July 7, 2012

The One [Chapter 91]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 6, 2012

It starts out in a room lit by a candlelight. Lele tells Anji that tonight is their precious first night that she couldn’t even sleep. Anji says that they should proper train her [to become like a man]. Taking off his clothes, Anji seductively tells Lele that in order for her to successful switch into a ‘manly Lele’, it is okay for her to do whatever she wants with him. Lele bends down to Anji and mutters his name. “Beautiful Anji.. you really make my heart beat with eagerness..” Then, Eros wakes up. It turns out to be just a dream. Aghast, Eros wonders if it is a dream or because Lele returned back to him what he said about losing his appetite for her if she gives up her dream for love, and for her to be within his sight, she’ll do her best. Eros also wonders if it is something he caused himself and how did those two spent the night. At the park, the bum [Eros] has gone to Paris. =P While smoking, Eros wonders if he really should go back to New York and let Lele be. Then, an old bum asks for a puff from his cigarette but to his surprise, Eros gave him the whole pack. Later on, manly Lele holds Anji’s hand and says that they go on a date. Anji says that she dressed up really handsomely. Lele says that they’ll try to shock the people on the streets. To Lele’s aghast, a couple of women exclaim that it is such a nice pair of women. At a cafe, Lele laments over her failure and probably she doesn’t have the ability to convince people. Pouting, she thinks out loud that this isn’t a task she can complete just by dressing up. Anji tells her not to be impatient since her ‘manly girl’ image before is popular, so she can just bring out that characteristic within her again. Lele says that she cannot bring that attitude out because it was a time when she is in the lowest point of her life. Her beloved grandma left her, and her aunt acted like a stranger so she felt quite lonely then. So, she can only make herself become cold and strong compared to anyone else, and walk on. But, right now, she is very happy because that person [Eros] made her feel that there is someone she can depend on [/be strong for] and at the same time, she felt weak.. She starts to cry that yesterday, even if she made him leave, she thought of him the whole night as if she is going to lose her life. She felt so useless for she knows that right now, he mustn’t be in her life but it is really hard.

Touching her hand, Anji tells her to think of him when she is thinking of Eros for didn’t she say that she’ll only look at him and think of him. Anji says that he is directly looking at her, could it be that she doesn’t think of him as attractive [/sex appeal], even for one bit. Flustered Lele says, no, I.. Holding Lele’s hand to his face, teary-eyed Anji tells her not to hurt him for in his circle, she is his only friend whom he likes. Lele says that she also likes him and she won’t hurt him. To their surprise, someone with crossed arms says that is quite touching that it makes him want to cry. Lele shouts how come he is there for wasn’t he suppose to withdraw from her life temporarily. Eros says that this isn’t her house and can’t he even have a cup of coffee. Lele asks if he is stalking her. Eros asks if he is such a lowly boring person who would do that. Lele says that is good. After standing up, Lele offers her hand to Anji and says that they are leaving. Eros grabs her hand and says that he can give up the responsibility for her training with Anji but she has to promise some things to him. “First of all, you’re not allowed..” Then, Eros is puzzled when Lele starts sniffing his clothes. Lele asks if he has been smoking. Smiling, Lele tells him that he only smokes when he is working. For him to smoke during ordinary times, that means there is something troubling him. “So it seems that right now, you are quite troubled, right?” Eros looks tense. Letting him go, Lele laughs and happily tells Anji-darling that they are going home. While Anji wonders why she is so happy, Lele keeps on laughing as they leave stunned Eros. Eros freaks out that Lele is making fun of him. At her apartment, Lele keeps on laughing that Eros would even deny that he is stalking her, she won’t believe it. It cracks her up for that stinky silver-eyed monster to become tense. She always felt that her care for him surpasses his care for her but now, she finally felt like she had a home run [/feeling what she felt]. Meanwhile, Eros is still in shock over what Lele did. He thinks that Lele has changed for she would unexpectedly just ignore him completely. <- a husband who felt his wife just left with her lover. He angrily thinks what kind of joke is this and is he someone whom she can just casually ignore. “Just you wait and regret it, Cane Lele!”
Somewhere else, Feidna is watching a fashion show with another woman. After the show, the woman says that it is such a splendid fashion show and thanks Feidna for entertaining her. Feidna replies, “You’re welcome! This is my honor, Madame Mandy[/formerly Mode]!” The next day, in Lele’s apartment, Anji is surprised over manly Lele who is smoking. She greets Anji a good morning. After puffing out the smoke, Lele asks him if she looks good. Lele is modeling Eros. Anji blushes and thinks she is too sexy. While getting some coffee, Lele says that Anji dressed up quite prettily so he has work today. She wishes him best. She kisses him on the cheek and says that they’ll eat dinner together when he returns. Anji quickly leaves. In the street, Anji holds his bleeding nose and thinks that Lele is too provocative that he couldn’t stand up. Later on, the door bell rings. Lele wonders if Anji forgot something. She opens the door and is shock to see bum Eros who smells because he is in bum mode for two days. As Eros holds the door, Lele exclaims what’s up with him. Eros tells her that the water heater at the place, where he is staying, is broke so let him borrow her bathroom. Angrily thinking that Eros is deceiving her about it, Lele shouts for him to use cold water. Going straight to the bathroom, Eros tells her that he’ll leave after a shower and since she is busy, there’s no need to greet him. Lele angrily calls out to him but Eros strips and tosses his clothes on Lele. She blushes as she watches Eros take a shower. She is too shock that she forgot what she is going to shout at him. She thinks that it has been such a long time since she has seen this scene. Eros asks her to give him a towel. Lele thinks that it is too bad that he is finished. Drooling Lele starts to wipe the towel on Eros. Eros thinks that her response is quite honest. Eros asks if she can’t part from him. Lele says yes. Then she snaps out of it and wonders what she is doing. Lele immediately gets away from him and shouts that he is finished so leave. Eros hugs her from behind and asks her if she really wants him to go. Blushing Lele mutters, yes. Eros says okay, after he finished what he wanted to say earlier, he’ll leave. While caressing and seducing her, Eros gives her some rules while she is staying together with Anji. First, they are not allowed to have/share the same pillow and bed. Second, except for kissing and hugging during appearances, she isn’t allowed to have any other intimate touches. Third, no matter up to what degree their feelings become during the training, she isn’t allowed to forget to whom does this [/her] body and heart belongs to. “Understand?” Lele groans in pleasure. The next chapter will be on August 5th in Taiwan. Blurb: “Through Madame Mandy, Feidna learned of Eros’ secret while he was in Sweden. In order to get Eros back to her side, Feidna would seize anything to threaten Eros. Thus, Lele also mistakes this..that Feidna and Eros maybe apart but they still long for each other."
Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.