July 28, 2012

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 58]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 24, 2012

Pushing Kotori inside an empty room, Kouda closes the door. Kouda tells her to be sincere[/serious] a bit if she is worried about Kaji-kun. Surprised, Kotori thinks that this person is.. At the hallway, fangirls are pestering Yukito to let them take his picture because he looks cool in that uniform. While feeling happy over the compliments, Yukito sheepishly tells them that they are really annoying. Then, Abe arrives and angrily asks what Yukito is doing and where are the water thermoses. Yukito apologizes for getting entangled with those girls. Abe says that since he hasn’t come back, Kotori went to look for him. “So did you saw her?” Yukito is surprised about this. Someone says that is right, she went to look for him. Yukito screams in fright over Death [Ryosuke]. Using a cute voice, Death tells Yukito that Kaji Kotori has been hit on by a guy wearing a different uniform. “That guy looks troublesome and is quite a pervert since he kept on looking at her chest.” Yukito asks where they went. Pointing to the right, Death says, “Ah~~ this way? *points to the left* No, it is this way, right? *looks at Yukito* Which way is it?” Yukito angrily shouts how should he know and he was asking him. Carrying the thermos, Yukito shouts forget it, and then he runs off. Abe tries to call him about the thermos but Yukito has already left. Abe looks at Death and asks who he is. Meanwhile, Kotori asks Kouda what he wants.. Then, Kotori recognizes him as the guy who tried out the drinks outside of the classroom so why is he doing this. Kouda asks if there is a need for him to say it. “Don’t you still know?” Surprised Kotori wonders if this person.. Imagination: Blushing Kouda holds a rose to her and exclaims that he likes her, please accept this flower. End Imagination.

Kouda shouts for her to quit imaging herself as a gift to the opposite sex. Kotori shouts that she didn’t say anything. Kouda exclaims how come he knows what this girl is thinking. He starts to think that he has some sixth sense because he just met Death. ^^; After exclaiming that’s not it, Kouda says that what was that thing that she made him drink since it is awful to death. “What’s in it!” Kotori says that it is invented by adding in vegetable juice, douzhi [like soy milk but made of mung bean], salted fish, tomato juice, bitter melon, and chili. “They are all mixed in together! It is because our store is a hell café so it has to be terrifying that we’ll attract customers ♡ Even if I haven’t tested it but the end result isn’t quite bad.” Kouda shouts for her not to change the topic for she actually knows who he is, that is why she gave that awful drink to him. “You’re Kaji Yukito’s accomplice!” Kotori says that she noticed it just now but does he know Yukito. “Are you friends?” Kouda says that more than knowing Yukito, between them, there is a dark and deep.. Kotori kept on staring at him that he asks what it is. Kotori says that he really looks alike..when she looks at him intently, he really looks alike.. Puzzled Kouda asks he looks like who. The twins peek in and call out to Kouda to ask up to when they are going to be on the lookout. “Are you finished playing around? Can we go now and hit on some girls?” Flustered Kouda shouts for them not to call his name. Then, Kotori asks if he’s called Kouda. Kouda says yes. She asks him to write it down. Kouda writes his name on the blackboard. He freaks out when Kotori is really staring close at him. With huge eyes, Kotori exclaims that it is really amazing, for he is really like Doki Memo’s Kouda but why didn’t he dye his hair red for their name and appearance look the same.
Then, Kotori tells him to pose like her with his hand in his pant’s pocket. Kouda did as told but Kotori complains that it is wrong for he lacks self-confidence. “Geez- how come you’re the same with Yukito, you can’t even pose, right!? Kouda is a cold-hearted type but he is a super S! But inside, he is lonely! Bring out more of his overbearing arrogance! This side of him should be expressed! If not, you won’t get someone to like you, right? *pouts* You are obviously like him, so you have to fully show and use this!” Kouda angrily shouts if she’s insane. Kotori cowers in shock over that so Kouda tells her that he didn’t mean it. Blushing and trembling, Kotori exclaims that’s right, it’s that feeling just now of being cold-hearted and vicious. “It is like the Kouda as I’ve described, it’s really Doki Memo~~” =P Kouda is speechless about that. He thinks that no wonder it is Kaji that he is going steady with a rare-type of girl. “This is bad! This kind of adversary is hard to deal with. But, don’t think that I’ll just cower away like this.” Kouda takes out a picture of Yukito lying down on his coat, half-naked, and there is a bottle at the side. Kotori looks at the picture and says that it is Yukito. Kouda says that is right, during second year junior high. “In order to get a suntan, that guy would smear himself with sunscreen lotion and sleep on the roof! I have secretly taken a picture of that disgraceful situation! How about it? It’s embarrassing right! You’re disappointed, right! I took this from the water tower. It’s upsetting, right!” Looking at the picture, Kotori says that Yukito looks so handsome and it turns out that he looked quite handsome at that time. Surprised by her reaction, Kouda shouts for her to look at it closely, isn’t Yukito sunbathing at the roof. “Isn’t it unsightly!? Doesn’t he even had any sense of shame that he is even posing like a ‘大’ [<-hands at the side and legs open]” Kotori exclaims that it is because Yukito is half-naked so he is more handsome. Kouda shouts what kind of standard is that.
Showing her another picture, Kouda tells her to look at that, during first year when Yukito went out to play, he got lost and has that dazed look, and his hair is also quite messy. Kotori says that Yukito is wearing a suit uniform during junior high and he looks quite young. Kouda shows him another picture of Yukito wherein his underwear is exposed. [<-partly above the pants] Kotori exclaims that is right, it is exposed even if it is just a little bit, but it is really exposed. Blushing Kotori asks Kouda if he can give this picture to her. Flustered Kouda laughs and tells her to be jealous for he won’t give it. “It is my most important thing! How can I easily give it to you!” Kotori pouts and says that even she has precious pictures of Yukito. “I didn’t tell Yukito, but I’ve secretly took his picture in class while he is sleeping, and he is drooling~~” Kouda asks if it is true. Holding her cellphone, Kotori cunningly asks if he wants to see it. Looking away, Kouda denies that he wants to see it. He tells her that he knows Yukito’s measurements[BWH] since he secretly look at the data of Yukito’s physical exam. Kotori exclaims that she doesn’t that except for his height. Kouda asks if she wants to know. Kotori tells him no, and it is quite rare for her to have the birthday and same blood type as Yukito so he ought to be jealous of her. Kouda shouts that his shoe size is the same as Yukito. Kotori shouts back, “I have gone inside Yukito’s room!” “During the field trip, I played pillow fight in that guy’s room and he couldn’t hit me.” Kotori shouts back, “Yukito failed in the exam so I tutored him!” “During the field trip, we took a bath together! Even if it is just inside the big public bath!” “I have worn Yukito’s PE t-shirt!” “During exam, he borrowed my pen!” Soon, the two are exhausted over their shouting. Kouda feels that he couldn’t win against Kotori. Then, he realizes something. He tells her that he’ll give the picture to her but there’s an exchange. With a menacing look, he asks, “..do you know what I mean?” Kotori backs away and wonders, “Could it be..”
When Kouda holds out his hand towards her, Kotori closes her eyes and mentally calls for Yukito but to her surprise, Kouda puts his hands on her shoulder and says, “Break up with him! We went off topic a bit, that I had almost forgotten my main goal. I’m not going to say any bad thing, so wake up and break up with that guy! *persuading* If you are with him, he’ll only make you cry! It’s absolutely no good! If you break up with him, I’ll give you the pictures.” Kotori tells him that this is really going way off topic that she got all confused. Then, she realizes something. While Kouda is telling her to break up with Yukito to make him cry, Kotori thinks that Kouda is interested in her. =P Suddenly, a thermos comes flying near Kouda’s head. Yukito shouts, “Jerk! What are you doing with Kotori!” The twins apologize to Kouda for they have been found out. While Kouda is surprised, Yukito goes to Kotori and asks if she is alright. Kotori calls out his name, “Yukito..” He asks, “Did he do anything to you?” “No.. I’m fine..” “Don’t make me worry! If there is a strange guy who would pull you away, you should scream for help!” “Ya, I’m sorry..” Irritated over being ignored, Kouda calls out to the silly lovers. He says that no wonder he didn’t recognize Yukito, it turns out that he had put on a disguise. “How embarrassing, Kaji! Were you that afraid of me?” Yukito looks straight at him and asks, “About that.. who are you?” This shocks Kouda. Pulling Yukito to the side, Kotori tells Yukito that isn’t he an acquaintance in junior high, for it seems that he really knows him. Yukito tries to recall. Kotori also tells him that his name is Kouda and he was the one whom they had bumped into accidentally at the corridor. Yukito says that he doesn’t remember this Kouda. ^^; Pulling Kouda’s collar, Yukito asks him what he was thinking of when he took someone’s girlfriend to this place. Kotori holds on to Yukito and tells him to stop, he shouldn’t hit someone. “Don’t fight because of me!” “Ah.. I don’t make a move. *lovey-dovey with Kotori* Relax, don’t be so nervous.” “It’s because.. *lovey-dovey* I don’t want something to happen to you, Yukito.” “Silly! How can something happen to me.”
Looking aghast over their lovey-dovey, Kouda starts to go out of the room. Kotori calls out to him, “I’m sorry. I’ve received your feelings.. but.. I like Yukito, so I cannot go steady with you! I’m truly sorry!” This totally infuriates Kouda. He shouts, “There’s really something wrong with your [both Kaji-s] heads, the two of you are really a perfect match~~” Then, he promptly leaves the room. Kotori pouts and says that it seems Kouda is very angry. Yukito tells her not to mind that flirting jerk. Then, he notices that Kouda had dropped something. He picks up the envelope and it reads, ‘Fighting Challenge’. Kotori tells him that the sender’s name written at the back is Yukito’s. Yukito says is that so, but how come he doesn’t know about this. “But, looking at this writing, it looks very familiar.. *surprised* It’s my brother’s..!” Walking at the outer corridor, Kouda proudly tells himself that Kaji deliberately pretended not to know him for it seems that he is really afraid of him. He mutters, “It’s inevitable, since it is like that, then forget it.” Someone asks, “Do you like him?” Kouda asks, huh. Kouda screams in fright upon seeing Death. Death asks him, “You like Yukito. Hiding so many of his pictures, and you would even be jealous of his girlfriend as a rival, do you really like him that much? *Kouda asks what is he saying* Like[/love] is at the peak of hate.” Kouda looks aghast and starts to wonder if he actually likes Yukito. Then, he bumps into someone. The girl exclaims that it hurts. Kouda apologizes and asks if she is alright. Harada shouts for him to watch where he is going.. Then, their eyes met each other. Doki-doki. Harada shouts that her foot hurts, and it might have been sprained that she couldn’t stand up. While Harada smiles over her little acting, Kouda shouts that he’ll bring her to the clinic and can she still stand? Then, Kouda pauses for a while. He is quite relieved that he can still be doki-doki with a girl and there’s no problem with him. Harada flirtingly asks him if that is so, then they’ll go to the clinic.
Elsewhere, Natsume is quietly walking together with Masaya at the hallway. Natsume asks why he is going in the same direction as she is. Masaya says that he is going to his younger brother’s class. Masaya laughs and tells her that her cosplay is quite subtle so it would be better to stick a note behind, sayimg that she is a vampire. Natsume says that his younger brother also said that, and no wonder they are brothers. “It seems like you really like your younger brother, that you would even come to the cultural festival- Isn’t this a so-called, ‘younger brother complex’.” The aghast two laugh over this. Then, Natsume says that he really was able to recognize her when she obviously doesn’t look the same as before. Sparkling Masaya says, “Of course, no matter what disguise a beautiful girl wears, I will recognize her right away in just a glance! I have that confidence!” Natsume thinks that he’s too shiny. Masaya asks her if she is okay because a while ago, she doesn’t look good. Looking away, Natsume says that it is nothing and she is fine. Then, Abe comes out of the classroom and calls out to Natsume that she came at the right time. He asks if she has seen Yukito. Natsume says that she hasn’t, so what happened. Abe tells her that Yukito went to look for his girlfriend but up to now, the two hasn’t come back. He says that it is quite troublesome because right now, the café is quite busy. Masaya shouts that Yukito is goofing off when he even came to see him. Happily pointing to Masaya, Natsume tells Abe that it seems they have an idle person here. With a pleading look, Abe calls out to Masaya, “Bro..brother.. *grabs tight on his arm* Please stay!” At the hallway, Yukito tells Kotori that Abe will be furious over the broken thermos but then, the other one is fine. Kotori tells him that it is dangerous to throw it casually at someone. She notices that Yukito is looking at her. He sadly asks if that guy really didn’t do anything to her. Blushing, Kotori exclaims no, he only touched her shoulder and it is more like grabbing. “Really, and at that time, you just happen to come in and.. *Yukito is looking intently at her* What is it?”
Yukito says, “I want to kiss you.” Embarrassed Kotori says that doing it here is.. Yukito tells her that no one is looking. Kotori insists that someone might pass by because it is school festival now.. Yukito says that it is just that he subconsciously couldn’t help it. He turns away and says forget it, they should go. Kotori exclaims if he is giving up. She is surprised when Yukito smiles at her. Smiling Yukito says that she thought it is for real. Kotori says that it is embarrassing to death that he tricked her. He holds her hand and leans to kiss her. He tells her, “Then, close your eyes so that you won’t be embarrassed..” Looking horrified, Kotori mutters, “Hair..” Yukito is puzzled. Looking aghast, Kotori shouts, “has come out-!” Shock Yukito wonders if it is his nose hair. ^^; Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.