June 9, 2012

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapters 27-28]

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Chapter 27: Cover page: “Romantic love is something that one feels strongly about. Afterwards, youth needs some other thing. And, that is friends.” There is a report from Miwako about the Mush & Co’s logo which has been created by Chikada. It has been decided on and it is done based on mangaka’s Kotomi Aoki’s original submitted design. And, this is the design that Takagi-san has decided on. Next, world renowned Takamine guitar is sponsoring Mush & Co!! Takamine is a guitar that Riko likes to use. Jon Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, Fukuyama Masaharu, Glay’s Takuro and other famous artists love using this guitar and, unexpectedly, Takamine-san is going to sponsor Mush & Co., and even, specially made a guitar for Riko’s use!! At the radio station, while the music is playing, Shun asks Riko if she is writing about her boyfriend in the lyrics of this song. While Shinya is looking at some papers with someone, Riko hesitantly says that perhaps..it is so. Shun giggles and asks what’s with the ‘perhaps’. Riko says that it is because there are some lies in the lyrics. Shun asks like what, are those lies. Riko says that it is the holding hands for they haven’t held hands. This surprises Shinya that he asks why. Riko says that she doesn’t know but they haven’t done it. Just when amused Shun is about to say something, the man-in-charge comes in and reminds them that the song is ending. This surprises Riko because she is still in the booth. Shinya tell her that she shouldn’t make a sound. Shun says that she can’t even laugh or else, he’ll be caught in making minors work. Just when Riko tells the man-in-charge to wait, he is already making a countdown and turned on the broadcast back to the two. Shun comments that Mushroom-chan sang pretty well. Shinya replies that honestly, comparatively well, compared to Shun. Shun tells him to shut up but, it is alright *wink* because he is quite handsome. Shun changes the topic to Shinya knowing how to play the bass and if he plays on the television. While the man-in-charge is holding a huge note for Riko not to say anything, Shinya says that if Mushroom-chan wants, he can play. “So, how about it?” Covering her mouth, Riko looks tense and puzzled. Shun joins in by asking Riko what is her answer for Shinya is asking her. Shinya laments over Riko not answering and snubbing him. Shun says that Shinya has been snubbed when he is asking about whether he can play bass from behind, and big headed newbies are not the same anymore. Looking at Riko who is doing her best to stop saying or laughing, Shun and Shinya burst into laughter. Someone exclaims that it is Mushroom-chan’s fault for she is too interesting. Meanwhile, a dark haired girl is chatting with CP fans in her computer using Twitter. Based on the posters in her room, she is a fan of CP especially of Shinya. Some posts in the Twitter is about how moe Shinya and Shun are, and Riko is doted on. With a username of love_cocoro, the dark haired girl typed, ‘But, she is such a hindrance.’

Soon, outside the building, Riko, together with Miwako and another woman, comes out and meets up with some fangirls waiting outside. A girl exclaims that Mushroom-chan is so cute. Riko happily points to her and exclaims that she’s a good person. Riko thanks them and left. After she left, the fangirls’ smiles turn into pouts and frowns. They are assured that Riko is just ordinary so they can relax and Riko is so funny to say that they are ‘good person’. Another girl says that Riko is like a relative’s child that Shun is doting on her. A girl says that the office should consider the fans’ feelings of whether they will be happy over a girl being with CP and are they stupid to buy the CD but of course, they won’t buy. Miwako tells the other woman that Riko’s house is also at Tsukada which is on her way so she is going to bring Riko home. The other woman agrees. Riko interrupts and tells them that her boyfriend is waiting for her nearby so it is okay for them to leave her there. The other woman asks if she is going to meet up with Ogasawara-san there. She tells Miwako to wait there for the taxi. Miwako declines and says that she wants to go together with Riko. Back at the building, Shun, Shinya and Soichiro had come out. Fangirls are going crazy over them [and interestingly, it is only Shun who acknowledge them. He knows his PR =P ] In the car, Shinya checks his iPhone and sees the fans’ reaction in Twitter about him and Riko. Soichiro glances and comments that Riko is being hated. Flustered Shinya apologizes over things becoming messed up. Soichiroh just smiles. The fangirls are already going home. A girl with username ‘machi_maki’ writes that Mushroom-chan and Crude Play went their separate ways. Dark haired girl answers that they are still working in the same company[/work colleagues]. Somewhere at the street, Aki is waiting at a streetlight post. Riko is about call him but Miwako also calls out to him. This surprises Riko. Aki greets Riko and recognizes Miwako. He says that right now, she is the one in charge of Riko. Blushing Miwako comments that it has been long time since they saw each other. Aki says that it has been 7 years. Miwako talks about getting Aki’s button after graduation and she didn’t see him again. [It is a custom to get the button of one’s crush upon gradutation, and the second button is important since it is closest to one’s heart.] She also mentions that if it is from CP, it would sell a lot. Riko just quietly smiles. Just when Miwako is saying that he got his left sleeve’s button, Aki interrupts her and says that currently, he is Riko’s boyfriend. Miwako looks at Riko. Riko points at Aki and says that Aki was the one who started the conversation and Aki admits that he was the one who started the conversation. Then, there is an awkward silence. Soon, Aki hails a taxi cab and bids the other women goodbye as he ushers Riko inside.

To the couple’s surprise, Miwako exclaims that in the end, they are going the same way so she is going with them. She sits in with the couple in the taxi. There is an awkward silence as Aki sits in between the two. Miwako breaks the silence by saying that this is no good if it becomes a scandal and it is an absolute no if it is written in the weekly magazine about ‘New singer’s reckless nightlife’. Riko laughs it off and says that it can’t be. Miwako reminds her that it is a very crucial time since she had just debuted. Riko laughs again and says that she is exaggerating. To her surprise, Aki says that it isn’t an exaggeration. Aki sighs and admits that it is really not good to be alone together late at night. He apologizes to Miwako for not noticing that. Looking at her iPhone, Miwako says that perhaps, he already violated the first ordinance. Aki laments that it is indeed a bit bad and he should have noticed it earlier when he strike a conversation with Riko but then, she isn’t wearing a uniform then, and he only learned that she is a high school student afterwards. Riko asks what ordinance is that. Miwako says that it is promiscuity. Aki nervously says that he still hasn’t done any promiscuous things. Riko nods in agreement. Miwako says that even if both think that they are seriously going steady, but there are examples of people getting arrested for promiscuity. “An adult cannot lay a hand on someone who hasn’t reached the age of 18 for it is forbidden in this country.” Puzzled Riko asks if that means if it is has been exposed that she and Aki are going steady, he will be arrested. Miwako says that is right. To the adults’ surprise, Riko burst into laughter and says that is impossible, Miwako is really exaggerating. Aki says again that it isn’t an exaggeration for smoking or drinking, for others, it can be resolved with just a reprimand but in showbiz world, one can possibly be banished [from there]. “It is the price for something that an ordinary person can’t attain, and one must give up the things that an ordinary person has. Becoming an artist is this kind of thing.” Soon, they reach Riko’s house so Aki tells the driver to open one side of the door for Riko to get out. Aki tells Riko that as a safeguard, he isn’t going down and it would be better if they aren’t alone together at night. Riko looks hesitant and thinks that it isn’t that, she is bothered that he will be together with Miwako but then, she couldn’t say it. Suddenly, Riko angrily shouts that she is serious. While the adults are surprised, Riko gets out of the taxi, bows, thanks them for bringing her home and angrily walks away.

Aki watches Riko goes in the house, and then he sighs. Miwako says that they now go to his house but Aki tells her no, he is getting off there for even if Riko is just a student, he’ll be sorry [/letting his girlfriend down] if he is alone with some other girl. He says that Riko doesn’t seem to mind it but he doesn’t want that. And, with that, Aki gets down from the taxi. As the taxi leaves, Miwako blushes and thinks that Aki is such a nice guy. At home, Riko’s father greets Riko and tells her that he had seen her broadcast, and he’ll soon go to the market. Riko greets him good night. He asks her if the water in the bath is already done. He is puzzled when Riko just says that she wants to sleep so she isn’t going to take a bath. Going straight to her room, Riko ignores her cat and jumps into her bed. Riko starts beating her pillow and shouts that Miwako absolutely likes Aki and Aki is too rigid[/stiff]. She looks at the CD case with a CD by her bed side. She remembers Aki telling her that he wants her to listen to that for it is written for her. She also remembers her telling him that it is the price for doing something that ordinary people cannot obtain. Kissing the CD case, Riko thinks, “Liking Aki’s music so much that I would want to cry. This music is written for me and it is obviously right in front of my eyes, [but] if I were to listen to it, always restraining to be together with Ogasawara-san would have been obstructed. If two of the most important things to me are to be offered up, what would I exchange for it? *blush* Of course, What I want is only ‘Ogasawara Aki’,” At 2501 posh apartment, Mari is listening to Mush & Co.’s album. Mari says that song is filled with arrogance saying, ‘my song is really good’ like it’s a self-satisfied aria, and ‘even without Aki’s music, it will also sell big. “Making this kind of work as a method of letting people know of one’s own strength? *turns off the CD player with a remote control and tosses it away* So, she is better than Mari?” Back to Riko, she closes her bed lamp and thinks, “Because I’ve promised to protect you. I must protect that person from within music [industry].” Outside her house, Aki looks up Riko’s window. He looks flustered and wonders if Riko is angry but she [ought to] knows that he is also enduring. “I’ve noticed that you have not listened to my written song yet. Do you know what feelings I had when I wrote that song? Do you really think that I don’t care much about this kind of thing? *giggles and starts humming* That night, I’ve wrote a new song but this song is also not conveyed to you.”

Chapter 28: Cover page blurb: “‘Because using one’s strength to hug, it can also hurt. Love also feels tiring.’ This kind of thing exists. I’ll definitely protect that person who likes music. Remaining serious over music, there’s a swallowing awareness.” Sou opens his shoe locker and finds a [love] letter addressed to him. Sou thinks that is quite unexpected. Teary-eyed, he says that even if he had all sorts of worries but it is really great that they were able to debut. Riko notices that Sou looks totally moved while holding the letter to his chest. While the others wonder what’s up with Sou, Riko think that their school life had thoroughly changed after the news spread out throughout the school about their debut. Some female kouhai-s give Sou and Yuu some cupcakes that they made from home economics class. Sou is totally happy over it while Yuu just somewhat blush over it. The girls wish them good luck and giggle as they left. Totally moved, Sou says that it is true about the rumor that even if one is fat but as a band member, one can become very popular. Yuu says that honestly speaking, isn’t this a bit uncomfortable. Sou shouts that it is because Yuu is originally already very popular. He tells Yuu that for someone fat, one would think of it once, no, not only once, but rather, think of it everyday. “Would I be a virgin throughout my life?” Yuu says no, he also thinks of that kind of thing. Sou shouts, nope. Pointing at Yuu, Sou shouts that he chose to be a virgin, who was dumped by Riko and he is thinking of ‘it is alright even if I’m a virgin throughout my life’ –that virgin girl way of thinking. “I’m not the same, I don’t voluntarily chose to be a virgin. *cries* Fat people wasn’t bestowed the right to choose!” During lunch period in section 2-3, Riko happily says ‘Itadakimasu’ and prepares to eat her bento box since she is hungry. Her friends comment over the filling food and envies Riko for not becoming fat. Then, a girl calls out to Riko and asks if she finished writing the reading assignment. Riko says that it is impossible for her to finish it [quite early]. The girl laughs and says that it is inevitable so she’s letting Riko see her finished homework. Thinking that she didn’t even ask the girl to do this, Riko thanks her. The girl laughs and tells her not to be polite, and no need for thanks because they are good friends. Riko looks at the girl and thinks that she doesn’t know when this girl started calling her ‘Riko’ as if they are close.

While Sou is rehearsing, Teppei holds Sou’s letter and says that this is quite old fashioned. Kaoru says that isn’t this good and Sou should quickly meet up with that person and straightforwardly, do it because it isn’t a good thing for a virgin guy to keep dragging this on. Sou just nervously laughs. Looking at the music sheet, Teppei says that Shinya is such a S[adist] and even if he is dedicated with work, but the effect of this, in accordance to the setting[/composition], one absolutely cannot do it. [<- difficult composition] Kaoru says that the drum set in this world already has a twin pedal. Teppei says that the lower drum’s twin pedal can create a double lower drum effect so one doesn’t have to work too hard on it. Kaoru exclaims that he knows, how about using the bass drum as support for this setting. Teppei says is that so, so during the hard part, just totally use the bass drum for support and anyway, if Sou didn’t strike [the drums] then it won’t be exposed. Kaoru says that it hasn’t been a topic within the Japanese music circle about a famous band in a popular PV, who are obviously playing a guitar but the tune doesn’t match up with the difficult composition. Giving Sou a thumbs-up, Kaoru exclaims that there’s totally no problem. Sou looks a bit flustered and grips his drum sticks tight. He asks the two as to why he is practicing then. The two CP members look at him in surprise. After a pause, Kaoru says, “It’s because we are musicians, right?” At Riko’s house, Riko’s father looks at the posters on the various promotions for his store about Mush & Co. including one about Shinya always dropping by. Riko’s father thinks that Shinya one isn’t good for he only came once and he didn’t even buy a veggie, though he ate their cucumber. Riko’s father changes it into Shinya’s ‘hideout’ store. He thinks that it seems like it is a store to protect theft and what the police would think of it. He decides to let it be and call out to the people to buy his vegetables. In the living room, there is a flyer on Summer Festival Sale on vegetables and fruits at Sekiya Supermarket. At an electronics store, Riko tells Aki that she doesn’t need a cellphone. Aki tells her that right now, it would be better for her to change her cellphone number and email address, and since when has she been using her current cellphone. Riko says that it is since she is in first year high school and it was given by her parents as a celebration for getting in. Aki says that one year is quite long and has she been sending her message without any safeguard [/probably encryption]. Riko says yes.

Aki asks if she knows that people will know her cellphone number or perhaps her email address. Riko says yes. Aki tells her what if some unknown people would send her messages like ‘lend me some money’, ‘go steady with me’ or ‘what color is your underwear’ type of things. To Aki’s shock, Riko tells him that she had got those kinds of messages already and those are the usual annoying messages. She tells him that he worries too much. Aki says that it is normal to worry and because he really worries about that ordinance. He tells her that he is also worried if she was angry that he went home with Miwako in the taxi so after Riko got off, he also gets down the taxi and went home. This surprises Riko and asks him if that is true. He tells her that he also heard from Shun that she said in front of Shinya that they haven’t held hands. He says that he is also worried whether or not, Shinya would think of this as an opportunity. “But.. *stops walking* But, actually, I even thought of holding hands.. *Riko asks, ‘And then..?’* I’m the type of guy whose palm would easily sweat, in case I’m nervous, *blush* So, I’m worried whether or not you’ll detest me [for it].” Blushing Riko laughs about this. She is surprised when he goes to her and whispers that it won’t be [sweaty] if he is gripping [her hand]. He touches her little finger, then her fingers and holds her hand. Riko blushes really red and Aki says, “Don’t let go, okay?” While walking home at night, Sou is beating his thighs to a beat when he notices a black-haired girl walking back and forth in front of his house. He asks the girl what’s up that she is at his house. The girl suddenly bends down on the floor then stands up to bow to him to say sorry for she was surprised. Sou tells her that it is alright. She calls his name and apologizes again but about that letter in the shoe locker. This made Sou nervous. She asks if he has read it. He says he did. She smiles and says that is really good, that’s great. At some room, probably a hotel, Soichiro lights up a cigarette on the bed. Naked Mari who is lying beside him tells him not to smoke beside her. He pinches her nose and asks if she is in a bad mood. Mari turns to the side and tells him not to touch her. Soichiro smiles and blows the cigarette smoke on her face. Mari looks at him and takes the cigarette. After taking a puff, Mari asks if she has been sworn off[?/given up]. He pats her head and tells her not to be nervous. This made her blush a bit before she slightly frowns. She flicks the lit cigarette on the floor. Preparing to stand up, Soichiro tells her not to recklessly throw that. Mari hugs him from behind. He tells her that there’ll be a fire. While snuggling to him, Mari says that it will only burn the carpet. “Lucky or not, the automatic sprinkler will be activated and we will be discovered. *hugs Soichiro* ..in what kind of position do you want us to be discovered?” Mari seductively looks at him and Soichiro pushes her down on the bed.

At room 4501, Aki is sleeping when he hears the doorbell ringing. He wakes up and looks at his cellphone. It is 03:42am. Aki complains over who is coming to visit at dawn. He ignores the doorbell and goes back to sleep hoping the visitor would just assume that he is sleeping soundly. Soon, it is his cellphone that is ringing. It is a message from Soichiro. Aki opens his eyes and thinks that he is awake. He drinks a can of beer and notices that he has an email from Soichiro at 3:50am – Subject: ‘Emergency’. Message: ‘I have something to discuss regarding Mush & Co’s first performance.’ Seeing the Mush & Co, Aki finally opens the door for Soichiro. Soichiro says that it is because it’s Aki, so he thinks that he is still awake. Aki furiously says that he was sleeping, sound asleep. Soichiro laughs and says is that it, Aki is still dazed from sleep that is why his discernment[/ability to judge] had become slow so he called him up. Aki shouts for him to get out. Soichiro lies down on his bed that Aki shouts for him not to sleep there. Soichiro says that after going past the age of 40, he is already very tired after doing it thrice in a night. Aki looks serious and tells him to get out. Sitting up, Soichiro says that generally, Mari has an ailment. This surprises Aki that he turns to look at Soichiro. Soichiro says that it is sex addiction. Aki says that he doesn’t want to talk about Mari with him. Soichiro says that it is an obssessive-compulsive disorder and it won’t do if it isn’t the queen’s sexuality. “I’m not a doctor so I don’t quite know about it. *pause* I can only talk about it with you. Right now, that girl has changed and only you would understand, right?” Looking sad, Aki didn’t answer. Lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro says that after breaking up with Aki, no, that’s not right, earlier before they break up, her road ahead had started to become dark. “She had become very strange because being in a family that has a single mother, she has an Electra complex ..so, I couldn’t just let her be. But, she has fallen in love with you.. It seems that she is being torn apart..” Aki tells him not to push his responsibility to her. Soichiro asks that isn’t it Aki’s fault for he obviously could have just not pay attention [to Mari] and it would be okay but he talked about that. [<- probably referring to what Aki told Mari in their last meeting.] “Isn’t it you who made things sink into this situation? Actually, you should also know that woman needs both sides. Help me out. She’s someone whom you were infatuated before, right? Write a song for Mari. Afterwards, you can produce for Mush & Co.” Aki looks flustered. Blurb: “Black-colored Temptation!”

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