June 30, 2012

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 33]

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Narration: “And the night has passed after His Majesty had said such a strange declaration, ‘If I can’t be nice to you, then I’ll bully you’. I, Tei Yuulin—is still in a flurry as before, living the life of a servant girl.” Granny shouts for her to quite staring off and to quickly finish her job in cleaning her room. Carrying a broom and a bucket of water, Yuulin exclaims, yes, she’s coming. Frowning granny looks at Yuulin who is cleaning the table with her rag. Then, granny kicks the bucket on the floor. Yuulin is surprised that the water is spilled on the floor. Granny says that is too bad, she has to clean it up again. Yuulin smiles at her and says that she will quickly tidy it up. “Please wait for a while.” Granny turns to leave with a huff and starts complaining over how her arm hurts and it is that idiot’s fault that this had happened to her. Yuulin just thinks that this is the result of her being a professional Queen Consort. While cleaning the floor, Yuulin thinks that it seems that granny’s anger towards her father won’t easily disappear. “At present, I can only patiently persevere... And also.. *rubs shoulders* ah- I’m quite tired. There is also that problem with His Majesty.” Carrying a basket of food, Reishou happily says good work, he has been waiting for her to finish her work. Crossing her arms around her chest, Yuulin quickly jumps away from him. This surprises Reishou. Blushing and alert Yuulin exclaims, “Your.. wrong! Sir Rishou*! Is it truly because of that baffling reason that you won’t go back!? Don’t say such strange ‘bully you’ type of words and quickly go back!” [*I’ve belatedly notice the difference. ^^; Rishou is when he is in disguise, Reishou is when he is king] Reishou asks if she is angry that she even skipped away from him. Yuulin exclaims that she isn’t angry. To her surprise, Reishou happily smiles and says that’s great. Giving her the basket, Reishou tells her that it is for her. “I bought it from the opposite town so bring it home and sample it, together with your younger brother. Downtown is still quite interesting!” Puzzled Yuulin thanks him and says that he really puts her in a difficult situation. “You really should quickly go back.”
Reishou replies, “Didn’t I tell you that I’ll bully you? I won’t listen to what you say. To this temporarily in vacation, stubborn and strong-willed, lady, whom I totally do not know. I really anticipate that you’ll ask for my help soon!” Yuulin shouts that she already said that she won’t depend on him. Reishou says is that so. “That’s unfortunate. Are you going to shop for dinner? I’ll accompany you.” Yuulin is speechless. She thinks, “This is bad! This person’s mouth said that he’ll bully, actually, he is only looking for an opportunity to spoil his own temporary Queen Consort! Just for that strange thing, this person would be quite stubborn..!?” At the house, while wiping the plates dry, Seishin says, “—about that, sister? You and sir Rishou.. it seems that your relationship with him is quite good.., right? *Yuulin is startled* If you introduce him to father, then we’ll be able to get father to come out, right?” Freaking out Yuulin exclaims that she doesn’t want to and why is he saying such strange things. Seishin replies, “It’s because, sister, this time around, you are exceptionally concerned about my matters.. *tense and blushing* In the end.. you are already thinking of getting married, right?” Yuulin goes into shock then quickly recovers. With sparkles, she says, “..listen to me, Seishin. You’re mistaken, about that person. He is only excessively concerned with his subordinate.. He is the type who has overflowing feelings, and that’s all there is to it.” Seishin says is that so, overflowing feelings? Yuulin assures him, “Yes! So, you don’t have to worry on my behalf! Okay?” Seishin timidly says is that so, and it seems that she isn’t easy [to get].. Blushing Yuulin holds her fist and thinks, “So, as mentiond, ‘that’ [/kiss] is also just a bullying type of thing.. If I think of it, I’ll lose! Darn- I’ll definitely depend on my own strength to resolve this!”

In town, granny shouts that they are going to the next one. Yuulin says that weren’t they already finished in visiting all of the branches. Granny angrily shouts that this is reconnaissance[/scouting]. “Lately, that man in High Store* is becoming more and more scandalous, and too arrogant! Unexpectedly mingling with our customers, deliberately finding fault! *Yuulin thinks that granny is quite lively* -hey, are you listening!?” [*I don’t know if it is a name of a shop or something so I translated it literally] Yuulin exclaims, “Yes, I’m listening!” Granny shouts, “You still won’t quickly go! If you keep dilly-dallying and we got back when it is already dark, you are going to pay dearly for it!” Yuulin thinks that granny is quite unbearable. Then, granny quietly looks at Yuulin. At the house, Gaku tells trembling Yuulin, “So, she led you in a full circle and in the end, on the way back, she made you carry her on your back because granny can no longer move, right? ..no wonder your face looked like a squashed frog.” Tired Yuulin shouts, “Shut up! Just be quiet and let me rest! You even specially come here to laugh at me!” Gaku’s underling thinks, “If you are worried, why don’t you just directly say it..” Yuulin thinks, “Sigh.. –but, honestly, granny-sama’s anger doesn’t seem to deminish a bit.. I cannot always be on vacation on my job as the temporary bride, is it okay for this to go on..” Going to a teahouse to rest, Yuulin calls out to her friend, Meigyoku. Carrying a tray of food, Meigyoku exclaims, “Ah, if it isn’t downtown’s akujo [wicked/ugly woman]!” Yuulin goes, huh. While the other waitress greets Yuulin and says that it has been a long time, Meigyoku says, “Yuulin, you came at the right time! Customers- It’s her, it’s her! The one whom I’m just talking to you about, the girl who is in a love triangle together with the son of Big Store [Gaku] and a young official [Reishou]!”
After looking surprised, Yuulin angrily shouts what the heck is she talking about. Meigyoku sighs and asks if it isn’t that so. Yuulin angrily shouts of course, not! Pony-tailed man says that it is no wonder, for this lady appears to be truly cute. “With such a beautiful person, I can’t help but also want to join in the fight!” The other customers laugh and say that Yuulin is quite popular. Yuulin asks Meigyoku who this person is, who talks a lot. Meigyoku happily tells her that it is a new customer who came today. “He really got along well with the other old customers and he is quite talkative!” One of the old men calls out, “But, Meigyoku! Compared with Yuulin, there’s an even more like an akujo in the harem!” Yuulin looks surprised. Meigyoku exclaims, “Ah, yes, yes! The other party is after all, the Wolf King! Hahaha” Yuulin asks, “Harem’s.. akujo?” Meigyoku says that is right, lately, she is quite popular, the Wolf King’s Queen Consort! *Yuulin is stunned.* It has been reported that the Wolf King got played right into the palm of her hand and has been monopolizing the harem. She is a really beautiful person who does as she pleases! Weren’t you working part-time at the palace? Haven’t you heard of these rumors?” Surprised Yuulin mutters that it seems that she hasn’t heard of this. Meigyoku complains that she is useless and luckily, she is still working in the palace. “I’ve heard that fresh flowers would even timidly bow their heads one-by-one when in front of her!” Some people join in, “I also heard that the birds were so charmed by her beauty that they forgot to fly and fell down from the sky! I would really want to see that!” “According to others, that cold-hearted ruthless Wolf King is also quite captivated by her!” Aghast Yuulin wonders what the downtown people are thinking.
The pony-tailed man says, “It would be good if this is only just something that people would chat and joke about in the teahouse. I hope that the king isn’t too engrossed with this beauty that he would abandon the country.” The others gossip and agree with that point of view. Yuulin just looks serious about that. Preparing to leave, the pony-tailed man exclaims that the food is quite delicious and he’ll come back. “That’s right, that girl over there, next time if there is an opportunity, let’s chat some more!” After he left, Meigyoku happily tells Yuulin that isn’t he quite handsome, and she heard that lately, he is working nearby. Yuulin tells Meigyoku that doesn’t she already have a lover. A bit tense, Yuulin thinks that she doesn’t know why but for a second there, she felt quite frightened. As the pony-tailed man walks out of the teahouse, Dai is looking at him and he seems to recognize the person. That night, Yuulin is busy sewing. She thinks, “By the way, it is really quite mean! Everyone is saying whatever they please as if it is a bad Queen Consort, and it seems that His Majesty is a useless king.. Actually, the king is very serious, and good because until everything had stabilized, he doesn’t plan on taking in a Queen Consort. He is very serious.. *puppy wagging tail Reishou says that he had come and about the government affairs, no problem, there’s no problem at all* ... *tense* Hmm? It seems to be.. it is everything but reassuring?” At a port area, Gaku is busy ordering some workers around. “Stop goofing off! Quickly get a move on it!” Reishou approaches him and asks if he isn’t money lending today. While still ordering the people around, Gaku tells him that gramps and others had went to purchase a large scale of goods that aren’t available in the capital so during this time, he has a lot of work to do. “You, government officials, seem to be have a lot of leisure time. So, what’s up?” Reishou says, “Nothing much. I just want to ask when your grandmother will give Yuulin back to me.” Holding the back of his neck, Gaku says that he doesn’t know for it depends on his granny’s mood. “That idiot would just do whatever unreasonable demands granny makes.” After a pause, Yuulin smiles and says, “..it’s because Yuulin is a straightforward and nice girl.” Gaku sternly asks what Reishou is planning to do with Yuulin. “If you only want to play around, you should quickly give it up.”
Reishou asks what does this have to do with him. Gaku says, “Even if that girl would say that I shouldn’t mind her, but I don’t want to see my idiotic childhood friend clean up the mess of some stupid master, and later on, her feelings will be deceived by some jerk. Then, in the end, she’ll meet an unfortunate end.” Chibi Yuulin exclaimed not to increase her debt. Looking surprised, Reishou says that he is such a good guy. “But, how come Yuulin’s behavior towards you is quite bad?” Chibi Yuulin exclaimed, ‘scoundrel’. Gaku angrily shouts that Reishou talks too much and it is because that girl isn’t cute, not one bit. Then, Gaku is puzzled when Reishou mutters, “Feelings deceived, and meet an unfortunate end..huh..” Later on, Reishou is surprised to see Yuulin. Yuulin slightly bows and apologizes. She tells him that it is because sir Rishou wasn’t waiting outside that she had asked Dai where he is staying. Reishou apologizes for today he has been going around town. To Reishou’s surprise, flustered Yuulin asks if she can talk with him. Later on, looking around in a room, Yuulin says that he had rented such a small place when he is the king. Reishou says that it is because he came out in a hurry and the other places are already full. Folding his arm, Reishou asks her what she wants to talk about and if possible, keep it concise. Puzzled Yuulin says about that..how can she say this.. “Then, let me get directly go to the point, I feel that..we cannot go on like this!” Aghast Reishou tells her not to say it that way because it makes him feel that they are breaking up. Yuulin tells him that she is serious for he is treating his temporary bride way too nice. “I think that this isn’t a good thing whether for Your Majesty or for myself! It must be moderated! So, I hope that His Majesty would quickly go back to the palace-” Serious Reishou asks, “Is that thing with granny-sama already resolved?” Gloomy Yuulin timidly says, “Ah.. yes.. about that.. that.. I’m in the process of suiting my good faith with great effort, as a whole..” Reishou tells her that fundamentally, Yuulin has no fault at all about this issue, so up to what extent, is she going to keep on doing this. Yuulin replies that there is no other way for in the end, the one who tripped and injured someone is her father.
Still looking serious, Reishou says, “I can also understand Granny-sama’s anger. ..you want to be responsible for the trouble that your father had caused so can I just be indifferent while seeing you suffering?” As Reishou approaches her, Yuulin replies, “Ah.. I’m not suffering.. You’re exaggerating. I’m fine. Up to this extent, I’m already quite used to it.” Holding her hand, Reishou says, “-it really pain me, you know? Facing towards that rationality of yours. Whenever you only have to ask a reasonable request, you never do something that will break the rules a bit. *holds her hand slightly to his lips* You’re always being rational. –there are times when I really would want to see.. the you, who would thoroughly lose your senses[/rationality]. It is all your fault, right? My Queen.” Yuulin blushes over what Reishou said [/is implying]. Yuulin quickly covers his mouth and shouts, “So! Didn’t I tell you not to be like this! *cross arms, in alert mode* Anyway, you also want to say some strange ‘I bully you’ type of words, but it is just a way of spoiling your temporary Queen Consort right!? So, listen properly, Your Majesty! *Reishou surprised* In case, I’ve really had mistaken your meaning, and had become arrogant and spoiled, recklessly doing rash things. In the end, what are you going to do if I become a bad woman! Then, it will really provoke the anger of the masses, in the end, Your Majesty is the one who’s going to suffer, right!? Even if you are quite nice to me, please moderate it a bit! Geez-!” To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou burst into laughter. Embarrassed Yuulin shouts, “What are you laughing about! I was really serious about this!” Reishou apologizes and says that she is really amazing. This made her blush even more. Preparing to leave, Yuulin exclaims, “In short! Please, you must return to the royal palace, okay!? I’m going ahead!” She becomes puzzled when Reishou says that she pretty much won’t be able to go home. “From here to your house, you have to pass the city gate of the west main street, right? But lately, there have been a lot of road repairs that you have to go around before you can reach it. Even if you ran to go there, upon sunset, the gate will be closed and I estimate that you would arrive too late.” Note: The capital city’s different areas have its own city gate and in case, you get locked out, the gate always opens at daybreak. [<- I think this is why granny wanted to finish her walk before night falls] Yuulin goes into shock and exclaims if she can’t go back. Reishou nods and says that even if Yuulin is very rational, but she would unconditionally believe others. [<- referring to gossips?] “Isn’t that quite dangerous? Since it is like this, you’re going to stay here tonight! Can you accompany me as we have some chat? My Bride. Wrong, it should be, the lady whom I totally do not know, right?” Yuulin is freaking out. Narration: “This.. is also too much bullying--!”
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