August 9, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 40]

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Cover page: “Happy 15th Dessert [magazine] Anniversary!!!!! Volume 10 will come out on August 10th!! Anime showing on October 2012!!” Title: Going to see the World[/‘Come and see his world’ seems more right ^^;] Blurb: “Shizuku and Haru had bid farewell(!?) to Yuuzan’s birthday party. Afterwards, the two had come to have some development. Let us start by going back to Haru’s past..” It is the middle of summer and the cicadas are chirping. The brothers are reading books in the living room. Yuuzan read out loud, “And then, Mother Rabbit said, ‘If you become a sailboat to run away, I will become the wind so that I can blow you to the place where I want you to go.’” Haru is also reading out loud, “Belong to the insect class of the Lepidoptera order, the swallowtail’s habitat is.. Okinawa islands, apart from other places. You can gather them at the hilltop’s meadows or other places where it can easily be found.” Yuuzan looked at his brother then started to shout, “Auntie, Auntie-!” While hanging the clothes to dry, an older woman said that she is coming. “What is it, young master Yuuzan?” Excited Yuuzan shouted for her to look, Haru can unexpectedly read this kind of book. Holding his book, Haru said that he found it at the bookstore. Aunt said that it is an insect illustration book. “Ah, young master Haru always read that. He really likes that kind of living things. Ugh! Young master Haru, how come you’re all covered in pee[/urine]!!” Yuuzan proudly told Haru that he is amazing for right now, those are the things that he[Yuuzan] can’t understand. “In the future, will you become a famous insect doctor!?” Haru blushed a bit while looking at happy Yuuzan. Narration: “Generally, that was my first memory.” Later on, the aunt is talking with someone on the phone. “—Yes, yes, I understand.” Sitting on top of the tree, Haru held out his hand to a dark colored butterfly. Haru said that it is a Chinese Windmill [species of red-bodied swallowtail butterfly, Atrophaneura alcinous] Then, he noticed Yuuzan running towards him. Haru happily called out to him to tell him that he had found the Chinese Windmill’s flight path, and at that side, there is a bud moth [<- I’m guessing that because I can’t find the English name. It is something like a black-white leaf moth, literally] Yuuzan shouted for Haru to be happy for they can go back. “Go back to father’s side!”

Narration: “When I was 7 years old, at the time when summer is ending, I and Yuuzan went to the Yoshida residence.” While Haru is tensely standing behind, nervous Yuuzan said, “Ni.nice to meet you, I’m Yuuzan, the older brother, and this is my younger brother, Haru.” Haru looked in front and thought that it is such a big house. Narration: “In passing, let me say a word. At that time, I was afraid of a change in the surroundings that I was prepared to run away. In the bedroom, Yuuzan is wearing a smile on his face when he caught me. *Yuuzan wrapped crying and flustered Haru in a blanket and tied him up* From the start, that person has this gentle smile on his face but he has a nature of not tolerating other people’s explanation[/protest]. Even if this is so, making me decide to accept this opportunity of a new life is.. Yuuzan looked really very happy.” At the train[?], Yuuzan dreamily looked out the window and wondered what their father will say upon seeing them. While still tied up in the blanket, Haru can only cry and mutter, “Aunt..” He wondered what kind of person is their father. “It would be good if he is a nice person. It would be good if we can be amicable and got along well.” Then, at the house’s backyard, Yuuzan asked Haru what he is doing in this place. “This is no good, how can you skip class. The teacher is looking for you.” Waving a stick, Haru said that it is because that guy is always asking him nonsense questions. “The teacher will show me one card after another, asking me, ‘What is this’. He’s treating me like an idiot. I hate this place. The people in this house will always tell me to do this and do that. How annoying. They talk a lot more than Aunt.” Yuuzan sadly said that it can’t be help because they must endure it in order for them to continue on staying in this place. Narration: “Ever since we came to his house, Yuuzan has become a person who doesn’t smile.” The teacher[/tutor] said that next, he’ll give Haru two minutes to answer those test questions. After the teacher told him to start, Haru, with blank looking eyes, asked if he can use an equation. The teacher nervously told him to compute it according to what is written in the chapter. Haru pouts over this. And, while the cicadas are chirping, Haru put his head on the table and wondered, “ come Yuuzan isn’t with me?” Later on, the teacher reported to Haru’s father that Haru hates studying. “Not only that, lately his grades in school is declining. ..I should say, during childhood, there are incidents when a child would suddenly show an interest in a field and will display fantastic ability-” At the side, Haru giggled and thought, “Heh, serves you right.” Then, he noticed that Yuuzan is standing behind him. He called out to Yuuzan but Yuuzan snubbed him and walked away.
Soon, it is winter and it is snowing. Yuuzan sadly smiled and called Haru. While Haru is walking behind him, Yuuzan asked why he suddenly run away from home. “Could it be that you thought that you can go back to aunt’s place? You’re so foolish. No matter if it’s me or it’s you, we obviously have no place to go back to.” Haru thought, “..You’re wrong. It is because I know you’ll come and look for me. It is because it has already been such a long time since you, Yuuzan, had come to see my face.” Haru asked him, “..Yuuzan, do you already hate me..?” While the wind is blowing, Yuuzan turned around to him and muttered, “ would be good if it is like that.” Shielding his face from the wind, Haru asked, “Huh..? Hey, what did you just say? *Yuuzan started to walk away* Yuuzan, Yuu..” Soon, it is that fateful rainy day. Wet in the rain, Yuuzan said, “ you know, Haru? I heard that it is thanks to you that we were able to come to this house. It is really great, Haru. You’re the only one who is totally doted on. Ever since before, you definitely don’t know what kind of feelings I have when I look at you. will be good if you don’t exist. I’ve always been thinking of that.” Haru looked at him and thought, “Did you always felt that way? So, have I become a hindrance to you? How.. how come I wasn’t aware of it?” Then, in elementary[?], a couple of guys were running at the hallway. One of the guys accidentally bumped Haru. Haru glared at the guy. To everyone’s surprise, Haru suddenly pulled the boy’s collar and pushed him near the window. Haru is angrily shouting. End flashback. Flashback 2: It is summer and the cicadas were chirping. While walking home from shool, Yuuzan told Haru not to suddenly fight with a friend. “You were obviously eager to get in elementary school. Could it be that you’re not happy at school!?” Holding a stick, Haru said that it is because that person said that he was abandoned and it made him angry. “Forget it.. if they are willing to help and bring my homework then it is okay to reconcile with them again! It is like when Yuuzan caught a cold.” Yuuzan told him that no one goes to the house of a bullying child. Haru pouted and waved the stick. Yuuzan smiled and said, “..If you are feeling lonely, Haru, just tell me, okay? I’ll definitely create a place where you’ll belong to.” Haru blushed a bit over this. Haru told Yuuzan to also tell him if he hates something. Yuuzan looked surprised and smiled. Haru smiled back. Narration: “..You’re really stupid, Yuuzan. It is alright even if I don’t have that thing. Because, for you to just smile, that is already the place where I belong.” End Flashback 2.
Haru is sitting by some stairs when Andou calls out to him. Haru glances at him then looks away again. Andou says that he is unexpectedly in this place that it is really troublesome for him [Andou] that Haru would unexpectedly walk around on his own. “Where is Miss Shizuku?” Haru tells him that he doesn’t know about that. “She ought to have already gone home.” Andou glances at Haru then says, “-I understand. Young master, obviously it is of the same length but how come there is a difference in mini-shirts between uniforms and casual clothes. When I was in young master’s age, I also have been always thinking of that.” =P Looking aghast, Haru tells him to please leave him alone. Standing up, Haru says, “Didn’t we agree that you’ll closely watch over me until today? You should already have no need of me, right? Goodbye, Andou.” Andou looks a bit surprised by that. Walking in the streets, Haru remembers Shizuku telling him that she isn’t the same with him and he doesn’t understand her feelings.” Haru thinks, “I had enough. It really makes me fretful[/impatient]. How come it always become like this? No matter who, during some unknown time, they would drift away from me.” Haru remembers Yuuzan telling Haru that he and Shizuku are the same since they are disgusted with Haru’s lack of self-awareness. Then, the passer-bys are surprised when Haru was hitting the vending machine. Haru thinks, “..and in what area am I not aware of? It is because I don’t understand this a bit that it always become like this. Stop joking around. Shizuku is a girl whose thinking and action are totally the same.” Scene 1: During midterm exam, angry Shizuku told Haru that she is absolutely frustrated [/vexed that Haru is better than her]. Scene 2: Haru invited her to a dolphin show but Shizuku who is reading a book, said that she doesn’t want to go. Scene 3: When buying something to eat, Shizuku ate it and said that this is yucky. Scene 4: Haru wondered if it will be smoothly sailing for Shizuku when she enters society. Shizuku thought that it seemed that Haru is thinking of something that will make her angry.
Narration: “Always concentrating all her energy in doing something, she will hold on to it to the death. It’s simply like looking at oneself. I thought that there is an area where Shizuku and I can possibly be similar. If it’s that girl, she should be able to understand my feelings. [And], that kind of thing is impossible, right? *sitting while drinking something from the vending machine* I suddenly feel very tired. Since it always become like this, I might as well be all alone by myself like this, and that’s it. I had already really put in a lot of effort [into it].” Looking up the sky, Haru remembers Aunt Kyouko. Flashback: Haru showed Kyouko some papers. He is flustered and tense when Kyouko read the papers. He blushed when Kyouko told him something about the papers. Then, he got angry [for interrupting?] when Mitsuyoshi arrived with some food[?]. Then, one day, older Haru is reading a book. Suddenly, Kyouko collapsed. He dropped his book and rushed to her. At Yoshida residence, Mitsuyoshi knelt down [to beg for help?] from Taizou who just snubbed him. Outside the room, Haru is crying and felt helpless. Then, he saw Yuuzan looking at him. He quickly grabbed hold of Yuuzan and asked for help. Yuuzan hit Haru’s hand away. Haru bend down to his knees to plead for help. Yuuzan coldly looked at him and walked away. While grinding his teeth, crying Haru looked angry at him. The scene changes to [what seems to be near a field, baseball field, I think based on the netted fence]. Five boys are ganging up on one guy. Haru called out to a short haired boy [whom I think is Sasayan] and said that boy, who is being beaten up, wears the same uniform as he does. “You have seen it and yet, aren’t you going to help him?” Flustered and tense, the short haired boy said that it is alright, anyway, they aren’t friends. Blowing his chewing gum, Haru said, “-is that so. You’re really such a horrid person” And, the flustered boy just watched as Haru rushed to help the guy who is being beaten up. Later on, Haru is bruised all over. Spitting out blood, Haru thought that it hurts. “I want to go quickly to where aunt is.”
He walked past Asako, who is on her laptop computer, at a coffee shop. He passed by Chizuru comforting Yuu who is hugging her. He walked by Yamaken and the trio who were flirting with a flustered girl. Then, he stopped to look at the sky[/sunset]. End flashback. Haru is looking at the sky. Narration: “No matter when, this world is always quite filthy. And, even now, this scene still hasn’t changed.” Haru remembers Shizuku telling him that he fundamentally doesn’t understand her feelings. Haru thinks, “..even if it is like that, why did you use that kind of expression to say it, Shizuku? Wrong. The one who had made her think that is me. I really want to ask her why she thought that way. But.. *Haru replied to Shizuku that she, Yuuzan and the people in the party, all of them can just get lost.* Definitely, it is already too late.” In the women’s room, Shizuku had dressed back to her normal clothes. She washes her face and felt that finally, she is quite relaxed. While putting in the dress in a paper bag, Shizuku thinks that she didn’t know that the [fake] eyelashes are stuck from outside and it’s great that she didn’t dirty the dress. Looking serious, Shizuku remembers Haru just walking away from her. She thinks that Haru didn’t look straight at her even a little bit when he would always like to stubbornly intrude into her vision. “..tomorrow, if I meet with Haru, I’m going to apologize for only thinking of my own feelings. Afterwards, I will talk with him just like before. It’s alright, Haru will definitely smile and as usual, he’ll tell me, ‘is that so’.” Narration: “After that, I knew that ‘ordinary[/the usual?]’ can be so easily destroyed. On the second day, Haru didn’t go to school” Blurb: “This time, definitely going to protect the[/our] world. Break on the next, will attach an anime special commemoration DVD.” [The author always takes a month break after every 4 chapters when she releases the volume compilation.]
Scans by 離境漢化組.