August 2, 2012

Skip Beat! [Chapter 191]

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So, Kyouko and Ren saw each other. Then, Shou even showed his face at the back to make sure Ren knows whom Kyouko is with. Kyouko quickly shoves him in. Yashiro is panicking and thinking of all sorts of things. He glances at Ren who cast a glare at him. Acting calm, Ren says that they should go in order not to make the director wait. From one of the posts/pillars, Kyouko is looking at them. She is scared of Ren’s sparkling gentleman expression and furious at Shou. Shou appears from behind and accuses Kyouko of being narcissistic to think that Ren will be in a bad mood just because she is with him. He tells her that she easily misunderstands things when someone is friendly with her. This made Kyouko sad that she tells him that she doesn’t think that way and there’s no need for him to say that for she knows. Ren is taking care of her because Lory asked him to. Ren doesn’t treat her in a special way. Looking sharp, Shou says that he doesn’t believe that since she is saying that in such a listless manner. Just when she is about to protest, Shou goes close to her and says that he isn’t convinced by that because she is a girl who likes to daydream. Kyouko tries to leave but Shou grabs her wrist and pushes her to the wall. Shou forces her to tell him that she doesn’t have ‘feelings’ for Ren [or doesn’t think of Ren in a special way.]

Meanwhile, Shouko is panicking over Shou being with Kyouko. Shou arrives and asks if she is having a headache since she was holding her head. Shouko assumes that everything is alright and what she feared didn’t happen because Shou’s face wasn’t like that. Later on, Kyouko as Bou the chicken apologizes to her boss. Her boss complains about letting her success get into her head. He threatens to fire her if [I think] she didn’t seriously had fun out here. Trembling Kyouko thinks that not only is she late, she got scolded at and it is all that jerk’s fault, for forcing her to admit some nonsense things. One of the staff touches her head and tries to cheer her up. She remembers when Ren as Cain touches her head. Kyouko isn’t moving that the staff wonders if she is crying. Flashback: Kyouko angrily looked straight in Shou’s eyes and shouted that she doesn’t have feelings for Ren. Kyouko threatened to pull his hair off and use it to curse him if he is making her admit that she has feelings such as love for Ren. Kyouko shouted that she won’t become an idiot again and she won’t go back to that kind of thinking again. And if ever something idiotic happens to her, the other party won’t be Ren. Shou leans to her and asks why she can cling to that viewpoint[?]. End flashback. Kyouko’s narration in the end seems to say that she treasures her past with Ren and she doesn’t want to lose to her feelings in fear that she will become more idiotic than she was with Shou before[?]. She doesn’t want to lose even if it really hurts her. Kyouko looks at the staff with a sad smile. Next chapter will be out in Japan on September 5th. Disclaimer: This is a speed summary. For clarification and details, wait for the scanlations.
Scans by 红莲汉化组