September 19, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 9]

Originally posted @ on September 13, 2012

Narration: “Watching Nats-chan’s each and every action, I have realized that Nats-chan has fallen for Saionji-chan.” While playing a Panda console game in Koharu’s room, Koharu is distracted that she kept on making mistakes in the game which requires teamwork. Natsuki complains that they are about to get through that. Koharu apologizes. Natsuki says that she is obviously very good with this game. He asks if something’s up that is worrying her. Remembering how Natsuki touched Aki’s head, Koharu just says that she is thinking what to make for dinner. Natsuki laughs and says that he knew it was that. He tells her that they play again. With knitted eyebrows, Koharu thinks, “No, it isn’t Nats-chan. I’m thinking about that matter between you and Saionji-chan. I’ve always been thinking of that day’s Nats-chan.” While playing, Natsuki shouts for her to jump. Koharu exclaims yes. And in the end, she made a mistake because her game character got bitten by a snake. Natsuki exclaims that she did it again. Koharu apologizes. While smiling, she thinks, “But, no matter how I think and think about it, I still don’t know. What am I to do for in the heart of the one I like, he only has affiliation [towards me]?” In school, Konoha is happily giggling. Sumire looks at her and asks her that it seems that she is in such a good mood. Koharu asks Konoha what’s up with her. Still giggling, Konoha says, “A good question. Hihi, I, Aida [guesswork from 愛田] Konoha got a boyfriend-!! *v-sign* Yeah♡” Her friends are surprised by that. Konoha asks when. Konoha says that he is Kowano-senpai [guesswork from 河野], third year from the basketball club. Koharu is amazed that Konoha and the person she likes mutually like each other. Koharu says that is really great. Konoha smacks Koharu’s back hard and shouts what she is talking about. “Weren’t you also going to be in this situation soon! Just straightforwardly tell Natsuki-kun, ‘I want to be your girlfriend’ and it will be okay♪ Natsuki-kun definitely likes you!” Koharu looks flustered. She tries to tell Konoha about it but seeing Konoha’s happy expression, Koharu just exclaims that she will do her best. Konoha exclaims that is right, she should do her best with this momentum.

The bell is ringing that Sumire exclaims for them to hurry to class. While running upstairs, Sumire asks Konoha when she started to like that person. Konoha says that it isn’t a long while and it is love at first sight. Koharu asks what that person is like and she really would want to meet him. While she attends her sewing class with the others, Koharu thinks that seeing how happy Konoha is, she couldn’t tell Konoha about her uneasiness because Konoha will definitely be worried together with her. “Because, this is my romance, so it won’t do if I myself didn’t do my best. *while walking home* But do my best in what and in what way should I do my best. *remembers Natsuki catching Aki who became dizzy* I totally really don’t know.” Then, someone calls out to her. She turns around to see that it is Tomo. [By the way, it seems that Tomo isn’t Natsuki’s older brother as I’ve earlier thought. She calls him ‘brother’ and it might just being polite to someone older than her.] In Honeys’ café, a glasses woman in Hawaiian outfit happily calls out to Koharu and welcomes her home. Koharu happily says that Emi [guesswork name from 咲] has come back home from her trip. Giving Koharu a box of chocolates with macadamia nuts, Emi says that she just got home and is her darling Tomo being fickle while she was away. Tomo asks if she doubts him and he is hurt by that. Emi quickly says how can that be when she believes in him. She starts apologizing to Tomo. Tomo smiles and says that’s good. Holding her box of chocolates, Koharu thinks that Tomo and his wife, Emi are quite a lovey-dovey married couple but then, even if they are like that, there was a time when they were single. Koharu asks them how they ended up together. The couple looks at each other and smile. Blushing Emi says that it was an unrequited love on her part. Flashback: At some café, Emi is a bit of a delinquent type of 17 year old girl with thick make-up. The other staff members told Tomo that rustic delinquent girl came and she is staring at their side again. The other staff member hopes that delinquent girl would quickly leave.
Later on, Tomo approached Emi and asked if he can clear her empty plate. She exclaimed for him to wait for a moment. She took the slice of lemon from her plate and ate it. After recovering from the lemon’s sourness, Tomo told her that the lemon is just a garnish so it is okay if she doesn’t eat it and wasn’t it sour.. Teary-eyed from the sourness, Emi said that it is because it wasn’t easy for him to make that. This surprised Tomo. Later on, in the streets, Emi is shouting at some other delinquents to move away from this place. They told her that she is annoying. The other passersby are saying that the delinquent girl is quarreling. Tomo passed by and saw her. He is surprised to see Emi trembling while saying that those people finally left. Tomo grabbed her arm and asked if she is alright. “You were obviously quite afraid, so how come you’ve quarreled with them..” Then, Tomo noticed a duck with 4 of its ducklings. Emi told Tomo that this is a place that the spot-billed ducks has to pass through and it’s great for them that those people left. Mother duck thanks Emi and duckling thinks that Tomo is quite handsome. Tomo laughed and hugged blushing Emi. He told her that he can’t bear it. “I like you, Emi.” End flashback. Clapping her hands, Koharu says that it turns out that it was Tomo who confessed. Tomo tells Koharu that Emi firmly believed that he had a girlfriend so she totally didn’t thought of confessing. Covering her face with the menu, blushing Emi says that it is because she couldn’t dare imagine about going steady with someone outstanding like Tomo Ikuwa [guesswork from 生桑] and she was like that [before]. While wiping a glass, Tomo says that he had unexpectedly fallen in love with her. This surprises Emi. Koharu says that she understands for Emi is very cute. Emi sighs for what was that 2 years of unrequited love for. “In the end, this thing called romance[/love] is something that only oneself can find the answer to. Romance cannot only be by oneself, and there has to be the other party for it to be work. If you like that person and yet you are not sure [of the other’s feelings], then it is such a waste if it is just abandoned.” Koharu wonders she should give up if she is all alone [in love] and she hasn’t thought of properly confirming Natsuki’s feelings.
Koharu quickly goes to her house. Her mother welcomes her home and says that it is rare for her to have no work today so about dinner.. Koharu quickly runs upstairs. Her mother complains for Koharu to be a bit girl-like and quietly go upstairs. “Geez- she’s obviously quite good in cooking and yet, she acts so crude. I wonder from whom she takes that from--” The other kids call out to their mother and say that it is alright, mama is already a wife and relax for even if she is like that, a guy will like her. [<- I think they are saying that Koharu is like their mother so Koharu will also find someone who likes her like that.] Koharu goes into her room for she wants to quickly see Natsuki. Inside, Natsuki welcomes her home. Already playing the game, Natsuki says that she is late. Putting her bag on the table, Koharu thinks that this is a good opportunity. She tells him that she went to Tomo’s place. Natsuki says that Emi has come back, okay, they should quickly continue. While Natsuki is playing the Panda game, Koharu looks at him and nervously thinks that she wants to know Natsuki’s feelings. Natsuki turns to look at her and asks why she is so quiet. Koharu says that it is nothing. Koharu decides that she should sit first. Natsuki gives her the game controller. Koharu says, “About..about that, Nats-chan. (Not good, I’m nervous to death. And by the way, how should I ask!?) Na..nats-chan, do you have someone you’re in love with!? (Ah, what did I just ask!?)” Natsuki says, “I do. *lies down on Koharu’s lap and looks at her* It’s with you, Koharu. *smiles* Just joking!” Koharu becomes flustered for he was just kidding. She says that he’s really mean. Natsuki laughs and says that she fell for it. Turning away to cover her blushing face, Koharu thinks that her heart had stopped beating and there is also a limit to a joke. Natsuki exclaims why she turned around. “Don’t be so angry.” Koharu tells him that she’ll ignore him. “Nats-chan, you idiot. (You don’t even know a bit about my feelings).” Natsuki frowns and seriously says, “It’s with Saionji-chan. *Koharu surprised* I’m in love with. *blushes* Ah, what, what, what’s with this direction. I wasn’t careful and I said it out!!” Koharu’s siblings enter the room and exclaim that Natsuki is there. Natsuki exclaims that they are saviors for they had relaxed the mood. They say that their mother said to go down and eat. Natsuki says that he’s going. Before leaving the room, Natsuki says, “Ah, Koharu, what I told you just now, is a secret. It’s because it’s you that is why I said it!” While going down with the Natsuki, the twins ask about the secret but Natsuki tells them that it is too early to tell them. Uchuu, Koharu’s little brother, looks at his sister who is crying. Koharu thinks, “Why, Nats-chan? Why didn’t you laugh and tell me that was a joke? *tears dropping* Stay at my side, don’t leave me. Save me, Nats-chan. My [romantic] love is quickly dying.” Blurb: “Regarding Natsuki’s feelings, Koharu is going to make a decision..!?”
Scans by 夜莺工作室.