August 4, 2012

The One [Chapter 92]

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While Eros is caressing her, Lele remembers this smell, warmth and hug. Yes, she understands, she will comply with his wishes. Just when she is getting ready to kiss him, Eros suddenly pulls her away. Wondering if Lele’s disguise is a copy of him, Eros praises her that this isn’t bad for she seems more like a man, and as a guy, he felt that she is a bit cool[/handsome]. Patting her shoulders, Eros tells her to keep it up and from today on, he’ll treat her as if they are ‘brothers’. He also tells her to properly go and make those women in the fashion show, swoon over her coolness. Lele is freaking out over being called a ‘brother’ that she doesn’t know if she ought to be happy or sad about that. To her surprise, Eros thanks her for letting him borrow the bathroom and he’s leaving. He smiles and tells her that in order for her to concentrate on that, he won’t appear again in the meantime. Lele is shock that Eros just left. Crying Lele is humiliated that she had easily yield to Eros upon seeing his naked body. She thinks that Eros is definitely laughing at her. Swearing that she’ll remember this, Lele will one day reverse the situation and make him totally serve[/acknowledge] her at her feet. Somewhere else, Mandy is looking at some magazines from half a year ago. Angus doesn’t have any wound. Flashback: Mandy asked ‘Angus’ about the wound. ‘Angus’ told her that some years ago in New York, he had provoked to anger some old woman that he almost lost his life. End flashback. Mandy had realized that she was deceived by some other guy. She says that she had been led in circles by some complete stranger to the point of losing everything. She recognized him as [fashion] director Eros, the older twin. Looking at the picture of Eros and Feidna in a magazine, Mandy swears to definitely return twice the humiliation and pain that he brought on to her. Back at the apartment, Lele felt satisfied over doodling and writing names on Eros’ photo. Upon arriving, Anji exclaims what she is doing. Lele goes into manly mode and greets him back. Then, Lele helps him change his shoes before they go to eat. Anji comments that it made him think that they are like prince and princess. Lele says that until they go on stage, he is her only princess. Lele thinks that she is so manly. Anji wishes that this isn’t just a job and if she doesn’t mind being a man, he can also always act like a woman.

To Lele’s surprise, Anji kisses her on the cheek and thanks her for making him feel so happy, and it is really good if this is his true first love. Puzzled, Lele pushes him away and says that he never mentioned about love before. Blushing Anji says that is right. Lele couldn’t believe it for she thought that with his allure, he had already broken the hearts of many. He admits that it is true, for there was an oil big shot who proposed with a 10 carat diamond ring and he was chased after by celebrities and rich merchants but his heart wasn’t moved by them. Lele asks when his heart is moved. Anji says that it is when he looks at the mirror. Lele thinks that he is such a narcissist and he reminds her of Angus. To her surprise, Anji says that other than that, there is Lele. He tells her that he was moved when she asked for his help so that Glenn won’t find out that she isn’t feeling well. Lele tells him that he was mistaken just because he pities her then, when he obviously likes men for she isn’t mistaken with the looks he gave Eros since it is like Leo’s. Worried that Lele might be more vigilant if he confesses, Anji decides to continue pretending being gay. To Lele’s shock, Anji says that is right, for Eros is the best kind of guy that if he wasn’t Lele’s boyfriend, he would make a move on him. Then, Lele kisses Anji’s forehead, both cheeks and his hand. Lele tells him that from today on, she will make his heart beat only for her. Anji is so happy that he felt like a flying angel. Somewhere else in Paris, Angus is looking out the balcony. Ulysses tells Angus that he must be familiar with this city because when he became a model, he ought to be always in this place. Angus says that he stayed there for a while. Kissing Angus’ cheek, Ulysses says that they have traveled to so many places and came here to a place which is familiar to him, it ought to make him happy since lately, Angus is quite depressed. Angus slaps Ulysses’ hand and denies that he is depressed. He shouts not to take advantage and isn’t it enough that he kept on making arrangements. Ulysses thinks that in the end, Angus is angry. Ulysses asks him if he is angry because he didn’t let him go near New York. After a pause, Angus says that Ulysses is his and Eros’ benefactor so until their agreement ends, he won’t object regarding where he wants him to stay or what he does to him. Ulysses tells him that he is really weary of Angus being like that and does Angus want him to quickly let him go. He says if that is it, then Angus ought to give up for he absolutely won’t give up for the day when he’ll belong to him. Putting his hand on Angus’ shoulder, Ulysses tells him that it is best that he give up and he is under his [Ulysses] control[/command]. He hopes that Angus will sincerely celebrate his [Ulysses] birthday on the day after tomorrow. And it depends on Angus how it will turn out. Angus looks somewhat surprised and flustered as Ulysses quietly leaves.
And in some other place, Mandy gives Feidna an envelope filled with pictures. Mandy says that she thought that she must let Feidna know. From the magazine reports, she had learned that Feidna is Eros’ childhood female friend and that is the reason why she looked for her. Feidna is surprised over the pictures of Eros having sex with Mandy. Mandy claims that she must tell Feidna what kind of person Eros is because she doesn’t want another person like her, to get hurt. Feidna is shock and aghast over the pictures. Soon, it is Ulysses’ birthday. He is surprised by the lit candles all over the place and rose petals scattered all over the floor. He walks a bit and sees Angus dressed up like an aristocrat, sitting by the window. Angus tells Ulysses that he has arrived, he was waiting for him. Touching Angus’ face, Ulysses says that for him to dress up so gorgeously, does this mean he will be good and accompany him to eat in the banquet. Removing his hand from his face, Angus says no, this is a birthday gift that he has prepared for him, a fashion show only for him. Ulysses looks surprised as Angus poses. Inside, Ulysses is squealing like a fangirl. He is so happy that he doesn’t know how to react. Then, to Ulysses’ surprise, Angus starts to strip off his clothes. On August 10, there will be an author signing by the author in Taipei. Next chapter will be out on September 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: “While traveling around Paris, Angus and shipping king had discovered that Eros is also in Paris. Angus couldn’t bear not seeing his brother that he had decided to turn his back from[/betray?] the shipping king to go look for Eros. At the other side, Feidna got hold of Eros’ secret. Eros and Lele’s feelings will be threatened..”
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