July 14, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapter 5]

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[Note: It seems that the author changed Natski’s surname from the prologue. Instead of Sano=佐野, it has become Suguira=杉浦] Cover Page: “First Love. Soft and light. It is like floating in the universe. It is such an unimaginable feeling.” Narration: “No matter how much I thought of it, I couldn’t understand it. But just by looking straight at him for three seconds, I’ve understood. I had fallen in love with my childhood friend. I had given my first love to Nats-chan.” In class, Koharn’s friends exclaim that she is finally aware of it. Blushing Koharn just sips her drink. Konoha hugs Koharn and exclaims, “Really- really- really- I thought that your cluelessness is unrivaled. Congratulations, Koharn! It’s great!” Sumire tells Koharn that she is acting strange upon entering school, is because of this. Koharn is puzzled over being congratulated on. Holding her hands, smiling Konoha exclaims but of course she’ll congratulate a friend who had become aware of something very important. “Ah- it’s really great!” Sumire comments that Konoha is already crying from happiness. Konoha says that it is because they have reached this step after so many years. Koharn thinks that because it is the first time she felt this way, she was at a complete loss and felt some uneasiness. “For my friends to say ‘congratulations’, it made me understand. *smiles* Right now, something beautiful had happened to me and it made me feel quite happy.” Konoha tells Koharn that she had a silly smile. This surprises Koharn. Sumire tells Konoha that she also has a silly smile. Konoha says that it is because she is very happy. Outside the field, Natski manages to kick the soccer ball in the net. Kotarou praises Natski that it is a good kick. A couple of fangirls exclaim that Natski is so cool. Flashing a v-sign at them, Natski happily thanks them. The fangirl says that if Natski scores another point, she’ll give him a reward. Natski calls out, “Ah senpai♡ is it an adult-type reward?” The fangirl laughs and calls him silly.

Koharn and friends are also looking down at Natski. Sumire comments that Natski is really amazing since in high school, he had become quite popular. Scowling Konoha says that this kind of situation doesn’t seem to have the type[/possibility] of going steady with Koharn and that is quite hard to believe. Koharn tells her that it is because she and Natski had always been childhood friends. “Right now, I also don’t know what I should do.. Look, Natski-chan also said that even if he looked at my naked body, he also won’t associate it with that. *laughs* So temporarily, let’s first let it be. For it to progress to whatever it may be, I think..” Konoha seriously tells her that cannot be. “Koharn, it is taboo to take romantic love loosely!! Since you’re already aware of it, you should put in your all-out effort into it!! To let things as it is, there will be no progress. So I’m saying that right now..” Tense Koharn quickly dashes out the door. Sumire comments that Koharn has run away. Konoha can only mutters, geez. Sumire tells Konoha that it isn’t good to be excessively concerned for those two have their own pacing. Flustered Konoha says that she knows but for her to see those two, it makes her want to do something for them. “In so-called romantic love, one only has to press the wrong button and you won’t know what it will become. I just don’t want to see those two pressing the wrong button.” Meanwhile, Koharn is running through the hallway. Upon reaching the outside corridor, Koharn stops and turns to look at smiling Natsuki. She wonders if she can’t just keep the current situation as it is. “Can’t it be that kind of like, as childhood friends--”
Later on in class, the teacher is giving out the results of the aptitude exams. The students are making a fuss over it. Koharn gets a score of 13 while Natski gets a score of 7. After looking surprised over it, the two look at each other and start laughing. Koharn says, “Ahhahaha.. Geez- Nats-chan, this isn’t something to be laughed about.” Natski replies, “You, too, Koharn- Hahaha” Their homeroom teacher Nishina [guesswork name from 仁科] tells the two that is right, it is actually not a laughing matter. “The two of you are the lowest in the exams among the ordinary classes. *the two goes in shock* It’s alright. *smiles* I have a position which is very suitable for the two of you.” The two looks aghast and comments that Nishina is quite scary. In the activity committee room, the two exclaims, “Activity executive committee!?” Nishina tells them that is right, simply said, it is like setting up an existence of the first year representative for the student union. Natski complains that it feels quite troublesome. Koharn asks if she can do that kind of work. Nishina laughs and tells them not to think of such hard stuff and it is fine for them to see through things according to what they like for cultural festival type of stuff. With sparkles on his eyes, Natski asks if cover girls are okay. While Koharn is speechless over that, Nishina tells Natski that it will depend on the degree of his hard work. Natski exclaims that he will do his best. Nishina laughs and wishes him good luck[/gambatte]. Koharn notices something and heads toward the window. Looking at the view, she thinks she can see the street where they live and also far away places. “I like this place.” Koharn exclaims that she can even see Mount Fuji. Then, she notices an old building within the school. Koharn asks the teacher what is that great building over there. Nishina tells her that it is an old library and music room but because it is too old, it is no longer used.
Then, someone knocks on the door and asks if they can come in. Nishina says they’ve come. Koharn is shock for it is Aki and Touya. Nishina tells them that there will also be two representatives from the special advance class. “The four of you will be the activity executive committee. Do your best, everyone!” Natski greets the two. Aki says that they’ll be in their care[/yoroshiku]. Koharn thinks that it is quite unexpected that it is Tsutsuki Touya for aren’t there many others in the special advance class. Then, she remembers her 13 score in the exam. Koharn suddenly exclaims, “Could it be that Tsutsuki-kun’s aptitude test is also around the grade of 13!? When you are obviously in the special advance section!” She freezes when Nishina tells her that these two got full marks in all fields so Koharn and Natski should learn from them. Koharn is embarrassed. Touya says, “13 points.. is that a grade a person can get?” Koharn is totally infuriated and angry by that. While walking back to their classroom, Koharn angrily exclaims what the heck is that Touya guy. Natski tells her that it seems Touya is the young master of some influential family of doctors. Koharn says, doctor, a rich second generation. Natski tells her, compared to that, about his bento’s side dish.. Koharn keeps on ranting about Touya being a jerk. This displeases Natski that he suddenly pulls Koharn’s hair bun. She calls out to him but he walks away saying that it is nothing. “You just won’t stop talking about Tsutsuki when I was obviously talking.” This made Koharn blush. She thinks that this is bad because she is obviously being difficult with Natski but for some unknown reason, she felt happy by that and thought he is cute. In class, Natski notices that he had dropped his pencil case in that room earlier. Koharn offers to go with him to get it. He tells her that there’s no need because he will pass by the soccer club on the way back there, to check it out. Preparing to leave, he apologizes and tells Koharn to go ahead of him. Koharn says okay. Then she glances at the door where Natski left.
Suddenly, Koharn is startled when Konoha hangs on the table and tells her that this is no good for it is just continuing the past. Koharn exclaims since when is she there. Pushing her glasses, Konoha says yes, in the end, it is too ‘childhood friends’. “Charima..huh.” Koharn goes, “Eh?” Soon, in a boutique, Koharn is embarrassed to wear a dress. She tells Konoha that this kind of dress doesn’t suit her. Picking a skirt, Konoha tells her that it is alright, it suits her because Koharn is very slim. While a saleslady greets them, Konoha says that this skirt is cute. Konoha tries it on but it is too tight that she cannot get it in. Holding some other dresses, Konoha tells Koharn to try these, too. Koharn protests why does she has to do this. Konoha exclaims, “It’s for you to change your image! It’s to change this so-called ‘childhood friend’ image, right? I also know that I’m quite meddlesome but it isn’t easy for you to become aware of love. No matter what, I want to help you.” Koharn is touched by what she said. She thinks that Konoha is quite attentive and serious regarding her love [life] and yet, she is more easygoing about it when she said that she’ll just let it be whether it will progress or not. Koharn bites her lip. Konoha laughs it off and apologizes for saying such opinionated words. Koharn thanks Konoha. “I will do my best to try it out!” This made Konoha happy that she enthusiastically helps Koharn choose a dress. Narration: “This is obviously my love [life], how can it be that I don’t do my best! Honestly speaking, after doing my best, I don’t know what will be the outcome. Even if I’m not sure of it, but I want to do my best for this love.”
Meanwhile, Natski goes to the activity committee room. He happily thinks that in the end, he would want to join the soccer club because just by kicking the ball, he had forgotten about the time. He turns the knob of the door and is surprised that it is open. He wonders who is inside. He goes in and is surprised to see Aki looking out the window. He wonders why he is there. Then, he remembers seeing her crying in the clinic before. He quickly rushes to her and grabs her arm. Aki turns around and looks surprised. Quickly letting her go, Natski backs away and apologizes. “I thought that you were crying just like in the clinic before. So, I thought you were crying again.” To his surprise, Aki passes by him and tells him that he is mistaken, it is someone else. She smiles and bids him goodbye. “Afterwards as committee members, yoroshiku.” After she left, Natski scratches his head. He tensely thinks, “..so she’s saying --..that I should act like I haven’t seen that crying incident, right? That only makes me think of it more.” Narration: “Nats-chan, because we are always together, we cannot imagine ourselves apart from being ‘childhood friends’ but, if I strive hard, even if there will be some change or not between us, it will be as I like Natski.”
While walking home, Natski comments that it is such a beautiful sunset. Then, he notices a girl in a dress standing outside the gate. He wonders who it is. Cutely made-up Koharn turns to him and calls out his name, “Nats-chan.” This made Natski blush. He blurts out that it is Koharn. All puzzled, Natski asks what this is about, and what’s going on. Embarrassed Koharn stutters over what to say. In the end, she laughs and says, “I kind of unexpectedly changed my image!” She thinks that this is bad because she is too embarrassed that she couldn’t say that she wants to show this to him. “Sure enough, this is too sudden that even Natski-chan thinks that it is strange..” To Koharn’s surprise, Natski blushes and says that this is quite cute. Lightly knocking her head, Natski says, “Idiot, don’t look at me. *looks away* I’ll be embarrassed.” Natski steals a glance at her then blushes again before looking away. Koharn thinks, “Could it be that Natski-chan is aroused[/dokidoki] by me?” Blushing Koharn bites her lip then blurts out, “Like.. I like you, Nats-chan.” Natski looks at her in surprise. Scans by 夜莺工作室.