August 26, 2012

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><) [Chapter 1]

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[Free Talk: This is Ikeyamada Go’s new series. I got the twins’ name from a Japanese blog *lucky* so except for them, most of the names are guesswork.]

Narration: “199x year, there are fraternal [mixed sex] twins that was born into the Kobayashi family. The boy’s name is Kobayashi Mitsuru [十] and the girl’s name is Kobayashi Megumu [愛]. This is the two’s cute love story.” While the twins are drawing penguins, their mother tells them that their names were taken from the wife, ‘Megohime’ [愛姫] and retainer, Kojuro [小十郎] of Sengoku’s Date Masamune. One of the twins asks if it is Masamune again. Their mother tells them that he is a great man who governed the northeast of Japan and it seems that her ancestors are Masamune’s relatives. Megohime is a cute princess. Kojuro is a really amazing and manly trusted aide of Masamune. So, their names Megumu [愛] is from Megohime [愛姫], while Mitsuru [十] is from [小十郎]. “I hope that the two of you will grow up and become outstanding people like them.” Ten years after, Megumu has become an amazing rekijo [otaku who is fond of history; in this case, Masamune] and gamer. Megumu is playing Sengoku game on her PSP. With sparkles, she gushes that Masamune is still quite cool today. At a kendo competition, someone wins the match. It is Akechi [明智] School’s Kobayashi Mitsuru. The other school’s girls scream that he is amazing, cute and cool. Mitsuru kisses the girl’s hand and asks for her name. And, Mitsuru has become an energetic[/bold] manly guy in a different kind of sense[/meaning]. Someone mutters to the captain that Mitsuru is hitting on the girls again. The captain laments that Mitsuru’s good point is being good at kendo but when he touches a girl, he is beyond salvation. Narration: “A girl longing for a 2D love. A guy with no specific lover. These two who still doesn’t know true love are about to come across a miraculous encounter.”

In school, Megumu calls her friends Otomo [小友] and Koshizu [小靜] to look at the super precious Masamune cellphone strap that she got. She thanks them for helping her write 100 postcards to get it. Otome, an idol otaku, tells her that it is mutual for they helped her get a KISSXKISS concert ticket. Koshizu, a fujoshi [otaku into BL] also thanks them for helping her get the limited card of ‘I x You’ <- bl novel. The three happily exclaim that nothing is impossible with an otaku girl group and long live otaku-friends. The guys think that if they don’t talk, those girls seem well-behaved. They lament that it is such a waste for they are quite a personality. Narration: “Kobayashi Megumu. 15 years old. (First year high school) Everyone calls her, Minia Megu-chan [this one is guesswork from 小愛; I just chose the one that starts with M. ^^;] Despite not having a 3D love yet, but everyday, she is quite happy being with her beloved friends♡” Skipping down the stairs of the pedestrian bridge, Megumu is thinking of playing her game when she gets home. Suddenly, she trips. To her surprise, a guy grabs her from behind to stop her from falling down. Blushing, Megumu thinks that this guy’s smell makes her feel good. The guy asks her if she is okay. Megumu is thinking that this is the first time a guy has held her tightly. Then, she remembers that she must thank him. She abruptly turns around to thank him but she ends up accidentally kissing him. Embarrassed Megumu shouts her apology and quickly runs off. Later on, she catches her breath near a post and wonders what she is doing. She couldn’t believe it that they suddenly kissed and he must have thought that she is a pervert. She wasn’t able to see his face clearly [because his hair is covering his eyes] but it is obviously a guy, and there is a scent that captivates her. She thinks that she could only say ‘sorry’ and not even properly thanking him. Narration: “But, on that night, Megu-chan is in for a bigger shock.”
Megumu exclaims that she’ll go to his school as him. Mitsuru asks his twin to please switch with him because he failed his history exam again and starting tomorrow, he has supplementary lessons and a quiz. If he didn’t get satisfactory grades, he will always have to supplementary lessons every Sunday. Megumu exclaims who is he kidding and he should resolve it himself. Mitsuru tells her to just agree for it is only for a week and isn’t her history really good and she is always playing that Sengoku game. Megumu exclaims that she absolutely does not want to and she fundamentally isn’t good in acting like a guy. Mitsuru tells her to please do it because he has dates with girls on Sunday. Megumu refuses and kicks him out of her room. She shouts that she won’t do such a reckless thing. Megumu angrily thinks that this isn’t some manga or anime so how can they just switch. Even if they look alike, their natures are the opposites. Popular with girls, Mitsuru is active and outgoing, and is into sports. And, she is an average ordinary student who can pass her studies. That is why she can’t believe that they came from the same genes. The next day, Megumu screams in shock for she can’t find her bag and uniform. On the table, there is a wig, Mitsuru’s uniform and a note from Mitsuru that he’ll leave it up to her. Megumu angrily shouts Mitsuru’s name but Mitsuru is already running out of the house. He proudly says, “No wonder it is the great me. Perfect girl disguise☆” He put on a wig and padding for the chest. Mitsuru tells himself that actually he is cuter this way than Megumu and it would be okay if Megumu dresses up herself [like this; Megumu doesn’t seem to wear ribbons in school] but then, she is still his younger sister. Then, he notices a couple of guys passing by. Trying it out, he gives them a chu with a wink and totally captivated them. Mitsuru proudly thinks, “Success!! Guys also think that I’m perfect!! The great me is already cute that I can captivate someone.”
Riding on the bus, Megumu’s friends hug ‘Megumu’. Mitsuru wonders if they are Megumu’s friends and these two really have a chest. Otomo comments about ‘Megumu’s cute ribbon and asks if ‘she’ has seen KISSXKISS new song JUMP and it really sounds great. Then, Koshizu lends ‘Megumu’ a BL novel on Sengoku and asks ‘her’ to tell her ‘her’ opinion on it after reading it. Soon, Otomo and Koshizu kept on raving about idols and BL that Mitsuru thinks that he totally couldn’t understand what they are talking about and except for their appearance, one wouldn’t have known that they are otaku. So, Mitsuru just tries to blend in by saying that those idols are good. Meanwhile, Megumu has arrived at Akechi School which looked like a delinquent school with lots of graffiti on the walls. Dressed up as a boy, Megumu wonders what the heck this is for even if she did end up going to his school, she never heard of such a tall guy there, like 3 meters tall. Aghast and nervous Megumu decides that she’ll just quietly go in and get out. Then, pointing at ‘Mitsuru’ a crying guy shouts, “You twerp, it seems that last week, you’ve dated my Nana. I really won’t forgive you for making a move on my girl. I’m going to beat you up to a pulp!!” It is Mogami-senpai (3rd year), the third strongest in school. The other delinquent-looking guys say that it is out, first year Kobayashi is quite daring to make a move on the third’s girl. “We’re going to see a bloody fight!!” Trembling Megumu mentally shouts at her twin. And, Mitsuru is having the time of his life. He thinks that Igaku [井學] is really good for there are lots of girls and the classroom is clean. Compared to a guys’ school, this is heaven. In the cafeteria, Megumu’s friends are letting ‘her’ test some juice. Mitsuru thinks that Megumu ought to be very happy for that place is like a male harem and later on, she’ll have an immunity from guys. Then, he notices a reporter and cameraman interviewing a girl. Koshizu says that it is section A’s Tokugawa Azusa [德川 梓]. ‘Megumu’ says that ‘she’ saw her on the magazine. Otomo asks what she is saying when Azusa is famous in their school. She is Eighteen’s famous model and the daughter of the school director. The other guys are saying that she’s so cute. Mitsuru thinks that his cuteness won’t lose to her but then, a guy can’t help but be moved by her for her smile is like an angel’s.
Later on, holding his cellphone, Mitsuru wonders whether or not he can get Azusa’s email. Then, he bumps into a girl who drops some cans of drink. Helping her pick it up, Mitsuru asks long fringe girl if she is alright. He offers to help her carry them since those are a lot. The long fringe girl just shakes her head and quickly leaves. Mitsuru wonders if she can drink all of those. When Mitsuru is wondering if his cellphone is okay, he overhears a girl complaining why it took such a long time for her to buy some drinks and she is so useless. Mitsuru turns to that empty classroom to see the long fringe girl being reprimanded[/bullied] by Azusa and 2 friends. Azusa says that she is tired from the shooting today so she shouldn’t have made her to wait for a long time. She complains over having to keep on smiling and her shoulder is aching. Her friends tell her that is how it is being a famous model. Azusa also complains that oyaji[older guy] who was staring at her during the shoot is quite disgusting. Then, she notices ‘Megumu’ looking at her. Mitsuru has turned to stone over this kind of Azusa. With a scary expression, Azusa glares at ‘her’ and asks if ‘she’ got a problem. This made Mitsuru quickly run off and apologize. He thinks that girl has two personalities and what part of that is an angel, how scary. In a bad mood, Azusa drinks the juice and complains that it isn’t the juice that she asked her to buy. “Okay, I’ll give it to you.” Azusa throws the contents of the can at long fringe girl’s head. She coldly asks if it is delicious. Azusa’s friends giggle over this. Clenching her fist, long fringe girl glares at Azusa. Azusa asks what’s with that look. She calls her friends and tells them that this girl wants to drink more so they should give her some more. The friends start to open their drinks and say, okay. One of the friends tells the girl to quickly drink some more. Then, she tosses the soda can at the girl. To their surprise, ‘Megumu’ goes in and hits the can away with a shinai [bamboo sword used in kendo]. [<- he borrowed it from the kendo club] The can splits in half and spills its contents on Azusa and friends.
While Azusa screams that it is cold, Mitsuru laughs and says that it is like a wet beauty. The long fringe girl thinks that ‘she’ just broke that can in half with a shinai. Mitsuru says, “Fundamentally, the great me would acknowledge that among girls in this world, you are a cute girl. But even if your appearance is quite beautiful, your inner and outer being, are two different persons. Sneering while maltreating the weak, I hate this ugly [personality] kind of girl the most! *points his shinai at Azusa* I’m talking about you, Tokugawa Azusa!!” Azusa angrily asks if ‘she’ said that she’s ugly. Long fringe girl blush a bit. Turning to long fringe girl, Mitsuru asks if she is alright. With a handkerchief, Mitsuru tells her to wipe her face and head first. He tells her to lift up her head. Mitsuru freezes upon seeing a pretty face behind her long fringe hair. “At that second, my heart seems to have stopped.” Meanwhile, Mogami is running after Megumu at the corridors. Mogami shouts that if he has integrity, he shouldn’t run away. “Stand still, Kobayashi!!” Carrying her bag, Megumu shouts, no way. She wonders why is she being punished this way and she hates Mitsuru. She manages to run up to the roof. She looks around where she can hide. She decides to go up the stairs to the upper roof and hide there first. She finds a guy sleeping there. She quickly clings on to him and mentally begs him to hide her. She is quite scared for she doesn’t want to be beaten up. Then, she notices a comfortable is like before, when that guy ‘saved’ her from falling down the stairs. The guy sits up and looks at her. The guy has a bandaged right eye. [fyi, Masamune also has a bandaged right eye] Megumu blushes. The guy says, “You are..” She thinks that it is the gentle lavender scent that seems to captivate her. Narration: “Right now, the first grand miracle love, the playing of the overture. *twins blushing* On 201x, Sept △, 15:20:02 [time], we first learned the meaning of what was called as ‘dokidoki’ [/heart beating fast](>o<).”
Scans by 夜莺工作室.