August 26, 2012

Akai Ito [Prologue]

Originally posted @ on August 24, 2012

Cover Page: “Finally new series start!!! But, first.. let us introduce the characters♡” Narration: “Hello, everyone. I’m the second son of the Tachibana family, Souta [guesswork from 蒼太], third grade in elementary. Today, for everyone, I’ll roughly introduce ‘Akai Ito’s main characters. First is the eldest daughter of the Tachibana’s family, Chihiro. She is my sister, first year high school. Even if she looks aloof[/cold] but actually, she is unexpectedly quite nice. *Chihiro thinks, “Unexpectedly..?”* Occasionally, she will go together with her best friend[/inseparable sidekick] Rino-chan to a gyudon [beef bowl] store or perhaps a ramen store to leisurely pass the time. Frankly speaking, she is an oyaji[/uncle; acts like an old man]. The two of them would always go to some store that has a provision wherein if one eats the food within the designated time, you can have the food free. But, every time she comes home, her eyes are filled with tears. I think she simply let her emotions affect her decisions. *Souta points out to ill Chihiro who is sitting on the floor. He exclaims that he spotted a tragic character. Chihiro holds out a note that she is going to puke so don’t talk with her.* She totally doesn’t have any female charm that can be mentioned, report finish. *salute*” Chihiro says that isn’t flattering at all. Narration: “Next is, Tachibana family’s oldest son, Yuuto, third year in an exclusive subsidiary junior high. He is a little darling that completely excels in both studies and sports. *Yuuto tells him not to call him little darling* Even if girls will chase after him, he will pretend to be cold-type of cool guy. *Girl asks him if she can go home together with him. Yuuto would just say why would he.* Since he was in the elementary, he always liked this person- He would be quite pitiful if I were to say that person’s name. For now, let’s momentarily keep it a secret.”

”I know that at night, he would always wait until he thinks that I’m sleeping then he would secretly look at the girl’s picture. *With flashing eyes, Souta peeks out from the blanket on top of the bunker bed to see Yuuto looking at a picture on his cellphone* Within this year, he has looked at it for 100 times already. Although always liking that one person is a so-called single-mindedness but frankly speaking, from how I see it, this kind of clingy personality is really very subtle[/delicate]. *shrug* How scary.” Yuuto looks aghast. Narration: “So in one sentence, the three of us together are the aloof siblings.” Narration: “This person is my sister’s best friend, Sakuragi Rino-chan. She lives near our house. Since elementary, her relationship with sister is quite good. Rino-chan is quite nice {compared to my sister. Therapeutic {compared to my sister. And a little cute. *Rino asks if it is only a little* Too bad that she’s a chowhound and her mouth just won’t stop. Because she doesn’t become fat, our mother is quite jealous of her. *Rino happily eats a huge bowl of food. Souta tells her to ‘gambatte’ and Chihihiro looks ill.* Towards this always eating happy stuffed-faced Rino, my brother will always secretly look at her at the side and he looks happy. That it is a bit disgusting.” Yuuto is glancing at Rino who is happily eating a hamburger. Souta teases his brother that he’s sorry for he has uncovered his secret. Yuuto blushes and calls him scoundrel. Yuuto shouts that this is enough, he’ll introduce the rest. “Enough talk, it’s fine to just remember the faces.” Souta comments that he’s arrogant. Yuuto shouts, “First is Frivolous guy. *Hinase goes huh* Openly black[/cunning] guy. *Kirigaya goes ?* Fake bad [guy] *Delinquent-looking guy goes huh* Reserved glasses guy. *Nanjou not reacting* The end.”
Hinase complains that is too concise. Kirigaya says that it doesn’t matter because even with an introduction like this, since it isn’t known when the main series will be out. “And with excessive expectation, in the end, on contrary, there will also a lot of disappointed people.” Rino asks if he is referring to them. Chihiro asks if that is true. Glaring at Yuuto, Kirigaya says that includes Tachibana’s younger brother. Yuuto looks aghast. Hinase comments that Kirigaya has become Kuro[black]gaya. He tells Yuuto that he’ll be hard up from today on so gambatte[good luck] to him. Yuuto asks what he is referring to. Black Kirigaya says that it is boring if it is mentioned. Looking up, Rino comments that it feels like the surrounding has become black. Chihiro glumly says ya. Kirigaya is smiling at speechless Yuuto. Rino asks Yuuto why he is quite stiff and is he hungry. Blushing, Yuuto calls her stupid, for it isn’t like that. Rino continues to say that there are times when Yuu-chan becomes stiff all over because he is hungry so want to go next time with her to that gyudon store. Yuuto tells her that he isn’t hungry. Sparkling Kirigaya asks if Yuuto is going to eat out together with Rino-chan, don’t forget to call him so that he can treat them. Looking aghast, Yuuto thinks that there’s no need. Putting his arm around Chihiro, Hinase tells her that it seems her younger brother is hard up. Chihiro says ..possibly. “-hey! How come you are randomly putting your arm around someone’s shoulder!?” Hinase happily tells her not to mind it. Blurb: “Cheese! October issue (Aug 24th), the start of the new series! Everyone anticipate it!!”
Scans by 深雪汉化.