August 2, 2012

Akai Ito [Chapter 0]

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[Free Talk: This is the prologue chapter for Akai Ito [Red Thread] by Kaho Miyasaka. There are some similarities with Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta in some ways especially the two female leads. Most of the names are guesswork based on the kanji. At the end of the summary, I’ve also translated the preview for the official start of the series in Cheese! That will be from baidu’s LYSELFYING translation. PS. This is the second time I’m doing this because the computer crashed..taking with it the summary I’ve almost finished typing up. ;_; Just when I wasn’t careful enough to make a back-up...sigh.. Oh ya, some say that the cover picture is like in Last Friends.]
Narration: “Red Thread. It exists between a guy and a girl fated to be together. Bonds are the ties that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Finally, this fated romantic love is starting at the opening of the curtains.” In a train, there is an announcement on welcoming new passengers inside and where the next station will be. Pointing to the side, a short dark haired girl tells her friend, “Hey, Chihiro, [千紘], look. Isn’t that Nanjou [南條]?” Chihiro looks at the side to see a dark haired glasses guy reading a book. Then, Nanjou looks at her. This made Chihiro quickly look away. Without looking, she shyly waves at his direction. To her embarrassment, her friend is holding her hand and waving it while saying, “Bye-bye.” Pulling her hand back, Chihiro asks what is she doing. Sticking out her tongue, her friend apologizes. Chihiro glances at the side and is a bit disappointed that Nanjou has gone back to reading this book. Then, her eyes widen upon seeing him looking at her again. Summoning up her courage, she once again waves to the side, without looking at his direction. Then, she peeks to see his reaction. To her surprise, a couple of puzzled elementary kids are waving back at her, and Nanjou is still reading his book. Chihiro covers her face in embarrassment. Then, she looks determined to do her best. She didn’t notice that Nanjou had looked at her and then smiled.

Then, at another train stop, a young looking boy boards the train. He is carrying a long covered stick [which is probably something sports related]. He looks at the right and the left. And, he notices the two girls sleeping on their seats. Looking at Chihiro’s friend, the boy mutters, “Rino[莉乃]..” To his surprise, Rino is swaying back and forth along with the train’s movements. He decides to sit beside her. Then, to his surprise, Rino leans on him. He is a bit embarrassed but he lets her be. Then, a couple of guys go in that train carriage. The light long haired guy says that he actually is no good in Miyagawa[宮川]’s class for it really makes him sleepy. His friend laughs and says that Hinase [比名瀬; long haired guy] always quickly falls asleep. Then, they see something. Hinase says that it appears that there is something quite pleasant here. His friend smiles and agrees with him. Meanwhile, the boy glances at sleeping Rino then notices that her hair is messy at the top. Since the hair is waving about, the boy tries to reach out and fix it. Just before he can touch her hair, someone uses his covered stick to stop him from doing that. While smiling, Hinase’s friend says, “Tachibana [橘]’s younger brother--” The flustered boy exclaims, “Kiri..Kirigaya[桐谷]..! Sen..pai..” While smiling, Kirigaya asks the boy what he is doing. The boy just looks away and didn’t answer.
And, Rino wakes up. Smiling Kirigaya tells her that she is really sleeping soundly. Rino blushes and calls out his name. Smiling Kirigaya tells her that her hair is flying away. Rino exclaims, no way. Then, Kirigaya says, “It’s right here.” Rino blushes as Kirigaya fixes her hair. This irritates the boy that he grumbles that her blushing face looks awful. Rino exclaims in surprise that Yuu[裕; it can also be Hiro]-chan is also there, since when was he on board? The boy tells her to quit calling him Yuu-chan and she is still reacting in a delayed manner. “Idi-ot” Smiling Kirigaya comments, “Tachibana, you’re called as Yuu-chan?” This irritates the boy. To the boy’s embarrassment, Rino says that is right, ev-er since they know each other when they were young, he is always called as Yuu-chan so she got used to it and would usually blurt it out that way. “Right, Yuu-chan?” The boy shouts that his name is Yuuto[裕人] and like he said before, she is just older by one year. Rino insists that calling him Yuu-chan is more convenient and cute. Yuuto exclaims that it isn’t cute. Kirigaya doesn’t look quite happy over this. Yuuto is surprised when Kirigaya says, “Yuu-chan. *emitting dark aura* Yuu-chan?” Yuuto looks nervous. Hinase waves at them and comments that Kirigaya has become dark [like dark/black Kirigaya]. Rino exclaims in surprise that Hinase-kun is also there and she didn’t notice. Acting hurt, Hinase says, “You’re too much, Sakuragi[櫻木; Rino’s surname]. Just now, my heart feels some piercing pain.”
Rino wakes Chihiro up. As Chihiro wakes up, Hinase says, “Hey, Tachibana [surname], you would even take a nap, right? This is the first time I saw this.” Chihiro just looks at him. Smiling Hinase tells her that she is quite cute while sleeping. Looking annoyed, Chihiro says without emotion, “Then, thank you very much for your compliment. Isn’t it really great that you get to see such a precious thing~~” With a raised brow, Hinase comments that she would even unexpectedly provoke him. Calling out to her, he says, “Hey, here. *gestures to the side of his mouth* It’s still moist with sali-va.” Chihiro’s eyes widen that she quickly wipes her mouth. Leaning to her, Hinase says, “Just joking. Haha, you were worried.” Chihiro glares at Hinase’s smiling lips. In a fit of anger, she quickly flicks his forehead hard. Hinase exclaims that it hurts. Holding his forehead, Hinase says that she would unexpectedly flick his forehead. Then, to Chihiro’s bewilderment, Hinase starts laughing and exclaims that it is such a strong attack that he loses to her. Kirigaya calls Hinase’s name. Still laughing, Hinase says that it is so funny. Chihiro looks away from him. Hinase looks at her and smiles. At the train station, Yuuto grumbles that he doesn’t care anymore for they are all so meddlesome. “I’m going home first.” Rino tells the two guys that they are going to this side’s exit so see you tomorrow. The guys tell them to take care and goodbye. Looking at Chihiro who is leaving, Hinase says, “Byebye, Chihiro.” Chihiro looks in surprise [probably because he called her by her first name]
Since Chihiro isn’t moving, Rino asks her if she is alright. Chihiro says, “Rino.. Gyudon.. [beef bowl/rice topping]! We are going to eat gyudon!” Rino is puzzled but upon seeing Chihiro’s determined expression, Rino exclaims, “Oo..okay! I know! Yes, let’s go for gyudon! Let’s go eat a big one! Okay!” Soon, at a restaurant, the girls were served a special huge serving of gyudon with miso soup. Rino looks happy about it but Chihiro looks annoyed. She says that this kind of serving simply reminds her of that guy’s attitude. Rino asks if it is Hinase. Chihiro says that is right. Rino comments that he is the type whom Chihiro had a difficult time dealing with but just now, it felt that they’ve unexpectedly got along with each other, and Hinase looks quite happy. Looking gloomy and scary, Chihiro asks Rino in what way and in what part do they look like they are getting along with each other. “Tell me, quickly tell me about it!” Rino nervously says that is enough, calm down and they should eat. Stabbing the egg on the gyudon, Chihiro exclaims that they are totally not getting along. “Beware, Hinase!! Your end will be like this egg.” Rino tells her to stop. “Don’t vent your anger on the food, for it ought to be properly tasted! I’m sure auntie definitely said that to you, too.” Chihiro nervously says okay and she’s sorry. “Then, one more time..” The two girls put their hands together and says, “Itadakimasu [/let’s eat]♡” And, they happily eats the gyudon in huge mouthfuls. Then, there is a clicking sound from an iPhone. Chihiro’s eyes widen in surprise upon seeing Hinase, together with Kirigaya, taking her picture from the restaurant’s window. With a sly look, Hinase chuckles. Holding up a thumbs-up sign, Hinase winks and says, “GJ [good job]!” To everyone’s surprise, Chihiro suddenly spits out her food. Hinase exclaims, “Hey.. No way!!! You spit out a mouthful. Oh no, I forgot to take a picture..” Kirigaya is calling out to Tachibana [Chihiro]. While Chihiro is groaning, Rino offers her some water and asks if she is alright. Meanwhile, at the train, Nanjou looks out the window and mutters, “Will tomorrow be a clear day..”
Scans by 深雪汉化. As for the preview..
I like you.
But, I kept on thinking that I should hate him.

I like you.
But, you look like a different guy to me.

I like you.
But, you told me that I’m like ‘your younger sister’.

I like you.
But, you kissed that person in front of me.
Numerous ‘red threads’ intertwine. Brewing a few romances. This is a 7 guys and girls, willfully and unrestrained, youth idol drama.