June 9, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 38]

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Good News: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Sukitte Ii Na Yo will be made into an anime. Two popular series will have an anime series simultaneously. Both will be out on 2012 Autumn. ^^ For the official webpages, click the ‘titles’ on this paragraph.
Cover page: “Turned into an anime has been decided!!!! 2012 Autumn. Thank you guys for the constant support!!” Title: Cultural Festival Day. Narration: “Why do I always resign myself into things that I shouldn’t care about and yet, unexpectedly makes me worried.” Shizuku asks, “Birthday party?” Yuuzan says that is right and he almost forgot to tell her. “It will be on next, next month and if it is convenient, Shizuku-chan, bring Haru along.” After a pause, Shizuku says that he obviously hated Haru and yet, he would even call Haru to attend. “I really cannot understand what you are thinking, Yuuzan-san.” While Takaya is yawning, Yuuzan laughs and says how he is going to say it, well, this is something wherein he can’t involve his own feelings. “There is an always this reminding old geezer of the family, who perhaps is a bit demanding, saying that if on that day, we brothers weren’t there, he definitely would have many complaints. Haha So I think that by inviting Shizuku-chan, then Haru would definitely also come..” Blurb: “The Shizuku after hearing Yuuzan-san disclosing his feelings. Her answer is..” Thinking that Yuuzan is too willful, Shizuku tells him that she will seriously think about it but before that, we still have the cultural festival. “Ah, that’s right, Yuuzan-san, in the movie theater, if you were to sleep all by yourself in there, like that, you’ll easily catch a cold.” This surprises Yuuzan. He says okay, he’ll pay attention to that next time. Shizuku bids him goodbye and thanks him for the treat. Soon, wearing a dress with ribbons, Shizuku repeatedly exclaims, “Too cunning. Too cunning. Too cunning.” And, she shouts, “I had obviously, always been striving hard!!” Holding an apple and surrounded by exams with the grades of 100, Arabian prince Haru says, “Ah, don’t say it that way, Shizuku. For you, to do it until now, then it is okay for you to keep that kind of striving hard alone [by yourself].” Then, Shizuku wakes up from a dream. At school, kneeling down in front of rabbit mascot Shizuku, Asako clasps her hands together [<- forgive me gesture] and shouts, “I’m really sorry, Mitti..!!!” Asako explains that as 2-B class publicity group, she had decided that they will go as Wendy & Tinkerbell [from Peter Pan] but last night, the outcome had become a tragedy. Last night, Asako looked at Shizuku’s Tinkerbell outfit and thought that it will be very cute on Mitti so she decided to make it cuter by sewing something on it. She ended up pricking herself and staining the outfit so she has to wash it. While ironing it, she had burned the outfit. Thinking that she can still mend it, she spilled chocolate cocoa [drink] on it. ^^; End flashback. Asako exclaims that in short, she had ruined the outfit, so she can only temporarily ask her father to let her use that mascot[/doll] outfit that was formerly used at his company.

After a long pause, Shizuku says that it stinks. Asako says that on the other hand, she thought of making Mitti cuter so she wore this outfit and this way, they can quickly switch clothes. While Asako is already removing her blouse, Shizuku tells her that there’s no need for this is okay since that would maker her look even stranger. Sasayan laughs and asks what’s with Shizuku’s outfit. Soon, there is an announcement from the PA system for the students who are finished preparing to gather together at the gym. As they walk at the hallway, Asako is still trying to make it up to Shizuku by telling her that it will look cute with a ribbon. Sasayan asks what’s with Shizuku that she seems listless today. Shizuku denies it but says that maybe the reason is about that strange dream she had before. Outside section 2-A, Haru and others are in ouendan [Japanese cheering squad] outfits. They are discussing about their publicity act. Haru says that he thinks that the optimal plan is to turn to the right. Yano[/Shitayanagi] says that they should discuss the definition of crepes. Terashima says that it is pancakes. [Amusingly, at the back of Haru’s coat it is written, ‘Chicken’ while on Yano’s, it is ‘Mouse’.] Someone calls out to Haru. Haru turns and says that it is them, sorry but today, they are enemies. Then, with a ribbon on her ear, Rabbit Shizuku greets him a good morning. Haru is surprised that it is her and he blushes really red while looking at her. Asako says how can she say this, it seems that Haru’s expression is saying ‘His girlfriend’s appearance seems to have changed into something quite right and he is very happy.’ Sasayan comments that Haru actually likes that, and isn’t it a bit perverted. At the gym, Chizuru tells the students that they are formally starting the Shouyou’s 12th Cultural Festival. Shizuku has already removed the head, Sasayan is smiling, Asako is calling out to Chizuru, Takaya is arriving, Haru is standing by, and Yano plays with his mouse. At the stage, to promote their store, Shizuku and Asako happily invite the people to go to their local-flavor okonomiyaki store. They hold their banner upside down. Afterwards, while section 2-C is called out, Asako is quite happy as she praises Shizuku for being amazing especially if Shizuku is serious about it, and that turn a while ago is perfect. Blushing Shizuku tells her that is because of the centrifugal force from the heavy head but then, she is more satisfied with that second pose. Then, Asako calls out to her and tells her that she had noticed Mitsuyoshi[/Micchan] and Andou. Mitsuyoshi waves at them. Asako happily says that they must invite them to taste their okonomiyaki. This reminds Shizuku that she has to go and welcome Takaya. Then, they notice a ruckus at the side where many people are looking at one direction.
Everyone is surprised over a palanquin carried by some sweating guys. On top, they are carrying goddess Iyo along with some maidens who are shouting for people to watch section 1-C’s stage play of ‘Ama-no-Iwato’ at the audio-video room. [Ama-no-Iwato is the story of the sun goddess Amaterasu who hid behind a cave and the other people tried to lure her out.] While some guys are amazed by it, a light colored haired freckled girl from section 2-A shouts for the first years not to promote in front of their store because it is hindering their business. Noticing her, Iyo tells her to shut up for she is Amaterasu. They are in shock for Iyo is acting her role. Blurb: “Iyo..if your brother is there, he would have hit you.” Freckled girl is furious over Iyo’s arrogance. Terashima and Sako arrive and ask what’s going on. Freckled girl says, “Since it is that way.. Final weapon, get section A’s final weapon out here-- We are going to counterattack-” Terashima shouts, “Master— Master Yoshida come out--” Haru looks at them. Holding a ladle, Haru asks, “Ah, did you call me Head Hachisaki [guesswork name from 八崎]? Right now, I’m quite busy making crepes and I could say that maybe the meaning of my existence is to make these.” Hachisaki tells him that didn’t he tell her before that he wanted to have a contribution for the class so he should go and drive those brats away for her. Turning to the palanquin, Haru asks if he just has to settle things with those guys and that’s it. The first year guys are freaking out for it is Haru, and Iyo happily calls out to Haru. Chizuru rushes towards them and shouts, no fighting. Chizuru shouts at Haru that didn’t she said that if there is a ruckus, they are forbidden from opening a store. Pointing at Hachisaki, Haru says that the Head had called him. While Hachisaki is surprised by this, Chizuru tells Haru not to pass the responsibility to others. While the first year guys take this opportunity to escape, Iyo happily tells Haru to remember to watch her in the play♡ Then, Chizuru notices Takaya with a friend who is eating cotton candy. Haru happily asks Takaya if he wants to taste the crepe he made. Takaya refuses and asks Chizuru that he wants to go to his sister’s classroom. Chizuru agrees to accompany them there and it will be a while before Haru has his break. Haru can only watch them leave. In section 2-B, Sasayan tells the others that they got two orders, one cat and one bear. [The cat and bear are Japanese meal codes, like meal A and meal B] Then, some guys come in and greet Sasayan that they’ve come. Sasayan greets them that it has been a long time but sorry, they are full right now so come back later. Glasses guy asks if it is his friends again. Sasayan says yes, junior high’s American football club. A girl tells them that they quickly need some more flour. Sasayan offers to go and get some. He excitedly walks away and thinks that the flour and water, plus the cabbages, all costs within 200 yen so if this keeps up, he really can’t help but to smile. [<- become rich =P] Blurb: “Congratulations on deciding to make it into an anime! This great operation ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’, everyone will be in your care[/yoroshiku].”
In the storage room, Sasayan is surprised that he asks what is Asako doing by wearing Shizuku’s [rabbit] head. Asako nervously calls out his name and just says that she is just reminiscing a bit when she originally is tasked to get some flour. Sasayan says is that so, when he is also going to get some flour too. Asako is surprised when Sasayan goes to her side and grabs the box of flour. Then, he notices Asako nervously shying away from him while carrying the rabbit head. He tells her to please not be so obvious in avoiding him for didn’t he say that it is fine if they are friends. Sasayan wonders if Asako is just being overly conscious or does she really hate him. Hugging the rabbit head, Asako says who said that and she won’t believe him again for he said that he likes her and for a moment, it felt like a slight betrayal. Sweatdropping, Sasayan says, betrayal..so fundamentally that is what she is thinking but then for her to think that way, isn’t it some sort of betrayal towards him. Looking away, Asako says that in short, she has no way of thinking of Sasayan like how he used to be. While deciding to take the whole box, since there are only a few packs of flour, Sasayan thinks that even if Asako said that, he doesn’t think of that thing nor is he asking her to support him. He says, “..Even if it is like that, I also felt that I comparatively understand you, Natsume-chan. *looks at Asako who is looking at him* It’s because I understand so I had come to like you.” Asako looks surprised then she screams, “..that is why I’m shutting up about it and asking you not to say that again!!” Carrying the box, Sasayan smiles, “Ah, sure enough? Haha Then, ah- I won’t say it again and you can treat me like how you usually do! I also don’t have that special way of thinking about going steady with you. I think that right now, we just have to fondly have group activities together as friends and it will be quite fun!” Asako says, “...ah even if you say that..” While Asako grumpily walks away, Sasayan follows her. He looks away and thinks, “Tsk.” In the classroom, the two look quite unhappy to see Mitsuyoshi and Andou in their store. Shizuku greets them and says that they’ve come. Andou calls her Asako-chan and exclaims that her outfit really suits her as if she is some Little Match Girl. Asako gloomily thinks that she really isn’t an expert in dealing with that guy even if she doesn’t want to think that way towards someone whom Haru knows. Sasayan says that is why he said that it is okay for her to act normal and it doesn’t matter if it is someone older. Mitsuyoshi hits Andou’s head. Mitsuyoshi apologizes to Asako and tells her that it is okay if she says that she hates that since this guy would easily take advantage [of people/give an inch wants a mile]. Asako happily asks if she really can. Then, she starts saying that she always felt disgusted when he calls her ‘Asako-chan’ so please make him stop, please make him stop from looking all over her the moment when she turns around, please make him stop pretending that he had accidentally touched her, please make him stop making amorous glances using the rear back view mirror.. Andou comments that her complaints are rushing in like a tide. Shizuku is speechless.
Then, Mitsuyoshi notices that pouting Sasayan is looking at him. Sasayan says, “..you better not thinking of regretting it! Boss[/tencho of the store]!” Mitsuyoshi smiles and says, “Huh? What?” This puts Sasayan in a bad mood that he quietly leaves. Asako continues to say about making Andou stop making that frivolous expression. Andou laughs and asks what she is saying. Shizuku asks Mitsuyoshi if he had already gone to Haru’s place. He tells her not yet for he is going to ask a favor from Haru and they are still waiting for Yuuzan. Shizuku asks if Yuuzan is also coming, and ah, is it about the birthday party. Mitsuyoshi asks how she knew. Then, someone shouts, “Souhei-!” Sasayan turns around to see a group of guys outside the door. While Shizuku and Asako look at Sasayan’s direction, someone asks who they are. Sasayan happily says that they are baseball team friends during junior high. He goes to greet his friends that it has been a long time. One of this friends say how come Sasayan grew out his hair, is it high school debut!? Sasayan exclaims that it is mutual or is he naturally curly. They ask Sasayan if he already got a girlfriend. Sasayan replies how it is possible for him to go steady. Then, he asks if they had eaten crepes, there is someone whom he wants to introduce to them and they will absolutely be in for a shock. Then, his friends ask him if he had met up with that person. Puzzled Sasayan asks who. They say, “Shinjou [新城], it’s Shinjou! Just now, Shinjou is also here!” Sasayan looks surprised. Meanwhile, Shizuku is walking around the school. She thinks that she has to inform Haru first that Yuuzan is around, in order to avoid the chaos before, when Haru got in a hostage scene. She passes by Chizuru and others but she didn’t see them. Takaya is telling Chizuru that he wants to see the headmaster[/school president]’s room. Looking at her cellphone, Chizuru tells him to wait for Yuu had sent her a message. Shizuku wonders how could she say those ‘I felt that I couldn’t forgive’. She thinks that this emptiness is quite scary which is obviously what Haru had said. Then, she thinks that Takuya is quite slow so she opened her cellphone to wait for him. Then, Yuu has found what Chizuru is telling her and she asked a Mabo friend to go with them but it seems that s/he has something else to do. Oga-sensei seems to be eating a crepe. At the crepe store, Haru laments that there are no customers. Haru had already changed his clothes because it is too hot. Yano tells him that he should be like him, to happily smile or else, the girls will run away after seeing Haru’s face like that. Haru says if it is like what Yano does, then, he’ll try it out. Someone says, “Sorry [for interrupting] but please give me a crepe.” Putting on a happy smile, Haru says, “Okay, it will be up soon. Crepe Cre Cre, please wait a moment..” Then, he freezes for it is Yuuzan whose smile also freezes. The brothers go into a major shock upon seeing each other. Lol Blurb: “Haru and Shitayanagi-kun..for this day, they’ve underwent training everyday at home. Together with Ooshima.”
While Haru and Yuuzan look speechless, flustered and nervous, Yano laughs and tells Haru to keep up with that mode. Yano hands Yuuzan his crepe. Yuuzan mutters that the dessert is innocent. Then, he lightly bites on the crepe which he ends up spitting because it is too spicy. Haru is surprised to see Yuuzan shouting what is this. Blurb: “Dessert Idiot..apparently isn’t good in dealing with red chili.” While a girl calls Yano away, Haru angrily asks Yuuzan what is it, does he have any complaints about the crepe that he made. “Don’t leave any leftover, and you better eat all of it, Dessert Idiot.” Wiping his mouth, Yuuzan angrily says so he was the one who made it, then let him say this. “Your sense of taste definitely has a problem. Simply put, this thing is a blasphemy for a crepe!” Haru angrily shouts what did he just say? Holding a roasted squid, Shizuku overhears them and thinks that she is late for it has already started. Shizuku tells Yuuzan to please don’t tease Haru again for didn’t he have something to ask of Haru that is why he is there. This made Yuuzan think and quietly look away. Blurb: “Ika Musume..a girl who likes squids. Shizuku.” Haru looks surprised over this that he quickly stands in front of Shizuku [as if to protect her]. He asks what does Yuuzan want and try saying it for anyway, he absolutely won’t listen. Looking away, Yuuzan says, “Next week- Sunday- There will be a birthday party held for me- I think that it is a must that you attend-” Haru angrily shouts if that is suppose to be the attitude of someone asking a favor but anyway, he absolutely won’t go. Yuuzan says that he didn’t mention about asking a favor. Shizuku thinks that these two..she can now slightly understand the meaning of what Mitsuyoshi had said just now. Mitsuyoshi had told her that if there is no middle man between the brothers, it will just become a quarrel. Shizuku thinks that it is like kids quarreling. Looking serious, Yuuzan says, “..the president said that if we brothers aren’t present, he will absolutely not recognize our father’s comeback. So at least, help out a bit. *bowing which surprises both Haru and Shizuku* Even if I also know that this is quite willful but I guarantee you that afterwards, I won’t come and bother you again. I beg of you to please be present.” Haru replies, “..I don’t want to. When Mitsuyoshi’s mother had collapsed, I had also begged you people a lot but you people didn’t do anything so I don’t have any obligation to help you people.” Yuuzan looks sad over this then he left. Shizuku asks Haru if this is okay. Haru says that this will do for anyway, even without him, they always have a way of dealing with things. Shizuku tells him that Yuuzan is really quite perplexed this time around and that is how Mitsuyoshi told it to her. Haru didn’t reply. Later on, while Yuuzan is walking, Haru calls out to him. Standing from a building, Haru says, “I will go but this will be the last time. So, please don’t come again to destroy my world.” Yuuzan looks at him then he smiles. Before he leaves, Yuuzan says that he will remember this kindness[/favor]. Haru quietly stands and stretches.
Then, he notices that Shizuku is standing in front of him from below. She asks him if [in the end] he’s going. Haru says, “..Shizuku, you told me before that one day I will be surrounded by many people. [<- first chapter; the hug] Did you know? For me, those words seem like a redeeming-type thing [/seems to have saved me]. And also, it made me have a huge hope.” Shizuku looks at him and he smiles at her. Shizuku blushes and reaches out to touch his hair. Haru leans close to her and it made Shizuku blush even more. Then, they kiss. ^^ Soon, Chizuru brings Takaya and friend to Shizuku. Haru and others watch Iyo’s play. Chizuru and Yuu like the crepes that Haru made. While his friends are having fun, Sasayan is lost in thought. Thus, ends the cultural festival day. Blurb: “Misawa Baseball Hitting Center..opens everyday at 10am.” In front of a car, Andou happily greets dressed up Haru and Shizuku a good morning. “I am Andou who specially come here to meet up with you guys! Then, let us go to that delightful party!” Shizuku politely says yoroshiku. Uneasy Haru asks why Shizuku is also.. Andou happily says that Yuuzan said that it is a must that Shizuku is there so quickly get in the car. Haru curses over being met up with such a showy way that he is rendered speechless. He tells Shizuku that they are going to walk but Shizuku refuses, she would rather ride the car. In the car, Andou says that he is begging young master today to please during this time to act in an elegant manner like an adult[/big shot]. Haru angrily says that it is annoying and he knows already. “Only today, it should be okay for me to just act as if I’m their family member.” While Shizuku glances at Haru, Andou says that is right, and Haru actually knows things[/situation]. Haru angrily says that he’ll kill him [for that]. Shizuku starts to wonder if it is really okay to go with Haru. Andou changes the topic and asks Shizuku if she plans on debuting [/appearing for the first time] like that. Looking at her somewhat old fashioned clothes, Shizuku says yes, and is it strange for she had lend this from her cousin which she wore to a wedding ceremony. “Because wasn’t it said to be a birthday party.” Haru and Andou repeat that it is indeed a birthday party. Feeling uneasy, Shizuku asks if there is a dress code. Andou laughs and tells her not to worry for he temporarily brought along Yuuzan’s wallet as an assurance. At a [what seems to be] luxury signature store, Shizuku is looking really aghast and nervous. Talking on the phone, Andou says that he will bring the lady to that place later on and she’ll have a hairstyle and make-up. Andou asks Shizuku as to what style [/design] does she want, and he thinks that this skirt really suits her. Standing behind a curtained dressing room, Shizuku’s head is outside, and she is totally speechless and aghast. A couple of salesladies are holding an outfit and a box of shoes. Andou says that girls should show off. “Come out with your head held up high and chest out, Miss Shizuku.” Haru is casually looking at a high heeled shoe. Andou assures Shizuku that it will be fine for no matter how she originally looked, a girl can become 7 times more beautiful with only clothes and make-up. “Okay, salesladies, please put any skirt you’ve brought on her, that you like.” Shizuku exclaims, “No. Don’t!!” Looking away, Haru says that it would be better if Shizuku wore that rabbit outfit. Andou says, “Then, because we don’t have much time, get her to wear it no matter how much she resists.” The saleslady sweatdrops and says, okay. In her undergarments, trembling Shizuku keeps on protesting that she doesn’t want to. Narration: “I like Haru. I pray that all will be well with Haru. But why am I so uneasy.” Blurb: “Like this, still refuses to give up? Turbulent birthday party will start.. Next chapter, Yuuzan-san’s birthday party. What kind of birthday party will it turn into.. Definitely watch out for it!!”
Scans by 離境漢化組.