July 14, 2012

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 41]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 9, 2012

Cover Page: “No matter what I see through in the future, there’s a test waiting” Flashback: A boy named Paul [guesswork name from 波爾] told Theo and a friend if they knew that deep in the village forest, there lives a monster. Shaking his head in disbelief, Theo said that it is one of Paul’s rumors again. Theo says that Paul likes these kinds of topic when he obviously is a coward. Paul exclaims that he isn’t a coward. Scarf friend said that she had also heard of it and her father told her not to go in the forest. Theo decided that they confirm it once and for all, they go there together. Paul is all hyped up about it. Scarf friend is worried about being scolded by her father. They teased scarf girl that she is always concerned about her father that she would say father this and father that. Soon, in the dark forest, scared Paul tells Theo that maybe they shouldn’t go because it is such a gloomy forest. Theo told him that this is his suggestion. Paul said that if there is really a monster, they will be eaten. Theo told him that the first one who will be eaten will be Paul because he is fat and looks delicious. This made Paul whimper. Then, they hear a ‘hoot hoot’ sound that they exclaim in surprise. It turned out to be just an owl. Theo told Paul not to make such a loud noise. While Paul tried to say that Theo also shouted, scarf friend called out to Theo for she had seen a small house. Paul exclaimed that it is the monster. Theo told him that it is just a cabin. Scarf girl asked why it is in such a place. Paul said that it must be a witch. Theo exclaimed that didn’t he just say it is a monster.

While Paul tried to protest, Theo rushed into the cabin and said that since they are already there, might as well confirm it if there is someone inside or not. The two other kids had no choice but to follow Theo’s lead. Theo gently opened the door and looked inside. They sweatdrop for it is totally dark. Theo said that didn’t he tell them, there is no one there. Then, they were surprised upon hearing some noise – ‘oh oh’. Paul exclaimed that it came out. To Theo’s surprise, his friends had quickly run out of the cabin. Theo told them to wait but he tripped. He is tense as someone approached him. He wondered if it is a witch, or a monster, and he will be eaten. Then, it is just a young girl with rabbit ears. Theo blushed a bit then exclaimed who she is and how come she is in this place. The puzzled rabbit Ajin just looked at him. Narration: “From the start, the girl practically doesn’t understand a thing that I’m saying. From then on, I’ve heard from the adults’ conversations that girl is a taboo child. However, I would still secretly go and see her.” Theo exclaimed, “I’m called Theo, do you understand? Theo! What’s your name? ..do you have one. *pointing to self* Theo! *pointing to her* And you? *hand under chin* ..ah, it seems that you really don’t understand.. This is quite troublesome..” To Theo’s surprise, the rabbit Ajin muttered, “..eo” Theo asked if she can understand. The rabbit Ajin smiled and said, “Theo.” This made Theo blush as he tensely told her, “Ah yes.. I’m Theo.. That’s not what I want to say..” Narration: “This girl, she is thin, pale and busy. I called this girl, Lala. I felt that this name is like the sound of jumping. And, it really suits her. And like this, in an astonishing degree, Lala learned human language.”
Later on, Theo burst into the room where his father is meeting with a couple of guys. Theo exclaimed how can this be, they are just going to leave Lala behind. At first, his father is surprised over who this Lala is. Then, he realized that his son is meeting with that girl. Theo exclaimed that there is obviously an avalanche that is coming and yet they aren’t going to go away together with her. He shouted that Lala is quite pitiful like that. Theo’s father called him a fool and hit him. He told Theo that he ought to know that she is a taboo child and she fundamentally shouldn’t have existed. Theo exclaimed that he obviously said that she is quite pitiful [from the meeting earlier, I presume] but ever since then, they didn’t even give her food that she is quite thin. “She is left on her own in that place and doesn’t even know [communication] language! When obviously, it isn’t her fault..!” End flashback. While riding on her horse, together with Loki, Nakaba thinks, “Lala, I’ll definitely go and save you..! I have to calm down. How much time is left before the avalanche happens. I should use my power to look-- No good, fundamentally I can’t see it clearly. The power fundamentally won’t show it. And if the avalanche happens now..” Nakaba calls out to Loki and tells him to wait there. Loki says that he won’t, for he absolutely cannot just leave her by herself and why.. Thinking that she couldn’t drag Loki into this, Nakaba tensely tells Loki that it is alright, there is still time left before the avalanche. “If something happens, I’ll use the whistle to call you, Loki..”
Looking a bit tense, Loki says okay. As Nakaba starts to ride into the village, Loki shouts for her to be very careful. Then, Loki looks serious. He turns the horse around and left. Nakaba arrives in the village and quickly looks for the cave. She finds it and walks in. Inside, she finds Lala all bound up. Nakaba is flustered as she remembered Theo mentioning that it isn’t Lala’s fault. Nakaba quickly frees Lala and asks if she is alright. Lala asks who she is. Nakaba tells her that Theo had asked her to save her. Lala quickly asks if Theo is alright. Nakaba says yes, he had already evacuated the village. Lala says that isn’t what she means, Theo was hit because of her. Surprised Nakaba asks how she knew. Lala says that ever since she met Theo, she can hear all sorts of sounds from the world. “The town’s voices, everyone’s voices.. I have heard quite a lot..” Nakaba thinks that it isn’t only an Ajin’s hearing ability, it is an Arcana. To Nakaba’s surprise, Lala says that this is why she knows the reason why she has to be left behind. “I really like Theo but it is not allowed, right? So.. it would be for the best that I’m left behind.. Fundamentally, it should be like that. But, I’m quite scared.. *teary-eyed* It’s so sad.. I really want to see Theo.”
Nakaba hugs her and exclaims that she’ll be able to see him. Teary-eyed and flustered Nakaba looks determined. She quickly takes Lala out of the cave and shouts for her to hurry. They ride on the horse when Lala freezes. Covering her rabbit ears, Lala exclaims that she can hear the avalanche coming. This made Nakaba tense and flustered. As the avalanche fall down, Nakaba can only think of Loki. Later on, Loki is with an Ajin who seems to be Gadi [the panther Ajin from the village where Cain wanted to test their new weapons]. Gadi says that there is really an avalanche. Tense Loki tells him that they should hurry. They quickly rush into the buried town. Loki is tense and worried about Nakaba. In a dark place, Nakaba thinks that she can’t move and if this keeps up, she’ll die. “Will I die like this? Lala, I wasn’t able to protect you. Theo, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry. Caesar. I want to see you one more time. *uses her Arcana and sees a door.* At least, *teary-eyed* for the last time..” She enters Caesar’s bedroom and sees him sleeping. She approaches him and bends down to him. She whispers, “Caesar.” She smiles and starts to cry. She thinks, “It’s true, Lala. It’s scary. It’s so sad. Really want to see him. The tears are hindering my sight. It is a bit hazy.. Ah, fundamentally, it isn’t the power that is gradually weakening.. How painful--..” Nakaba loses her consciousness.
Soon, she feels something warm. Loki is giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Nakaba coughs out and Loki calls out to her. Nakaba opens her eyes and sees tense Loki calling out to her. She thinks, “Were you the one who got me out from the snow..? Loki, you are really amazing. I’ve always been giving you troubles, I’m really no good..” Nakaba asks Loki about Lala. Loki tells her that it is okay for that girl is also found. Nakaba smiles and says that is great. Looking really flustered, Loki says, “..Princess..Nakaba.. I’m truly really sorry.. *Nakaba is puzzled* I’m truly really sorry.. I had left your side.. and made you encounter danger.. *still weak Nakaba tries to protest* But I cannot go together with you into the snow..! *trembling and breathing hard* Because if I did, I won’t be able to save you.” Nakaba looks a bit flustered and surprised. She holds up her hand and lightly brushes his hair fringes from his right eye. To Nakaba’s surprise, his teary-eyed eye’s pupil is red. While Nakaba looks tense, Loki somewhat sadly smiles at her. Somewhat flustered Loki says, “This thing about the avalanche. This thing wherein you’ll go and save that girl, and also, it will be too late for you to escape. I have seen all of it early on.” Nakaba thinks, “It’s the Arcana of Time--..!!”
Scans by Rei'S工作室.