August 14, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapters 12-13]

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Chapter 12. Cover page: “There are times for a change of mood, readily grab the opportunity to wear something cuter!!” And, they arrive at Zushi[,Hayama]. From the train station, Nanami’s grandma came to fetch them. Makoto thinks that from today on, everyone is going to spend 4 days and 3 nights at the villa of Nanami’s grandma. In the car, they are excited upon seeing the sea by the road. Hey, it’s the sea, you can see a sailboat, and it totally smells of sea water. While Iriya says that it looks spectacular, Makoto thinks that he is sparkling for it has been quite long since she saw him..10 days after summer vacation had started. She wishes that school starts again tomorrow but then, from today on, she will be with him for three whole days and tomorrow is his birthday. “Even if I’m nervous that my stomach hurts a bit but, I’m quite excited--” Bunny tells her to drink some medicine. Soon, at the villa, they are amazed at the huge house. Uki asks Nanami what kind of person is her grandma. Nanami tells them that she is a former director[/board member] of a Miseido [pun for Shiseido] cosmetics division. Yusa tells them to quickly go to the beach after unpacking their luggages and changing clothes, they’ll meet up. The girls say okay. Soon, they are at the beach. Iriya shouts to the girls that they are here. Yusa complains that they are so slow. While Makoto starts to feel embarrassed [over her swimwear], they ask the girls where Nanami is. They are surprised to see all covered up Nanami saying that she made them wait. Yusa exclaims what that is. Nanami says that it is because she doesn’t want to get sunburned. Uki asks if she isn’t going to swim, and she’ll just watch. Nanami tells them not to mind her. Uki asks if she can’t swim. After a long pause, Nanami says that is one reason. Uki laughs and tells her that if she can’t swim, then she’ll teach her. She also offers to put suntan lotion on Nanami so that she won’t get sunburned. “Let’s swim together, okay?” Then, while putting suntan lotion on blushing Nanami, Uki says that Nanami looks so cute with that swimming tube. Yusa happily asks Iriya if he’ll save him if he drowns. Pushing him down the water, Iriya tells him to go drown. Yusa laughs and says he is a meanie.

While Yusa is saying that there is someone surfing there, Iriya asks Makoto if she can swim. Makoto says that she can though she’s not really good at it. To her surprise, Iriya says that if he drowns, she should come and save him. Then, he laughs to say that he’s joking. Makoto shouts that she’ll go and save him. “I’ll save you with all my strength!!” Iriya smiles over this. Then, floating on his back on the water, Iriya playfully says that he twisted his foot. Makoto shouts over this, before Uki pushes her down into the water. Uki tells her that if they are going to flirt, they ought to go to that side. Makoto shouts at Uki for that. As Uki apologizes, everyone is having fun. Later on, Uki wanted a drink because it is hot. She asks the other girls where Iriya and Yusa are. Makoto says that they are hanging out with those people there and it’s amazing how much energy they have. Then, they notice a souvenir shop that is selling phone straps. Uki comments that there is the bunny series that Makoto likes, in surfing sports edition. Uki says that it is for love’s success so Makoto should buy it. While Makoto thinks about it, Uki and Nanami observe that the charms for the strap range from health, family safety to even becoming a mermaid. Soon, Makoto tells them that she is going to the cashier. The other two girls tell her that they are going to have some kakigori [shaved ice dessert]. After paying 500 yen for it, Makoto goes to find the others but a couple of guys approach her. They say that she is cute, where is she from and is she all alone. Makoto says that she is with her friends. The guys tell her to call her friends to join them for some fun. Makoto becomes nervous for it seems they are hitting on her and why her. She becomes scared when one of the guys hold her arm and try to force her to come with them. Suddenly, Iriya appears and holds on to Makoto. To her surprise, Iriya says, “Makoto, sorry, were you waiting for a long time? *holds her hands and pulls her* Let’s go.” Makoto says okay. The two guys grumble that it turns out that she is with a guy. While walking, Makoto thanks Iriya. Iriya smiles back and says that he felt a bit superior. While Makoto’s heart is beating fast, Iriya tells her that they are fishing with those people at that side. “Do you want to go, too?” Makoto is still surprised for she wonders what he meant about feeling superior and other than that, they are holding hands like lovers.
Iriya lets go of her hand to go to the other girls who were asking him where they’ll go next. Makoto thinks that no, compared to that, just now, he called her, ‘Makoto’ [= they are close if someone calls one’s first name]. “ amazing. I obviously always felt inferior because of my name but if it is called from Iriya-kun’s lips, it feels like it has become a very good name. *Iriya and others join Yusa and others who were fishing by some rocky area path of the beach* I should have recorded it!! *crying while holding her phone* Call my name again! Call my name again!” While Iriya wonders what that is about, Bunny asks what Makoto is thinking for Iriya won’t just randomly do it. That night, during girls’talk in the bedroom, all fired up Uki says that tomorrow is officially Iriya’s birthday. Uki reminds them of the plan that they’ve discussed about – they are going to get Iriya and Yusa out of the house and then do what they’ve talked about. Then, she notices that Makoto is spacing out. Makoto snaps out of it when Uki asks if she is listening. Makoto nervously says yes. Uki asks if she is alright for the significance of this is that she is the main lead. Uki yawns and says that’s it for now, they should go to sleep in preparation for tomorrow. It is almost midnight. Nanami agrees with her and heads to her own room. Looking at her cellphone, Makoto thinks that the date has changed and is Iriya already sleeping. She feels that it is like a dream that she is sleeping under one roof with him, and she also gets to be with him on his birthday. The next day, Iriya and Yusa are surprised that the girls aren’t coming with them. Uki tells them that it is because it seems that Makoto has a slight fever. Makoto tensely says that is right. Leaning to Makoto, Iriya asks if she is alright and doesn’t she want to go to the doctor for she looks unwell. [Iriya goes back to calling her by her surname] Makoto tensely tells him that it is okay, it isn’t serious. Uki tells them that they are going to look after Makoto this afternoon so he and Yusa can go and have fun. Iriya tries to protest but Yusa is already very happy over this. Yusa shouts for Iriya that they should go since it will be only the two of them. Touching Makoto’s head, Iriya tells her that he is going so if something is up, just call him on the phone.
At the gate, Yusa happily tells Iriya to be quick. After the guys left, Uki happily comments that Yusa really knows how to read the mood. Nanami lamely says that it is definitely not that. Makoto is busy mentally apologizing to Iriya for lying. Uki shouts okay, they should quickly start preparing. Nanami helps Makoto bake the cake. Then, the girls start decorating the place with balloons, paper chains and paper flowers, etc. Soon, pleased Uki says that they are finished so they can pretty much call the others back. Makoto is looking worried for she cannot find the cellphone strap that she bought yesterday. She waves her clothes from yesterday since she knows she put it in her pocket but it is not there. Uki asks her what’s up. Makoto tearfully tells her that it has dropped from her pocket. Uki asks if it is the surfing bunny. Outside the villa, Makoto asks if she can go and look for it. Uki says that it is okay for they have already finished preparing but can’t she just look for it tomorrow. Makoto just mutters that if it is tomorrow.. She tells Uki that it will just be for a moment and she’ll just go take a quick look. While looking around, Makoto thinks that she wore that jacket yesterday and if it has dropped, it ought to be around there, where they have gone fishing. She decides to check that small rocky path. Soon, it is sunset and the guys had come back. Yusa tells the girls that according to this, there is a fireworks display tomorrow and they got a flyer which has a coupon for yakisoba [stir-fried noodles] at a nearby store. Iriya asks where Makoto is, is she resting. Uki asks if they didn’t encounter her for she went out and hasn’t come back yet. Iriya looks surprised by this. At the rocky path, Makoto thinks that she can’t find it because the sky is so dark. She becomes surprised for she didn’t notice that it is totally dark already. “Oh no, what time is it already? If I don’t quickly go back.. *looks surprised for the path behind her is already submerged in water* I can’t see.. the path anymore! *Bunny says that seas has a thing like high/raising tides* What am I to do-!!”
Chapter 13. Cover page: “There is only one, this year’s summer.” Fearful Makoto thinks that the seaside is really scary at night, and that thing [sea monster?] would definitely suddenly come out. Crying while sitting by the side, Makoto thinks, “..huhu.. now that I think of it.. I had such a short life.. *Flashbacks: Disappointed that she got a plain t-shirt while Rika gets a pretty dress. She watched Rika telling their mother[?] about a new uniform’s picture. Someone left a love letter in her shoe locker and Makoto thought that it is some mischief. Then, Iriya had fallen down on her.* I should have listened to Uki and looked for it again tomorrow. By the way, I should have noticed it right away when the strap got dropped or perhaps, I should have noticed it earlier before the sky became dark. It wasn’t easy [for us] to prepare Iriya’s birthday party but, now, on his very important commemorating day, what am I going to impart [to him], a tragic memory of a friend’s death. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Then, she notices someone waving from the seashore. It is Iriya calling out to her with a flashlight and asking if she is alright. Makoto stands up and shouts for him to save her. Thinking that it is good that she is quite lively, Iriya says okay, he’ll quickly save her. Makoto cries that she still doesn’t want to die. Iriya tells her to wait, it is alright, she won’t die. “Calm down. *points to the ground* Okay, look here. The water level is unexpectedly shallow.” It is only ankle-deep and Iriya has almost reached her. Makoto stops crying and apologizes. Sweatdropping Iriya tells her that it is still quite dark so she better be careful or else, she’ll trip. “I’m going to your side so be good and stay put.” Makoto says okay. Then, she slightly turns around and sees a small package which is submerge in the water in between the rocky path. Makoto thinks that she has found it. She slips and to Iriya’s surprise, Makoto falls flat on the water. ^^; [Good thing she isn’t injured on the rocks]
Going to her, Iriya exclaims what happened for didn’t he tell her to stay put. Holding the package, Makoto says that it is this. Iriya asks if it is that strap, which Uki mentioned that it can grant one’s wish. “Did you find it?” Shaking her head, Makoto says, “No. *holding the package to him* I want to give this to you, Iriya..” Iriya looks surprised. He bends down to her and points to himself. “For me?” Blushing Makoto nods. Iriya opens the package and it is a surfing Bunny strap but in this one, it wishes the owner to always be of good health and be safe. Makoto tells him that even she and everyone had prepared a lot of things, and he would usually take care of her that she thought of giving something back to him. “But, *cries* I had cause so much problems to everyone. It would be good if I’m more stable[/didn’t went]. I’m sorry. Why am I always so..” Iriya gently touches her face and tells her that they have the same kind of thinking. He asks if this is for him. Bunny says that’s right. Iriya explains that in the afternoon, she said that she isn’t feeling well, and he also wanted to help cheer her up. Makoto tensely mutters that it is for them to prepare.. They were interrupted by Uki who is shouting if Makoto is still alive. Makoto shouts that they are alright and they’ll be going back there. Iriya holds out his hand to her and says that they should go, to the party prepared for him. She takes Iriya’s hand as they walk back. Calling her stupid, Uki hugs Makoto who apologizes. Yusa happily hugs Iriya. Makoto thinks that for a second, she felt a bit dizzy because she is so happy[/really likes him] that her heart is tightening. “So light-headed.” Soon, they ate dinner at a simple birthday party. Iriya looks happy. The next day, Makoto prostrates down to her friends to apologize for what happened yesterday. Uki tells her that even if the party went smoothly and everything but just from worrying, she felt that their lifespans have shortened. Makoto couldn’t refute back. Uki says, “So, as punishment, you are going to let us fix you up until we are fully satisfied.” To Makoto’s surprise, Uki is holding a curling iron while Nanami is carrying a make-up kit.
Soon, it is almost sunset again. While the guys are at the gate, Yusa shouts for the girls to hurry or else, the place where they’ll watch the fireworks will be taken[/full]. The girls say they are coming and they made them wait. To the guys’ surprise, the girls are all dressed up in yukata. Uki tells them that these are lent to them by Nanami’s grandma. Looking at Makoto, Yusa says that it seems that her face doesn’t look the same, as if she is some other person. Makoto tells him that Nanami is quite skilled with cosmetics. Yusa comments that it is ‘the work of gods’[/uncanny workmanship]. Pushing Yusa’s face aside, Iriya tells Makoto that it is quite good and she looks very cute. This made Makoto dizzy and blush as her friends look happy for her. Soon, at the matsuri[/festival], Yusa comments that there are a lot of people there. Iriya agrees and says that it is quite crowded. Sitting by a raised wall, Yusa exclaims that it is great that they found a good place to watch. Uki agrees with him. Iriya says that it will start at 7pm. Sitting beside Iriya, Makoto thinks that she is going to watch the fireworks with him and it’s great that she didn’t die yesterday. Soon, they hear a boy crying for his mother. The passer-bys look at the boy and wonder if he is lost. They wonder if the parents are nearby and who would call the police. They don’t want to be hassled to help the boy because the fireworks are going to start soon. To the others’ surprise, Iriya goes down from the wall and says that he’ll go there for a while so everyone just wait for him. Makoto exclaims that she is going too. Yusa wants to join them but Uki stops him. While Makoto has a hard time walking with her geta [wooden sandals], Iriya asks the crying boy what is his name and where are his parents. He is surprised to see Makoto there who also tells the boy that they are going to accompany him in finding his mother. The boy says that he is Hiroto [guesswork name from 裕人]. His father isn’t there but his mother.. Just when he is about to cry again, the fireworks light up the night sky. Makoto says that it has started. Carrying him on his shoulders, Iriya tells Hiroto not to lose to the fireworks, and go ahead, call out to his mother. Hiroto starts shouting loud for his mother. Iriya tells him that’s the way. Makoto smiles over this.
Later on, a woman calls out to Hiroto. As Iriya puts him down, Hiroto calls out to his mother and goes to her. Hiroto’s mother scolds him for giving her problems when she told him to wait for her at the stairs. Hiroto apologizes. Just when Makoto is happily saying that it is great that Hiroto is found, a guy calls out, “Hey, Misako, you also brought that brat along- *Misako says yes* What, I thought we can be all alone together.” Misako apologizes to Satoshi [guesswork from 達]. Misako shouts at Hiroto that because of him, she is being scolded at. Surprised Hiroto apologizes. This irks Iriya that he shouts at Misako, “What! It isn’t the kid’s fault, right!?” This surprises Makoto. Misako shouts back for Iriya not to meddle in other people’s affairs. Following Satoshi, Misako tells Hiroto that they are going. While looking back at Iriya and Makoto, Hiroto tells his mother to wait [for him]. Makoto still looks stunned. After calming down a bit, Iriya apologizes to her for making her see him getting angry enough to quarrel with someone when she is obviously there. Makoto says that it is alright for she also thought the other party is wrong. Looking at the fireworks, Iriya says that he hopes that the fireworks didn’t give that boy some bad memories. Makoto says no, for that boy is sitting in a special place while watching it. Iriya looks at her. Then, he smiles and says, “You’re really very nice, Kisaragi.” Makoto thinks, “Don’t compliment me in such a kind way. I have been doing my best to restrain myself. If this goes on, I already, I can no longer stop.” Just when Iriya is going downstairs, Makoto says, “..I *holds pouch bag tightly* you, Iriya.” Iriya looks back at blushing Makoto. He answers, “..ya, *sad smile* I also like you, Kisaragi. *Makoto looks surprised* ..but.. I cannot go steady with you.. I’m sorry.” Makoto is stunned by this. Makoto tries to smile and tell him that she is alright. “I know that it is no good[/she’ll fail]. (I must not cry..)” Iriya says, “It isn’t Kisaragi.” Makoto continues to say, “So, there’s no need for you to mind it. (I don’t want to cause even more trouble to Iriya)” Trembling and teary-eyed, Makoto says, “Sorry, Iriya. I’m sorry.” Since Makoto won’t listen to what he tried to say, Iriya grabs her shoulders and shouts, “Kisaragi! *Makoto looks surprised* isn’t like that.. *looks somewhat sad* ..the me whom you had fallen in love with, what if everything is fake, what are you going to do?”
Scans by 離境漢化組.