July 21, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 43]

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Cover page: “Sparkling shine, a dazzling [summer] season is starting♥” Hinata just quietly walks together with Sou who is chatting with Aya. While Anna and Nanoka watch the trio approach them, the other girls are gossiping. “It’s true. It isn’t the same girl whom Sou-kun and Hinata-kun go to school together with.” “What could have happened to that girl?” “Absent?” [Hehe, she’s there in the corridor and they didn’t even notice ^^;] “By the way, what is that girl? Why did they go to school together?” “That’s nice-” Aya notices the two and greets tense Anna. “Hi, and Nanoka is also here. *smiles* Good morning.” Hinata looks surprised at them. Sou just had a sad-type expression then he looks at the side. Anna seems to have noticed it. Then, she felt Nanoka holding tight on her blouse. While Nanoka hides behind her, Anna puts on a smile to greet them and says that so early in the morning and they are all together. “Such an unusual combination- The three of you would unexpectedly go to school together. It is really eye-catching-” Hinata bluntly replies, “Not really, we only coincidentally met up with Aso-chan because we just so happen to go to the same school. So, it is by chance that she is walking at that side and this isn’t like we deliberately come to school together.” Everyone speechlessly looks at him. Sou backs him up by saying, “..just like that, we went to school side by side and it isn’t the kind that you’ll call as ‘going to school together’.” Anna laughs it off and says, yes, that’s right, generally speaking. Hinata says, “Is that so? *looks at Aya* But, it is just a coincidence today and tomorrow, we won’t go to school together, right, Aso-chan?”

Aya looks surprised. Anna looks aghast over this. Scratching his head, Sou says, “Yes, yes, I understand. It is only for today. I’m really sorry.” Aya also smiles and apologizes to Hinata for it seems that she has interrupted them. It seems that Hinata is looking ‘chibi stern’ at Sou who has a tense-weird out look. Breaking it up, Anna exclaims that the bell has already rang and it is time for them to quickly go to class. Anna quickly pushes Hinata in the class and leads Nanoka inside. Just when Aya says that she is in another class, Anna looks back to see Sou holding Aya’s arm. He tells her something which made Aya smile. Anna remembers Nanoka telling her that right now, Anna is going steady again with Sou. Looking somewhat sad, Anna thinks that the mood between the two isn’t the same so it is true, that they are both going steady. Inside the classroom, the list of characters and cast are written on the blackboard. Anna tells them that even if there are a lot of arguments but in the end, the role assignments will be the same as the ones from the start. “Today, we are going to quickly decide well on the members who are of making clothes and the members who will be responsible of the large-scale props.” Her classmates clap over this. Then, to Hinata and Anna’s surprise, someone asks, “Even if there are costumes and props, but first, there must be a script, right?” Suddenly realizing it, the sparkling two says, “That’s right!” Sou nervously wonders if there’s no problem [with that]. Soon, the class is chatting about there must be first a script but then, who would agree to write it. Hinata[?] says, “It’s fine if it is a recommendation or a self-recommendation. What’s best is someone who can write it at top speed..”
Anna thinks about this. Then, she raises her hand and exclaims, “I know!” Surprised Hinata asks if she can write. Anna exclaims that it isn’t self-recommendation, it is recommendation. Sparkling and gesturing to someone, Anna shouts, “I think Kazami-kun is very suited for it!!” Everyone looks at surprised Hinata. Hinata goes huh. The others are asking who this Kazami-kun is. He is either the one who walks at one side of the corridor or the one who is always asleep. Hinata asks Anna if Kazami has a hobby [/special interest] in that area, like he writes essays. Anna says that he can say that it is a hobby, because Kazami-kun is a professional man.. Standing up, horrified Hinata exclaims out loud. While the others wonder what’s up with Hinata, Anna remembers that Kazami’s work as a mangaka is a secret from school. Anna nervously says that Kazami is an expert in writing long stories-type of thing. “Right, Nanoka!” Nanoka glumly says, “Ya ya.. *bluntly* For the time being, Hinata can be considered as a mangaka.” While Anna is aghast by this, everyone is in a ruckus that Kazami-kun is a mangaka. Everyone starts asking questions like if he is going to school at one side, and doing the work of a professional mangaka at the other side. “Is there really such a person?” “Which magazine are you serialized!? Jump?!” “Are you famous!?” Soon, feeling exhausted, Hinata is sitting with his head down on the table. While the others are still talking about Hinata being a mangaka, aghast Anna apologizes to him for he had always been keeping it a secret and things had turned out that way. Hinata gloomily says that it wasn’t Anna who said it out loud. Nanoka says so what, if it isn’t kept a secret, when obviously that is his only strong point, so why keep his ability a secret. Hinata angrily shouts that it is because he doesn’t want people to casually get in touch with him just because of this hobby. “And unlike you, I’m very sensitive!”
Nanoka shouts back that she is also very sensitive because right now, she is still very hurt. Hinata asks, “Very hurt? Is it about Ayane again? You had a falling out with her after she reported to you about Nagase-kun, right? Ayane always likes being mysticism[? Maybe being mysterious or secretive] and it also didn’t just start only now so how is it possible for her to suddenly change. You are always overreacting and that can be quite difficult to tolerate.” Nanoka angrily smacks Hinata on the face and shouts for him to shut up. With a huff, Nanoka angrily leaves. Hinata is also angry by that. Hinata says that thankfully, Anna is always with Nanoka and that Anna definitely got entangled with their [Nanoka and Ayane] issue. “Even if it isn’t like I don’t understand Nanoka’s feelings, but Ayane also didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know until when before they will reconcile over this issue which has no good result[/compromise].” Anna looks sad over this. On the way home, Anna tells Hinata that Kazami had agreed to help them with the script. “His condition is that only after finishing the script, he won’t participate in any other after school preparations for the cultural festival. It seems that he wants to quickly go home and get to work.” Hinata says that it is really amazing for it is the first time he met a real mangaka. Anna exclaims that is right, and it is quite rare to know one in the same school and class. To Anna’s surprise, Hinata apologizes for what happened in the morning. “It is because of me that the mood had become very awkward.” Anna thinks that Hinata is actually aware of it. Hinata tells her, “Even if I myself, know what I did is quite childish but that is Anna’s place. *there is a scene of Anna going to school together with the two guys* It is obviously that, but upon getting off the train station, that person is waiting there for us..”
While Hinata continues to complain, Anna looks at him in surprise then she smiles. Ruffling his hair, Anna exclaims, “Thank you!! *Hinata looks at her as she walks ahead* But it isn’t good not to get along with her. *pretend? smile* Because Ayane-chan is Sou’s girlfriend.” Anna wonders if Hinata knew and when did those two started going steady. “Were they already going steady during the fireworks display? Even if I really want to ask, but I couldn’t say it.” Looking sad, Hinata says about getting along.. He sighs and says that is quite hard. Anna asks why. While snickering, Anna says, “I know, it’s jealousy. For it seems like Sou is snatched away by Ayane-chan, right?” Sweatdropping Hinata says that it isn’t and why would it become like that. “It is only that I can’t get along well with that kind of person who is unable and cannot treasure people who like her. *Anna looks at him in surprise* ..by the way, Aso-chan is also in the photography club, right? Isn’t that person participating in the photography club’s morning preparation?” Anna realizes this that she quickly makes up an alibi that the photography club’s preparation for the cultural festival is done independently. “One only has to do the task that is assigned on that day, and it is already okay. It is also fine for those who finish their work earlier to no longer come.” Hinata doesn’t look convinced but he just says, “Is that so.” Anna mentally laments that she put another layer to that lie, and about this lie, she would need Aya’s help or else, it is extremely dangerous for Sou to also become suspicious. “If he becomes aware of it, it is all over for me! I should quickly talk about this with Ayane!!” Soon, in school, the fangirls gush over how cute Sou and Hinata look with the wigs on. The guys don’t look quite happy over it. Anna is aghast for she just looked away and it is already school dismissal already when she should quickly talk with Ayane but then, she is truly quite busy being a committee member. The fangirls continue to say that it is cute and nice, and it will be perfect if they wear the dress and put on make-up. Sou thinks that this isn’t cute. Then, some girls call out to Anna to tell her that their budget cannot accommodate all of the props.
At the door, someone laughs out loud. It is Aya who says that this kind of stage play is quite weird and no wonder Sou doesn’t want to tell her what his role is. Anna thinks that this is a good opportunity but then, Hinata and Sou are in class so what is she going to do.. Aya continues to laugh and tells Sou that it is very cute. Aghast Sou asks if she specially went there to laugh at him. Ayane says no, for she has business there. “I had been asked by the adviser, to come and inform [Anna?] about the preparation of the photography club for the cultural festival..” Aghast Anna shouts to Aya that she has something to talk about with her. At the class balcony, Aya says okay, she is going to talk about it with Sou. Anna apologizes for making her assist her with this baffling lie. Aya says that it is totally okay and it is because of her that it has become like this. There is a scene of Aya telling Anna that Sou is pitiful that he has go to school with his best friend who is going out with the girl he likes. Aghast Anna says that it is not really because of what she said but she did wonder if the people around would also think of it. Aya says, “Is that so but you should relax. No one already thinks of Sou as very pitiful because Sou is currently going steady with me and he no longer likes you, Anna.” This stuns Anna. They were interrupted by Hinata who tells Anna that he is finished with the script. Anna exclaims if he already did it. She happily thanks him for he did it quickly and for helping them write it. “No wonder it is Kazami-kun.” Blushing, Hinata says not really, it is because there is an original story so.. Aya comments that it is Hinata who is in charge of the script. Aya laughs and says that Sou is Princess Snow White and Hinata is the Queen. “The prince is..” Hinata tells her that it is Anna. Anna exclaims to Hinata if the prince’s script is a lot or only just few. Hinata says that it is very few and basically only at the start and at the last part. Anna says that is great, she had always been worrying whether or not she can memorize the lines.
Aya looks serious as she reads the script. She reads out loud, “The prince is broken-hearted upon seeing Princess Snow White in the coffin, and afterwards, he gives her a kiss.” Hinata and Anna look at Aya. Anna nervously says that of course that it is just pretend, and it isn’t like they are really going to.. Aya says that if that is so, can’t the stage play do without it. “Don’t you know? The original Grimm fairy tale of Snow White doesn’t have a kissing scene. It is because of that Disney film, everyone had that impression that there is a kiss to awaken the princess.” [In the original story, the coffin was dropped which dislodges the stuck apple from her throat, and Snow White awakens.] Anna exclaims is that so. Hinata says that he knows that. Going into professional mode, Hinata says but this scene can absolutely bring up that warm mood and it will make the visitors receive it well so it must push through in order to make the audience watching it, feel satisfied with it. Anna looks at Aya who asks if reception is that important for she thinks that it is better not to revise the original. Anna looks at Hinata who says that they are talking about the reception, and this is a stage play. “Even if it is just a school’s cultural festival, but there are a lot of visitors.” Aya says that since Hinata is an author, he should know that the original writer would definitely not want his own work to be changed at will. Hinata angrily shouts that the roles of the guys and girls are already switched so how is it possible for her to still talk about not changing it. Sou goes out to them and tells them that they are quite noisy that they can be heard in the classroom. Anna tells him that they are arguing whether or not there should be a kissing scene or not in the play. She also tells him that according to Aya, the original story doesn’t have this scene...
Sou browses through the script. He asks Hinata who is responsible for the script as to what he thinks. Hinata says that it is better to put it in for it can enliven the mood. Closing the book, Sou says, “Then, put it in.” Anna and Aya looks surprised. Sou starts to leave because someone is calling for him. Anna rushes to him and tells him to wait. “Is it really okay? No..speaking of that, even if you agree..” While Aya doesn’t seem happy over this, Sou flicks Anna’s forehead and says, “You want to make the cultural festival a success, right? If it can hype up the mood or anything, then it is good.” As Sou goes inside, Anna blushes and kind of smiles over this. Hinata sighs and says that it is decided. Anna sheepishly smiles and says that is right. Hinata says that he’ll go and make copies of the script for the others. Aghast Anna exclaims that she is going with him. Already at the door, Hinata says that it is okay. After he left, Anna nervously thinks that no, right now, being alone with Aya is a bit.. Anna thinks that in the end, Aya really hates that kissing scene but of course, who would want a scene wherein one’s boyfriend would act out a kiss with someone else. Then, with a smile on her face, Aya says that she also has a favor that she wants to ask from her. Anna asks her what it is. Aya says that if she thinks of it carefully, this kind of situation is quite few wherein she and Anna are friends while Sou and Hinata’s relationship is quite good. “And, we are mutually going steady so I’m saying, how about we go on a double date together next time? I and Sou, and then, you and Hinata-kun.” Anna looks at her in surprise.
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