June 9, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 29]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 7, 2012

Cover page: “Even if called as someone from showbiz, I won’t change much and the feeling towards Ogasawara-san won’t change..” Soichiro tells Aki to write music for Mari and if he did well, he can produce for Mush. Aki sighs and asks how Soichiro was able to think of such a despicable thing. Soichiro smiles and says that it is kind of a talent. Aki angrily shouts that he isn’t praising him. Soichiro starts to open the refrigerator and take a can of beer. While Soichiro opens the can of beer, Aki tells him not to open someone else’s fridge at will. Soichiro says that Mush & Co. will have their first performance at Music Station. Surprised Aki asks over the suddenness of performing in front of Music Station’s audience. “Are you serious? Isn’t it too early?” Soichiro asks isn’t it quite good for it to be sudden, like kids who were playing at the banks of Sumida River would suddenly be up in Music Station or saying it this way, being able to debut at a program which is obviously Japan’s most difficult program.. Aki says that there is definitely a catch to it. Soichiro says ya, Shinya will be playing bass from behind and it won’t be enough with just that, he will make Mari appear on stage. Aki asks in disbelief as to what he is thinking and has he forgotten that Mari had collapsed earlier. Soichiro says that it is because in Music Station, it clearly says, ‘Anyhow[/anything] goes]’. Aki asks if Mari knows about this. Soichiro says ya, and after he told her, Mari became[/acted] strange. Irked Aki takes Soichiro’s beer and shouts for him to quit joking around. Soichiro tells him that he is only 100% serious when it comes to work. Taking the can of beer back, Soichiro tells him that ‘Growing old then given up on[/given alms]’ is the industry’s common sense. “For the debut of new [artists], when she still has some influence, of course, one will also take advantage of that, right?”

Aki is about to say something about Mari.. but he stops and thinks that he is about to say ‘pitiful’ but it got stuck at his throat and headed back down for he knows that saying that about Mari is the most cruel words to say. Soichiro says that because Mari got a severe shock, more than he had imagined, so he came to ask this favor from Aki. Looking at serious Aki, Soichiro says, “I think that if you can write a music for her, perhaps, her mood[/feelings] would improve.” Aki doesn’t look happy over that. Meanwhile, at Miwako’s office, she is surprised to see something on her computer. A man leans down and says that there has been an information leak. Love_cocoro Rie had written in Twitter that she heard that Shinya will be in the next Music Station. A couple of others asked if that is true, and where did she get the news. Love_cocoro Rie writes that Shinya will be on stage as Mush & Co’s producer. The man says that maybe those kids [Riko and others] had been boasting at school and it is Miwako’s lapse if the leak is from within the showbiz industry. Miwako says yes. At the school, the black haired girl [who gave Sou the love letter] closes her twitter account from her cellphone. She looks down from the balcony to see Sou playing soccer game with his friends. The black haired girl happily waves at him and wishes him ‘gambatte’ out loud. Sou bows to her and left with his friends who say that he is now popular and they are envious of him. Then, the black haired girl looks glum and mutters, “Disgusting fat pig.” At the Light Music Club, Yuu is practicing playing his guitar near the window. Then, he notices Riko downstairs, singing and skipping. She ends the song with a cute pose. Yuu wonders if she’s an idiot then, he blushes a bit. Riko sees him and happily greets him that she’ll quickly go up there. This surprises Yuu and he blushes even more. He shouts that she’s so slow. While playing, Yuu watches Riko as she takes out her guitar. He then tells Riko if she heard about Sou being confessed to. Riko says yes, it is Terada from her section. Yuu asks what kind of person is she. Riko says that she doesn’t know for they never even once talked with each other. Yuu is surprised by this. Riko continues to say that Terada seems to be a good girl so she is quite shock for she heard that Terada even went to Sou’s house. Yuu tells her that the decision to debut had been making him feel a bit uncomfortable.
Staring at Yuu, Riko admits that she also felt that, too so maybe it would be better not to think too much about it. She mentions Aki but drops the topic. Yuu angrily tells her to say it or else, he’ll be bothered by it. Riko says that even if it is just a feeling but from today on, no matter what happens, no matter whom [they] encounter, if they were to think from behind their minds, if there is some sort of plot[/motive], it would definitely hurt a lot. Yuu is puzzled. Riko continues to say that next year, they will change classes and they will definitely meet new people but as she go, she would think from behind her mind for the reason, “‘Is he talking with me because I had debuted’.. ‘Is she lending her homework because I had debuted.’ And that will definitely hurt.” Lightly kicking a bag of presents, Yuu says that he had already felt that way. Riko laughs and says that for him to say that, he won’t have a girlfriend throughout his life. Yuu blurts out, “Ya. Perhaps, throughout my life, I would only like you.” This surprises Riko as well as Yuu who is surprised by what he said. Blushing, Yuu turns away and says that it isn’t ‘like’[/love] that kind of meaning, but rather, it means he generally won’t like any new people whom he’ll encounter. Slightly tilting her head, Riko says that even if she doesn’t understand but won’t he be in danger [= not to get a girlfriend]. He just tells her to shut up, stupid. Taking her guitar near the window, Riko laughs and says that they should go practice. She looks at the window and observes the beautiful sunset. Then, from the glass window’s reflection, she is surprised to see slightly blushing Yuu looking at her. That is the look of love.
Scans by 红莲& all★wink汉化组