August 18, 2012

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 12]

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Page 12: Sparkling Maiden[/Shoujo]. Volume 3 will be out on September 13th. And, the author is thanking the readers for something that made them number 2 in something. Narration: “I like Nino, I’ll go see her.” In Nino’s house, while placing a strawberry-flowers decorated cake on the table, Nino’s mother exclaims that it is very cute. She is referring to Nino’s dress. Wearing the dress, Nino thanks her parents again for the money they gave her to buy a Western-style dress and this is the dress she bought. Her mother tells her that the dress she chose is quite a girlie dress and it can be considered as their gift for her which makes them quite happy about it. Nino’s father says that it really suits Nino. For today, Nino’s mother dressed up normally. She says that dress is basically what Nino would have worn for the dinner with Kira. “By the way, why did you cancel it?” This surprises Nino. She tensely starts to explain, when the doorbell rings. Nino’s mother asks if they have a visitor and who could it be. Nino says that she’ll go answer it. Walking to the door, Nino thinks that it is good timing for it is quite difficult to explain. Wondering if it is a home delivery [package?], Nino opens the door. She is surprised to see Kira who perks up upon seeing her. He looks somewhat tired and is catching his breath. Nino exclaims if he is alright and how come he is here. Bending down, Kira says that he hurriedly went there that he is tired to death even if he only just walked fast. Puzzled Nino asks for him to hurriedly there some urgent matter. Looking at her, Kira slightly smiles and says, “In the end, I dropped everything and came to see you.” Nino looks surprised. Sensei flies to them and exclaims that it turns out to be Natural Perm. While the two are surprised, Nino’s mother also comes out and exclaims that Kira still came♡ Kira sweatdrops and says no, it isn’t that, he.. Nino’s mother invites him to come inside for they have just prepared and will now start eating the cake♡

Soon, Kira is sitting with Nino’s family in the dining table. The cake has been served. Nino’s mother pours Kira some coffee[/tea] and says that they can start. Kira thanks her. Blushing Nino looks at Kira who is sitting beside her. Sensei wonders why Kira is here. While eating, Nino wonders what happened between Kira and Mio. Nino’s mother happily tells Nino to also make Kira see Papa’s last time of ‘that’. Nino exclaims that she forgot. Kira asks what ‘that’ is. Nino tells him that it is when her father takes off his glasses. Nino’s father laughs and says that it is a bit embarrassing. Nino’s mother says that it is done, only once a year♡ Nino tells him that if he sees her father’s unadorned face, it is quite captivating so Kira better be careful. Kira goes ha? Nino says that she is saying that her father is hiding it by pretending to be very plain and simple looking. In a sing-song manner, Sensei chirps in that he ought to first say this ahead, it can make Kira faint[/gloomy] and become pale over the super beautiful appearance!!! Nino sincerely says that yes, it is really true. Holding a cup, Kira doesn’t quite believe them. He nervously thinks that’s not right, this is THE ‘plain’, right. [<- referring to her father] Nino’s father says that he is now going to remove his glasses. Midway drinking from his cup, Kira looks surprised as he sees the glittering face of Nino’s father. [only half of the face is shown] In his shock, Kira drops the cup on the table and exclaims, “..No, no way *sweatdrops*” Nino and Sensei tell him that they’ve told him. Nino’s mother says that she still likes Papa who is wearing glasses~♡ Nino’s father says that he felt a bit embarrassed. And, soon, it is 10 minutes before 10pm. Kira thanks Nino for their cake. Nino says that there’s no need and it is enough that she has seen him. Sensei tells him to remember to brush his teeth before he sleeps. Then, Kira and Nino quietly look at each other. Thinking that she actually wants to say a lot to him, Nino looks down and says, “See you tomorrow.”
Kira looks at her and says that in the end, he has something to tell her so can they talk outside. As Nino agrees, Sensei realizes something and he looks thoughtful. At the swings in the playground by the park, Nino asks why Kira isn’t with Mio. Kira says that she still really likes to worry. Nino thinks that he doesn’t seem to be drowsy. Kira says that he has something to tell her. Nino turns to look at him and says, “Ah, yes.” Kira says that he doesn’t like Mio. Nino goes into shock. Kira continues to say that it isn’t the kind of ‘like’ that he is teaching her. “I found out that person is also hiding some things that I thought that it is an opportunity. Even if I don’t know what had happened with her, but being with her, I felt quite delighted for I’m not all alone while standing in the darkness. I started to feel that with only this person with me, I can feel at ease. *Nino blushes* Ah, it is also the truth that I did long for a mature woman. *Nino surprised* After all, I am a young youth.” After a pause, Nino looks away and says, “That.. That isn’t.. romantic love?” Kira replies, “Ya, it isn’t.” This made Nino blush a bit more. She thinks, “It’s like a dream.” Kira stands up and looks at her. He says, “I also realize something else. *Nino looks at him* Nino, I..” Then, Kira stops talking and starts blushing really red. Still holding the chains of Nino’s swing, Kira looks away and thinks, “This is bad. I’m super nervous. Is con..confession something that can create such a huge burden on the body!? By the way, fundamentally, I’m really satisfied with this ‘friendship’ relationship. If I confess, what will happen? *bending over with hands near his knees* And even if we go steady, right now, I’m just simply nurturing it up to make a move right.. To all the girls I’ve made a move on, I’m sorry.” [<- I think he means that he only went steady with girls before, is so he can make a move on them = kissing, and other lovey-dovey stuff] Maybe because of his pose, puzzled Nino asks, “Ah, I know, you want to go to the toilet, right?” Kira looks at her and thinks, “Darn.. even being naturally stupid like this, she’s still so cute..”
Standing to face her, Kira says, “Nino.. *Nino says, yes* I. I. what is the best thing that I should buy for your birthday gift?” Nino is surprised and says, “..birthday gift? There’s no need to buy.” Covering his face, Kira wonders, “Am I a second year junior high? Why can’t I say it?” Nino realizes something and says that there is something that she has always been thinking of and it is more like a small desire. Uncovering his face, teary-eyed Kira asks what is it. Nino says, “I really want to stroke your hair as much as I want!!” Kira goes !? And, Kira is sitting on the swing as standing Nino strokes his hair. She says that it is just like what she thought. “It is because your hair and Sensei’s [feathers] are both fluffy that I want to touch it, and it really felt great. While muttering if he is a bird, Kira says that is really great. Nino says that his hair is quite fragrant. She asks what kind of shampoo he uses. Kira says that it is the ordinary ones that he bought in the supermarket. Just when Nino is saying that she’ll also go and buy it, she stops and quickly holds her hands up. She apologizes for it would have been a bit weird to use the same type of shampoo and she got carried away a bit. Kira tells her that it is okay. “You can get carried away without any hesitation.” Nino’s eyes widen in surprise. Then, they are surprised by a cellphone ring. It is a message from Kira’s father who told him that he obviously bought cake so why isn’t Kira at home. Kira tells Nino that his father is telling him to quickly come home. Thinking that it appears that this situation is already at today’s limit, Kira says that it is already late so he is going home. Saluting him, Nino says that she understands. Blushing Nino thinks that startled her. “Am I just viewed as a friend?” In class, Yabe looks surprised for Kira and Nino are hanging out together again. Kira asks Nino if it is true that there’s no class tomorrow. Nino says yes, for it seems to be a complement holiday [make-up classes for those who flunk]. Yabe thinks, “What, those two had reconciled. *glances at blushing Nino who is asking Kira what he wants to do* ..why, *blushing and covers his mouth* just looking at her makes me think that she’s really cute..?”
The next day, getting ready to leave, Nino tells Sensei that they are going to buy some bird food. Sensei asks her if she didn’t invite Natural Perm to go with her. Nino says that it seems that it has been scheduled for Kira to rest today. Sensei thinks, “..I’ve obviously specially let those two be alone by themselves. And it seems that nothing much has changed.” Flying over to Nino, Sensei says forget it for anyway, he is the one who likes Nino the most. Nino replies that she too, likes him the most. In the train which is arriving at Otowa station, Nino thinks that lately Kira is quite lively[/cheerful] and totally doesn’t seem to be unwell. Nino blushes and holds her face. Nino thinks that Kira is a bit strange at that time in the park though. “Ah- I’ve thought of it again.” At Otowa station, someone carrying flowers says, ah. Nino looks up and is surprised to see that it is Mio. While Nino is in shock, Mio says that she is startled for it is really such a coincidence. “Can I sit beside you?” Nino says that she can. And, after an awkward silence between the two, Nino looks at the flowers Mio is carrying and wonders if she likes flowers. Mio says, “Ah, by the way, how was that birthday with Kira-kun?” Puzzled Nino asks what about it, it’s nothing special. Mio’s eyes widen in surprise. Turning away, Mio mutters, “..that brat, obviously threw me aside, what the heck is he up to..” Trying to hear what Mio is saying, Nino asks huh. Looking a bit serious, Mio turns to Nino and says, “There is no relationship between Kira and me anymore. Could it be that you don’t want to become his lover?” Nino blushes and looks down. She says that she still hasn’t thought about that thing and if she would say it, it ought to just give him more worries. Mio looks at her and says, “Tsk- hey, you’re unexpectedly slow-witted. For feelings to be up to this degree, it’s also no wonder that you don’t have ‘awareness’. *looking down* I’m going to visit[/clean] a grave. These [flowers] are for my deceased fiancé. *Nino looks surprised* Five years ago, because of an accident, he died right in front of me. For me, who no longer has any family or even relatives, it is like the light is gone. *looks at Nino* Okamura-chan, you ought to have not yet properly thought about it. How scary it is for one’s treasured person to be gone. If you are not quite aware of it, you’ll become like me. ‘I don’t want to depend on this kind of person again. Alone, I can also continue on living on’.”
And the next stop is Kodansha [<- publisher of this series]. After looking down, Nino says so that’s how it is, that is why she said that she can’t be with a person who won’t exist in the future. Mio glances at her and stands up. Pinching both of Nino’s cheeks hard, Mio darkly says, “I was jealous of you even if I don’t know why. And you only have to just appear and I had started to become very strange. Rather than bullying you, it’s better to say that I want to get rid of you, a romantic person, living in full of innocence.” Then, the train is stopping at Kodansha. Mio says that it is her stop. Taking her flowers, Mio says that she has arrived at her stop so goodbye. Just when Mio is going out, Nino thanks her for being concerned about them. Mio smiles and says, “I will pray that at least, Kira won’t disappear.” Later on, Nino gloomy walks back home. Perched on her shoulder, Sensei just keeps quiet. Narration: “November 15th. Although I have never properly thought about Kira-kun being gone, but..” Nino is surprised to see Kira who says that she also went out. She says yes, she went to buy Sensei’s food and him? Blushing Kira says, “Ah.. I’m.. *holding out his shopping bag to her* Didn’t you like this?” Nino is surprised to see a couple of T-upaki [pun for Tsubaki] bottles. Nino asks him, “Shampoo?” Kira tells her that he specially bought them for her to use. “I’m not giving it to you as your birthday gift. *turns around to leave* Okay, let’s go home.” Nino remembers Mio asking if she didn’t think of wanting to become Kira’s lover. Nino blushes as she pulls her hair around her chin. Then, Kira notices someone bumping on his back. He turns around and says what it is. Kira is surprised that Nino is clinging on his back. He asks, “Nino?” Sensei looks at Nino who then looks up to Kira. She apologizes for tripping. This puzzles Kira for there is nothing there for her to trip on. Holding the other handle of the bag, Nino says that she’ll help him carry it. Kira says that there’s no need. Narration: “About awareness, I most likely have not done it yet. But, ‘today’, ‘this moment’, is such a dazzling, illuminating feeling that I don’t want to run away from it and leave. Kira-kun, right now, I want to become the lover of the person I like.” Blurb: “What Shitara said is the shocking, grim truth. As far as the person adored[/in love]’s thinking, it will absolutely not disappear.”
Scans by 離境漢化組