrily shouts what extramarital affair. She tells him that she is just free love* and they aren’t married. [*I don’t know if she meant free love as in a social movement that rejects marriage, which is seen as a form of social bondage. Source: wiki]

Turning away, Takane says that she is saying that again when she was the cause of this matter because she did such an awful thing and in the end, she didn’t even have the least bit of reflective thoughts [of what she did]. Flustered Takane tells her that she should go learn more on showing solicitude towards other people’s pain. Junko goes into shock in disbelief.

Feeling dizzy, Junko wonders if he even has the right to tell that to her. Preparing to sit down, Takane says that it is regretful for it seems that Sorane is right. He tells her that Sorane is her new partner, who will inherit the temple at Kyoto’s Miyama next year. “Hoshikawa Sorane is 27 years old like you, and he’s my younger brother.” 

Junko asks if after him, he is now making her marry his younger brother. Takane says that is why he is saying that if she thought of reflecting over her mistake right now, he will think about it again as long as she properly side with him. Thinking that she thoroughly knows that he won’t like her again, Junko tells him that she hates him the most. 

Takane tells her that soon, with her family’s permission, please come back to the monastery and when the time comes, he’ll introduce them to each other. Junko ignores him and just starts his English lesson. At the temple, Sorane exclaims in surprise that he will be the fiancé of that woman. Takane tells him that it is just PRETEND and he is only asking him to substitute for his role. Also, he isn’t allowed to do anything out of bounds unless necessary. 

Sorane says that he says it so simple. Takane continues to say, “..she should suffer a great deal soon and make a racket about wanting to go back to my side. And before that, I must properly punish her..” Sorane says that when he told him about going tooth for tooth, Takane would even tell him that he won’t do such a shameful thing. 

Takane corrects him that this isn’t tooth for a tooth, it is teaching her so that she’ll know how to reflect and not do that kind of thing again. Sorane asks him what if he did that and that woman really doesn’t plan on going back to him, what then. Takane says that is impossible because she loves him and he is sure of that, so there’s no need for Sorane to worry about that.

“Can I be stubborn this once? I’m sorry [for the trouble], Sorane.” Sorane thinks that it came out, Takane’s[?] ‘Only I’m supreme’. Sorane finally agrees and says that it is the first time he asked something from him. He also says that as it turns out he also has to come back here for the inheritance and this is some kind of fate. He will do what Takane instructed him to do and when is he going to meet his future sister-in-law.
At Sakuraba residence, Junko exclaims at her grandmother about agreeing to it when she doesn’t want to get married. She shouts that it wasn’t easy for her not to get married to that stupid monk so how come she is now going to get married to another monk. She had already asked the moving company to bring her luggage back tomorrow.

Grandmother asks what foolishness she is talking about. As a devout believer, it is very important to have lasting bonds with the temple. Does Junko want her to die and offer her death as an apology to their ancestors? And, how could she just sever her predestined relationship with Takane. She tells Junko to give her a very fair and reasonable explanation to convince her. 

Junko tries to say that it is something not big.. but she is saying it such a low voice that grandmother says that she can’t hear her. Standing at the side, Nene is listening to them. Junko exclaims that in short, she absolutely doesn’t want to get married and since grandmother wants to get married with a monk, why don’t she do it herself.

Grandmother says that if it is possible, she would have married to a monk earlier on. Just as Junko is about to leave, grandmother tells her that she should be moved to tears that the younger brother is being offered[/introduced] to them and Takane is already discussing marriage with some other girl. It is reported that it is an astute lady that the madam [Takane’s mother] is [wants to] introducing to Takane at all costs.

After looking surprised by this, Junko’s expression darken as she imagines Takane hugging some other girl. Junko thinks that is why Takane is urgently drawing a line through their relationship. She mutters that she should have quickly moved her luggages back earlier. Then, she is surprised to see Nene at the corner who was equally startled. 

Nene apologizes to her sister about eavesdropping and that she was planning to give them some tea. Junko says that it is alright for it isn’t something that shouldn’t be told to others. Junko apologizes for having to stay at Nene’s room lately. Nene says that it is alright for fundamentally, it is her room and Junko gave it to her.

While Nene is asking if she said something that made Junko unhappy, Junko remembers her imagination of Takane with some other girl again. Nene and grandmother are startled when Junko suddenly punches the wall. Junko wonders why she is unusually angry about it. She wonders if Takane is going to use a heavy hand in dealing with the other girl and could it be that just like the usual, he would do that ‘teaching’ to entangle and trap the girl. 

Junko mutters that really makes her feel disgusted. Thinking that Junko is talking about her, Nene starts to apologize to Junko and offers to give her room back. Sweatdropping, Junko tells her that isn’t what she meant and she’ll go upstairs first.

Recalling her conversation with Takane at school, she thinks that she detests that side of Takane but she doesn’t want him using that voice to call some other girl’s name. Then, her phone is ringing. She quickly goes in the room and wonders if Satoshi is calling her.
At a restaurant[/canteen], Junko exchange greetings with her senpai, Gatou [guesswork name for 後藤]. Gatou says that it is a great help that she can come out and meet him so suddenly. Junko says that she should apologize to him for making him come during lunch to the place where she works. At the side, Masako approaches Momoe who is eating there and asks if she knows who that guy is with Junko. 

Momoe just asks if she is also going to eat lunch and it seems that guy is Junko’s senpai at her college’s club. Masako comments that it is a good looking guy. Junko is surprised when Gatou says that even if it is a sudden but would she want to go work in New York. His company’s media department is currently accepting applications for a helper for movies and television shows in their New York branch.

He had thought of her and wasn’t she always interested in this. Recovering from her surprise, Junko admits that yes, she really like to but she is a total amateur so she doesn’t know if she’ll qualify. He tells her that the upper people had specially agreed about recruiting people from outside and her age also fits in. “Is your private life okay, like boyfriend and family? Would they strongly oppose? Want to think about it?” 

Junko tells him that she is very interested in this work. Imaging Takane with some other girl, Junko thinks that she can attain that New York job that she always longed for. “I can live independently and I don’t have to always distress over that stupid monk.” Gatou says that he is right that he went to find her. Then, Junko tells him to let him think over it a bit.

She mentally thinks that is wrong for this isn’t the time to hesitate because it is the New York she always long for. Gatou says that it is such a coincidence for it is only recently that he heard that she always wanted to go to New York. “So, I thought that if it is you, you’ll definitely qualify. If it’s Sakuraba, I also think that you’ll definitely get the boss’ consideration.” 

Junko realizes something. Junko asks Gatou if he heard about her from economy department’s Mishima. Gatou says that is right for Satoshi has already decided to go to New York this coming year’s spring. Their club celebrated with him over this and Satoshi mentioned about Junko.

And when there is an opportunity, he [Gatou] wanted to talk with Junko though it isn’t only because of Satoshi that he wants to hire her for he also inquiry in detail about her. “From my point of view, I think you can qualify so I came to see you.” Junko smiles and thinks that no wonder Satoshi is the one who can understand her.

After Gatou left, Masako asks Junko what she talked about with that person. If it is her senpai in college then that means he is also Satoshi’s senpai. She asks if he came to get her and Satoshi to reconcile. Junko somewhat smiles at Masako and says that Satoshi is really very amazing for he knows other means to make her take the initiative and move forward. Masako is puzzled.
Heading out, smiling Junko says that Satoshi is able and efficient sales [representative/from sales department?]. While Momoe is looking at her cellphone, Masako can only helplessly call out to Junko who had left. Masako is worried for Junko is going to meet with Satoshi and this can’t be happening for she thought Junko would be good and won’t see Satoshi anymore.

She wonders how to preemptive Junko but no, Satoshi doesn’t like a woman who talks too much about this. She is startled when Momoe shouts, “Great, Yes!! I got the ticket!!” Masako scolds Momoe what’s up and did [Johnny?] Depp came. Embarrassed Momoe says that her, it is nothing.

In his bedroom, Satoshi answers a phone call from Junko. Junko asks if he is at work and if it is convenient to talk right now. Satoshi says no, he finished his work and quickly went home. He asks that shouldn’t she be in class right now. Junko says that there is something wrong with his voice, does he have a cold or fever. Satoshi says that it isn’t serious and by the way...

Junko interrupts by saying that she met with Gatou. He realizes that she knew that he was the one who told Gatou. He asks how it is and it isn’t a bad thing. Junko says it is impossible for it to be a bad thing and he’s obviously aware of it. Satoshi smiles and says yes, and he guessed that is what she’ll say. Junko declares that it is simply her 100% dream. “If it was last year, I would definitely go.” 

Satoshi’s smile disappears. Junko sadly tells him not to misunderstand that it is not at all, she doesn’t want to be a wife stationed overseas, that is why she doesn’t want to go to New York. Removing the cooling fever gel sheet from his forehead, frowing Satoshi says that isn’t what he meant and in short, she can first escape to New York and there’s no need to force herself to marry that annoying monk. She can also find a good job. 
Junko imagines Takane embracing some other girl again. Satoshi says that with him, she can also go there and once again slowly think about it. The two of them will go to New York and it will be like before when they’re together. Junko says that if it is last year, before things happened, perhaps she would have already gone steady with him. 

Satoshi says that to keep the long story short, it is because she wants to choose that guy. “You want to give up New York and plan to marry into the temple, right?” Junko says that she means more or less that. Satoshi says okay, he won’t do any unnecessary things like this again and in short, gambatte. Junko says ya. Satoshi says goodbye and hangs up. Satoshi looks thoughtful.

At the cashier, Masako’s cellphone rings. She has a message and it is from Satoshi asking if they can meet at the hotel where they usually go at 8pm. Masako is delighted that Satoshi didn’t get together with Junko. Satoshi feels cold and wonders if his fever went a few degrees higher.
Going back to ELA, Junko thinks that she can no longer marry into the temple but she also cannot take advantage of the situation [for her benefit] and blindly throw a tantrum at[/be spoiled by] Satoshi. “Haha, right now, not only was I dumped, it appears I’m also being thrust and given to the younger brother. Actually, I also want to escape to New York, if I have the money..”

She passes by Sorane who asks her if she works at this company and can she help him find a teacher named Sakuraba Junko. She tells him that if she is looking for Junko about something, then he can just tell her about it.

Thinking that she is beautiful, Sorane apologizes for it being sudden but the student there named Takane has a sudden religious ceremony to attend to so he can’t come to class and he came to inform them about it.

Noticing that he has a Kansai accent from Kyoto, Junko asks if he is Takane’s younger brother. Sorane says that he is. He says that it turns out to be her and it’s great that they get to see each other quickly. “Then, let’s immediately get into the topic. Will you join forces[/act together] with me?” Junko goes ‘ha?’ Blurb: “Is this guy an enemy!? Or a friend!?”

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