August 17, 2012

From Five to Nine [Chapters 24-26]

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Episode 23: White Palace – This Beautiful Person Belongs to Me: Part 3 of 3. Cover page: Junko is Back!!! Narration: “This is what’s called in English as ‘Making the first move is an advantage’.” Nina is surprised to see that Momoe and Arthur are hugging each other. Momoe is puzzled when Arthur mutters that she is the one who first who started it[/stir it up].

Arthur hugs her tighter and looks closely at her face which starts to make Momoe feel uneasy. Turning to Nina, Arthur tells her that it is good that she came for he wanted to introduce her to Momoe, his very important girlfriend. Momoe keeps on clinging on to Arthur since she is already getting too dizzy[/uneasy over this] but is trying her best to keep calm.

Nina tells Arthur that he is most likely being deceived for does he know that Momoe is 5 years older than them. “It’s 5 years! It’s simply hard to believe and you also don’t need to be provided for. [= need a sugar mommy] I’m very worried that you are really easily deceived.” Arthur replies that even if it is like that, it doesn’t matter to him for he likes being deceived by women.

“Anyway, I’ve experienced that from you so I’m used to it early on. *Nina pouts and looks flustered* Right now, I’m already being deceived by Ms. Momoe to the point of being confused and disoriented that I couldn’t free myself [from her]. So, you can go now for I don’t need you. Goodbye, Nina. And, I wish you, the one you love and your child happiness. *preparing to leave with Momoe*...

...Since it is like this, if you plan to continue on getting involved with me, you should first get permission from your husband. And, it is also not bad to accompany you in drinking a glass of wine.” As Arthur and Momoe start to walk away, Nina says that it wasn’t easy for her to slip out tonight and yet, he would suddenly be with that auntie. “Isn’t she your colleague!? Is it okay for me to expose you guys!? Compared to me, you would unexpectedly choose that person!? You’re too strange, Arthur! Hey, come back here.”

Outside, Momoe’s knees weaken that she is bending over so Arthur quickly helps her up and asks if she is alright. Momoe apologizes for she just relaxed a bit and this happens. She fears that they might be exposed if Nina would really come out after them. She also fears that if it is spread around what she just said impulsively at that time..

Arthur somewhat smiles at her and thanks her for at last, he is free from worry. “It’s thanks to you. And, let me say you are really amazing. It felt as if you are really my pretty and flirty, mature lover. *holds her close to him* And, I don’t hate that type.”

To Arthur’s surprise, Momoe exclaims if that is so, that’s really great since her performance is quite good and just like what they have agreed on, the favors she owes him are all written off. Arthur sweatdrops and wonders what’s with this reaction, that scene just now, there must be some vague development..

Momoe admits to him that actually, she is already at her limit. She tells him that he has been a great help during that time in pretending to be her boyfriend in front of her mother but relatively, it is already causing quite a lot of uproar among the students. “Since it is like that, it is simply throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, if I kept on being interrogated on, it is not good if it is exposed that I’m a ‘fujoshi’ [BL fangirl/otaku]...

...And speaking of that, my and your age isn’t a match. Even if I’m forced to pretend going steady with you, but actually, it is a bit ah- But- in short, to be able to help you this time with this fake going steady, even if we kept on repeatedly doing it, we mutually shouldn’t create more misunderstanding afterwards, and simply..”

Arthur asks, misunderstood by whom. “More than afraid of being misunderstood by the female students, could it be that there is someone else around whom you don’t want to misunderstand?, some ojisan[/uncle] type of student.” Puzzled Momoe asks whom is he referring to. Arthur tells her that it is that middle-aged guy whom she is talking with at the elevator, the one with that 3/4s hair. [<- I know there is term for this but it is like dividing the hair in front by 70% and the other is 30%] 

Momoe says that it is Nogami-san. Arthur says that she really has taken a fancy on that guy. Momoe tells him that guy is so moe, because he is a retired soldier from the navy [/marine self-defense force]. She says that just by hearing that, she would become crazy about camouflage clothes[/uniform] that she just goes moe over it.

Just when Momoe starts to leave, Arthur says that it is quite regretful because among his friends, there is a same sex couple there. “They even said that they wanted to see you and asked me to let you guys meet. They really expect me to bring you with me.” Momoe stops walking and turns around. With flashing eyes, she asks, “What~~~~? Did you just say?”

Arthur asks if he didn’t tell her before, he is currently co-renting[/roommates] with four other friends and among them, the two of them are lovers. “It’s because of this, they hold parties at my house. There are also a lot of GAY guys coming- It is really regretful for they obviously really want to see my fake girlfriend. I also want to say that there is quite an interest.. and there’s no harm in letting you guys meet.”

In fujoshi mode, sparkling Momoe says, “Please, you must. A little bit more, let me be your fake girlfriend and afterwards, bring me to your house as a guest.” Sweatdropping Arthur says okay, in short, he’ll bring her home first.
At the train, Momoe is smiling to herself as she really anticipates it that she felt like suffocating. Standing beside her, Arthur sighs over why he had to use such a lame method. He wonders if this means that he won’t hesitate in doing it up to this extent and he also doesn’t want to let go. Back in ELA [school], Momoe tells Nogami that there lesson is up to this point so when he get home, he should review the contents of the next lesson. 

Nogami thanks her for the lesson and comments that it seems like she is quite cheerful today. He asks if she had made up with her male friend and it seems to be that very beautiful Arthur. Blushing, Momoe says that actually, it can’t be said that they have made up, but rather, she had helped Arthur and he had approve of her.

Then, she remembers Arthur thanking her. She thinks that it seems like a gentle smile and it is the first time she saw it, he is really like an angel. Nogami says that no matter what is said, it is good that she is cheerful and he envies her for being able to resolve her worries. She asks him if he has some worries. To Momoe’s surprise, Nogami is worried about his junior high daughter who is an otaku.

“She is quite old and yet, she is addicted to anime and manga stuff. Lately, it has becoming more severe that she would go to some activities in Akihabara and Odaiba. As a father, if it is possible, I want her to grow more sporty and healthy. About this.. you’re the only one whom I told this to. I don’t quite like those otaku guys and girls. *Momoe goes into shock* They give me a feeling of enigmatic feeling.” 

Sweatdropping, Momoe nervously says that is right and she can understand that. Smiling Nogami says really, that’s great for he thought that she will tell him that he is overly conservative. He apologizes for making her listen to that and he’ll see her in the next class. Running off, Momoe thinks that this is really bad, she really must not let it be exposed that she is a fujoshi.

“I should once again ask Arthur-sama to definitely not say it!! Ah, that’s not right? Nogami-san is only the ‘object of my moe’, right? Why am I [keeping it a secret] as if my life depended on it?” Then, some jealous female students call out to her and say that they’ve heard from someone in the experience class that she and Arthur went on a DATE in a club. They ask her, WHAT IS THIS ABOUT and she just keep on forgetting, after they have told her so many times that Arthur belongs to everyone.

Angrily thinking that it is Nina who told them, Momoe tells them that it is a coincidence that they met at the club. They laugh at Momoe for being in breeding season at the club[? Maybe trying to hook up with guys]. They threaten to file a complaint against Momoe since she can’t separate her public and private life. Momoe nervously tells them to wait, don’t do that..
Someone interrupts them by telling the women to go ahead if they want to, for in their school, there is no rule against romantic love between staff members. It is Junko. She tells the women that compared to that, what they are doing here. “Are you paying such a huge amount of tuition fee just to chase an idol? *hands on waist* Totally senseless! This is a place to learn English, ok? *waving them off* If you want to ask things from Momoe-sensei, then as students, ask with respect. Please, everyone, go back to your respective classes-”

With sparkles, Momoe thinks that Junko is so cool. Starting to leave, the women say that Junko talks as if she is somebody and she is so vicious that it really makes them infuriated. Bowing to Junko, Momoe thanks her for saving her. Junko says that it is fine and sorry for always being on leave since she gave her some trouble by making her substitute for her class.

She tells Momoe that during these three days on leave, she has been locked up in the house to reflect on her past mistakes or simply, it is house arrest. “My cellphone has been confiscated and I was reproach with unending nagging.” Momoe says, house, so that means, she already went home. “What about the monastery[/temple]?”

Junko says that she doesn’t know and most likely, she isn’t going to go back. Junko tells surprised Momoe that it would be better to say that she felt lucky for finally, she is let go[/free]. Momoe asks if she and Takane broke up. A bit flustered, Junko says no, for fundamentally, she didn’t go steady with that guy.

She thinks that it is obviously like that and yet, she chose that guy [when he came to fetch her after her a one night stand with Satoshi] and at that time, there is definitely something wrong with me. “I’ve obviously used this method to make you know that I’m not your belonging.” [<- She is angry that Takane ruined her dream of working in New York by blocking her nomination-something when she is actually the top choice. And, he said that in her face, after having sex with her to comfort her for not getting it. ^^;

...It is because he doesn’t want her to leave him since Masako squealed to Takane that Junko planned to runaway from their marriage. She actually lied about wanting to get married to him because he had resorted to locking her up if she plans to leave the monastery where she is currently living.]

Flashback: Just when Junko took Takane’s hand, Satoshi told him that Junko is just about to go eat out with him and afterwards, he is going to bring her home. “There’s no need to trouble yourself to come and fetch her.” Flustered Junko tried to mutter something to Satoshi but Takane told Satoshi that there’s no need to trouble him [Satoshi] because where she is going home isn’t her house, but rather, at his house, the monastery. “We are currently living together.” 

Nene apologized to her sister while Yuki looked irritated. Masako is surprised about this that Renji asked if he didn’t tell her. [<- everyone is there because accompanied by Renji whom she slept over with last night, and Yuki, who was brought along with, Masako wanted to know if Junko is with Satoshi last night. Yuki tipped off Nene to inform Takane where Junko is.] 

Junko thought if that is something that should be said when technically, she is just ‘lodging under another person’s roof’. [<- it seems that Junko just wants to live out of their house because her siblings are already occupying her room. For this, she wants to borrow money from her grandmother who doesn’t want to lend her money because she hasn’t paid off her college tuition fee debts.

As a condition, she is going to let Junko off with those debts by making her stay at the monastery and at the same time, arranged a miai/arranged marriage with Takane, against her will. She did decline it and his grandmother doesn’t approve of Junko. But Takane is smitten by her, and he had been chasing after her ever since..and of course, being possessive.]
Takane told everyone that he is going to bring her back and they’ll take their leave. Surprised Satoshi muttered, ‘ together’. Turning back to Satoshi, Junko apologized to him and said that in the end, about going to New York.. [<- Satoshi told her that he will have a job transfer to New York in half a year and he invited her to go with him but she doesn’t want to quit her job at ELA ^^; and probably because of someone else ¬_¬]

Takane pulled Junko to him and muttered that it is really great that she is alright. He told her that he was worried all night like what if she got into an accident and had no way of coming back. While Takane pulled her away, Junko thought that he shouldn’t say those words to her when obviously, he is usually acting quite arrogantly. “Don’t show such a weak expression.” 

Yuki exclaimed why that monk is acting quite calm when he thought that he’ll be so angry that they’ll break up. Renji wondered if they won’t break up in this kind of situation. “No matter how one looked at it, it is Junko-san herself who went with the monk.” Masako looked a bit tense over flustered Satoshi. 

While walking, Junko thought that she obviously wanted to convey her way of thinking that is why she did this and when it was found out, she couldn’t let go of his hand. “And in the end, I only hurt, Mishima-.. As punishment, I have already lost my most important friend.” Takane asks Junko if she didn’t tell Satoshi that she is living with him in the monastery. 

Junko asks if it is necessary when anyway, it isn’t like from today onwards, she will always live in that place. Takane said that even so, a country has rules and a house has house rules. He told her that she didn’t call about not coming to pass the night there and the people at the monastery are really worried about her.

Approaching his Porche, he also told her that they weren’t able to chant and conduct other religious practices so don’t cause trouble to everyone without reason. He said that he also wasn’t able to do his religious practices because he was worried about her the whole night. Junko told him that she already told him that she is angry that is why she didn’t go back. “I have my own problems and I think that I have no way of staying at the monastery again.”

Holding her hand up, Takane said that no matter what, please answer him. “Did something happen between you and Mishima-san.” Flustered Junko tensely looked at Takane. She wondered why he had such a pained expression. “Did he really like me? Then, why would he do such a thing? It’s your fault that you forced me to do an even meaner thing. Doing a meaner thing that cannot be taken[/redeemed] back. A lot of things had happened and finally, let me recognize my own intention [/feelings]. Junko told Takane, “..I have no way.. of saying that kind of lie.”
Episode 25: She Loves Me Not Part 1 of 2. Cover page: “Wanting to become frank[/blunt], how come it has become some sort of difficult thing.. Volume 5 will be out on August 24th” With eyes closed, Junko thought that she had said it. “I finally said it!!! He’ll be angry, right. He definitely will be angry. He only has to be angry and I can refute back!! ‘Didn’t you also do such a mean thing to me?’ If he is hurt, then both of us are mutually--..” 

Junko opened her eyes to see Takane getting in the car. After a pause, she asked if he isn’t angry. Takane told her to get in the car first and he’ll drive her home first. “—or, are you saying that you want me to be angry?” Junko said no, and anyway, it isn’t something that she ought to be apologizing for.

In the car, Junko is thinking, “No no no!!! If you don’t get angry, then I have no way of refuting you. I have slept with another man and you obviously look really hurt just now. You only have to be angry and I can properly explain [/resolve] it to you. Don’t you know that I have a reason? *remembers dream Takana telling her that he can’t bear her being filthy and she doesn’t know sense of honor* In the end, it’s like that dream, is it foreboding the ending [to this? In her dream, Takane broke up with her] *looks at Takane* Why? Why aren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t you even looking at me?”

At her house, making Junko bow, Junko’s grandmother apologized to Takane since their foolish granddaughter had made them worry, and she is totally at a loss on what to say for Junko is already in a miai and yet, she would stay outside [for the night] without reason. “I’m going to definitely properly reprimand her and tomorrow, I’ll once again send her back.”

Holding his hand up, Takane said that there’s no need, for it has been a long time since they [Junko and family] have seen each other and at this time, he thinks that it is better that Junko temporarily live at her own house. He told them that he has a lot of ceremonies to conduct starting tomorrow and it must be tiring for Junko who isn’t used to it yet. Junko’s grandmother says that if that is so, then it is more of a must for Junko as his future bride to go over and help him.
Looking away, Takane says that there is no need for they have enough people for that. “It isn’t necessary.” Glum Junko thought that it means ‘you don’t need to go back to the monastery’. While Takane is saying that he’ll contact her sometime, Junko thought that it wasn’t her imagination, from the start, Takane basically don’t plan on looking at her. End flashback. 

Junko scoffs off Takane’s reaction as if he is some minami machi-bugyo [samurai officials during the Tokugawa era or specially, Edo's south magistrate so I think she meant Takane being stoic even if she’s ‘caught’ doing something bad]. Momoe asks what happens afterwards, was there any contact. Junko says none and it really must have made him hate someone like her who slept with some other guy.

 Momoe nervously asks her if that is really okay. Stretching her arms, Junko says that it isn’t about it being okay or not, and it feels like this world has become peaceful and quiet. “After this- I don’t have to be involved with a guy who stinks of sweat all over and it can end-” Momoe tells her that she isn’t referring to that but rather, Takane and Satoshi ought to be coming for today’s class. 

Junko freezes and says is that so. Standing up, Junko says that she plans to properly talk with Satoshi and Takane won’t be coming because he ought to be angry. Masako arrives and tells her that Takane didn’t call to cancel his class. She also tells her to come with her at the information desk to talk about some stuff when her leave of absence. Junko says of course.

Following Masako out, Junko remembers that Masako was also in front of Satoshi’s apartment then. Masako says that a while ago, she said about talking properly with Satoshi if he comes. “What are you going to tell him? You’ve obviously hurt him very deeply. Didn’t you choose Hoshikawa-san in front of everyone? I beg of you, don’t go near Mishima-san again.” Junko scowls and frowns over this.

Flashback: Back a few days ago, after Takane brought Junko home, Narita [guesswork from 成田; a servant in the monastery] welcomed Takane home and asked if Junko is still.. Takane told him that he already found her. He apologized for making everyone worry and in short, he temporarily made her go back to her own house. Narita said is that so.
Then, he looked surprised over Takane’s expression so he decided not to look directly at Takane. Narita informed Takane that Sorane-san* has unexpectedly come back. [*guesswork name from 天音. It is a choice between Sorane, Ayane and Tenne..all are girls’ names and this is a guy. ^^;] A guy in a baseball cap smiled at Takane and exclaimed that he is back, and it has been a long time. “I have heard that you went to fetch that person whom they are saying is staying at this place. About that thing, [older] brother, you don’t have to personally set out and- Ah. *surprised*!? What’s up with you?”

It turned out that Takane is crying. Takane just said that Sorane came, and wasn’t he scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Sorane exclaimed forget about that, but is he really crying. “What happened? Are you alright?” Takane is surprised that he asked if he was crying. Touching his face, he muttered that it is tears. 

Sorane commented that he didn’t notice. Wiping his tears, Takane apologized for making him see such a sorry sight when they obviously haven’t seen each other for such a long time. “ because of the degree of that incident.. *remembers Junko saying that she has no way of lying* I’ve unexpectedly choose to run away from there.” 

Takane’s tears kept on falling non-stop that he suddenly bent down. Sorane worriedly asked if he is alright. Sorane and Narita nervously glance at each other. Narita excused himself by saying that he’ll prepare some tea for them. After sighing, Sorane asked what’s going on for this is the first time he saw his brother crying. “Is it because of that woman?” 

Takane denied it. With hand under his chin, Sorane said so that is it, Takene really liked woman. “And afterwards, what did she do, brother? Stay out all night -> love affair-type, right?” This surprised Takane. He looked away and said that Sorane is also a monk so don’t use such vulgar words. Sorane realized that he had hit the bull’s eye. 

Sorane told his brother that kind of sacrilegious woman, better still, give her to that guy whom she had an affair with. Takane exclaimed for Sorane to be cautious with his words. Thinking that a doll type is super boring, Sorane says that a more delicate [and pretty] perfect type of ojousama suits his brother more. 

Takane told him that he couldn’t break up with her and if he could, he would have done so earlier on. Sorane suggested that Takane try extracting revenge. “It will be okay if you return a tooth for a tooth over what she did to you. Want me to help you?” Takane tensely looked at Sorane and replied, “Doing such an idiotic thing.. as a monk, you ought to feel ashamed, Sorane.” Sorane looked surprised. End flashback.
Clenching his fist, Takane approaches ELA and thinks that as a monk, he ought to feel ashamed for having such jealous feelings. Holding up his head, he goes in the building and thinks that it is only a flesh relationship between those two and her heart ought to be still with him. As he goes up the stairs to the elevator, he is surprised to see Satoshi, who is equally surprised to see him. 

Takane bows to Satoshi and apologize for the offense the other day. Satoshi bows back and says that it should be him who ought to say that. [<- they are just being polite]. While Takane looks aghast and thinks of this as some sort of [religious] training, Satoshi looks at him in disbelief and wonders how could Takane act so normal to even initiate a conversation with him and maybe for Takane, that incident fundamentally isn’t worth mentioning.

The elevator arrives and Takane tells Satoshi to go in first. Satoshi apologizes and goes in first. Then, he notices something. Takane asks if they are on the same floor. Looking uneasy, flustered Satoshi mutters if it is because they are living in the same place that they have the same fragrance. Takane asks why, and what’s wrong. 

Satoshi bluntly tells Takane that Junko has no way of giving her hand in marriage to a temple[/monastery] for she herself obviously didn’t want to. “Is it really okay for you to force her [to marry] this much?” Takane replies that whether it is forced or not, it doesn’t matter at all. “It is because she belongs to me.” 

Satoshi asks him on what proof is he relying on that decision which he made on his own.. Takane seriously says, “And I also belong to her.” This has taken Satoshi by surprise that he wonders what up with this guy, he can’t take it for Takane to even say such things without being ashamed[/bashful].

Just when the elevator’s door is opening, Satoshi says, “But that woman said that she doesn’t want to get married to you so she had run away to me, right? Afterwards, I had accepted her everything whether it is her heart or her body. Compared to you, I had known her for a much longer time and compare to any other guys, I know more about her. If you really like her, *starts to walk out of the elevator* please quickly let go, goodbye!”

Leaving Takane inside the elevator, Satoshi looks bothered. “It is because I got affected by him that I had unexpectedly said such things to a stranger~~~ How humiliating..” Inside, Takane is thinking, “body..AND? How is it possible for it to be only, ‘THAT’S ALL’. ..jealousy.. it really makes a person to quickly go insane.”
Episode 26: She Loves Me Not Part 2 of 2. Cover page: “A woman’s heart is forever ‘fishing for needles at the bottom of the sea’[/finding a needle in a haystack].” At the locker room, Junko says that she wants to talk properly with Satoshi face to face to formally apologize to him. Masako tells her that she thinks that it isn’t necessary. This made Junko scowl and gets somewhat irritated.

She thinks that they are all adults though actually, given her position, she has no right to tell Satoshi what to do. With folded arms, Junko says that it is between her and Satoshi and it has nothing to do with Masako. “And by the way, compared to you, the time I’ve known him is much longer than you.” Masako retorts back, “But compared to you, I like him more. I like, Mishima-san. *crying* Please.. please don’t snatch him away from me..”

Surprised Junko tells her to wait..stop, first, don’t cry for she also didn’t mean that she is going to snatch him away from her. Still sobbing, Masako asks her to please don’t go near him again. Then, Junko asks her if she is going steady with Satoshi. Momoe is standing outside the locker room [and I think she was suppose to go in but decided not to because two are inside].

She thinks that the battle’s progress is intense. Arthur, with his student Satoshi, asks Momoe what she is doing, standing in front of the door. Waving him away, Momoe says that it is nothing. She tells him to quickly go to his classroom for classes are going to start soon. Then, she greets Satoshi who greets her back. Arthur is irritated by her response. While walking away with Satoshi, Arthur thinks that Momoe is acting suspiciously.
Momoe feels tired for it seems like she is eavesdropping. She also feels that the pressure is great and it would be okay to just cover her ears. Back inside, Masako sobs that on that day when Junko just cast Satoshi aside and left together with Takane, it gave Satoshi a great shock that he is already ‘covered all over with cuts and bruises’. “I have no way of just leaving him without a care because I have always like him. please, don’t go near Satoshi again. Huhuhu~~~”

Holding her handkerchief to Masako, Junko says, “Okay! I won’t go talk with him. I beg of you not to cry anymore!” Holding Junko’s handkerchief, Masako asks if that is true. Junko tells her that she only wants to apologize to Satoshi and.. Masako tells her that since Junko is letting go of Satoshi, please properly grab on to Takane.

This made Junko frown and look flustered. While Masako wiped her face, Junko says that she must go to her class. Masako thanks Junko and says that she knows that no matter what Junko will stand by her side. “Please, teacher, absolutely do not meet with Mishima-san, all alone by ourselves, again.” Junko scowls and looks tense.

When Junko opens the door, she is surprised to see Momoe there. Covering her ears, Momoe tells Junko that it is not good for he came. Momoe whispers to Junko that Satoshi came and right now, he is in the solo classroom. Junko apologizes to Momoe for the trouble and thanks her. “I’ll tell you again the details of the situation later on. For now, I must go to my class.”
Going in the locker room, Momoe thinks that one needs a super high skill to comfort a crying person. She is surprised to see Masako fixes her mascara on the mirror of her locker. Momoe says that just now, she has always been crying. Masako says, “I’m not-- *smiles* Maybe you heard wrong, Teacher Momoe.”

While walking, Junko thinks that she always didn’t know that it turns out that Zexy [Masako’s nickname] had always sincerely likes Satoshi and they are already going steady. “Is Mishima-san also serious? No, no, I don’t have the right to tell him what to do.. *remembers Masako telling her to properly grab on to Takane* Even if you tell that to me, perhaps, he already also won’t be coming here again. the end, he hasn’t come until now.”

And, Takane is approaching her with hands clenched tightly. She looks sad and then she turns to the side to see him. She looks surprised. She looks away and becomes happy. She puts her hand on her mouth and blushes. Takane apologizes for being late for while riding on the elevator, he made a mistake of not getting off on time that it headed back down again. 

Junko says that she thought that he won’t be coming back again to study in class. She thinks that this is not all about wanting to convey her thoughts to this person but rather, she only wants him to know how much hurt she was and make him have a lot of apprehensions over her feelings. Junko says that she thought that he doesn’t want to see her again. After a pause, Takane asks why. 

Junko says, “..that day, you were so angry (Only this little bit..) and you also didn’t bring me back to the monastery (if you only know this little bit) I thought that for things to end up to this point, you also would say something like you don’t want to get married with me.. *looks straight at Takane* (Granted that you want me, I also promise not to make love with other guys again. I’ll agree with this kind of promise).”
Closing his eyes, Takane pauses and says that the wedding will push through. This made Junko smile. She turns around and says that they should first go to the classroom for it isn’t suitable for them to talk about these things here. Takane continues to say, “But only, the one who’ll get married to you won’t be me. *Junko turns around and goes ha?*...

...Like what your grandmother basically wanted, ‘matchmaking’ you into marriage [by fate/fortunetelling?] with some monastery’s abbot[/head monk]. [<-I’m not too confident that I got this part right]...

Since you don’t want to marry me, and you feel that some other guy is better, doesn’t your intention simply suit more with this kind of arrangement? It is okay for you to go ahead and marry some other guy.” Blurb: “Hoshikawa said some unexpected words! Could it be that the other person mentioned is..?”

Scans by 深雪汉化组