August 4, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 6]

Originally posted @ on August 3, 2012

Koharn had just confessed to Natski. Natski looks at her in surprise and says, “..Me, too. *smiles* Of course, I also like you, Koharn!! Because we are childhood friends so that is something inevitable!! *Koharn is stunned* By the way, what’s up that you’ll suddenly say this? Ah- our relationship is still very good. *holds Koharn’s shoulder* If it’s childhood friendship type of world competition, we’ll definitely win it!” The dog barks so Natski says that he and Kohan-chan will go on a stroll. [Ah, it turns out that the Kohan before is the dog and not Koharn’s sibling ^^;] Tossing his bag to Koharn, Natski tells Koharn to help him bring his bag inside the house. As Natski runs off with the dog, Koharn can only look dumbfounded at them. During cooking class in school, Konoha exclaims in surprise that Natski had confessed and yet it wasn’t conveyed. Still, Konoha is thrilled that Koharn has confessed. Koharn says that when she had noticed it, she had already blurted it out. She thinks that upon realizing that she actually likes Natski and doing her best to dress up, her heart beats quite fast since she was so happy [when he said that she looks very cute]. Embarrassed Koharn says that she has already said it. Konoha looks proud of Koharn. Patting Koharn’s head, Konoha says nice, and she strived hard. “And, afterwards, how did you confess?” Koharn says, “” Konoha asks, “..And then?” Puzzled Koharn says that’s it, and isn’t that all there is to it. Konoha suddenly grabs Koharn’s hair bun that Koharn complains why everyone likes to grab that. While the teacher is asking Sumire if they are finished, Konoha laments that no wonder it wasn’t conveyed to Natski. “Because, didn’t you always say that line?” Flashback: Kindergarten Konoha exclaimed that he likes Natski the best because they’re childhood friends. Elementary Konoha said that she likes him because aren’t they childhood friends. Junior high[?] Konoha said that Natski is just a childhood friend so she definitely likes him. End flashback. Konoha reprimands Koharn that she remembered it all, Koharn would always say like, like, like. “Didn’t you!?” Cowering away like a panda, Koharn backs away and timidly says that the ‘like’ at that time isn’t the don’t get angry. Konoha tells her that is how it is. “Just like you before, who don’t know how it is, Natski-kun also doesn’t know that the meaning of this ‘like’ isn’t the same.”

While Natski is drinking some water from the faucet, Masamoto[?] comments that girls cooking are really great. Then, Natski asks him why, does he think, would a girl suddenly dress up? Masamoto smiles and says, “Of course, it is the time when she already likes a boy, right?” Natski suddenly chokes on the water. Masamoto says that is disgusting while Kotarou helps Natski. Then, Natski playful sprays the water from a hose at his friends. Watching the guys, Konoha says that guys are really idiots for they don’t even understand the worries of girls. Sumire says that even so, it looks fun. Koharn can only think that this is not a childhood friend type of like. At the house, after taking a bath, Koharn tells her siblings not to catch cold so they should go to the den. The kids say okay. She also tells them to go downstairs quietly since their father is working. Toweling her hair dry, Koharn goes to her room and thinks that she’ll do her homework. She looks at a snow globe on her table. She thinks that actually, this ‘like’, for them is something inevitable. Flashback: During Christmas, Natski’s father gave the two kids snow globes as Christmas gifts. Natski asked what it is, and how do you play it. Koharn’s mother told him that it is a snow globe and try turning it upside down. Natski is amazed for it seems like snowing inside. Koharn asked what kind of building is inside. Koharn’s father said that it is a church, a place where one talks with God. Natski’s father asked if it is a place where wishes come true. Koharn’s father told him that isn’t Santa Claus. While Natski’s father asked him if he believes in Santa Claus, Koharn’s mother called the two kids and told him that the church is a place where one swears one’s love to another. Koharn is puzzled over love. Koharn’s mother explained that if one likes each other more than ‘like’, they would promise one’s everlasting love. Natski asked what happens after they’ve promised, will they become some sort of superman? Koharn’s mother laughed and said that they’ll know when they grow up. The kids looked at each other. For them, that kind of thing is exciting that they totally cannot wait until ‘they grow up’ so on that Christmas day, in front of the church snow globe, they went on to do that customary ceremony. Natski kissed Koharn and promised to love [her] forever. End flashback. Looking at the snow globe, Koharn says that at that time, nothing happened and they were quite disappointed. “..promising it right now, will something change..” Meanwhile, Natski is biting on his mechanical pencil while looking at the snow globe. He remembers dressed up Koharn saying ‘like’. Then, he opens his mouth which made the pencil fall on his foot. He picks it up and blushes as he remembers again how Koharn looked, when she was all dressed up. He starts scratching his head.
Soon, at the committee room, someone exclaims that they’ll start doing the first job of the activity executive committee. While everyone looks at piles of paperwork, Natski sighs and says that it is only odd jobs. Nishin tells him not to say that for this is an honorable job. “If you strive hard to attain the grade.. then you can freely conduct the cultural festival.” Puppy Natski holds the teacher’s hand and happily tells him that he’ll do his best to tidy up these documents. He plans to have a Gravure idol. Koharn laments over this because Natski totally doesn’t know about her feelings but then, it is inevitable because he hasn’t noticed it. Then, she hears a snapping sound. She looks at the side to see Aki having a hard time stapling the documents together. Weird out by it, Koharn wonders if Aki isn’t good with her hands that she is making such a loud stapling sound. Then, Aki notices Koharn looking at her. Embarrassed, Aki looks away and apologizes for she hasn’t done this before. Moved, Koharn thinks that she is so cute. “Even if she looks quite perfect, there are things that she isn’t good at.” Koharn suggests that she takes care of the stapling and Aki can take care of the documents here. Aki says that it is more troublesome to staple but Koharn laughs it off by saying that she is quite stupid regarding documents that are difficult for her especially since it is all in kanji. “Honestly speaking, if you agree to exchange work with me, it will be a great help for me.” Aki smiles and thanks her. Then, Aki suggests not to use honorifics. Koharn tells Aki that she just did. Koharn thinks that this is the first time she had talked with Aki. “I felt quite happy. I feel that I ought to be able to happily get along with her.” After closing the room, Nishina says that they are now going to deliver the documents to the other classrooms. As they walk at the hallway, Koharn thinks that Touya walks quite fast. Natski offers to carry Koharn’s paperwork but Koharn declines by saying that she can handle it. Koharn asks Aki if she can carry it. Aki says that she can. Looking at Aki, Natski says, “Please don’t cry again, okay?” Koharn looks surprised at smiling Natski. After looking surprised, Aki smiles and says that she won’t cry just because of this. She bids them goodbye and good job, then starts walking away. Sticking out his tongue, Natski says that this is bad for he carelessly just took an opportunity to bully Aki. Koharn comments that is quite rare of him. Natski asks is that so. While Natski asks her which classroom are they going to start distributing, Koharn is thinking that even if Natski always teases her, but it seems that Natski’s relationship with Aki is already quite good [for him to do that with Aki]. Natski asks if she is listening. To her surprise, he leans on her and calls her name. He asks if she has a fever. Koharn blushes. Natski tells her that it seems that there is a huge storm coming tonight so she better be careful and not get wet. Thinking that startled her, Koharn says yes.
That night, the storm has arrived. The twins worriedly look out the window and say that there house might get destroyed by the storm. Koharn calls the twins, Momo and Mei [guesswork from 桃 and 梅] not to stay too near the window, and for Uchuu [guesswork from 宇宙], not to eat Kohan. Covering the curtains, Koharn felt tired. She wonders if, maybe, she really has a fever or perhaps because it is raining. In the news, it is reported that the storm signal is no. 4 and it is passing through the Kanto region. Koharn thinks that even if it is this kind of day, their parents went out to collect [research] material, though their mother isn’t always at home. Then, she tells Uchuu not to bully Kohan. Then, she is surprised when she heard something crashed outside. She wonders if something fell down outside. She notices that the twins are quite scared. Koharn thinks that she shouldn’t have an uneasy expression for the others will also become uneasy. Koharn tells the twins that they are going to have a cake party this time. Soon, Koharn made some cute panda pancakes with cream, syrup and fruits. Narration: “So what if it is very windy, so what if it is raining, so what if there’s a storm, during this time, I have to strive harder. This is for my beloved family.” Soon, the twins are sleeping. Koharn happily looks at them and thinks that it’s great that they are asleep. “Ah ah, so cute♡ *looks at a picture of her family and a picture of her and Natski” It’s a like that isn’t the same with family, right? *feels dizzy* Huh? Not good, I feel like collapsing. My body feels so heavy.. And I can only see is pitch black.” Later on, she feels that someone is touching her forehead. She opens her eyes to see Natski saying that in the end, it is a fever. While Koharn wondering if it is a dream, Natski picks her up and carries her to her room. “You’re burning--” Koharn weakly thinks that there is something she wants to convey to him. While Koharn is lying on the bed, Natski holds her hand and tells her to sleep well. “I’ll accompany you until the morning.” Koharn grabs his finger and mutters, “” Natski says, “Ha? I know that.” Koharn tells him, ‘’ again. Sitting on the floor near her bed, Natski says that he told her that he knows already. Koharn thinks, “No.. It isn’t that, Nats-chan. This like isn’t the kind of like between childhood friends. *blush* you. *pulling up the blanket* Whether or not I can convey this heartbeat to you. Even if it is words or even if it is holding hands, I still couldn’t convey it. It’s romantic love-type of like, Nats-chan. What should I do in order to convey this like to you.” Natski just quietly sits down. Blurb: “Natski who had noticed Koharn’s feelings..”
Scans by 夜莺工作室