August 26, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 42]

Originally posted @ on August 25, 2012

Nakaba reaches out to Loki’s red right eye. Loki tells her that he has seen everything. “..I must be exact and fast in finding you in the avalanche. So when we parted, I’ve called Gadi to come and help. I’ve waited for the avalanche to stop then I’ve used the Arcana. Afterwards, I traced the path that you took.” Nakaba looks at Loki who smiles at her. Then, Gadi arrives. He is carrying Lala. Nakaba thanks him. Gadi tells her to quickly go to a warm place. She says yes. Loki carries Nakaba. Looking a bit sleepy, Nakaba thinks, “Loki, he.. possesses the Arcana of Time... Then..” Later on, some people are standing outside a house. They are talking that they never thought that it is like what that princess said that there will be an avalanche. “It is really hard to believe it but compared to that, it is even more unbelievable that she went to save THAT CHILD…” Someone wonders out loud as to what had happened to that child. Theo overhears him and looks uneasy. Then, the door opens. They say that it is the princess. They thank her and Nakaba just wave back at them. Then, Theo sees Lala standing behind Nakaba. Theo rushes to Lala and calls out her name. The people are wondering who Lala is. Theo thanks Nakaba for saving Lala. Lala didn’t react and she ‘heard’ what the other people are whispering about. Just when Theo happily says that it’s great that she is okay, Lala just passes by him. This puzzles Theo. Nakaba goes and talks with Lala. Then, she tells everyone that she is going to take this child so from today on, they are to forget about her and they are not to mention her again. Puzzled Theo calls out to Lala. Looking at him, Nakaba goes to him. She whispers to notify her if next time he comes to the capital city. Theo just looks on as Nakaba, Lala and others leave.

In the carriage that Loki is driving, Nakaba asks Lala if it is for Theo. “You, as a taboo child, and Theo is quite intimate, if it is spread around, it is really bad for Theo.. *Lala clenches her fist on her skirt* So, you didn’t answer him. *Lala becomes teary-eyed and starts crying. Nakaba comforts her* ..definitely, you’ll still see each other. ..he’ll definitely come and see you. So until then, smile at him.” Lala looks surprised for she heard something. She looks out the window to see Theo running after them and shouting something. Lala forces herself to smile back at him. Nakaba feels happy for her. Then, she looks serious. She thinks, “Loki.. you posses the Arcana of Time. This proves.. Loki is a child born from a human and an Ajin.. Loki is a taboo child..! I want to ask some things. I want to verify some things. There is still a lot..” Nakaba casually tells Lala that she is going to sleep for a while. Lala says okay. Nakaba leans on the side and starts to use her Arcana. In the vast darkness with lined up doors, Nakaba sees Loki who says that he thought she’ll come. Nakaba just mutters his name. Then, she asks him since when did it start. Walking to a door, Loki tells her that his power awakened after they arrived in Senan castle. Loki pulls open a door where Nakaba sees young Loki looking surprised over his eye in her bedroom. She was sleeping then. Loki says that it has been many years since then. “I already know the existence of the Arcana of Time while I was still a clansman in the village. ..I never thought that I myself have this power.” Loki closes the door. Nakaba nervously mutters that it started from since then. “Then..” Nakaba couldn’t say it.
After a pause, Loki says, “.. ‘then’ *turns to face her* ‘Why at that time?’ ‘At that time, you already know’? *Nakaba looks nervous as he smiles at her* I have indeed run back and forth in this corridor. Saw the past and the future. Afterwards, I chose the best. *Puzzled Nakaba asks, ‘the best.?’ Loki somewhat smiles at her* But, even if I’ve said I already know the future, *holds his chest* but I still cannot be unmoved [/not feel anything]. *Nakaba looks flustered.* .. you should also know this.” Also holding her chest, Nakaba says, yes, indeed. Looking at the doors, Loki tells her, “In knowing the future, there is hope and disappointment. Looking at the past, there’s nostalgia and emptiness. ..about the power, I’m truly sorry for always concealing it from you. I believe that you’ll also definitely sense it.. I’m a taboo child so it isn’t quite easy to say it.” Nakaba calls out to Loki but Loki calls her back and tells her that they’ll meet in reality. Opening the door of the carriage, Loki calls out to Nakaba and tells her that they have arrived at the castle. She calls his name. Loki just smiles. He tells her to please go to her room and properly rest. At Belquat, Caesar shouts in surprise, “What did you just say!?” Backing away and motioning for Caesar to stop, Belenus tells him that he is saying that Nakaba encountered an avalanche.. Caesar shouts, “Avalanche!? It’s a snow mountain, right!? Where is it, is it Senan’s mountain!?” Just when Caesar is all packed to do a search and rescue [lol], Belenus tells him to please calm down for it was mentioned that the chamberlain saved her and she is doing fine. Caesar mutters, “ it THAT GUY..” Belenus says that he ought to be right.
Caesar asks why in the avalanche. “What is he doing that he made that girl be in a such a dangerous place..” Caesar wonders what Nakaba is doing, how she is doing and is she hurt. “You--.. Fundamentally, I couldn’t ask. I just know that it is pretty far.” After a pause, Belenus says, “Caesar-sama, there will convene a products trade fair soon at the city of Farlanseques [invented name from 法蘭塞爾克 which literally reads as fa-lan-sai-er-ke].” With folded arms, Caesar says, “Huh? what about it” Belenus smiles and says that other than trading products, the other goal is diplomacy. “From different countries, those who want to buy the products of the other countries, will come. Of course, there will be those from Senan who would come.” Caesar looks surprised over this. At Senan, while walking at the corridor, Adele informs Nakaba about the trade fair. “It will be held in Farlanseques within Belquat. But then, this has nothing to do with you..” Thinking that it will be in Belquat, Nakaba exclaims that she wants to go and can she go. “Isn’t the other goal is for diplomacy? I want to go and increase my knowledge[/experience]. Please, Adele.” Seeing her asking him like that, slightly blushing Adele says that since she say it that way, he cannot help but think about it. Nakaba happily thanks him. Within the Arcana, Nakaba looks around the doors and wonders, “I wonder if I can.. see Caesar.” Just when she is going to pull open the door, she remembers Loki telling her that in knowing the future, there will be hope and disappointment. This made Nakaba let go of the door knob and walk away. Going back towards some of the doors, she opens one door and remembers him telling her that looking at the past makes one feel nostalgic. Nakaba looks at a scene when she is happily talking with Loki. Nakaba thinks, “Loki, he ought to know early on. I will be married off to Belquat, will be attracted to the second prince and will know the feeling of love. Even if this is so, he still couldn’t suppress his feelings--” Blurb: “Next, Caesar and Nakaba will get close to each other.”
Scans by Rei'S工作室.