July 19, 2012

Yoshiwara Hana Oboro [Chapter 9]

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Title: Open-minded/Optimistic view [Note: As usual, it is a proverb and I found the translation, strangely enough, from a Korean blog ^^; It is ‘虛心坦懷’ and according to Ginny of Korean language blog from google’s cache since the blog doesn’t seem to exit anymore, it means ‘who is so open-minded that they air out anything (even stuff that should be kept to yourself) without bias. You might think that this proverb has a negative ring to it, but that’s not necessarily true. This proverb could refer to a person who is really honest. On the other hand it could have a negative connotation when it refers to a person who keeps talking without reserve.’] Rennosuke is surprised to see Hana teary-eyed. He mutters, “You..” Covering her face with her hand, Hana tells him that if he wants to do this and it can make him feel better then just go ahead and do it, but does he feel that this is okay. Looking straight at him, Hana says, “I am not Takitsuki-san.” To her surprise, Rennosuke looks serious and stands up from her. He apologizes and says that it seems that he has drunk too much. Then, he quietly leaves the room. Hana sits up and wonders what that is. As her tears start to drop, Hana thinks that it is such a painful thing knowing that guy doesn’t think of her [romantically], and it felt quite miserable because this thing happened after she had realized these feelings. Wiping her tears, Hana thinks that she unexpectedly came to really like him. Then, she notices that her flower pendant is falling out of her skirt. She wonders what’s up with her for fundamentally, she and Rennosuke are living in two different eras, and it is useless even if she has fallen in love with him because she is going back to her original world.

Near what seems to be a shrine, Hana sits by the stairs. Holding the pendant, she wonders out loud how come nothing is happening when she thought that she can go back after finding it. She sighs and wonders what to do. She thinks that it is a good thing that she was made to go on an errand to get something from the teahouse owner but it will be very bad if she doesn’t go back again. “But.. I don’t want to go back, and I don’t have the confidence in keeping calm while in front of Rennosuke.” Walking in the streets, Hana is in deep thought over the pendant that she didn’t hear someone shouting from behind to the people in the streets to move because they are passing by. Hana blames it all on the pendant and wonders how can she make it work. She thinks that just by getting it back, a lot of things had happen. Then, she blushes upon remembering Rennosuke kissing her and telling her to shut up [about Takitsuki and Kiyomasa] before. Shaking her head, she thinks that no, just by looking at this thing, she already involuntarily thinks of that thing yesterday and her mind is in a mess. “Obviously, right now, I should find a way back to my original word..” Then, someone behind her shouts for her to move away. “Can’t you hear, that girlie who is wearing that weird outfit!!” Hana turns in surprise and sees a man-pulled cart heading straight at her. The man shouts that it is dangerous and they’ll hit her. Hana is shock then she notices a light coming out from her pendant. Suddenly, someone rushes towards her. Then, Hana wakes up to hear some people asking if she is alright. She is surprised when Katsuki asks what she is doing..does she planning on getting killed. After the man with the cart scolded at Hana to be careful and left, Hana asks why he is there. Katsuki says that she would even ask, when she is always in a daze[/lost in thought]. Taking her hand to help her up, Katsuki tells her that it is a great thing that he was able to catch up to her. Hana says yes, and she apologizes.

While standing up, she looks at her pendant and thinks that it definitely lit up just now. “Could it be that if I was hit like that, I would have been able to go back to my original world..!?” Then, Katsuki winces in pain. Hana asks him about it but he tells her that it is nothing. Looking at his hand, Hana exclaims how it can be nothing when his hand is quite reddish. She thinks that it is all her fault. Katsuki insists that he is fine. Giving her pendant back to her, he tells her to take it and don’t lose it. Taking the pendant, Hana thanks him. Hana continues to think that if she wasn’t mistaken, the pendant emitted light when she is about to get into danger. She thinks that just like before, there was a light emitted when she was almost hit by a car then, she arrived at Yoshiwara. “If it is really like that.. I only have to try it one more time, that kind of incident just now..” She snaps out of it when Katsuki is calling out to her. He asks what’s going on with her since she is acting strange from the start. He tells her not to faint just like before, when she wasn’t feeling well. Hana exclaims that it isn’t like that. Katsuki says that she really makes people worry about her. He tells her to grab tight on him so that he can carry her back to the store. “You should go back first and rest.” Aghast, Hana declines his offer and says that isn’t he busy. She asks where he is going to bring that package that he is carrying. Katsuki says that she is right but there’s no need to hurry. Hana doesn’t want to see Rennosuke so she grabs her package along with Katsuki’s. She insists that she is fine and she caused him to injure his hand. “I’ll bring this. Where are you going to deliver this!?” Katsuki exclaims no, it isn’t a place where he can go with her. Hana thinks that she pretty much knows the condition on how to get back so later on, she’ll try it again when there is an opportunity, also right now, she just doesn’t want to go back to the store. Hana exclaims, “Please!!” Katsuki asks her what had happened. Hana nervously laughs it off and says that the weather is nice today so she wants to go outside and walk. “Let’s go.” Katsuki doesn’t look convinced by that.

At a street where there a lot of old and tattered houses, Katsuki tells him that this place is near the riverside [<- actually a moat] stores [usually where low-class brothels are located.] “Because it is dangerous, stay close to me.” Hana says that she knows already but then, does he have some business there. Katsuki tells her that he and his sister were born at this tenement[/compound where there are a lot of families living in it.] “When we were young, there is a granny who would always take care of us. So, if there is time, [I] would go over here and see her.” Hana says is that so. She thinks that even if it is in the same place as Yoshiwara, but there are [main] street’ stores here, that are pretty much not the same. She notices that it seems that there is a great difference among these and those stores. Then, an old lady calls out if it isn’t Katsuki. Katsuki calls out to her and asks if she is feeling okay lately. Granny asks whom did he brought along with him, and he also has come to that age. Katsuki tells her that it isn’t like that, he and this girl are just working at the same store. Hana greets her. Granny continues to tease Katsuki that this is no good, for he had brought this girl to this kind of dangerous place. “If you are going out on a date, you should find some other place. Hohoho.” Katsuki insists that it isn’t like that. Giving her the package, he says okay and he has to quickly go back. Gesturing to the package, Katsuki says that these are some nourishing[/healthy] stuff from his sister. Granny sighs and says that really..she’ve already said that there’s no need, that child really loves to worry. “There’s no need to come here to bring this thing to this old woman. It is fine for Akesato to only take care of herself well. Really- Doing this kind of thing, what are you going to do if you went ahead of this old woman.” Katsuki laughs and says that they won’t.

Granny says that the siblings are quite capable children in comparison to Murasaki who came here yesterday. Hana is surprised that Murasaki is there. Katsuki says that he knows that she has been transferred to the riverside store and it turns out to be there. Granny says that is right, she is at the next door’s second room. Hana and Katsuki peek inside. A woman tells Murasaki not to drink anymore because it is bad for the body. Brushing her off, Murasaki shouts that she’s noisy. Granny says that judging from that, Murasaki is already no good. “Before, that child is obviously such a neatly beautiful nice prostitute. From when did it start that she had become quite strange? At the start, Murasaki isn’t that kind of girl. She is a red card young lady whom everyone is envious of. “And, there are customers who would promise that they’ll wait for her until her business contract[/debt] has expired. But, those customers are just saying those with their lips, about helping you in redeeming your body among other things but in reality, there is no one who would do that. And that man is no exception... Even if one is a prostitute, the heart is still of an ordinary girl. So, how can one just clench one’s teeth and act strong? One would also feel suffering and pain when one is betrayed. If she cannot recover from this course of events and become what she is currently is.. It pretty much felt like it is quite difficult to manage[/endure].” The woman calls out to Murasaki again. Murasaki shouts for her not to mind her because after all, it doesn’t matter, because no matter what, she’s going to die there. Hana looks a bit worried at Murasaki that Granny tells her that they should go for they also cannot help Murasaki. “Just let her be.” Granny tells Katsuki that perhaps, she is being meddlesome but he should keep a close watch on Akesato for it will be quite problematic among prostitutes to be entangled like falling in love with customers-type of things. Katsuki says yes, he knows. Hana realizes why he is angry about Akesato and Takamichi before when Katsuki said that Takamichi is a cruel man. “It is because he knows that tragedy of THAT KIND OF PROSTITUTE. Even if Akesato-san is apparently very happy and smiling.. But only because this place is ‘Yoshiwara’, Katsuki has no way of just keeping silent and not saying anything.”

While walking with Hana, Katsuki says but of course, for there is only pain between a romance of a prostitute and someone else. “And, didn’t I tell you before that romance is forbidden. If everyone knows about that kind of thing, sis will be thrown into the riverside stores and Takamichi-san will most probably be banished from Yoshiwara. This kind of love is worst than the love conceived with customers. One cannot just gamble and let things become like that. Yoshiwara is a place where love isn’t allowed because no matter how you struggle, it will only bring you down to hell.” Hana thinks that even if she can’t quite understand.. “Akesato, or perhaps Kiyomasa-san who chased after Takitzuki-san.. the anxiety of not being able to actualize one’s dream. But, I understand more or less.. this twisting tight pain in the chest.. This feeling.. Rennosuke, does he.. also have this kind of pain somewhere in his heart.. At that time, for a second, he had that pained expression.. And for me to think of his expression like that, I felt pain.” Hana snaps out of her thoughts when Katsuki calls out to her. He tells her that he still has to cook so he went to the store first. “How about you..?” Hana goes into shock for she wasn’t careful and they are already at the store’s door. Hana wonders what to do because using that kind of method, she can most probably go back to her original world but then, she cannot just quickly go right now and try it out..even if that is so, she’ll meet with Rennosuke at the store.. Katsuki looks at her and asks if she can help him buy the vegetables that he is going to cook. “But, it is very dangerous outside so before the sun sets, you must definitely come back. *Hana is puzzled and surprised* Okay, quickly go. I’ll help you bring that thing in.”

Hana wonders if Katsuki had realized her intention that is why he is deliberately.. Just as Hana gives him the package, Katsuki winces in pain and drops it. He mutters that it is broken. Looking aghast, Hana asks that isn’t his hand swollen. Katsuki’s left wrist is swelling. Soon, it is night. Rennosuke stretches and says that he is tired to death. Gathering up some papers, Takamichi says that a lot of customers came as a result of the parade. “Work will be up to here. I’ll call someone to bring up the food.” Rennosuke thanks him for the trouble. Lying down on the floor, Rennosuke quietly thinks that yesterday is far from good. “I didn’t imagine.. that she will unexpectedly cry like that.. *there is a scene of Hana asking him if he really feels that this is okay* That girl.. looking straight at my eyes.. I can’t get it out of my mind.. What’s going on..” Then, the door slides open and someone puts the food tray on his head. Sitting up, Rennosuke says, what.. It turns out to be Hana who looks serious. She puts the tray on the floor and starts to leave. Rennosuke asks how come she brought the food, and what happened to Katsuki. After a pause, Hana says that Katsuki’s hand is injured so she replaced him. “If you’re finished eating, just put it at the side. I’ll get it later on.” Rennosuke looks sad. Then, he stands up and holds the door before Hana can get out. He apologizes to her for he had become a bit strange yesterday. Turning around, Hana exclaims, that he is saying strange.. but she stops upon seeing his expression. Hana looks flustered and thinks that he is quite cunning because for him to show that kind of expression to her, it makes her unable to say anything. “If it’s like this, I can’t move forward. I’m going to ask him clearly about his feelings in order to put an end to this issue--” Hana says, “If you want me to forgive you, then answer me one question. Rennosuke, do you like Takitsuki-san?”

Scans by 不良汉化组.