June 9, 2012

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 11]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 4, 2012

Cover page: “Morning, Night, my mind would only think of you.” Makoto is currently on top of Iriya in his bed. While touching her hair and smelling it, he says that it felt a bit strange for it to have the same smell [as his]. Blushing Makoto mutters his name but Iriya caress her cheek and is already tracing her lips with his finger. Makoto thinks that this is bad for in this situation, she feels that her heart would keep on pounding too fast that she’ll die. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by Yusa who kicks Makoto away from surprised Iriya. ^^; Iriya tries to tell him what he is doing but Yusa shouts back, what they are doing. While Iriya is helping Makoto up, the other two girls arrive and ask what happened and if it is already over. Trembling Yusa shouts that Makoto is even on top, she is such a shameless girl especially since Iriya’s mother is downstairs. Iriya tells him not to be too noisy for they didn’t do anything so don’t cry. Teary-eyed Yusa asks if that is true. Iriya casually asks Makoto if she is alright since she tripped. Stunned Makoto says that she is alright. Iriya ushers Yusa out and asks him if he is finished the question exercises. Yusa just nervously laughs. The two girls try to talk to Makoto but she is still totally stunned <- soul going out of the body, over what had just happened. In school, it is time for the exams. While the teacher prepares to distribute the exam papers, Makoto glances at Iriya. She reprimands herself to concentrate on the exam but her mind keeps on drifting to that incident. Afterwards, Uki is totally happy over the results of her exams which ranged from 79-90. She says that her average is 83 and it turns out to be unexpectedly easy. Nanami says that Uki caught up pretty quickly and it is only because she didn’t study before. Nanami’s average is 93. Makoto is gloomy for she is distracted and her average is 80. A note from the author says that 80 grade average is also quite good. Yusa happily shows Iriya his exam papers and tells him that this time around, he didn’t fail. His grades ranged from 39-35. Iriya comments that he is amazing for his exam grades are all barely passing.

Then, Yusa asks to see Iriya’s grade and exclaims in shock that his Iriya’s grades are all 95 and above. While Iriya complains over being called ‘his Iriya’, Makoto feels a bit shock by this for even if Iriya is amazing but it seems that incident didn’t rattle him up like her so maybe it isn’t a big deal with him. Nanami says that now that exams are over, where the two girls plan to spend their summer vacation. Uki happily says club activity though there will be a break. Makoto says that she doesn’t have any activity. Nanami tells them that her grandma has a villa at Hayama and her grandma asked her if she wants to visit her friends to go and stay there for a few days. “What do you guys think of it?” The two girls are amazed by it. Nanami asks isn’t Uki always busy with her club activity. Uki tells her to wait and she’ll check her organizer. She tells them that from July 30 to Aug 2, the PE building will be renovated and the coach will go on a break so she is free during that time. Makoto asks if the basketball club will not have some sports meet contest. Uki says that it is alright for they’ve already lost the qualifier because the coach didn’t make her play. Nanami says that since her grandma’s villa is large, they can invite two more people. She suggests to Makoto about asking Iriya to come along, though Yusa would most probably come along, too. Nanami says that it is fine with her as long as it is Makoto who’ll invite him. While Uki encourages Makoto to go for it, Makoto protests that they will be staying overnight and it will be quite problematic, and he’ll be troubled if she unexpectedly invited him. Uki says no, she thinks that Iriya doesn’t hate Makoto or else, he wouldn’t have done that thing. Nanami agrees with Uki. Makoto imagines a bit of what would it be like to be in a beach with Iriya -> running with Iriya who is laughing and trying to catch her. Pepped up, Makoto exclaims that she’ll go ask. At the hallway, Makoto finds Iriya surrounded by some guys and girls. They are all trying to invite Iriya to various activities for summer. Iriya tells them that from the 15th and onwards, he’ll be busy because he plans to work part time on summer vacation and it will be difficult if he spend the whole day having fun. In the midst of asking him, Makoto feels disappointed for she has forgotten that Iriya is quite popular and of course, his schedule in summer is all filled up.
Then, Iriya notices Makoto so he greets her. Imaging Iriya apologizing and declining her invitation, Makoto chickens out that she quickly turns around running and shouting that it is nothing. Later on, Makoto goes to see Nanami at the gym where Uki is playing basketball. Makoto apologizes to Nanami for she wasn’t able to bring it up to Iriya and it is also quite rare for Nanami to suggest this. Trying to smile, Makoto says that in the end, she’ll just try to improve herself the whole summer vacation. Seeing Makoto looking gloomy, Nanami says that she doesn’t know if what she’ll say would make Makoto think of ‘all the more, I can’t invite him’ or ‘how lucky’. “On July 31st, it is Iriya-kun’s birthday. *Makoto looks surprised* If you get to go together with him, *smiles* it is possible that you can celebrate it together with him.” This made Makoto stand up and think that birthday is a special day and perhaps Iriya already has plans so the odds are high that he can’t go during that time but maybe.. She imagines giving a surprised Iriya a birthday cake. She tells Nanami that she’ll go and ask again. She wishes to be quite close to him, to tell him ‘happy birthday’ and celebrate it with him. Soon, Iriya’s friends bid him goodbye and Iriya is already going out of the school. Running Makoto calls out to him. Turning to her, he comments that she still hasn’t left. She tells him that it is because she is watching Uki’s club activity. Makoto is a bit nervous but she manages to tell Iriya that Nanami’s grandmother has a villa in Hayama and if he, along with Yusa, would want to come along with her and Uki. When Makoto tells him that it will be on July 30th to Aug 2nd, Iriya starts thinking about it. It made Makoto think that in the end, it is problematic for Iriya. While wondering what to do, Makoto starts to tell him that it isn’t really a must-go, so if he already has other plans, don’t mind them[the trip].. In the end, she blurts out, “But, if I can go with you, I will be very happy..!” This surprises Iriya. After a pause, he smiles and says, “...ya, I understand. Let’s go together.” Makoto couldn’t believe it that she asks if it is true. He tells her that he’ll free himself on those days and he asks her to thank Nanami for him. Watching from the side of the shoe lockers, Uki is pleased that everything went smoothly. She praised Nanami and says that she’s such a nice person. Nanami is a bit embarrassed that she says that it isn’t something that needs thanks. Narration: “This year’s summer, I had a premonition that it will be a happy unforgettable summer day.”
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