July 14, 2012

Free Talk: Namida Usagi

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on July 14, 2012

The last Chinese scanlations of Namida Usagi is up a few days ago and I would want to talk about this. This is a series that I’ve followed before, and then not, after it wasn’t updated for such a long time. Then, it is scanlated regularly again. I’ve skipped a part of it and only continued to browse it later on, out of curiosity. I also used it as basis if I’m going to take up Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi as a regular series to summarize, or not. =P I like its innocent and cute style ^^ It seems that no one here is such a ‘bad person’. I think the concluding part is pretty nice, too ^^

Based on memory, the story is about a girl, Momoka who befriends the ‘awkward scary guy’ in junior high who turns out to be a talented photographer. Ah, but I think when he is about to transfer school, she realizes her feelings for him. But as luck would have it, they met again in high school and he had become a good looking guy. Unfortunately, iirc, he had a girlfriend. I skipped the part about that. The part I read again is they are already going steady. Amano, Narumi’s friend seems to be interested in her. Then, there is a chibi female photographer whom Narumi is a fan of. Of course, Momoka is jealous of the chibi photographer but this girl thinks of her as a friend so she can’t really be mean to her or really say that she’s jealous of her. Near the last part, Narumi had a photo shoot elsewhere. Momoka decides to let him go with chibi photographer so that he can expand his world-type of thing = not be selfish. But, he promised to return on the day of the school festival. Unfortunately, chibi photographer is missing because of frustration and jealous that she can’t bring out that ‘expression’ Narumi has, when he’s with Momoka. So, Narumi has to look for her with the others. Momoka is so disappointed over it. Amano got the phone from her and told Narumi to make the person he loves happy. This made Momoka realize that Amano likes her. Amusingly enough, after telling chibi photographer that Momoka is more important than work, it made Narumi quickly pack his bags and go to school to meet up with Momoka. =P Before that, at a confession program, Amano publicly confesses to Momoka though he didn’t reveal her name. Amano tells her that it is his happiness just to see her smiling with happiness. Aww.. Afterwards, Momoka apologize since she can’t accept his feelings. Then, Narumi has finally arrived but the school festival has ended. He spends time with her. Another amusing scene is when the two guys meet. Narumi says that he is crying but Amano denies it. Amano teases him about not being able to see Momoka in cosplay. Amano tells Narumi about not making Momoka cry again or else, next time, he’ll be taking her from him. Narumi says that he understands. =P
Then, the last 5 chapters, are all just lovey-dovey. They spend Christmas together. It is the first time he called her by her first name at the top of a beautiful hillside night view of the city. ^^ He always wanted to make her see that and it was probably when he had fallen in love with her. Then, on New Year, during the hatsumode/first shrine visit, she tries to call him by his first name but is too embarrassed. Thanks to some alcoholic drink, Momoka got drunk and teases him. Then, she calls him by his first name which made him blushe over it. Then, they met his mother. His mother approves of Momoka especially since she helped in cooking = his mother isn’t good at it. At his room, Momoka changes into his clothes because she spit out her drink when his mother asked how far they have gone. Narumi tells her that he will wait for her when she is ready to do it. ..and it will be a long wait since she’ll think about it around age 20. Then, there are some heart-warming thanks to the parents for giving birth to them. ^^ Soon, it will be her birthday. She wonders what kind of gift she is going to give to everyone as a sign of her thanks. She decides to write letters to them. There is that typical cliché of ‘everyone is busy on that day but they are actually preparing a surprise birthday party for her.’ It is Narumi’s ex-girlfriend, I think, who called her to the place/school so that she won’t suspect a thing. After the birthday celebration, Momoka gives her thank you letters to them. They were quite touched by what she wrote. Soon, the others leave to let the couple by left by themselves. This is the climax, romantic part of the last chapter so I’ll summarize this one in detail. Alone, Momoka nervously laughs off over this situation about there is no need for the others to mind them. To her surprise, Narumi tells her that he was the one who asked them to let them be alone. To her surprise, Narumi puts a small box on her hand and says, “Happy Birthday.” This made Momoka blush. She opens it and it is a ring which she thinks is cute. It has a heart-shaped gem. Narumi says that he doesn’t know if the measurement is right. Momoka decides to try it out. She puts it on her little finger but unfortunately, it is too big. [It seems that he has given her a toy ring before during some festival/matsuri so she tends to wear it on her little finger.] She tearfully asks if it can be replaced. Narumi tells her that it isn’t for that finger. To her surprise, Narumi puts it on her ring finger and says, “It is worn on the ring finger. Can I first make a reservation? *holding surprised Momoka’s hands* We are still 16 years old and if our parents knew of this, I’m pretty sure that they’ll laugh but no matter at what age we meet, and no matter how many years had passed between us, I think my answer would be the same. I want to be with you, Momoka. *blushes* I want to.. spend my life together with you.”
Momoka starts to cry for she had always imagined if one day, Narumi will give her a ring that she’ll wear on her ring finger and that dream has finally come true. She felt that his hands are quite warm. Narumi continues to say, “Perhaps, for us, this is still quite a far away topic but, will you marry me?” Thinking that this isn’t a dream, Momoka says yes. Then, they hug each other. Narumi happily tries to comfort Momoka who is crying tears of joy. Her letter to Narumi: “To Narumi. Narumi, do you remember? The first time when I was seated beside you. At that time, I still do not know anything about you and treated you as if you are a very scary person (I’m sorry). Without a trace of awareness, we had started to fall in love. Flashback: Narumi told her that he has a girlfriend. Then, she told him that she doesn’t want to be his ‘best friend’. Then, Narumi confessed that he likes her and asked her to go steady with him. End flashback. It’s fine to be sad. It’s fine to be in pain. It’s fine to be happy. It is fine to be blessed. Because you are here, that we were able to be in love.” Narration: “Today, we are able to express that same love vow.” In front of a huge glass window, overlooking the sea and clouds, Momoka and Narumi share their wedding kiss. As they kiss, Momoka cries in happiness. Their friends and family watch on. Chibi photographer takes the pictures. Narration: “God, thank you for letting me have a chance encounter with Narumi. I will forever cherish everyone’s support for this romance and love. I will forever and ever, cherish it at the side of the person whom I treasure the most.” In the last scene, the two are spending time together with her dog that now has puppies. ^^ The End. That was really nice so I’m more or less expecting the same with Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi because a lot of elements here are currently being used there with some variety, of course. ^^ Scans by 夜莺工作室