August 9, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 37]

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Cover page: “If a person can use music to love someone, and at the same time, one must also understand that it can kill someone. Contrary to one’s imagination, there is such a thing. Intense Music.” [And, they are selling huge pillows 180x40 cm of Aki and Shinya at 15,000 yen. Smaller versions of 90x40 cm at 9,200 yen. Hmm, didn’t know they are that popular ^^; PS. I’ve noticed that I’ve reverted to calling her Riko in the last chapter instead of Rico, so we’ll stick with that ^^;] Aki tells Riko to think it over again before dumping him. “It is such a waste if you just easily dump me. It isn’t a waste of time for you to be with me. About household work, I can do it myself. *sparkling* About the toilet, it also won’t be dirty because at my house, I have already gotten used to sitting in the toilet. *Riko blushes and goes ha* And.. *puts down coffee on the table* even if it is a detestable topic but this year, *straightforward* I can earn around 600 million, okay?” The girls near their table exclaim in surprise. While the girls are looking at Aki who is sipping his coffee, Riko says that he really said a topic that is detestable. Looking flustered, Aki says, “..I beg of you, spare[/forgive] me about this break up thing.” Riko stands up and shouts that she isn’t breaking up with him and she didn’t even mention a single word about it. The other customers are looking at them. Looking blank at her, Aki asks if she isn’t going to talk about that. Flustered Riko looks at him before sitting down again. Riko says, “Today, something happened that made me very happy. Our first CD came out! Today is its selling day! *Aki quietly looks at her* In order to celebrate this, *excited* the producer even gave me an originally made guitar!”

Aki lamely says, “..okay.” Riko quietly looks at him before saying, “..would you feel happy for me?” Aki looks flustered and tries to smile. After a pause, Riko swirls her juice with the drinking straw. Riko says, “It is because Ogasawara-san is my first boyfriend and there are a lot of things that I don’t really understand. For me to worry about something, and what is this feeling of uneasiness [/out of sorts], I also really don’t know. I couldn’t properly express it. Obviously, I like Ogawara-san, but every time you see me, I would always say such detestable things.. But today, something happened that made me happy. I thought that it will be nice if Ogawara-san can feel happy for me. After thinking of that, I realized. When something happens to one another, there are times when lovers would smile together and get angry together. Then, Ogawara-san who can’t feel happy for my first CD, and I can’t feel happy for my boyfriend’s (Mari’s) music even if it is obviously very good. That is.. not quite normal, right..?” Aki looks at her in surprise. Then, the waitress greets a customer welcome in the cafe. Later on, Aki looks surprised. Looking a bit flustered, he puts his hand over his head and says, “ the end, you’re still going to dump me.” At Office Takagi, in the studio, Yuu is whining about geez, those two, can’t they just quickly break up. At the drums, Sou just tensely looks at hyper Yuu. While standing at the left, Yuu says, “But, this is okay, right? Aren’t we going onstage at MST on the day after tomorrow, and during the time when it is a must that we practice, what is that girl doing? *moves to the right* Yes, is the time when she went to see her boyfriend! Since she can’t even balance being a band member and that, might as well break up!!”
Sou tells him that the one who needed practice the most is Yuu. “Don’t say such idiotic things at that side and quickly practice!” Yuu protests that Riko is already late by 30 minutes so he [Sou] should give Riko another call. Sou tells him that he already called twice and no one answered so he is saying that she could be riding the train. Yuu tries to protest that irked Sou. Sou shouted for him to shut up and if he keeps saying that, why don’t he call Riko himself. Embarrassed Yuu shouts that if he was the one who called, it would seem that he likes Riko. Annoyed Sou shouts for him to go on and like her, for it is so obvious that it is an unrequited love that will totally be exposed. “So, quickly just call!” Yuu nervously prepares to call Riko but he stops. He asks Sou if he knows how nervous one can be in trying to call the person one likes. Sou angrily shouts, “I totally don’t know- Ah! By the way, are you a girl! Or are you an idiot! Or, are you going to be a virgin for life!” Yuu retorts back that Sou is also a virgin. Sou says that even if that is so.. Then, he looks flustered. Yuu asks what is it, did he already did it with freckled girl. Sou says no. “By the way.. what do you.. think of this?” Sou shows Yuu a message on his cellphone. From: Terada-chan Sub: ‘Please!’ Message: “Let me join MST!! I’ll trouble you again to ask the office people once!! If you can make me go, I’ll have H[/sex] with you.” Yuu is shock by this that he can only say, ‘Ha? Huh?’ Sou asks him what he thinks. Blushing, Yuu asks, “This? Reply? Ah, yes, reply, right.” Sou just quietly looks at him.
Suddenly, the door opens and Riko comes in. She apologizes for being late and she’ll quickly get ready. While Riko is opening her guitar case, Yuu asks her if it is alright just by apologizing. Riko says, “yes, I’m sorry!!” Yuu tells her not to be late. To the guys’ surprise, teary eyed Riko shouts back that didn’t she already apologize. A bit flustered, Yuu tells her not to cry for fundamentally they aren’t angry at her. Riko wipes her tears and keeps on sobbing. Clasping his hands together, Yuu apologizes for he is the one who’s bad. He is surprised when Riko holds on to his shirt and keeps on crying. He tells her not to cry. He wanted to touch her to comfort her but he stops himself. Looking away, Yuu asks what is this..he isn’t that angry.. Sharp Sou says, “..Riko, what happened between you and Ogasawara-san?” Blurb: “Riko is crying non-stop in front of him and he can’t even hug her, loser [/good-for-nothing] Yuuichi will..?” Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组