July 7, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 70]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 7, 2012

While Pin and Sawako are talking outside, Kent asks if he is section B’s Mogi. Mogi says that he is section D. Kent introduces himself. Soon, Mogi does his thing and washes his hands. Mogi notices that Kent is glaring at him that Mogi tries to quickly leave. Following Mogi out, Kent calls out to him and asks if he went steady with Ayane before. Pin and Sawako notice the two guys. Kent tells Mogi that they saw each other during the free time on the Okinawa trip. He had met up with Ayane then and he had asked her about it. Surprised Mogi asks if Ayane said something. While Pin points out that those two totally didn’t notice them, Kent tells him that it isn’t like that, he voluntarily just talking with him. Mogi says that it is because Ayane is quite mature so it ought to be okay even if he felt that he did something bad. Kent asks about this bad thing is. Mogi just mutters about having some excessive expectation. Kent asks him if he is referring to H[/sex] and what did he do to Ayane. Mogi tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong for they only kissed. He says that Ayane is so mature, she allowed him to kiss her. Kent asks if this is what he has been expecting and does Ayane know. Mogi asks if he didn’t ask Ayane about it. Kent remembers Ayane insisting that nothing has happened. Mogi says that Ayane has overheard what he was talking about with his friends for everyone seems to be concerned after he got a girlfriend. Kent asks if he was reporting to them. Nodding, Mogi nervously says that is right and it’s great because it seems that Ayane totally doesn’t mind it at all.

To Pin and Sawako’s surprise, Kent punches Mogi in the face. Kent angrily shouts how can Ayane not mind such a thing and how can he be so indifferent after she heard that. Kent remembers Ayane telling him that she doesn’t think the other party truly likes her. Grabbing Mogi’s collar, Kent shouts that for him to do such a thing, it is like she was disappointed in him [/Mogi]. And what could she had been feeling. “..Have you even thought of that!!” Sawako immediately stands up and rushes in the karaoke room to call Ayane. Pin holds Kent’s shoulder and tells him that is enough. Pin calls him stupid for didn’t he told them not to fight. Pin asks if Mogi is alright. With a bleeding nose, Mogi says that he is. Kent has already let go of Mogi. Hearing the people inside wondering about the noise, Pin tells Kent to quickly leave because it will be troublesome if he is there. Kent tries to protest but Pin tells him to go to the staircase. Before Kent leaves, Sawako and Ayane have arrived. Kent and Ayane look at each other. To Kent’s surprise, Ayane bends down to Mogi and asks if he is alright. Kent is flustered. With his bruised hand, he takes his gift package and left. An attendant asks what had happened. Pin makes up an excuse that Mogi accidentally hit something. Since Mogi goes along with it and Pin is their teacher, the attendant believes them. Mogi apologizes to her about the Okinawa incident for he thought that she didn’t mind it. He also didn’t think that she has come to like him to the degree that she’ll mind this. “But in the end.. it is still too mean.. I’m sorry..” Mogi tells her that he really felt that she is quite good and very fragrant that he thought that going steady with her is such an amazing thing. He even got a bit of courage up when ‘it will soon be the field trip’. Since she is always leading him, he wasn’t able to totally make her happy. Even if he has some sort of expectations with her, he sincerely felt that she is beautiful and is quite good.
To Mogi’s surprise, Ayane asks if he isn’t lying. “..I actually don’t hate you. And, I wasn’t hurt because of what you did. ..I’m alright. I’m already used to this kind of thing. It is already enough. Thank you. *stands up* but, ..regarding your injury, you better find someone else to treat that.” Just when Ayane is leaving, Pin tells her that Kent is at the fire escape [stairs]. Ayane rushes off. [I think] Pin says that is a Christmas gift. Sawako covers her mouth in surprise. At the stairs, Kent looks up the snowy sky while holding his gift. He looks at the side to see Ayane downstairs, looking up to him. He mutters her name. She sees his bruised hand. Kent scolds her that it is cold, how come she is only wearing that. Ayane tells him that it is okay. Kent says that it isn’t okay. He drops his gift which seems to be something and roses, on the floor. Then, he rushes to put his sweater on her. Kent mutters that he really sucks. Picking up the broken gift and roses, Kent says that it is a Christmas gift. “It is all broken but..” To his surprise, Ayane holds his hands and asks if it hurts. Teary-eyed Ayane says that he is such a fool. Kent drops the gift again and hugs her tightly with both arms. “I like you, Ayane. I’m already no longer satisfied with seeing your back figure as I send you off. I felt that you are very cute. I really like you. Having a clumsy expression, and such a warm-hearted person. ..I like you. I like you! If you haven’t liked someone before, then come and like me. It is also alright even if right now, you don’t have feelings [for me]. You’ll like me. I will cherish you. I will treasure you, Ayane.” And, crying Ayane hugs him back and mutters, “..yeah..”
Scans by 夜莺工作室