July 28, 2012

Boku no Robot [Chapter 1]

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[Free Talk:This is Hazuki Megumi’s new other series, besides Ojousawa wa Oyomesama, serialized in Betsufure. The first chapter is good so I summarized it.]

Mission 1: Rai’s Girlfiend. Narration: “At that time, he said this. *A young boy pointed to a girl and said, “This girl is my robot!”* That was eight years ago.” A shirt is flying above that a couple of old women wonders if it is a laundry. Then, they see a long haired girl jumping above to grab the shirt. Narration: “Shirasawa Yuma [白澤結舞; the surname is guesswork] 16 years old, currently jumping.” Yuma manages to grab the shirt. After a perfect landing, Yuma is relieved for the shirt almost got dirty. While the old women are shock by that, Yuma greets them a good morning and quickly leaves. The dark haired woman asks what’s up with that girl. The other asks if she didn’t know, it is Fujieda’s [guesswork from 藤枝].. The woman asks if it is helper. The other says pretty much but it seems not, for she is called ‘Robot’. Narration: “That is right, since 8 years ago, I’ve always been Rai’s robot.” Rai angrily says that she’s too slow. He complains that he is hungry and until when is she going to make him wait. “Do you want me to die of hunger!?” Yuma apologizes to him and says that she has been washing the clothes. Rai shouts that is enough, just quickly cook. Soon, Yuma has finished making some pancakes, salad and soup + tea. Sour faced Rai soon smiles because the food is delicious. Yuma thinks that even if Rai is scary when he is in a bad temper but.. Without expression, Yuma thinks that his smile is quite cute. She is relieved that the food suits his taste. Then, she suggests that he taste this other one. He obliges.

Narration: “My job is to take care of Rai. Cooking, taking care of his school life, and I’ll do everything that is related to him. *Cooking, preparing his things for school, helping him study, washing his clothes except the underwear, and managing his schedule* Thus, without knowing it, I had become a robot. If you’re asking why, it is because this allows me to stay in Rai’s house though I live in the attic. When I was young, my mother had passed away and my father went missing. Fujieda-san[/uncle] took me in. *Uncle is says that she has no relatives to depend on, then come to his house. ‘Hahaha.. Why, it’s because I and Shirasawa are good friends-!!’* But, actually, uncle doesn’t come home that much. *Yuma is carrying Rai’s uniform* And, auntie, she-” Rai’s mother calls out to Yuma as Robot and tells her to quit randomly walking all over the place for right now, she really wants to quickly drive her away. Yuma thinks that it seems that auntie really hates her. Auntie starts to reprimand Yuma over forgetting to close the light while she’s sleeping, and does she know how much electricity she alone can waste. Yuma apologizes to her. Rai angrily calls his mother, old woman and she’s too annoying. Rai complains that she seldom comes home and yet, she would always keep on shouting. “When obviously, the money you use to buy your cosmetics cost much more-” Auntie perks up upon seeing Rai. Rushing towards Rai, Auntie exclaims that he’s so cute when he talks to her like that. Sweatdropping Yuma thinks that it seems Auntie really dotes on Rai. Hugging Rai tight, Auntie says that he is also quite cute today and he ought to be careful about getting entangled with some strange girl. Trying to free himself, Rai says that she’s the strangest girl[/woman] of them all. Rai manages to free himself. He grabs his uniform from Yuma and says that he’s going to change. After a pause, Auntie angrily tells Yuma if she understands. “I’m going to work now. If you dare lay a hand on Rai, I absolutely will let you have it. Do you understand that!?” Narration: “It seems that Auntie is worried about something happening between me and Rai. Obviously, it is impossible for that thing to happen.”
In class, a couple of girls is telling Yuma that it is wrong since their current [Y&R] relationship is quite fantastic[/strange] for other people, and in contrary, they can accept it if it’s a romantic relationship. “It seems like you would LISTEN TO HIM BECAUSE YOU LIKE HIM~~” Yuma just says, is that so. After a pause from her friends and Yuma continues to write on a notebook, the light haired girl exclaims that it is really such a waste for Yuma is obviously intelligent and her motor skills are one of a kind. “So, why are you being ordered around-- Aren’t you frustrated at all?! Before I finish what I’m saying, what are you doing?” Yuma says that she is sorting out Rai’s exam notebook. “I’m sorting out the questions that will appear and the teacher’s review questions. *the two girls are speechless* I am not frustrated at all. From the start, it is inevitable. And, it is thanks to Rai that I was able to stay in that house.” Light haired girl laments that Yuma is beyond help. The dark haired girl asks if it is really okay for her to take care of Rai like this. “About Rai, perhaps, he would become a ve~~~ry useless and incapable guy without Yuma.” Yuma is surprised by this and asks if Rai will become a useless guy. Light haired girl exclaims that is right, and he also won’t be able to get himself a GIRLFRIEND. Dark haired girl agrees for she doesn’t want a boyfriend who always has a girl around him. Light haired girl says that is right, she’ll definitely think that no matter what. Yuma can’t believe that. Then, her cellphone rings. It is ‘prince’ Rai ordering her to buy him a couple of lemon tea that he wants to drink right now. Yuma tries to say something to her friends who just wave her off and tell her that it is Rai, so go ahead.
Yuma quickly walks fast at the hallway. Everyone mutter that today, Robot is also walking quite fast. Yuma thinks that she never thought that everything that she has been doing for Rai can become a hindrance. Rai is with a friend and a couple of girls. Rai turns to the side and is surprised that Yuma is running fast and there’s a fat boy crossing the hallway. Rai calls her an idiot for it is dangerous. Rai rushes to protect her but he got bounce off by the fat boy. ^^; Yuma quickly jumps up and catches Rai..then safely puts him back down on the floor. Holding on him, Yuma apologizes to him and asks if he is alright. Just when Rai is going to reprimand her for looking perfectly straight [and not at the side], he notices that she is holding him. Rai blushes really red and quickly hits her hand away. “Don’t touch me!!!” Yuma apologizes and tries to give him his lemon tea. Rai grabs the drink and goes with his friends. A girl asks if that is alright. Narration: “Actually, Rai is quite crude in his speech, and is harsh. His face is quite cute and girls are always touching him. And-” Yuma tells Rai that there is another lemon tea. Without looking at her, Rai says that is hers. Narration: “Actually, he is very nice.” While drinking his lemon tea, Rai is still blushing red. While cooking at home, Yuma thinks that even if it isn’t strange that Rai doesn’t have a girlfriend but for him not to have one until now, is it her fault. “If.. if it is like that, what am I to do? I gave him trouble during the day, when I obviously wanted to become a bit dependable. What should I do?” At the dining room, Rai exclaims what’s up with Yuma’s ghostly aura. “It bothers me so much that I couldn’t eat!” Rai is surprised when Yuma bluntly asks, “..Rai, do you want a girlfriend? Do you want to be with a girlfriend and do a lot of things together?” Rai is blushing really red as Yuma stares at him. Rai exclaims of course, for he is also a guy. “What do you want me to say?” Rai mutters, “You.. are you saying that you want to be my girlfriend, I also don’t mind..” He freezes for Yuma is already leaving and just says, “I understand.” Rai starts shouting what she meant by that ‘I understand’.
Narration: “Since I was young, I’m at Rai’s side.” Flashback: Looking out the window and it is raining outside, young Rai said that he wants to eat an omurice [omelet rice]. Yuma told him that Auntie had left on a business trip and there’s no car so they can’t go and buy it. Rai said that his mother would only care about him when she is in the mood for it. “She’s always working and working and doesn’t come home. If it isn’t take-out food, it’s fried rice.” Soon, after some noise in the kitchen, Rai looked surprise at dirty Yuma. Yuma told him that she tried making the omurice. Rai happily smiled and said that she is amazing. End flashback. Narration: “Because of what I did, if it can make Rai smile, then it is already enough. But- if this is going to turn me into a hindrance to Rai’s future, I will- from now on, will secretly support him from behind!! Gam-batte” The next day, Rai wakes up and he is surprised that everything is ready – breakfast, bag, uniform, and schedule. Then, he notices that Yuma is staring at him from behind the door. He is puzzled over this. At school, his friend asks Rai what’s up with Robot. Yuma is staring at him from the corner. Rai says that he doesn’t know for she has been like that since this morning. Rai suddenly turns that he loses his balance but Yuma quickly rushes out, straightens him, and rushes off to the next corner. Rai shouts if she’s a ninja. Yuma thinks that it is quite hard to support Rai from behind. Rai is surprised that lunch is already made. There is also a pile of notebooks on the table which his friend says that is definitely the work of Robot. Yuma thinks that watching him from afar, Rai has more opportunity to talk with other girls, as compared to when he is with her. “If he got a better relationship with a girl, he’ll find a girlfriend.. If he has a girlfriend, then Rai’s wish will completely be actualized by that person. Rai would also smile at her, then what about me[/Robot]? Could it be that I’m not needed?”
Later on, Yuma returns home and feels more tired today compared to the usual. Sitting on the chair, Rai calls out to her to come. Yuma is surprised [though she doesn’t look surprised]. Yuma asks what it is, is it about what he wants to eat for dinner? Rai says that it isn’t about food, for he wants to ask what’s up with her. “What’s going on with you today? Always doing things secretly behind me. If there’s something up, you should say it out straight.” While thinking what to do for Rai is angry, Yuma says about that.. “I only.. if I’m always at your side, could it be that you won’t be able to find a girlfriend..” This made Rai flustered. He angrily shouts that he didn’t ask her to do that and how come she is even concerned about that matter. Yuma says that it is because she’s his robot. This infuriates Rai that he shouts, “I don’t want that kind of robot!!” Rai turns around to leave and Yuma is quite stunned by that. “What now. He have said ‘don’t need[/want]’..” The next day, Auntie is surprised that Rai is eating some convenient store’s hotdog bun. Rai says that she’s home. Auntie angrily asks if robot is goofing off, she’ll go wake her up. Rai says that there’s no need to. Yuma feels that her body is so heavy and tired that she doesn’t know where she is going. Everyone in school is surprised over her for gloomy Yuma’s hair is a complete mess, she tied up her necktie wrong, she didn’t tuck in her blouse properly, a part of her skirt is crumpled, wrong lengths of socks and she’s wearing house slippers. Everyone sweatdrops as she wobbles at the hallway then falls flat on the floor. While her friends are screaming what had happened, Yuma mutters that she forgot to prepare for the lesson. “What happened.. nothing has happened.. nothing at all..”
While walking with her friends, Yuma wonders why things turn out this way. She sees Rai with his friends below. She wonders about the lesson today, did he eat properly, did he wear his necktie. Then, she notices one of the girls touching Rai’s back. Yuma wonders if it would be better for her not to be too meddlesome but she, even if he doesn’t let her become a robot again, she couldn’t help but keep on thinking about him. Soon, it is school dismissal. Her friends bid her goodbye and Yuma walks at the hallway. She thinks that upon returning home, she doesn’t have anything to do. She leans on a door which suddenly opens. She falls inside and the door suddenly closes. She finds herself in a messy storage room. She stands up and tries to open the door but it is locked. She couldn’t get out. She hears some girls’ voices outside so she calls out and says that it’s Yuma, she couldn’t get out so could they help her. One of the girls says that it is Rai’s robot. Yuma realizes that it is one of Rai’s friends. The short haired girl says that the teacher said that it is broken and it is her fault for not listening. The girls giggle and tell Yuma that they have no way of opening it so why doesn’t she just always stay inside there. “Make Rai come and open it.” They continue to giggle and say that they should go to karaoke together with Rai. Yuma sits down on the floor and thinks about it, ‘making Rai open it’. At the karaoke bar, the girl urges Rai to come sing. Rai tells her to shut up. They laugh and say that Rai is in a bad mood. Then, Rai gets an email. His mother is asking where he is and how come he isn’t home yet. “Robot isn’t here either. --# What are you doing *pout* Mama love <3” Rai says, Yuma.. Then, the girl asks if Yuma is still.. Rai asks her what she knows. The girl says that Yuma got herself locked up in the storage room. She tells Rai that she wanted to help but no matter what, a teacher will find out about it. “It’s, it’s fine, that girl is very strong.” Flustered Rai shouts that she isn’t. Inside the storage room, Yuma wonders what to do for it is already dark. “Then, no one will notice. I also forgot to bring my cellphone. If I were to be all alone here until morning..” Suddenly Yuma remembers the time when she is young, and she got a note from someone. Yuma felt sick and became very afraid. “Rai *hard time breathing* Rai, being all alone is so scary. How come I’ve thought of leaving[/being separated].. I, always been saying that it is for Rai. Obviously, if I’m all alone, I can’t do anything. *cries* I myself is a person who can’t do anything without Rai. I obviously know this from the very start. Ever since that time-”
Flashback: While preparing his game console, a kid pointed at Yuma and asked Rai how come that girl is staying at his house when obviously, she isn’t a relative. “It’s so strange!!” Yuma looked sad over this. Pointing to Yuma, Rai exclaimed, “This girl is my robot! So, it isn’t a bit strange that she’s in my house!!” End flashback. Narration: “At that time, Rai gave me the meaning of my existence. He said, ‘You can stay here’. Beside Rai, is where I should be. That is what I thought-” Yuma is surprised when Rai suddenly calls out to her. She wonders why [he is there]. Trying to open the door, Rai asks if she is in there, and if she is okay. “You’re very afraid of the dark, right” Yuma says that she is okay. Yuma thinks that Rai is obviously angry and yet, he came for her. Suddenly, Rai says what the--, then he screams out. Yuma calls out to him and asks what happened. Worried about Rai, Yuma ‘powers up’ with adrenalin rush. She carries a locker. Shouting that she’s going out now, Yuma uses the locker to ram the door open. While Rai is shock over this, Yuma immediately tosses away the locker, which falls to the side along with the door. Yuma immediately hits the debris away. Then, she rushes to Rai’s side and asks if he is alright. Rai sweatdrops and says that he is only being attacked by a cat. A cat is hanging on his shoulder. After looking surprised, Yuma bows her head and says that’s great for she thought a bad person had beaten him up. Looking at the destroyed doorway, Rai says that it turns out that if she is left all alone, nothing will happen to her for she can depend on herself to get out. Rai pouts that it was meaningless for him to come. Yuma says no. “In the end, it is no good if I’m not with you. *looks at Rai* Please let me stay at your side. For me, Rai is an absolute necessity.” This made Rai blush really red. Looking away, Rai says that is right. “So I’m saying.. That if it isn’t you making the meals and stuff, it won’t do at all!! Bu..but, Yuma, from today on, not as a robot..” Yuma interrupts, “Rai, I will strive harder in becoming Rai’s robot!!” Rai is stunned. He tries to tell her that he is saying.. Yuma shouts that she won’t give him trouble again. Rai continues to insist that he is saying that.. Yuma shouts for him to anticipate her in showing that off. Rai can only cry for Yuma isn’t listening to him. ^^; Narration: “Even if I’m an unreliable robot, but one day, I’ll pay my debt of gratitude. Wait for me, Rai!!”
Scans by 離境漢化組.