July 19, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 67]

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Cover page: “If you see me, definitely give me a smile. But this kind of happiness, could it be that it won’t always last..?” Holding on to Ayame’s kimono, Misao continues to wince in pain. Zenki says that it is blood. Buzen asks if something is going on with the child. Sagami asks Kyo what had happened to Misao. Kyo says that he didn’t know for she just suddenly fallen down. The others look tense. Kyo tensely tells them that he didn’t do anything. “I didn’t do--!” Sagami says that he isn’t saying that, but it is only because Misao should have already entered the stable stage so this is a bit strange. Kyo asks if the child is being aborted. Kyo repeats this question that Sagami shouts for him not to talk nonsense, that thing won’t happen. “Absolutely not!” Then, Houki comes in and says that the attending physician has arrived. Ayame tells all the guys except for Kyo to.. Sagami says yes, they will wait at the room next door and just call them if something is up. Kyo looks aghast. While trembling, he manages to stand up. Tarou quickly comes in with a basin of warm water. He tells Ayame to first wipe up the blood. This made Kyo look more ill. Then, standing behind him, YOU tells him that if the child is aborted this way, whether it is Misao’s life or his own position, it won’t be lost and this way, he can go back to the start. Kyo looks shock by that. YOU tells him that this isn’t a punishment and if he can, he should take advantage of this current opportunity. “It would be better if you end the life of your child by your own hands.” Kyo looks in disbelief at his father. YOU admits that he thought of it for such a long time, if it would better to kill his grandson by his own hands, anyway, in this current situation, he is already carrying the bad reputation of having killed his wife. Kyo tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

YOU says that it is true. “This way, this fate of being a living disgrace can also become your [both M&K] future happiness!” Kyo looks flustered over his father’s serious expression. Kyo just tells him that right now, they must first worry about Misao’s body and he would first not think of any other things. YOU says okay. “If you need something, you can say it at anytime. It is already fine for me to do anything for you.” After YOU left, Misao moans in pain that Ayame tells her to hold on. Ayame asks the doctor about her diagnosis. The doctor says that it is quite strange for it is like what Sagami said, she is already at the stable stage and she didn’t received any external provocation[/excitement] so she [doctor] doesn’t know why it become like this. Kyo asks if it is the baby is causing trouble. The doctor tells him that it cannot be and he ought to know that for the child is quietly inside [Misao’s belly]. The doctor says that she has been giving birth to so many human babies and yokai babies for such a long time but the Immortal Fruit’s condition isn’t the same with either humans or yokais. She asks if Misao had such a very strong provocation[/excitement]. Kyo remembers trying to force Misao to undergo the ‘perservation’ technique. Kyo looks aghast and tense. Preparing a syringe, the doctor tells Misao that she is giving her some tranquilizer so that she can sleep a bit. Misao is saying something that Ayame asks her what is it. Misao refuses it for she doesn’t want to sleep for if she slept, Kyo will use that ‘persevation’ technique on her. Kyo looks surprise by this. Sagami and others seem to be eavesdropping outside. Crying Misao asks Kyo if he really doesn’t love this child. “Do you really not love it even for a little bit? *Kyo still looks tense* This child is my child. *sitting up to Kyo* It is definitely very like[/similar to] me.. *touches nervous Kyo’s hand* But, the child isn’t you. *clinging on him tight* Kyo--!!” Misao bends down that to him.
Ayame tells Misao to calm down. The doctor asks for someone to come so that she can inject Misao with the tranquilizer. Sagami goes in the room. While Ayame and Sagami try to restrain her, Misao kept on saying no, and asking for help. Sagami assures her that they won’t do anything. “If it isn’t your wish, no matter who, even if it is Kyo-sama, we won’t do anything to you. Just rest at ease.” This somewhat made Misao calm down that the doctor manages to inject her with the tranquilizer. Misao immediately falls asleep. Sagami tells Kyo that they will take care of Misao together. With cold eyes, Kyo says that it is to watch over him. Soon, it is raining. Sagami watches over Kyo who is sitting in front of sleeping Misao. Kyo asks him if he knows about the ‘preservation technique’. Sagami says that he heard of it from senpai and even if right now, it is the best opportunity to do it but he doesn’t want to force Misao into it. [It seems that] Sagami also said that he doesn’t like that child. Kyo asks what to do for Misao said that it is meaningless to live on separately but isn’t it a worst case scenario to part from each other after she gave birth. “What to do.. I really don’t know.. *Kyo stands up and goes out to the courtyard.* Sagami, for you guys, perhaps this isn’t important but I still feel that I cannot live on without Misao in this world. In short, the one who will cause[/aggravate] Misao’s death is our child. Hating this child, hating this world, just forget about it. What if I just silently [without anyone knowing] go die and I would just closely follow Misao from behind..” Sagami says that if that is so, then it is a hard-up situation because when their child awakens, it will be quite brutal if there is no one around who can stop it. “Everyone will perhaps meet the end of the world[/future where everyone is exterminated]. If that is so, then the proof of the princess existence will also disappear. *Kyo looks surprised* Isn’t it so? The traces from the time when the princess is born, the things[/people] she poured love into, the warm memories that are left in our hearts, these will all be gone. Isn’t this like the princess’ second death? Kyo-sama, do you want to kill the princess one more time? *aghast Kyo looks at calm Sagami* Believe in the princess, Kyo-sama and let her give birth on behalf of myself, I’ll go support Kyo-sama. At some time, Kyo-sama will come to like this child.”
There is a scene of Misao telling Kyo earlier that child is similar to her. Covering his face, Kyo exclaims that he isn’t confident about that and it would be good if this child is gone. “I really think of that. This kind of me, why.. would make Misao, like this..” Sagami tells him that it is because Kyo is deeply loved. “Kyo-sama, it won’t disappear. The only girl, who thoroughly love you from deep within her heart, won’t disappear. It is the proof that she truly existed.” Kyo falls down on his knees and seems to be crying as he covers his face. He mutters that memories are the proof that Misao had lived. “And that way, using those bit of memories about her, until the end comes, living an extremely long life.. Is this retribution..” The rain continues to fall. Later on, Zenki tells Houki that Misao’s condition is still no good. Buzen says that this situation is quite difficult to bear. Zenki and Houki are surprised by what he said. Buzen continues to say that kids regard Tengu as harvest deities or demons of pestilence. He laments the inability of the one in charge [/Kyo?] to resist his own fate. Then, he apologizes for saying too much. Zenki shouts that of course that won’t happen for Misao can’t die. Sagami quietly watches Misao and mutters, “Princess, you must not die. If you leave, this world will end. Only the outside appearance is maintained, everything will be gone.” Kyo is still standing in the rain. Blurb: “The pain of thinking[/longing] for each other.. The way to save these two is..!?”
Scans by 水银工作室.