July 14, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 36]

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At Studio 2 where Mari is recording, the staff can only nervously sigh. Mari giggles and mutters that in the end, she[/her issue] is the most important [for Aki]. At the recording room, Aki is thinking. Then, he starts to scratch his head. He starts to have a tantrum over why he just had to boast like that, is there a problem with him. Outside, Mari’s manager reports to someone about the current situation. Then, he is surprised to see Aki going out. Aki tells the nervous staff that he’ll come back quickly. After going out, Aki quickly runs before stopping to mutter that he can’t run away. He goes to the convenient store and starts buying a lot of chocolates like Morinaga’s Dars, Meiji’s Galbo Mini, etc. Soon, Aki glares at Meiji’s Kinoko No Yama [mushroom shaped chocolates with biscuit stems] which costs 208 yen and Morinaga’s Koeda[/twigs/sticks] Milk Chocolate which costs 179 yen. [While searching for this ‘Morinaga Milk’, it seems to be the name of a female Japanese yuri and pornographic manga artist. So maybe that’s the connection to Mari? ^^;] Soon, Aki is tapping both of the chocolates as if choosing between them [kinda like ‘eenie mini mani mo’] then, his finger ends up pointing on the Kinoko no Yama. He laughs and wonders out loud if he is an idiot. He thinks that he only has to see a snack with that shape, and he would think of her. Soon, music in his head starts pouring in. He quickly gets a pen and a blank/sketch notebook. He starts drawing lines to make the staff[/stave] and draws in the notes. The store’s staff tries to call his attention over that but he gives up because Aki is busy writing the music. He and the other customers can only just look at Aki.

Soon, it is 10:05 am. Mari is already giving an exclusive interview about her new song. Giggling Mari tells the reporter that when the staff members tried to look for Aki, they found him composing on the floor of a convenient store. While the reporter is surprised, Mari continues to giggle and tells her that it seems that Aki didn’t pay for the notebook and yet, he is already drawing on it. “He’s simply a suspicious character, isn’t he?” Watching the interview, Miwako isn’t pleased at all. Staff member 1 exclaims that Mari is smiling and it has been a long time since he had seen her so happy during a publicity. Staff member 2 says that it is because it is a very good song and maybe because it will sell big that is why she can’t stop smiling. Miwako asks if it is okay to simply expose Aki like that. “Within Crude Play’s fans, there would definitely be some who strongly oppose it.” In twitter, yuko009 writes that it is really disgusting, because Aki should only write for Crude Play. “Yahoo’s first page headline is also disgusting. ‘Crude Play•Aki making music for his friend’s lover’. Why do they have to write the title like that?” yummy00623 comments that she didn’t expect that the music’s lyrics to have such a profound meaning and it seems to be a love triangle song. cherry b asks if the lyrics are also written by Aki. PUREPURE_C twits if that ‘to cover up that guy’ refers to the thing between Aki, Shun and Mari. CRPLLOVE addresses PUREPURE_C that if it is that way, then one can say that Aki and Mari are going steady. While Miwako is in front of the computer, staff member 1 says that it is such a shoddy guesswork but some of the netizens are really sharp. Staff member 2 asks if those two had already reconciled. Miwako asks what this reconcile is about. To her surprise, staff member 2 tells her that Aki and Mari used to go steady. While trembling and clenching her fist, Miwako felt uneasy about that.
Staff member 2 points to her computer and says that compared to that, this one is more incisive. In the twitter, egg icon [sorry, the names are unreadable because of the scans] says that she doesn’t know if she is going to watch MST next week. “Even if I want to see Shinya, I don’t want to see Mari.” Cactus icon replies that just the image of seeing Shinya together with that mushroom head, she would also feel quite sad. cherry b says that even if it is truly inevitable because of work, but what’s up with that ‘long live’[/praising] statement. “The company should also think of the fans’ feelings.” Panda icon writes that actually, isn’t her [Riko] voice really nice? “Sorry, but I have unexpectedly quite like it. Shinya’s music is also quite good. I want to support[/gambatte] him.” Then, love_cocoro Rie twits, “Mush & Co are lip-synching.” mimikanano asks love_cocoro if that is true or not. Kerotan22 says to love_cocoro that after doing a lot of publicity and preparation, it turns out to be lip sync. stick_chocolate writes that is really disappointing and she also doesn’t want see that thing wherein Shinya is playing behind mushroom head. CRPLLove asks love_cocoro where she got that news, and if that is true, that is quite upsetting. cherry b replies to PUREPURE_C that is quite funny. At school, Reiko continues to twit. She smiles and writes, “Just to see Mushroom’s disgusting expression while lip-synching, I’m going to watch MST.” Miwako is quite shock by this.
At a gym, Shun is using the treadmill while Aki uses the other machine. [Aki doesn’t seem to be exercising though ^^;] Somewhat flustered Aki glances at Shun. Shun says that he hasn’t heard anything about this. Aki says yes, that is why he specially came there now to tell him. Shun glares at him. Aki apologizes. Shun says that it is alright, there’s no need for him to apologize if that is what he wanted to do. “Also, I’m not angry but actually, do you really want to write music for Mari?” Aki looks surprised and he didn’t reply. After pushing the stop button, Shun gets off the treadmill machine. Preparing to leave, Shun asks, “Do you still remember the day when we first met Takagi? At that time, do you still remember what I’ve said? ‘I want to form a band together with my friends’.” After school dismissal, Mush & Co are reading the twitters about them lip-synching. Sou says that Nagahama did ask before if they told their friends. Scratching his head, Yuu asks how they can even say such a lousy thing. Sou agrees with him and this is the second time that MST information about them is leaked out. He says that it is like a wake-up call and it isn’t too encouraging. Riko asks what he is referring to as ‘not too encouraging’. Sou says that it is about the reputation of the band. “Even if we are high school students, we have to be professional. If there’s no strict management of information, this CM type of big job can become quite difficult [to deal with/accept].” Riko just goes, ‘hmph’ and closes the twitter program on her cellphone. Yuu asks what it is. She tells him that whatever this is, she thinks that it is good. “Regarding this, contrary to what one might expect, I want to honestly say it out. Say that ‘This is a lip-synching’. It is obviously a lip-sync but we have to keep silent about it. Pretending as if we are singing, it really feels.. like cheating. *standing up* When Blue Hearts debuted, they sang without a microphone. [<- sorry, it is either that, or they threw away the microphone] *hold her cellphone in front of her* So, I’ll hold a cucumber and go out to sing on the debut performance.” Sou exclaims that the cucumber cannot be used. “It is good to at least, use a big squash. Otherwise, the effect on the TV is no good.” Riko says is that so. Yuu exclaims if she is serious.
Then, her cellphone rings. It is Soichiro who exclaims, “Hi! Lip-synching girl! *this angers Riko* The day after tomorrow is the release date of the CD. We are going to meet in front of Shibuya Tower Records at 7am in the morning.” The next day, Mush & Co are awed by the promotion CD rack and sample CD that the Tower Records staff members are fixing. Yuu and Sou bow and tell the staff, ‘good job’. The staff wish them good luck[/gambatte]. Miwako tells a staff member that they will be under their care[/yoroshiku] and the staff member says that it is okay. Riko is a bit nervous. Soichiro asks them if they knew how many CDs are sold today. “For a period of 10 years of not being popular, and finally, was given the chance to go onstage, that kind of person’s CD could be here. There are also songs by singers with ending contracts if their CDs weren’t sold. The CDs that are brought here are other people’s ideas[/thoughts] or perhaps, the accumulation of their lives. But, more than a half floor, at the corner of this store, no one would notice it. Even if they went to listen to it, it will also be returned back and discarded. Listen well, there exists in this world, a huge section of songs that even at the start, was given an opportunity to listen to, yet wasn’t able to capture [..ah, grab the people’s interest/attention?] *Riko looks at the store and sees the staff putting up a lot of posters of Mush & Co. and she becomes teary-eyed* You should be thankful that you have such a good debut opportunity. So what if you are lip-synching, you were truly the one singing. *slightly push her on the back* So, go with your chest straight out.” Then, a staff member gives a guitar case to Soichiro and tells him that it is his. Opening the guitar case, Soichiro says that as congratulations for her first onstage performance, he made them make an original guitar for her. “Better properly treasure it.” Riko sees the Mush & Co. logo on the guitar. As Miwako claps, everyone is happy over this. Riko covers her face and exclaims, “Geez-- *crying while hugging her brand new guitar* Takagi-san, you’re so cunning-” Soichiro laughs over this.
And, Aki is grumpily playing with his remote control helicopter by Sumida River. His cellphone is ringing. He continues to play until he just stops, and answers the phone. It is Riko asking if they can meet today. Aki says yes, okay. He looks flustered as his helicopter makes a crash landing in the river. He thinks, “At that time, I think that I’m probably going to be dumped.” The train arrives in Shibuya. While walking, he looks at Riko’s huge Pepsi Next Zero advertisements. He thinks, “If I were to think of it logically, it is very strange. Her hair is done by a professional make-up artist. She’s wearing such cute clothes and her picture is taken by a top photographer. Compare to this kind of her, the first time I met her when she heading down to the vegetable store [to earn money]. Staring at her unwashed hair and smiling face. I think that she’s more beautiful [that way].” At a café, Aki asks if she heard Mari’s song. Riko says yes. Aki tells her that it is a good song. Flustered Riko replies that it infuriates her. Looking out the window, Aki says that it felt a bit embarrassing so he always didn’t admit it but in the end, he is a genius. This made Riko laugh and tells him not to boast about himself. Aki looks a bit flustered and he clenches his fist. He tells her that he is saying that dumping him is absolutely very unreasonable[/outrageous]. Riko looks at him in surprise. Blurb: “Because he likes, that is why he is afraid..so he’ll say some foolish things..” The rest of the scans seems to be interviews and about the auditions for the role of Riko. I checked out the links, this site seems to be for the auditions and a message from Seiji Kameda, and for the official web page of the live action movie, go here.
 Scans by 红莲 & all★wink汉化组