August 14, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 44]

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Cover page: “The time, when the 3 are together, is most important.” Volume 9 is out on August 10, cover is Sou. And, they are currently holding a popularity poll for the series. In Anna’s room, while holding Coco, aghast Hinata says, “Don’t want to. I absolutely don’t want to go on a double date with Aso-chan.” Anna looks flustered and quiet. She tells him that she had anticipated that he will tell her that and at first, she did plan to turn her down. Hinata says that it is okay for her to just refuse and how come she didn’t. Flashback: Aya told Anna that she always longed to have a double date with friends so can Anna free a day for her. “I’ll also help you in describing accurately the preparations for the cultural festival *smiles* so that it won’t be exposed to Sou and others.” End flashback. Aghast Anna thinks that for Aya to say it that way, she couldn’t refuse. Anna cries and tells Hinata that she could have said that she refuses but she has a reason why she couldn’t do it. Glancing at her, Hinata sighs and finally agrees. Anna is really happy over this and thanks him. Hinata says that Sou might refuse for he thinks that Sou won’t approve of it or rather, he hopes that Sou refuses. Anna agrees that there is a possibility of that. Then, Anna’s cellphone rings. They read a message from Aya regarding the double date, “I’ve just ask Sou and he said OK. ^o^*sparkles* How about Hinata??” Hinata becomes gloomy. Anna tensely asks Hinata if it is okay to tell Aya that it is okay with him, too. Hinata sighs deeply and says, ya. Anna writes back that it is also okay with Hinata. While Hinata is looking at her, Anna thinks that she doesn’t know whether or not, Sou is with Aya, and since Hinata said that, what could Sou be thinking when he heard about the double date. “Even if I really want to ask him, but I couldn’t ask it. Such things are always happening lately.”

At the train station, Hinata says that he really wants to quickly go home. Anna tells him that right now, they haven’t even arrived at the meeting place. Hinata replies that he is just saying that. Anna tells Hinata that she isn’t going to ask him again to properly get along with Aya but for today, can he be a bit nice.. Hinata interrupts by saying that it is Sou. By the train platform, Sou is sighing. To Sou’s surprise, Hinata says, “See, Sou also doesn’t want to go.” Anna can’t quite refute it. She just says that it is a coincidence that they’ve met on the way. Sou says that it is because the place where they are leaving from and the meeting place is the same. Hinata says that this double date gives one heavy feelings. Sou tells him not to confuse things for he is completely enthusiastic about it. Anna sadly glances at Sou. Then, as they arrive at the meeting place, Aya greets the three and says that they came together. Anna nervously says that they just bump into each other. Sou says that it is because they are leaving from the same place (omitting the rest about going to the same meeting place), just like what he said a while ago. Aya smiles and says that they should go. Hinata asks go where. Anna exclaims that she forgot to tell him that they are going to the aquarium. Looking at the fishes, Anna says that it is very beautiful. Hinata says that the devil fish is very cute. Anna says so that’s the face. Hinata asks if it is, he can’t be sure. Looking at some sea turtles, Sou says that there are Tirtouga. Aya asks if these are called Tirtouga. Sou says no, it looks like Pokemon’s Tirtouga. Aya laughs over this. Anna looks at them and thinks that it seems that if Aya is with Sou, she can smile more, compared to the usual. “For her face to show that kind of expression, she likes Sou.”
Sou turns to them which surprised Anna. Hinata also notices that Sou is looking at them. Sou asks if they can watch the dolphin show which starts at 1130. Hinata says okay. Aya asks if Sou likes dophins. Sou says that it isn’t about liking dolphins, there is a dolphin there who has been named by Hinata. Aya exclaims if that is true. Sou says that before, there is a young dolphin born and they have publicized about collecting names [to choose] for it. Anna exclaims that is right, there is such a thing. Hinata sweatdrops and says that Sou really remembered it clearly for he has forgotten about it. Anna dreamily says that she had remembered that the three of them submitted entries but only Hinata’s was taken and used so at that time, she is quite frustrated. Hinata says that it isn’t possible for Anna’s name for the dolphin be chosen. Young Anna has named it, ‘Rilakkuma’ [Japanese character designed by Aki Kondo literally means relax bear]. Aya asks what name Hinata gave it. Thinking, Sou wonders what it is. At the dophin show, the announcer shouts that bottle nosed HinatA [written as 陽向 but sounds the same as HINATA] has jumped through the big loop. Hinata looks aghast over this while Sou and Anna are clapping. After a pause, Aya says that it is the same name. The announcer says that next is for HinatA to catch a Frisbee. Start! Sou and Anna look dumbfound as HinatA fails to catch it for three straight times. While Hinata looks gloomy over this, the announcer laughs and says, “Gambatte- Ah- Could it be that you are already tired today, HinatA? HinatA? Ah, no, not that side-” At the food court, someone exclaims that it is such an interesting dolphin show. Looking at Hinata, Anna says that HinatA is quite lively and still is lively even if he failed. Also looking at Hinata, Sou says that HinatA is unexpectedly concentrating too much that it caused the opposite result to happen. Hinata tells them that it feels like he is the loser so quit this way of joking around. Anna says that it is because it is HinatA. Sou says that he was the one who gave the name.
Aya asks Hinata why he wrote the same [sounding] name for the dolphin. Hinata says that at that time, he doesn’t know how to write a submission postcard that he made a mistaken in writing his name on the column where the dolphin’s name should be. He doesn’t know how come it was used. Anna says that for him to make such a mistake, was it when he was in grade 2 or 1. Hinata says grade 1. Sou says that it is because Hinata’s development is comparatively slow that he has to totally concentrate just to write. Hinata says that it isn’t so, at that time, it is already quite normal. Sou comments that Hinata is an absent-minded[/lost in thought] kid then, and he would always look blank and sleepy but then, right now, he is still like that. Hinata asks if it so, right now. Anna laughs over this. Aya just quietly looks at the three then, she suddenly stands up to excuse herself for she is going to the washroom. As she walks away, Aya takes another glance at the three childhood friends happily talking with each other. Opening the brochure, someone asks where they are going next. Blushing Hinata says that he wants to see penguins. Anna tells him that is a good proposal. Sou gets a message on his cellphone and he is surprised for it is from Aya apologizing that she’ll go home first. Someone asks what Sou thinks but they notice that Sou looked surprised. Anna asks what the matter is. Standing up, Sou apologizes and says that he is also going to the washroom. He tells them that he might be long so they should go ahead and walk around. Surprised Anna asks what about Aya. Sou says that he is going to get Aya. Near the exit, Aya is already walking out when Sou suddenly grabs her arm and calls her name. Aya turns to me and looks surprised. Sou angrily tells her to answer the phone and it was ringing. Letting her arm go, Sou asks if she is really leaving when she was the one who proposed that they go out today. “What’s up?”
Looking sad, Aya says that it is nothing special anyway, this is still within her expectation. “I also know that even if I’m Sou’s girlfriend, I’m not Sou’s number one[/first priority] but I hate the same outcome like before. In the end, what the best thing to do? *covers eyes;crying?* I..” Sou looks sad. Anna wonders what had happened to Aya and she has been in the washroom for such a long time. Watching the penguins with Hinata, Anna looks sad-thoughtful. Hinata tells her that Sou sent him a message. Anna asks what Sou wrote. Sou’s message says sorry, he and Aya are going ahead so the two of them can slowly take their time and have fun. Hinata tells Anna that Sou is going ahead with Aya. Anna looks surprised. Then, she says, “ that so. They are going.. The two of them..” Hinata is observing Anna. Anna suddenly exclaims what’s up and what had happened. Hinata says that he doesn’t know. “Generally, Aso-chan is not feeling well midway, right? It is because her plan isn’t progressing as planned.” Anna says that there he goes again, she already told him that there’s no need to force himself to get along with Aya. Hinata retorts back that today, he wasn’t vicious in front of Aya. Anna asks if it is alright if Aya isn’t here and by the way, what this Aya’s plan-something is. Hinata explains, “Basically, she wants to show Sou and Anna that right now, you are going steady with me, and Sou is going steady with Aso-chan. There is no gap in between to mutually interfere with each other. It’s really amazing. Doing it up to this extent [in order] to be satisfied over totally eliminating the possibility of Anna and Sou going steady. Striving hard that it made her unhappy[/upset].” Anna looks surprised at Hinata.
She tensely says that what Hinata said is quite profound that after finish listening to it, she seems a bit distracted[/lost] somewhere. “Aya said that she always really anticipate a double date, right? *Hinata looks at Anna who is nervously smiling* Suppose that what you’ve said is true, Ayane is also worrying too much- How is it possible for something to happen between me and Sou!” Hinata replies, “Really? I would occasionally think about whether or not you like Sou.” Anna is stunned. She says, “..why would you say that? *looks as if she is going to cry* Why..” After glancing at her, Hinata pats Anna’s head and apologizes for saying something strange. “Forget what I’ve just said, since it isn’t that, or it is better if it isn’t [like] that.” While Sou is accompanying Aya in the bus, Hinata continues to comfort Anna. Narration: “I felt that the tears are going to quickly fall down that I’m striving hard to restrain them. The two who had went home first. Hinata’s words. The hand that is gently caressing my head. Everything, wraps tightly around my heart, making it hurt endlessly.” [PS. This scanlation group is currently seriously thinking if they will continue to do this series or not since they don’t like the plot’s progress = Hinata becoming a ‘cannon fodder’(going to be dumped?). According to their representative, it depends on the next chapter if they will still continue or not. That is for your information in case there is no Chinese scans next month from this group.]
Scans by all★wink汉化组.