July 14, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 39]

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Narration: “How come I’m attracted to him? I always thought that it is inevitable that my grades are quite outstanding because I’ve invested a lot of energy and effort in it. Studying hard is actually a kind of method, the only way to enrich my heart. My path is quite straight. *image of Shizuku’s mother* I only need to look ahead and that’s it. Really. Fundamentally, I only need this and I’m satisfied.” Title: Shizuku. All dressed and made-up, Shizuku goes out of the salon and calls out to Haru. She apologizes for the wait because the beautician did a lot of things, and these eyelashes are quite difficult to bear with. Puzzled, she asks Haru what’s up for he looks surprised and he kept staring at her. Haru says that it is nothing, let’s go. He quickly walks away. Shizuku thinks that it took 2 hours to change and the birthday party at Haru’s house is.. Then, she notices how she looks at a glass window. She starts to turn to the side and look at herself. To her surprise, Haru is quietly watching her. Embarrassed, Shizuku exclaims that it isn’t so, it is just because she is a bit like an ojousama [/milady] and it is only the clothes. Haru smiles. Holding out his hand to her, he says that he also think that way. Shizuku blushes and takes his hand. Smoking while waiting at the car, Andou exclaims that this is really. Holding Shizuku’s hand, Andou exclaims that this is perfect, this is what they say as ‘clothes make the man’. “Like this, you can add some radiance to Mr. Yuuzan’s birthday party. Then, Miss Shizuku, please get in the car!!” Haru is surprised by Andou’s remark. After Haru [seems to] punch Andou and goes in front of Shizuku [to protect her], Andou apologizes for talking too much and he’ll be depending on Haru not to be easily provoked [during the party]. While driving the two in the car, Andou says, “Today, after this ends, young master, you will be able to attain your freedom!!”

Soon, at a posh ballroom, Taizou thanks the guests, from the bottom of his heart, for coming to his son, Yuuzan’s party. Yuuzan just smiles while standing behind his father. At the back of the room, Shizuku looks aghast while Haru is all slit-eyes. Shizuku nervously tells Haru that it seems that she has always seen his father especially on the news. Sipping his bubbly drink, Haru says that she is just mistaken. Shizuku thinks that she didn’t think that man is actually Haru’s father though she can generally understand why Haru wants to hide it. Then, it is Yuuzan’s turn to speak. Yuuzan introduces himself and thanks everyone for this opportunity and he’ll do his best to meet everyone’s expectations. While Yuuzan continues his speech, Haru tells Shizuku that Yuuzan always does his best to get that person’s approval so he [Haru] had become Yuuzan’s hindrance. “My relationship with my father has always been bad.” Shizuku comments that she also thinks that Haru doesn’t suit his father’s job. Haru says that he also thinks that he doesn’t have that kind of acting..and although that is the truth, she would even say it [out loud]. Shizuku says that for Haru, there are still a lot of things that he can do. Haru looks at her in surprise. He asks who does she thinks decides a person’s value. Shizuku says that she thinks that it is oneself and that is why people will strive hard. Haru says that it is such a Shizuku-like answer but he thinks that it is others because if one doesn’t get the others’ approval, even if one has all sorts of value, it is also meaningless. Shizuku thinks that it also something that Haru would say because if one doesn’t approve of oneself, who would then approve of oneself. Then, Yuuzan goes to the two and tells Haru that they should go for the president is calling them. He looks surprised to see Haru pouring a drink to Shizuku while sipping his drink. As Yuuzan looks surprised, Shizuku thanks him for his treat. After recovering from his surprise, Yuuzan says that it is Shizuku, thank you for coming, and this outfit really suits her. While gulping her drink, Shizuku says that after she washed it, she’s going to give it back to him. While Haru is quietly looking at them, Shizuku says that this juice is delicious.
Haru tells Yuuzan that at the start, in front of Shizuku, he is too cautious. Yuuzan asks him what foolishness is he talking about, and compared to that, he ought to have properly practiced. Putting on his best fake smile, Haru says, “It’s the first time we have met, I’m Haru, the younger brother.” Shizuku is surprised for he looks quite the same as Yuuzan. Getting ready to leave with Haru, Yuuzan says that expression is okay, keep it still. While Haru keeps his smile frozen, Yuuzan tells Shizuku that he’ll borrow Haru for a moment and if he meets with Mitsuyoshi, he is going to throw balls at him. [<- I think Yuuzan doesn’t like that Micchan taught Haru to smile like Yuuzan. =P] Then, Shizuku looks nervous. She is surprised when someone asks her what’s up. She looks at the side to see Andou bending down on the floor and eating. Shizuku asks if it is okay for the person beside the host to eat in this kind of place. While wolfing down his food, Andou says that his daily schedule is quite busy and he has no money so if there is an opportunity to eat, he’ll heartily eat. Giving Shizuku a plateful of food, Andou tells her to please eat a lot and eat as much as she pleases for it is all free. “Don’t worry. Mr. Yuuzan told me to accompany you throughout the day.” Shizuku tensely says is that so. While eating, Shizuku says that this is amazing and is it always like this when there is a birthday party at Haru’s place. She thinks that when Haru went to the birthday party at her place, he seems to felt that it is a miracle. Andou says no, usually it isn’t like this. He tells her that this is the first time when Yuuzan is in charge of his own birthday party and his enthusiasm has gone overboard that it is quite demanding for the servants. He comments that this is really a ‘self-directed self-acted’ thing, not only in name but also in reality. Shizuku says that is complete enthusiasm. Andou says that perhaps, there is some special guests who would come to attend.
Then, there is some ruckus. Some people are saying that it has been a long time and how his father is. Wearing some flashy clothes, Mabo exclaims okay, okay, thank you, thank you, and those who wants to give him a business card, please line up. Scowling, Shizuku mutters, “Huh?” Taking out a business card, Andou exclaims that if it isn’t young master Mabo and they’ve met during the summer vacation. Mabo exclaims that it is Haru’s subordinate, sorry about last time. While Andou is holding out his business card to Mabo, Mabo says that if it isn’t a girl, come and introduce her to him. While chewing her food, Shizuku greets Mabo. Mabo takes off his sunglasses and shouts in surprise that it is Bookworm. Shizuku comments that in an unexpected place, she meets an unexpected person. Then, at the side, a sexy woman passes by and complains over that representative [/congressman] would dare strike [down] her idea. “Next time we meet, I’ll straightforwardly break his nose, that sex maniac.” The beard guy nervously says that it isn’t good, Mizutani-san, to say such things to today’s host. [<- Hehe, it is Shizuku’s mother and I think she’s talking about Haru’s father. =P] While Andou takes his and Shizuku’s plates, Mabo exclaims what is this, there is simply no difference between her and the other people there, and she would unexpectedly wear this kind of clothes. Shizuku comments that he is so stupid that it is beyond reason. Mabo exclaims that in the end, it is the Bookworm inside. “Let me say, do you want to go on a date with me?” Appearing behind her, Haru asks how come Mabo would suddenly strike a conversation [/flirt] with Shizuku. Mabo happily greets Haru. Shizuku asks if it is over. Haru says yes, and they should go. Shizuku is a bit puzzled over Haru.
Mabo protests to Haru not to leave yet, and stay for a while because it is just old geezers there and it’s boring. Haru says that if they continue to stay there, something not good would definitely happen. Then, Mabo asks that they take a picture together with him. Mabo leans beside the couple and takes their picture on his cellphone. Mabo starts laughing over what that guy will say upon seeing this. Haru asks to whom did he just sent that picture. [Hehe, it starts with a Y =P] Shizuku thinks that it will be long [for Haru and Mabo to fuss about] that she told Andou that she is going to the toilet. She thinks that for some reason, she felt tired. Later on, Yuuzan rubs his shoulder and thinks that there are people everywhere. Then, Shizuku passes by him. Upon seeing her, he realizes that Haru is still there. He asks her if she had fun at the party. Shizuku says about that..she ought to say that their world isn’t quite the same. Then, Taizou calls out to Yuuzan and asks what he is doing there, come over here. To Shizuku’s surprise, Yuuzan tells his father that this is Miss Shizuku, who is currently going steady with Haru. Taizou glances at Shizuku who nervously greets him. To Shizuku’s surprise and Yuuzan’s speechlessness, Taizou says that she is too young. He smiles and says that if one is going to wait for 10 years, she can come back again. Looking aghast, Yuuzan says that it seems that Shizuku is quite satisfactory and his father would only talk like that with females. A bit tense, Shizuku says that she thought that he will intensely oppose. While Taizou is talking with some other people, Yuuzan tells Shizuku that his father isn’t interested in other people and for him, whatever they [siblings] do, he lets them be. “Haru’s mood isn’t quite good, right? Just now, father and those people around said a lot of things to him. Haru doesn’t realize, for one bit, his own value. Moreover, he doesn’t realize how much influence he can give to the people around him.” Shizuku thinks, “Ah, is that so.” She mutters if their father had also placed high expectations on Haru. While Yuuzan glances at her, Shizuku thinks that Haru has something that he said that he doesn’t need. “He has something that I’ve always wanted.”
Then, Shizuku takes out a small package from her bag and gives it to Yuuzan, his birthday gift. She tells him that it is just a notebook for she thought that it is an ordinary birthday party. “Happy birthday, Yuuzan-san.” While walking away, Yuuzan remembers that it is his birthday today. He thinks that it is quite Shizuku’s style since it is a notebook. Then, a gorgeous black-haired woman passes by. He turns around and calls out to his mother. The woman glances back at him. Meanwhile, Mabo and others are chatting, Haru glances around the place. He slightly smiles as he remembers how happy he was before, when young Yuuzan celebrated his birthday. Then, a light haired glasses man calls out that if it isn’t Haru. This made Haru scowl. Then, Shizuku notices that irritated Haru is talking with the glasses guy. She wonders who that guy is. While eating some more food, Andou says that she has been in the toile for a long time that he planned to go and check on her. Pointing towards Haru, Shizuku asks who that person is, whom Haru doesn’t seem to want to talk with. Andou tells her that it is Professor Kirigaya [guesswork name from 桐谷] and he seems to be a friend of Kyouko at the university. “He seems to have completely taken a liking on young master.” Shizuku looks ‘lost in thought’ over that. Kirigaya says that Haru unexpectedly didn’t write him a return letter, even once when he obviously told Haru to come and find him for some fun. Haru says who would go to a person who only knows of taking advantage of others. Kirigaya laughs and says that is quite harsh when he obviously just wants to have a good relationship with him. “And, didn’t Kyouko properly take advantage of you as well?” Haru darkly tells him that he better be grateful that today is Yuuzan’s birthday or else, he would have beaten him up earlier.. Andou apologizes for interrupting Haru’s conversation, for it seems that Shizuku wants to go home so can he drive her home first. Haru asks what he is talking about for he thought that Shizuku has been in the toilet for such a long time. Haru says that he’ll also go home. Andou says that he’ll go get the car. Before Haru can leave, smiling Kirigaya gives him his business card and says that it is great that his brother [Yuuzan] was able to attain his wish. Haru just frowns at him.
Sitting by the hallway, Yuuzan remembers his encounter with his mother. Flashback: His mother said, “Birthday party? Invitation? ..I’ve come here today to drink tea..” End flashback. Then, Haru passes by Yuuzan. Haru is surprised then he tries to greet his brother a happy birthday. Yuuzan interrupts by asking how come he is there when he isn’t need here anymore. “Quickly, go home.” Flustered Haru says that he is right. Just when Haru is about to leave, Yuuzan remembers his mother asking what else does he wants. “Oh, that’s right, is that child doing well? That dirty brat, Haru.” End flashback. Yuuzan says, “..Shizuku-chan and I are the same, Haru. *looking dark* We feel disgusted towards your lack of self-awareness.” Narration: “At first, it is only because I want her to turn around and look back. *Shizuku sits by the garden* If I do my best on behalf of my father, mother will be happy and then, she’ll come back. Then, she will also smile more. Right now, if I were to think of it, nothing has changed since that time. What ..the same situation of not holding [on to anything?] Now that I think about it, how come I had unexpectedly weren’t able to grab anything. Was Haru able to attain the thing that he wants? Right now, it seems that that he is getting along with his class quite well. No, he is definitely getting along very well.” She is surprised when Haru calls out to her from behind. As he approaches Shizuku, Haru asks what she is doing there, they are going and he’s hungry so they should go eat some takoyaki. He holds out his hand to her but Shizuku doesn’t take it. Haru asks what is it, could it be that she has a stomachache. [<- because she stayed in the toilet for such a long time?] Shizuku thinks that she has always been pondering over why she is attracted to Haru.
Shizuku says that she thinks that he is unexpectedly a hardworking person. Haru asks that isn’t she also. Shizuku tells him that he will directly go in front and if he is mistaken, he would very sincerely correct it. Haru says that in his eyes, Shizuku is also like that. Shizuku says that even if she doesn’t want to admit it, but there are times when he is quite stubborn and would recklessly do things. Haru tells her that he doesn’t want to be told that by her. Shizuku says, “..the people I met today also, everyone really needs Haru.” Haru tells her that no matter who, those people only think of themselves. Shizuku thinks that she always thought that there is one point wherein she and Haru could possibly be the same. “I thought that if it’s Haru, he ought to be able to understand my feelings.” To Haru’s surprise, Shizuku says, “I’m not the same with Haru. Haru, you also don’t understand my feelings a bit.” Haru replies, “Then how about you, do you understand my feelings? *Shizuku looks at him in surprise* ..you ..Yuuzan ..everyone in this party, too *sad smile* everyone just deserves each other**” [**Note: According to the Chinese translator, the Japanese phrase is a bit difficult to understand as to what it meant because there is no continuation. But temporarily, that is the translation, and according to the blurb in the preview, it can also mean, ‘Everyone just go away/fuck off’, sorry.. End Note. I did try to search the Japanese words which seem to be like this, ‘クソくらえだ’ which seems to mean ‘everyone, go to hell’.] Blurb: “Something that mustn’t be touched until now, has been touched. What spreads out is only loneliness. Where will the two go from here on? Do not miss the unfolding of the story in the next chapter.”
 Scans by 離境漢化組.