June 9, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 69]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 9, 2012

So, Ryu and Chizuru look each other. Then, she pushes her gift on his face. She says that it is for him and don’t say anything. Ryu opens it and it is a wristband. Then, she kept on saying that it would be better if he got it from the start and he almost had it. Ryu quietly puts on the wristband. Flustered Chizuru exclaims if he is listening. She blushes when he says that she gambled on him. Looking at the wristband, he thanks her and asks if it suits him. She says yes. To her surprise, Ryu says that he also has something for her and it isn’t for the exchange gift. He gives her a small gift box and inside is a beautiful pink rose. She quickly closes the box and asks why he is giving it to her. He says that isn’t it [/rose] very much like her. This made Chizuru blush and asks how it is alike. She looks at it again and wonders if this is how Ryu sees her. ^^ She looks at him and he smiles at her. She screams and tries to run off but Ryu grabs her hand and says, no, because it has been a long time since they were like that so for a little while. In the karaoke room, their classmates are wondering what happened between Ryu and Chizuru. Shouta tries to cover up what happened that the others dismiss it as one of those times when Ryu acts as Chizuru’s guardian. Kent says that maybe, they have started going steady. No one believes him and they laugh it off. ^^; Ayane tells Sawako that gift is for Ryu and it would be good if they had gone steady. She says that they are a match and she wonders what change will happen in Chizuru for between those two, there is a thing that exists wherein only the two of them know. And, that is something she doesn’t understand. Sawako just quietly listens. Kent asks Ayane if she wants some more drink since her glass is empty but she refuses. In the toilet, Sawako recalls the various conversations she had with Ayane. Then, Joe shouts that he stepped on something and wrecked it. It is Kent’s belonging. Ayane asks him if it’s no problem. Taking the bag, Kent says that he’ll go and check if is okay.

Outside, Kent sees Sawako and says that she looks unsightly. He tells her that didn’t he say that there’s no problem. Sawako calls out to him that he asks what it is, he won’t provoke Shouta to anger. She tells him that she has always been thinking of herself and yet Ayane is always very kind. She thought of Ayane as mature and perfect but it isn’t right and it’s the same because for the first time, they are standing at the same height. To her surprise, Kent says that he knows and he will make Ayane somewhat relaxed. [<- Sorry, I really quite understand their conversation ^^; Maybe Sawako’s illusion of Ayane is ruined and he’ll do something for Ayane] Meanwhile, Pin is furious he doesn’t have a date because of various reasons like the girl doesn’t want to go out, and another has found some other date. Pin decides to cause trouble for his students. Outside the room, Pin is shock to see gloomy Sawako who is reluctant to go back in for Shouta would just be happily smiling with his friends. After recovering from his shock [thinking she is a ghost], Pin asks if they are inside. She asks him about his date and if he also wants to sing. Pin asks if she can also sing so she gave him a demo of her singing. Her singing made him lose his anger on wanting to ruin the fun of his students. He asks her if she isn’t going in. Then, Pin asks if she is overly thinking about nonsense things again so come, he’ll talk with her because anyway, it has something to do with Shouta. She says no, it is about her thinking only of herself. Pin tells her what’s wrong with it for if she couldn’t work things out regarding herself, how can she do it for others. As they sit down, Pin says that he saw what she has written as her aspiration and is it really okay for her to have that as her goal since isn’t she an unselfish [/no desire not demanding] person. He tells her that she always strive her best on something that she wants to do. She mutters that maybe what she always does is what she thought that she wants to do. She completely did what she wants to do like training to smile and not running away from oneself again. Even if things didn’t progress smoothly, she always thinks that if she can do whatever she can do, maybe one day.. In the end, maybe it wasn’t a big deal.
She felt that after meeting her important person, she started to become worried. And it turns out that her desire is quite serious. The things she can’t say and do, just add up. She thinks that she wants to know everything about the person she likes, want to make Shouta hers, but she couldn’t do it and felt that she shouldn’t do that. She tells Pin that she doesn’t want to lose [him] but what if one day she lost [him], what is she going to do. Pin says that isn’t this good for it means that formerly, it is directed at her but now, it is directed at the other party. He gloomily says that if she starts to have this feeling then it isn’t some useless thing. He tells her that he is saying that she hasn’t thought of it clearly so forget about today and start saying it during the third term. He explains to puzzled Sawako that wanting to protect something, there will be things that can’t be said or done. If she is repressing her feelings, then she would feel more that it won’t do. He tells her that anyway, Shouta only wants to know her feelings that is why he said it out. He urges her to say it so that perhaps that idiot would do something so say it and in the end, there will be something.. Sawako thinks the thing about ‘actually want to do this’..she will think of it. In the toilet, Kent laments that his belonging is ruined. Then, he sees Mogi coming out. Scans by all★wink汉化组.