July 28, 2012

Kyou no Kira [Chapter 11]

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Page 11: You are My Light. Cover page: “When I’m with you, I can☆ in high spirits, go to an unknown world adventure♪” Flashback: Nino grabs Kira and says, “How come the person I like is Yabe. When obviously, the person I like is right in front of my eyes.” End flashback. Narration: “‘Confession’, in the end, what have I done.” The next day, Nino’s mother apologizes to Kira because Nino said that he can go ahead first, to school. Kira looks surprised. Cosplaying as a secretary, Nino’s mother says that Nino told her that she isn’t feeling well and it seems that she has a bad stomach. Kira didn’t answer. He just looks up to Nino’s window and says, “Is that so.” Nino is in bed with her quilt pulled up. Sensei flies on top of her and tells her to quickly go to school. “It’s no good to pretend that you’re sick.” Nino pulls the blanket up to her face. Nino says, “~~but, what kind of expression should I use to face him.. That thing about liking him has already been exposed, right..?” Sensei says that he understands her feelings for he also heard it yesterday from the room. “I really feel impatient towards that slow-witted Natural Perm. That was a confession. Even if I had properly concluded it yesterday, *Flashback: Sensei went out to the balcony to shout what is Nino doing* But for the rest, it still depends on you. So, I’m saying, you should properly go to school and face it! Okay, get up!” Nino pulls down the quilt from her face then suddenly sits up, [and it seems] it made Sensei slam down on the bed. ^^; She tells him that he’s quite strict today and it would be fine if that didn’t happen. She asks that didn’t he like that specially big offering for his belly. Sensei says that he likes it. Narration: “I don’t know if we can still go back to how it was before.”

In school, Nino peeks in class 1-5. She thinks that it seems that Kira isn’t there yet so right now, she ought to be able to easily go inside the class. Nino is surprised when Kira calls her from behind. Nino couldn’t believe that he was behind her. Kira greets her a good morning. “You came. Are you feeling well?” Aghast Nino says yes, her stomach is already fffi-ne. Kira says is that so, then that’s good. After a pause between the two, Kira asks her about yesterday.. “How should I say this.. *Nino turns away from him* About that, you’re talking about me, right?” Nino says, “AH, about that, I’m sorry.. right now, can you please let me be alone.” Kira looks surprised by that. Kira can only quietly watch Nino as she quickly goes in the classroom. Narration: “In the end, it is still no good. Making him, be in a complete loss on what to do, and this worried, seeing this kind of Kira-kun, I don’t want to hurt him.” While perking on her shoulder, Sensei didn’t say anything. That night, Mio calls Kira and says, “-Is that so. The date was cancelled. Then, how about coming to my house?” Kira says that even if he wants to go to her house, but he still kind of hesitate about it. Mio asks why. “Come, I’m very lonely.” Kira looks surprised by this. After a pause, Kira says yes. “I’m sorry, in the end, I will still go. Ya. Ya, then, goodbye.” Kira closes his flip cellphone. Then, he wonders about what Nino asked him, if it is the so-called like[/love] that he taught her. Flashback: It is spring. Kira is with Yabe and a friend by the classroom’s balcony. Looking down below, Yabe said to look, it is that legendary clinic teacher. Kira laughed and asked if it is the ‘good woman’. Yabe said to look there, for something interesting is happening. A couple of girls showed Mio a sparrow that they’ve picked up after it has fallen down at the courtyard. “Teacher, what should we do, it isn’t moving.” Mio told them not to ask her about this. “If it is time for it to die, then it will die. If you don’t have the heart to watch it, then don’t pick it up.”
Kira is surprised by that. Yabe commented if that is for real, and she is really quite cold-hearted like what the rumors say. “The way she talk is really penetrating [/sharp], and it is kinda cruel.” Looking serious, Kira told Yabe that he is going to bait her. “I really hate that kind of person. *Yabe is surprised* I’m going to get some stuff about her and make her cry.” Later on, Kira is wearing glasses when he called out to Mio. At the back of the school building, Mio asked what he wanted to talk about. Kira asked her if she wanted to try going steady with him. Cornering her to the wall, Kira said, “No, but doing those things, I have the confidence in satisfying you.” From surprised to serious, Mio replied, “Aren’t you Kira Yuiji? I already know about your sickness from the director. *holding tense Kira’s face* Everyday, you’re fighting all alone by yourself. Occasionally, you should let yourself rest for a while. *Kira looks surprised* I can also understand your feelings a bit.” Then, Mio left surprised Kira. Then, Kira looked at the side. End flashback. Still lying in bed, Kira covers his face with his arm. And, Nino looks out the window towards Kira’s room. The scene changes to school again, Nino is sewing. From resting his head on the table, Kira sits up and tensely looks up to Nino. Yabe is wondering how come Bird Girl isn’t moving together with Kira for 5 days. “What could have happened?” His friend asks him what the matter is. Flustered Yabe stands up and shouts that he is quite lively and there’s no need for him to worry. His friend asks what’s wrong with him. At the park, Sensei tensely looks at Nino who is sitting on a bench. Gloomy Nino thinks, “I can’t just blindly run away. Even if I really want to, but the footsteps towards the way home had become quite heavy.. During this time, it is more painful to stay in the house which is just beside his, than staying in school. As time goes by, this feeling of wanting to go back to how it used to be is..”
Then, she notices a dandelion growing beside her feet. She thinks that it is obviously November and yet, it is in full bloom. Taking out her cellphone, she happily decides to take its picture for Kira would definitely want to see it. Then, she is surprised when a couple of girls ask what she is doing. Nino thinks that it is Ikigoma and Hyakuta [guesswork name from 生駒 and 百田] during the school festival. Standing up, Nino says that it is because she saw a flower that is in full bloom during out of season so Kira might possibly want to see it. The two girls exclaim in surprise over Kira wanting to see flowers. “Does he have this kind of interest? *smiles* Is that so.. *Nino sweatdrops and wonders if she shouldn’t have said it.* Perhaps, it can be said that it suits unexpectedly♡ A cute contrast.” Surprised Nino happily says that is how it is, for Kira is actually a pure person. They look at her in surprise then they smile at her. The long haired girl [I don’t know who is who with the names so description for now] takes Nino’s hand and says that Nino and her impression of Nino before is totally different for she’s really cute. “Come, let’s shake. *Nino surprised* Honestly speaking, fundamentally, I couldn’t understand what you were thinking before. Sorry for misunderstanding you. Actually, you and we are the same, just ordinary girls.” Short haired girl says, “But, it’s great. Lately, you weren’t with Kira-kun, that we misunderstood you guys. We wondered whether you are quarreling or not.” Nino looks down and says, ah.. The girls are surprised and ask if they are wrong. Nino says about that..because a lot of things happened, she doesn’t know what is the best thing to do. Pointing to Nino’s cellphone, one of the girls says just now, she is taking a picture, and yet, she is asking what to do. “But, weren’t you thinking of making him happy?” Nino looks at the picture on her cellphone and realizes something. Nino tells the girls is that so. She grinds her teeth and thinks, “It’s that.” Taking her bag, Nino tells them that she has something urgent to do so she’ll go home first. The girls say, okay, goodbye. After walking a few steps away, Nino turns around to the two girls and says, “About that.. later on, can I still go and talk with you two?” Waving and flashing a v-sign, the girls say, “Of course. You’re more than welcome.” Nino happily walks away.
Narration: “Even if I’m always jittery, and I can only think of my own affairs, but no matter when, there is only one most important thing.” That night, Nino is busy writing something. And, by his bed, Kira is busy thinking while holding that photo sticker of him, together with Nino and Sensei. And, the scene is back to the school again. It is already school dismissal. Kira is walking downstairs while reading his cellphone. It is a message from Mio. “Happy birthday. I’m waiting for you at the station.” Then, someone calls out to him. He looks up to see that it is Nino, carrying a small paper bag. Nino bows to him in apology for acting strange for some time. “And also, I wish you a happy birthday. If it is okay, from today on, I still want to be with you.” Kira is surprised. He says, “—ah yes, me, too. *Nino asks if that is true* But, sorry, I have a date today.” Holding the bag to him, Nino happily says, “Before you go, please take this! This is my birthday gift to you. *Kira takes the bag and looks surprised* At first, I wanted to give you a letter, but it will be boring that way, so I tried doing something a bit showy!” Sweatdropping, Kira asks if this is for real, since he didn’t prepare anything. Nino replies, “It doesn’t matter. Compared to this, Kira-kun, regarding what I have told you before, I hope that you won’t mind it. *smiles* Because the most important thing is the significance of being friends.” Kira looks surprised at her. Soon, in Mio’s apartment, Kira and Mio are eating some chocolate cake and drinking a some wine. Mio is telling Kira about an uproar in the clinic today but she notices that Kira looks distracted. She asks him what he is looking at. Snapping out of it, Kira says that it is nothing. Mio asks him if that paper bag is Nino’s birthday gift for him. Kira says yes, and he was thinking of it a bit. Mio looks serious. She tells Kira that she is also going to give him a birthday gift. Kira happily asks if that is true. “What are you going to give me?” Holding Kira’s hand, Mio says, “It is okay for you to stay here tonight.”
Kira looks at her in surprise. A bit puzzled, Kira asks if she is joking. Mio says that she is serious. “You want to be with me always, right?” Removing his hand from hers, Kira tensely says, “--.. But, today is..” Still looking serious, Mio asks him, “In the end, Kira-kun, what do you like about me?” After looking surprised, Kira says that it is really embarrassing and for her to ask him that. “I think that even if it is in the dark, I won’t feel afraid just by, being with you.” Mio smiles. Pouring herself a drink, Mio says, “-yes, that’s right. There are times when I think of that. But you didn’t think I’m good to be with [/easy to be around with], right? *Kira looks surprised* Why is it necessary for me to be with you in darkness?” Kira looks surprised by this and he couldn’t answer. To his surprise, Mio suddenly stands up and lets out a loud sigh. He is more surprised when Mio takes the glass of wine and drinks it straight before slamming the glass on the table. Wiping the excess from her mouth, Mio looks away and mutters, “Ha- this really infuriates me. Just destroy this world, and get it over with..” Kira goes huh. Pointing to the paper bag, Mio says, “Open that gift and take a look in it, okay? *Kira looks at it and says, ‘eh’* What are you ‘eh’-ing for, just go ahead and take a look.” Kira takes the paper bag and removes the ribbon. Kira looks in and is puzzled for it is a book with a drawing of a rabbit. On the cover, it is written, ‘The rabbit’s feelings [by] Okamura Nino’. Kira is puzzled about the book. “Why is it a book? Why is it a rabbit again? *Mio didn’t say anything* Haha *opens the book* Really amazing, it’s handmade..” Then, Kira’s eyes widen. Story: At some place, there is a rabbit that has already gotten used to being lonely. (There is a drawing of a lonely rabbit) And, because this rabbit had a history of being bullied by others before, she had become not good in communication and gradually become timid. (Rabbit is being bullied by kids holding sticks and rocks) But one day, she met a boy. (Rabbit notices a boy behind her.) Because that boy has a much deeper loneliness than Rabbit has, so she had decided to be together with him. (A boy is crying)
From a glance, it is possible to think of it as [a relationship of] sympathy. (Rabbit holds out her hand to the boy) But, actually, that’s wrong. (Rabbit is holding hands with the boy) Thanks to this child, Rabbit, she had started to become aware of the existence of ‘being touched [/moved]’. *Kira felt like crying* In her heart, a light shines. This is some kind of a happy thing. The rabbit, who thought that, has become a human girl. (Rabbit becomes a long haired girl) If one is going to ask why, she had wished that she can make the boy feel the same feelings and untiringly strive hard. Kira-kun, you are my light. (The boy is smiling) In order for you to keep on smiling until the end of the end, thinking that it is great to live, I want to stay at your side. No matter what happens, you can just call me. I will immediately rush [to you]. The end. End story. At her balcony, Nino is looking out. Sensei tells Nino that the party is starting. “Nino, have you decided to hide your feelings?” Nino replies, “But within my birthday gift, it is filled up with my true feelings.” She smiles and become teary-eyed. Narration: “November 12th. Today is my birthday. Kira-kun, Kira-kun, that’s all of my feelings, as the me, who has grown [to become] 16 years old.” Meanwhile, sitting down, Mio watches Kira trembling while holding the book. Mio says, “-hey, Kira-kun, during the first time we talked, you really felt it, right. Although, there is the time when I saw you crying in the clinic, at that time, I also felt it. Finally found a ‘comrade’. *Kira is crying* Seeing you like this, [you] should have already noticed that it isn’t love between us.” While bowing his head, crying Kira says yes, yes-..! Mio says, “Geez, you are a fool. No, I should say that you’re pure. Forget it, you’re really cute when you cry.” Wiping his tears, Kira says, “Ya.. Mio-san, I’m sorry..!” Mio smiles and says, “It is alright, I obviously know the truth but I’ve used loneliness as an excuse. The deceiving former me is also a fool. *stretches arms* Ah- so tired. Then, it’s resolved at one breath. Afterwards, what are you going to do?” Kira looks serious and says, “I like Nino. I’m going to see her.” The last scene is Nino with Sensei, still at the balcony. Blurb: “Because of Nino’s ultimate confession, it has truly awakened Kira’s romantic heart. The two’s romantic love, will finally come true?!”
Scans by 離境漢化組