August 26, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapters 10-11]

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Chapter 10: Innocence Thinking that she has to ask clearly to know about Rennosuke’s feelings so that she can put an end to this, Hana seriously asks, “Rennosuke, do you like Takitsuki-san?” To her surprise, he answers, “...I also don’t know.” After a pause, Hana says, “..Eh? What did you just say..” With closed eyes, Rennosuke says that he just said that he also doesn’t know. Grabbing his robe, Hana exclaims, “Ha..!? What do you mean you don’t know.” Looking sad, Rennosuke says that it means exactly what those words mean. Hana tensely asks, “..why? Just by looking, I can see that you are really concerned with Takitsuki-san. I beg of you, sincerely answer my question. I totally cannot accept this answer.” Looking surprised, Rennosuke asks what she is referring to as she cannot accept. Patting on the seating cushion, Hana sternly says, “If you don’t explain it clearly, I’m going to Takitsuki-san and inform her that you’ve attacked me, okay!? Now, quickly come and sit here.” Rennosuke is speechless. He sighs and did as told. Hana thinks that she knows that what she is doing is quite unyielding[/stubborn] but in the end, she still wants to know the answer. “Before I sever these feelings of mine, I want to know Rennosuke’s feelings--” After sitting down, Rennosuke admits to Hana that up to right now, he is still very concerned with Takitsuki. “It is only because of her happiness, that no matter what it is, I would want to try and do it [for her]. But, that isn’t my duty. *Hana looks a bit tense* The first time that I’ve met Takitsuki.. no, met Utae, it has already been 15 years since. At that time, as the second son of Kyoumatsu, it has been decided that I become the son-in-law [marrying into the girl’s family] of Utae’s family that has a gofuku [other name of kimono] at the capital city. Although, the first impression isn’t quite good..”

Flashback: Aghast young Utae told him, “My family is not recognizing this engagement. Quickly, go home.” The old man with Rennosuke laughed. Rennosuke thought that it is a very strong[-willed] girl. Utae’s mother is freaking out as she calls Utae’s name. Looking at her mother, Utae said that this is something that her father had decided on his own. Utae’s mother nervously tried to save face by apologizing to Rennosuke for Utae’s rudeness. Rennosuke smiled and told her that no, it is okay, he doesn’t mind. Utae’s mother is awed by this and Utae looked displeased. Rennosuke answered that way because he is a bit intelligent for his age at that time so he is an arrogant child who can see the situation, frankly say things. Thus, it is quite hard to act his age and since everyone in his house is saying that as the second son, he has to control his words and actions. There is a scene of an older man reprimanding Rennosuke that he knows that Rennosuke can do it but at least give some qualms about the eldest’s son’s ‘saving face’. And for Rennosuke that is a technique for his own survival. [<- adapting] While Utae’s mother is saying that he is really cute, smiling Rennosuke thought, “Stupid, even if it is me, I also really detest this kind of girl who is seemingly strong [willed].” Narration: “But, I didn’t know when it started, my hidden true feelings.. gradually, I cannot say out loud my true thoughts.” Utae is quietly scowling. Then, she suddenly rushed to Rennosuke and grabbed his chin with her hand. Looking dark, Utae said, “Let me tell you, just now, didn’t you just thought, ‘even if it is me, I also really detest this kind of girl. *Rennosuke went !?* I only have to look at someone’s face and I can generally know what that person is thinking. *Rennosuke thought, ‘what!?’* Don’t show such an ugly smiling face. If you thought that you can use that on me, you are making a huge mistake!!” And, Rennosuke was shock from the bottom of his heart for he obviously had hid his true feelings well and it is only Utae who noticed it.
Narration: “In front of Utae, I cannot hide anything. With Utae beside me, I can show my true side. In my heart, Utae has become that kind of existence. And because from the start she is a girl who is outspoken and violent [<- she would hit people] so when we quarreled, I never once won against her. It made me a bit frustrated, but I hope that one day, I’ll be able to stand and walk forever beside her. That is what I’ve wished for, however..” One day, the two are carrying some rolls of cloth[/scrolls]. Rennosuke is complaining on how angry he is for why would that samurai act like that and it is because of this that he doesn’t like helping in the store. Utae agreed with him and said what the big deal about being merchants from Kyouyashiki [京屋敷, from Jap wiki with the help of babelfish, it seems to be a residential place where daimyou and samurais live near the capital]. Someone overheard them and said that he is startled for she is quite outspoken. They looked at the side to see a wide-eyed boy saying that he heard that Kyoto people are quite strong[-willed] so does it also apply with the women. Narration: “And, on that day, we met Kiyomasa.” [For some reason, Kiyomasa’s hair here is dark instead of light. ^^; I guess the author decided to make him dark haired.] Aghast Rennosuke stood in front of Utae and apologized for Utae’s outspokenness. Kiyomasa laughed and said that actually, if the bosses [/uncles] heard that, they might scold her for being such an arrogant girl, then they’ll take a sword and cut her down. To Rennosuke’s surprise, Utae answered back that if she has something to say, she’ll say it straightforwardly. “If you’re also resentful about it, young master, you can also do that.” To the two’s surprise, wide-eyed Kiyomasa said, “Why? I like people like you. *approached them* Where did you guys come from?” Utae thought that this isn’t the same as the usual that she doesn’t know how to deal with this one.
Narration: “He is obviously the son of a daimyou who resides in Kyouyashiki but he’s very friendly[/intimate].. Unlike me, he’s a very direct boy whether inside or outside. Although from the start, I can’t quite take his directness.” Rennosuke looked aghast upon seeing Kiyomasa crawling down on the bushes at the courtyard. Rennosuke said, wait, did he just secretly went out of his house again. Kiyomasa replied that he did, because compared at home, it is more fun to be with him. Rennosuke went huh. Narration: “But, I also felt happy over Kiyomasa’s frankness in speech and action. And, at this aspect, Utae is also like that. *Utae patted away the leaves from Kiyomasa and scolded him for what is he doing* I don’t know when I’ve started to faintly notice that the two are mutually attracted to each other.” Looking aghast and tense, Rennosuke thinks that even if it isn’t really bad but if this kind of situation continues on, what is the best thing for him to do. Narration: “Even if I’m very indecisive [/waver], Utae and Kiyomasa’s status aren’t the same and they can’t be together. The two of them should also clearly know about this. *Kiyomasa happily called him. Utae told Rennosuke to quickly come or else, they’ll leave him* I don’t want to reveal this reality and hurt these two. The feeling between the three of us is also good and the most important is Utae. In front of Kiyomasa, she has this smiling expression that I have never seen before. But there will be a day when they’ll part. And afterwards, it is okay for me to just take my responsibility and support Utae on because this relationship will not last a long time. So always until that day--”
While walking in the streets, Rennosuke noticed that Kiyomasa is looking at something. He asked him what he is looking at. Kiyomasa said that it is nothing, he only thinks that this [hairpin] is very beautiful that he would always look at it. Then, he told Rennosuke that they should go. Rennosuke quietly looked at him. Narration: “Regarding the two’s feelings, I pretended not to have noticed it. But those kinds of days had a limit for in a day, a great change had happened. Utae’s house is totally engulfed by a huge fire. Later on, Rennosuke called out to Utae who is leaving with a man. Rennosuke exclaimed that if it is true when she said that she is going to Yoshiwara. “Why would you suddenly do that!?” Utae replied, “Asking why.. This is also inevitable. Whether it is my house or my family, everything has been burned up into nothing. And, we owe a lot of money. And I don’t want to trouble the Kyoumatsu family into taking care of me.” Rennosuke retorted back that it isn’t necessary for her to assume responsibility for everything all by herself. “Why.” Utae told him not to say anything more for this is something that they can control. Rennosuke also knew that he is powerless and he is only furious over his helplessness. Rennosuke asked her if Kiyomasa knows about this. Utae told him that it isn’t necessary to tell him. The man called out to Utae that it is almost time to go. Utae said okay. Aside from that, Rennosuke couldn’t say anything else. Somewhat smiling, Utae told him to take care. Then, she started to walk away together with the man. Gritting his teeth, Rennosuke thought, “No. Don’t leave me. Who’ll stop Utae from leaving.” Then, someone is calling out to Utae. It is Kiyomasa.
Chapter 11: Rise and Fall Cover page: “The more I understand you.. the more I can’t stop this feeling..” While Rennosuke wondered who’ll stop Utae, Kiyomasa appeared and called out to Utae. He asked the two why they didn’t tell him. Utae looked away and angrily said that this has nothing to do with him. “Quickly go back to your house.” Rennosuke and Kiyomasa were surprised by Utae’s outburst. Utae apologized to the man for making him wait, and they should go. Kiyomasa chased after her and grabbed her shoulder. He shouted for her to wait, she cannot go. Utae hit his hand off her and told him not to touch her. “This is my chosen path!! Playing this going steady thing with a young master who don’t know the world’s pain and difficulties is also very tiring and this is fine.” The two look surprised at Utae. Narration: “Utae, the reasons that she said, all of a sudden, I’ve realized. Utae hates showing her weak side to others. Even if her house is totally burned down, even if she lost her parents, she also didn’t shed a single tear in front of others, but-- In front of Kiyomasa, she couldn’t do it.” Covering her face, crying Utae said, “It’s enough. Don’t hinder me again..” Looking serious, Kiyomasa gently replied, “I’m sorry.. I don’t want you to be in pain so.. *took her hand and gave her the hairpin* It is only this.. can you take it. *Utae looked surprised over the hairpin* You’re a very strong girl that even if you go to Yoshiwara, you’ll also definitely be okay. But.. I think that there will be times when you’ll be exhausted. During those times.. just look at this and recall that there is still someone who’ll always think of you from the bottom of his heart.” After Utae took the hairpin from Kiyomasa, Rennosuke would just watch her leave. Narration: “The one who can be at Utae’s side isn’t me. I’ve already clearly know this point. Pretending not to have noticed their feelings is also because I’m looking forward to the day when I can also become Utae’s support. For Utae, the only one she needs to support her is ‘now’ but I can’t do anything--” End flashback
While smoking, Rennosuke tells Hana that generally he only has those feelings that has always been lingering deep inside until today. “That’s all there is to it. So, are you satisfied?” Looking wide-eyed, Hana says, “ that so.. is that how it is.. huhuhu” Aghast, Rennosuke exclaims why she is crying. Hana thinks that Rennosuke cannot directly tell Takitsuki his feelings because he knows that his feelings cannot be conveyed to the other. His feelings will just make Takitsuki and others perplexed so he absolutely couldn’t say it. Hana apologizes to him for making him say those things. Hana realizes now that she had just stubbornly made him say out his painful memories. Rennosuke tells her that it is alright and it isn’t necessary for her to apologize for it. “And- Even if it’s the first time I’ve mentioned this to anyone.. But, I felt that it seems that I can sort out a bit my own feelings. It appears that this had affected me greatly, more than I’ve imagined. Since childhood, having those ‘longing for’ feelings for Takitsuki, my own anxiety over not being able to do something, these had all affected me until now and it is becoming deeper.. If it is the current me.. if there is a way for me to get Takitsuki and Kiyomasa to be together, I would want to try and make that happen. Right now, Kiyomasa didn’t even hesitate in resisting the Shogun [‘s orders] and also came to see Takitsuki. And because Takitsuki also knew clearly of what Kiyomasa is thinking, so she came and used that method to drive away Kiyomasa who had come to Yoshiwara. [<- returning the hairpin] That is for Kiyomasa, the son of a daimyou, to not come to Yoshiwara at will. It is really in line with Takitsuki’s way of doing things..” Hana says is that so, it is because daimyou-s had been restricted from coming in Yoshiwara. She asks if in the end, it is hard for those two to be together. Rennosuke says that if it is before, Kiyomasa would have been able to redeem Takitsuki [by settling her expenses, debts, and others before the end of the contract in order for her to stop this kind of work] but in case, someone knew that he went in Yoshiwara, there is a possibility that he’ll be strip off as a heir, status, and the right to inherit properties. Perhaps, if we are to say that doesn’t matter at all for Kiyomasa but Takitsuki is a tayuu so it isn’t that easy to ‘escape’. And if they[/she] got arrested, they generally will suffer a painful punishment worse than death. I also want to do something for them.. But just like before, I also cannot do anything..”
Hana thinks that for Rennosuke, no matter what Takitsuki-san has become, she is an important existence to him. “If that is how it is, I..” Hana pinches Rennosuke’s cheek and exclaims that she doesn’t care about Yoshiwara’s regulations!! “Yoshiwara’s prohibitions, and also the Shogun’s prohibitions, for me, those are all nonsense *Rennosuke holds his pinched cheek and seemed puzzled over what Hana just said [because she just said ‘nonsense’ in English, not Japanese]* Understand!? From now on in the future, it is already okay since both sides’ feelings are the mutual. Your problem is like this- *gestures with her fingers* so small like a rice grain!! For you to want to do something for Takitsuki-san, I believe that it can be done. (I want to help this kind of Rennosuke) So, don’t show that kind of expression. It doesn’t suit you one bit. Before you give up, always try and do it! I’ll also help!!” Rennosuke looks surprised and comments that she is like this again, acting recklessly. Sparkling Hana proudly poses. Rennosuke says that for him to be told such things by her, he always felt that he can do it and it is quite baffling. Waving around her arm, Hana says that’s right, it is that imposing manner. “If you have decided on doing it, then let’s start the battle meeting right now--” Then, Hana careless hit the wall with her hand. Holding her hand, Hana mutters that it really hurts. Sweatdropping, Rennosuke asks what she is doing. Hana apologizes for becoming a bit overly excited. Teary-eyed Hana realizes that her finger is bleeding. Rennosuke smiles at her then tells her to give her hand to him so that he can see it. To her surprise, he puts it on his lips and gently bites on it. Blushing Hana hits his head and shouts what he is doing. Rennosuke says that hurts. “’re really such a strange girl. For me to do this to an ordinary girl, she would have been so happy that she would lose her life.” Hana looks aghast and tries to free herself from him. Hana remembers that he is that kind of guy and what kind of narcissism is that. She tells him to just go and do that kind of thing to some other girl. Tightening his hold on her hand, Rennosuke answers, “If it is others, then there’s no meaning to it. *Hana looks surprised* [You] still don’t understand..? *puts her finger on his lips* It is because it’s you that [is why] I did it.” This made blushing Hana look tense. Rennosuke is puzzled for Hana is trembling. Hana tells him that she won’t fall for it. Pulling her hand away from him, Hana shouts for him not to tease her for fun. Then, Hana quickly runs out of the room. Rennosuke laughs and says that there was no intention to tease her.
Hana goes to her room and curses. Sitting by the window, Hana wonders what’s up with that guy. “I’ve obviously planned to cut off these feelings. If this goes on, basically-- nonononono I’m.. going back to my original world one day. Even if I fall for him, there is also no outcome. *holding her pendant* But.. he also helped me a lot.. So, I must repay him back. *holding the pendant with both hands like praying* Grandpa.. once again wait for me..” Then, Hana hears a sound down below. She wonders what it is so late in the night. She sees a woman holding a lantern walking around in a daze. Hana recognizes the woman, it is Murasaki. Murasaki trips on her kimono and falls down. She drops her lantern which falls at the side of a building. Hana thinks that is bad so she quickly heads outside. Katsuki has seen her. Hana rushes to Murasaki. Irked Murasaki asks her what’s up and it is her again. “Did you specially come here to laugh at me?” Hana says that she isn’t, she saw her fall down from her window so she came. Murasaki laughs and says that she still very friendly. “Just like Akesato.. quit pretending that you sympathize me. Darn! *reaches out* Where’s the lantern..” Hana turns around and wonders what that smell is. The lantern on the ground had started burning the building. Katsuki arrives and asks Hana what she is doing in the middle of the night. Hana exclaims what to do for it is burning. Looking aghast, Katsuki exclaims burning, what’s going on. Murasaki says that she was the one who lit the fire as revenge on Akesato. Turning around, Katsuki says that if this keeps up, the store will be in danger. He tells Hana to quickly escape and he’ll call for help. After he left, Hana asks Murasaki what she did that. Murasaki tells her not to ask why but she did say the truth, because isn’t it the most fitting end for her to be sentenced to death for committing arson. Hana exclaims how can that be. Then, she starts coughing over the smoke. She tells Murasaki that they should first quickly leave this place. Looking at the burning building, she thinks that the fire is spreading really fast. Murasaki calls her stupid for she should just leave her there, and quickly escape on her own. To Murasaki’s surprise, Hana puts her arm around her shoulder. Hana tells her no, she must properly clear the misunderstanding. “Even if I.. don’t really understand you but until now, you must have a lot of painful experiences, right..? But.. why are you adding more pain to yourself?”
Murasaki mutters that people from Shiromatsuya are a bunch of fools that is why she hates them.. Hana looks surprised at teary-eyed Murasaki. Then, Hana holds on to her and shields her from some burning beams falling down. Hana thinks that it is hot and the smoke is choking her. While she is saying that if they don’t quickly leave this place.., Hana suddenly feels a certain kind of feeling which she felt before. She suddenly ‘sees’ her crying mother apologizing. This puzzles Hana for why would she suddenly remember about her mother right now. She notices that the pendant is shining. She looks up and notices a burning beam falling straight at them. Murasaki suddenly pushes her away. They are now separated by some burning wood. Realizing that Murasaki just saved her, Hana calls out to her to stop [from walking inside] for it is burning there. Standing amidst the fire, Murasaki sadly says that it is enough. “This is fine.. I’m already tired of living in Yoshiwara. *turning to Hana* I remember that you are called Hana.. Sorry about this.. but can you apologize to Akesato for me? Just say, I’m sorry.. and that will do.” Looking aghast, Hana calls out to Murasaki who is heading into the fire. And, some burning beams are falling on top of Murasaki. Then, Hana blacks out. Later on, Hana hears the sound of rain. She suddenly sits up. She sees a lot of injured people in the room along with some women. She wonders where she is. Her left arm is bandaged. Then, Akesato and Katsuki notice that she is awake. They go to her and exclaim that it is great, she finally woke up. They tell her that they are at Mitsubaya and the boss, Souemon-sama is temporarily letting the injured and burned people inside. Remembering the fire, Hana asks about Murasaki. After a pause, Katsuki tells her that they just found her remains. Hana is surprised by that. Akesato apologizes and blames herself for it because she has always been coercing Murasaki that this had happen. Then, Hana overhears the others saying that it was Murasaki who set the fire and if they are to talk about the root origin, it is unavoidable that Akesato is related to it. Everyone is surprised when Hana stands up and shouts that it isn’t like that. It was an accident and she clearly knows about it because she has always been there. “The fire has nothing to do with Akesato-san. Murasaki-san also wanted to apologize to Akesato-san..!!” Akesato[/Hana] says that she generally understands Murasaki’s feelings but even if she knows, she cannot go on like that, and she also can’t change her own feelings.
Then, Rennosuke comes in the room. Katsuki asks him what the situation of the store is. He tells them that it had started to rain and the fire has been already being extinguished. “We have to wait until morning to tidy up the place. It’s too dark that we can’t see things clearly. Despite of all of this, Hana.. *looks at Hana while holding up his dripping wet hair* You did a reckless thing again. Forget it.. since normally, you are also like that but this time, you’re going to pay a huge price for it. *Hana is puzzled* Even if I did my best to gather it up..” Rennosuke takes out a pouch and pours out its contents on his palm. It is the broken pieces of her pendant. Hana wonders if it is when Murasaki pushed her to safety. Katsuki worriedly calls out to Hana who looks pale. Hana worriedly thinks that this pendant is essential for her to be able return to her original world. “And if this is broken, that means-- I can no longer go back-!?” Scans by 不良汉化组.