July 19, 2012

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 57] -Fin-

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 19, 2012

In the church, the priest is already asking Nozomu if he agrees to marry Sumi and promises to be with her until death. Nozomu says yes. Meanwhile, Eisuke rushes to their old shack, looking for Soichiroh. Atari asks him where he suddenly went yesterday. Eisuke tells them that he has been called out by someone but that isn’t important, they must first stop Sumi’s marriage. He shouts that Sumi and Nozomu are actually siblings so where is Soichiroh. Komai tells him that Soichiroh went to a faraway place to work. At the pier, Soichiroh is walking inside the ship. At the streets, Eisuke and others are shouting for Soichiroh as they look for him. Eisuke asks his boss about it and he pointed him to the pier. Atari asks him if he has found him. Eisuke exclaims that it is at the pier. Atari exclaims that he really did overseas. They all rush to the pier but the ship has already left.

Back at the church, the priest also asks Sumi if he agrees to marry Nozomu and promises to be with him until death. Sumi didn’t reply. The priest says that since her throat is hurt, she will silently express her agreement. ^^; Sumi is thinking, ‘no’. And, it is time to kiss the bride. Sumi is still thinking that this marriage cannot continue. [Lol, it’s pretty much over ^^;] But she couldn’t budge, her whole body won’t budge at all. She starts to cry as Nozomu leans to kiss her. And, Soichiroh arrives and calls out, “Sumi!!” Sumi looks at him in surprise, and she rushes into his arms. Soichiroh apologizes for coming late. He takes his hand and says that they are going. As they run out, Nozomu shouts for Sumi and exclaims that she is getting married to him. Eisuke and Komai appear to stop him from chasing after them. Eisuke tells him that Sumi is the daughter of Ijuin family and since they are siblings, they can’t marry. The people there are surprised by this revelation. Nozomu’s father, with the help of his wife, insists that this is true and Nozomu should wake up [to the truth]. Nozomu is quite devastated that he falls down to his knees.
At the fields, Soichiroh is still running with Sumi when he stops upon seeing some flowers. He gets something from the ground and asks for her hand. He ties a small daisy on her ring finger and says that for now, this is what he can give her. “Even if that is so, do you want to be with me?” Sumi happily hugs him and exclaims, “Of course!!” Meanwhile, depressed Nozomu is sitting by the church’s steps. Someone approaches him and calls out his name. Nozomu looks up to see that it is Miu. After some time had passed, some kids ask if this school doesn’t take tuition fees. Sumi says that is right, for in this school, whether you are rich or poor, no matter what your status is, anyone can go to school. The kids say that is it amazing. Slightly older Atari and others proudly says that it is the school that their sister had established. Soichiroh arrives and tells her that it is a beautiful school building. He tells her that everyone at the company had come to congratulate her. Takemoto happily gives her flowers for congratulations. Natsuki and Komai are also there. Sumi happily thanks everyone for helping Soichiroh establish a company and for always supporting them that they were able to reach this point.
Then, a baby is crying. Carrying a baby, Eisuke tells them to take care of their own child. Taking the crying baby, Sumi apologizes and says that it is because she is quite busy today. Taking out a letter, Eisuke says that Nozomu has sent this to her. Nozomu writes that it has been a long time and he has heard from his father that she had established an elementary school so he wants to congratulate her. He also wants to tell her something and that is.. At some other place, Miu asks Nozomu if he really doesn’t want to personally visit to give the congratulations. Nozomu says that he won’t go for he has already decided not to meet with Sumi again. Miu protests that they are siblings.. Nozomu says that because of that, even if he doesn’t meet with Sumi, they forever have the bonds of being siblings. “And right now, we already have our own child.. *holds pregnant Miu* I’m already very content.” Sumi and Soichiroh look at each other then smile over this. The End.
To those who read this series, thank you ^^ Scans by 深雪汉化.