August 14, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 7]

Originally posted @ on August 13, 2012

After the storm had passed, Koharn wakes up to find a panda stationary on her bed. It is a spoof note from Natski who wrote, ‘Princess♡ Good morning! If you are feeling lively when you wake up, go and eat a bento filled with love♡, Jade♡ [Jade written as 玉子 instead of prince written as 王子] Koharn comments that it is even jade and not prince. Soon, Koharn is cooking some eggs and sausages shaped like octopus. She thinks that of course, she will put in lots and lots of love in the bento box. Outside the gate, Koharn gives happy Natski his bento box. Natski says that it’s great and thank you. Koharn looks at him happily. She thinks that she will definitely make it more delicious than before because she likes him more than before. While walking to school together with Natski, Koharn laments that he generally wasn’t aware of it. In school, Natski is really happy for it is the season when they change their uniforms to summer wear. And it is already the time when there is a balls’ competition [something like sports day but involving sports that has balls in it] and it is heaven. Kotarou says that sports are really fun. Masamoto says that it is fun and there are eyecandies. Of course, the guys are referring to the girls who are wearing t-shirts and skirts/jogging pants. While laughing, someone gestures to a girl and asks Natski about ‘that’. Natski says that it is 65C [bust size]. Another person asks him about that other girl. Natski says 60E. They are amazed at how good Natski is. Natski proudly says that it is experience. Masamoto says that Natski only reads magazines. Natski scolds Masamoto that he told him not to expose that. Suddenly, Koharn bumps Natski’s back with a box. Trembling in pain, Natski tells her to look where she is going or else, there will be an accident. She tells him to do some work of the activity committee. Masamoto tells Koharn that it is almost time for the guys to go to the gym for basketball. A guy whispers to Natski to ask him what Koharn’s chest size is because it seems to be very big. Natski darkly says, ha? The guy got scared. Picking up the box, Natski tells Koharn that they should go. While passing by the sports fields, Koharn says that it is quite lively and which one does he plan to join in. Natski says that in the afternoon, there’s soccer. Koharn laments that it is about the same time as her tennis. She felt sad that she can’t go and cheer for Natski.

Suddenly, they notice Aki playing tennis and she wins her match. As they approach her, Koharn praises Aki for being amazingly good in tennis and there are a lot of people watching. Natski tells her that it is because tennis wear is a guy’s romance. This made Koharn think that he also likes tennis wear. Koharn murmurs that she is also playing tennis and it’s quite embarrassing. Natski looks surprised then starts to pat her head. He tells her that it is alright, because she isn’t a bit sexy. Koharn angrily whacks him with the huge roll of paper that she is carrying. Looking aghast, Koharn thinks that was not sexy expression [/reaction]. Laughing, Natski says that she shouldn’t hit his face. “Right, Saionji-chan?” Aki turns away and snubs him. Natski wonders if that girl naturally likes to oppress people. Koharn starts to think that if she becomes a bit sexy, maybe Natski would notice her feelings. With a sexy pout, Koharn puts her hands over her head with chest out. Natski asks what’s up with her, did she ate something wrong. Koharn thinks that it is hard to be sexy. Kotarou goes to them and tells Natski that the basketball team needs one more person so would he join. Natski asks if it is right now. Koharn tells him to go for she can do the committee work. Carrying the box and everything else, Koharn happily thinks that it is great for if she can quickly tidy things up, maybe she can go and cheer for Natski. Aki offers to help Koharn. Koharn protests that her shift is in the afternoon, but then, thanks. After putting the box on table, Koharn says that it is heavy and with this, it is finished. Moving her collar around to fan herself, Koharn says that it is so hot and her body is covered with sweat. Aki says that she, too. Then, she fixes her hair. Koharn thinks that not only Aki doesn’t smell of sweat, she.. Sniffing, Koharn says that it is fragrant. Then, she apologizes to Aki for doing that. Aki tells her that it is perfume which she sprayed on a bit. Koharn says that she thought that adults would only put that on. Aki tells her yes, and perhaps, from the start, she also wants to become an adult that is why she put it on. Koharn blushes and thinks that it is such a sweet flower fragrance and maybe if she also put on some perfume, she will be like Aki. At the gym, Kotarou hugs Natski for a great play. Natski smiles over this and happily flashes a v-sign up to Koharn at the balcony. Koharn also happily flashed a v-sign back. Koharn wonders if she can also become a girl who can make Natski’s heart beat faster. “Just like before..*when she dressed up*”
At the committee room, Aki is looking out the window. Someone opens the door and Aki turns to look. She blushes to see the person. Aki happily says that it is great that he came. The guy [whose face isn’t shown] holds her shoulder and tells her, “I want to tell you one more time. *Aki’s smile disappears* Aki, no matter how many times we talked about this, I cannot return your feelings. I’m sorry.” Soon, it is announced that the closing ceremony is over, they should return to their respective classes. In class 1-1, Nishina tells his students that their class got the first place for their year level. Everyone applauds. He happily tells them that they did their best so he had prepared a reward to give to everyone. Someone exclaims if that is true. Another exclaims that s/he loves the teacher. There are boxes around and the teacher tells them there are a lot of rewards so get whatever they like inside. While Konoha is picking something, Koharn sees a small compact with a panda design. Koharn picks it up and wonders what it is. Konoha tells her that it seems like perfume. Koharn opens it and it smells sweet, a honey scent. She dabs a bit on herself. She blushes and happily thinks that it is such a sweet scent. A student tells Nishina that the rewards aren’t enough. He apologizes and tells them that he got Natski to get some more and he’s so slow. Koharn volunteers to go and get Natski. Pulling Sumire to join them, Konoha says that they also want to go to the activity room. While walking at the hallway, Konoha tells Koharn that she is quite fragrant. Sumire says that she smells a bit like a dessert. Blushing Koharn thinks that it is quite baffling for she only put on some perfume and her mood has become quite excited, excited to the point of wanting to see Natski immediately.
Natski opens the door to the activity room and sees Aki crying with her hands on her face. Natski asks if it is okay for him to see that. He is surprised to see that Aki kept on sobbing. Then, he overhears Koharn and others are approaching the activity room. He goes in the room and tells Aki that Koharn and the others are coming. “You don’t want others to see you crying like that, right?” Natski is surprised when Koharn is telling the others that it is here. Koharn wonders if Natski is inside. She knocks on the door but no one answers. Koharn is puzzled and she smells a familiar scent – a sweet flower scent. She opens the door. Natski quickly hugs Aki to cover her in order for the others not to see that Aki is crying. Koharn [and Konoha] is shock to see Natski hugging Aki. Natski quickly puts his hands up and exclaims his apology and it is because Aki is so cute that he can’t help himself. Turning to Koharn, Natski nervously smiles and asks Koharn what’s up. Koharn tells him about coming to get the rewards. Pushing Koharn out, Natski tells her that thing is heavy so let’s talk about it later on. Koharn tries to protest but Natski says that it is okay, just go back to the class. And, the door closes. Blushing Aki looks surprised. Sticking out his tongue, Natski tells the girls that Aki’s scent is really amazing that it made him dizzy enough to become a perverted prince. Konoha says that he is quite disappointing. Natski apologizes. Koharn looks flustered for there is that adult-like mature scent on Natski. Natski also looks a bit tense and flustered. Aki seems to be still blushing.
Scans by 夜莺工作室.