August 9, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 71]

Originally posted @ on August 9, 2012

And, so Ayane and Kent are in each other’s arms. Sitting beside each other, Chizuru and Ryu are looking at each other. And now, for the main couple, Shouta remembers Sawako suddenly coming in to call Ayane out. He decides to go out and check it out but the others kept on asking him this and that. Everyone wants his attention but Shouta apologizes and tells them to deal with it by themselves. With that, he left them. Then, he sees Sawako with bleeding Mogi, and Pin is also there. Mogi thanks Sawako for the handkerchief and says that he is alright. Pin whispers to Shouta not to worry. Shouta asks what happened. Pin says that there was a quarrel. After Mogi left, Pin tells Sawako to go ahead. Sawako leaves and takes a glance at the two. Shouta is surprised when Pin asked him how long they have been going steady. Shouta says that it is around half a year. Shouta is puzzled when Pin kept on saying that is amazing. To Shouta’s surprise, it turns out that Pin is referring to him for enduring and not making a move on Sawako for half a year. Pin tells Shouta that his choice is correct and very noble. Patting Shouta’s shoulder, Pin says that he can just persevere throughout his life. Shouta freaks out over it. Pin says that what he is saying is true, doesn’t Shouta think that it is correct and he is striving hard. After a pause, Shouta says that he actually doesn’t know if doing this is right or wrong.

To Shouta’s surprise, Pin exclaims that about this issue, he also doesn’t know and it is almost time. In the room, the others plan to stay there longer since Shouta isn’t around. Going in the room, Pin shouts that it is over and they should go home. Sawako notices that Ayane and Chizuru left their things. To her surprise, Kent asks if this thing belongs to Ayane. Slightly blushing Ayane tells Sawako that she will be going home with Kent. Sawako seems to notice a change in Ayane. Kent slightly nods at Pin. Then, watching the two leave, Pin tells Sawako that it seems that those two got together. Then, Chizuru arrives with Ryu. She exclaims that the party is over. Sawako gives Chizuru her bag. Chizuru apologizes to her and is surprised that Ayane had already left. Chizuru is worried that Ayane is angry for she suddenly disappeared but Sawako assured her that it isn’t so. And, before leaving with Ryu, Chizuru tells Sawako that she’ll tell her about it later on. Soon, everyone is walking home. While Sawako sees the two off, Shouta wonders about giving the gift upon going home. Shouta is contemplating if what he is doing is right or wrong = this enduring thing to treasure her. He asks Sawako if she is going home. Sawako says yes. Then, Sawako overhears some guys asking if those two are still going steady for they thought they’ve already break up. This makes Sawako wonder if they are indeed still going steady and it is because Shouta won’t tell her.
Watching Shouta walk ahead, Sawako fears that during the winter vacation, they will unconsciously really break up and what will she do if they suddenly end up like that..or perhaps, it is already. She remembers someone telling her that there is awkwardness between her and Shouta so how about trying to resolve it by closing her eyes for 5 seconds. Sawako goes to Shouta to grab his coat. When he turns around, he sees Sawako waiting for him with closed eyes. Shouta asks what this is..then, he turns away. Sawako opens her eyes and thinks that this is her last gamble. To his surprise, Sawako starts crying and saying that Shouta is a liar[/cheat] for he obviously told her before that next time he ‘won’t be hold back’. He is obviously troubled over something, yet he would say that it is ‘nothing’. She tells him that she wanted to be with him today and she knows that he got a lot of things to do but she felt lonelier than she was alone. She asks him if she is the one who is causing him worries[/trouble] and because of this, he is regretting. “Don’t you like me anymore? Don’t you like the me who is like this? (For how could you possibly like a person like me)” And, finally, Shouta gives her a kiss. And another one, and another one..and another.  Scans by 夜莺工作室.