June 9, 2012

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi [Chapters 1-3]

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Narration: “‘Like[/Love]’, this feeling ought to have different kinds. Like for friends. Like for family. Like for lovers. And, above than friends, but not really lovers. Even if more than family, but not a family member. Liking one’s childhood friend, what kind of ‘like’ is it?” It is a sunny morning. On April 9th, 7:25am, Koharn is crawling on top of sleeping Natski. Koharn suddenly covers Natski’s mouth which wakes him up. After Natski had a hard time breathing, Koharn lets him go. Natski screams if she’s trying to kill him. She says that it is because he won’t wake up. Flashing a v-sign, she happily greets him a good morning. To Natski’s surprise, Koharn suddenly lies down on his bed. While moving about, she says that it makes her sleepy always when she wakes him up. This made Natski blush as he tells her not to move about like that. He quickly tosses her out of the bed by pulling away the quilt. While she tells him that he is mean and it hurts, Natski scolds her not to do that on a guy’s quilt, and [her] mother will get angry. Koharn laughs over Natski saying that he is a ‘guy’. Blushing a bit, Natski says that even if it is her, he felt troubled. Koharn narrates that Natski is a boy who is her neighbor, staying across her room. So in one word, they are childhood friends. Koharn just watches Natski who finishes fixing his hair and says that today, he is quite good-looking. Koharn narrates that they are always together that it is like it is inevitable that he would always stand beside her, and starting today, they become high schoolers together. In school, a couple of girls and a couple of guys are talking about Natski and Koharn’s relationship as childhood friends that there should be some adultery between them, their relationship is so good as if they are silly lovers, they are famous during junior high that who would have thought that friendship between a boy and a girl actually exists, the couple isn’t conscious of this because they are slow-witted and since they are now in high school, maybe something will change like from childhood friends to lovers.

While Natski is yawning, Koharn tries to greet good morning to the foursome but she has been ignored. So, she inhales and calls out their names, Sumire [invented name from 小堇 because it doesn’t exist in the Japanese dictionary; more mature girl], Konoha [guesswork name from 好花; cutey glasses girl], Kotarou [guesswork name from 小太郎; dark haired guy] and Masamoto [guesswork name from 松本; light haired guy], then Koharn proudly greets them a good morning. Finally, the foursome greets her back. Koharn narrates that these four forms her little group which started during her junior high. Koharn says that they really like to gossip. Konoha says that it is because she is wondering if their relationship [K&N] will be the same in the future. Koharn tells her that she said many times already that it just so happened that they grew up together. Natski agrees and says that maybe it is even more than childhood friends. This made Koharn smile and blush. She thinks that no matter what the others say, Natski doesn’t change and he is still quite frank. And, this is the part about him which she likes. Then, Natski comments about not having feeling towards Koharn’s child-like body, and female high schoolers are better like those big-chest senpai.. Koharn promptly whacks him with her bag since Natski is a lewd idiot. Later on, Natski goes to the clinic. After finding a band-aid, he wonders where the clinic teacher is and maybe the teacher is busy with the opening ceremony. He looks at the window and sees a beautiful girl crying. Natski looks surprised. In the classroom, Konoha asks Koharn if there is still no [romantic] attraction between them. Koharn says that they are only childhood friends and nothing else aside from that. To Koharn’s surprise, Konoha comments that for her to always say that seems childish because in high school life, a lot of things are going to change. Koharn wonders what change Konoha is referring to. Back to Natski, the girl suddenly turn away that he quickly apologizes and left. After running off and resting at the side of the building, Natski wonders why that girl is crying.
Soon, opening ceremony is starting. While the others are gathering around, Natski gives the band-aid to Koharn and tells her that she has a small wound on her hand after she hit him. Reflecting over her actions, Koharn thanks him and apologizes for hitting him. Natski tells her that it is okay for unlike him, she is ordinary so she better pays attention to herself and don’t get hurt. [<- I think he is referring to her being small/fragile.] This irritated Koharn that she beat him up. It made the other girls lament that Natski easily forgets. Then, a teacher wishes Koharn to do her best today that it puzzles her. Later on, the opening ceremony is starting. Backstage, Koharn exclaims about her having to address the students as a new student representative. The teacher tells her that they had informed her parents who immediately agreed to it. Koharn is freaking out for her parents didn’t tell her about it. The teacher tells her not to grab on too hard at the curtains for it would easily break down. While wondering what to do, Koharn let go of the curtain. The teacher informs her that there will be two other students from the special class, section A, who’ll make a speech. Koharn thinks that students from that section are quite intelligent. The two students arrive. They are Saionji Aki [西園寺 秋; the girl whom Natski met at the clinic] and Tsutsuki Touya [都築冬 哉勤; glasses guy]. With sparkles on her eyes, Koharn thinks that they are bishounen and bishoujo [beautiful guy and girl]. Aki will make the speech first, and then it will be Koharn and Touya. Glancing at Touya, Koharn feels nervous over looking at an amazing person. To her delight, Touya glances at her. To her anger, he tells her that he thought she is an elementary student. Koharn’s height is 148 cm [around 4 feet 10 inches]. Soon, all three representatives head on stage. Natski and Kotarou are surprised over how ugly Koharn looked [because she is very irritated] and they wonder what happened. Then, both Koharn and Natski are mesmerized over Aki’s beauty as she starts her speech. Natski recognizes her and Masamoto tells him that she is a famous rich ojousama [/milady] of a hotel group of companies, very intelligent and perfectly beautiful. Natski wonders why a person like that would cry.
Backstage, some guys plan to move the piano and one of them accidentally steps on the curtain which causes the rod to snap. Seeing the curtain with the signboard falling on Aki, Koharn quickly rushes towards her to push her to safety. Natski shouts that idiot, and also rushes forward. Everyone is surprise. Natski protects Koharn by using his arm to stop the impact of the signboard. In turn, Koharn is covering Aki to protect her. Koharn thanks Natski who shouts at her for being stupid, don’t do such dangerous things. Flustered Natski says that he thought his heart is going to stop. Koharn thinks that it seems that this is the first time she saw him this angry and he was really worried. Starting to cry, Koharn keeps on apologizing to him. He flicks her forehead and it made her stop. Soon, the audience is shouting that was cool and about their conjugal love which reminded the two that they are still onstage. The girls think that Natski is so cool. Konoha and Sumire think that those two should just go steady already. Koharn asks what they should do for it is embarrassing. Natski stands up and flashes a v-sign. Smiling Natski shouts that he is prince-sama and starts introducing himself to everyone. Koharn laments that Natski is really so happy that he lost his senses. While prince Natski helps Koharn up, Aki is already walking away behind stage. The teacher asks if she is fine and she just says yes, and takes a glance back at Natski and Koharn. Koharn thinks that Natski is always like this, when she is in danger, he will fly right away to her. He is cooler compared to some hero on the television. He is her number 1 favorite childhood friend. Outside the stadium by the wall, Touya comments that it is boring. Later, at night, at Honey’s cafe, Natski’s father, and Koharn’s parents + two younger sisters [twins] are celebrating the two’s entry to high school. One of the twins asks where Koharn is. Their mother says that maybe she is still getting ready so Natski offers to go and get Koharn.
Going out the balcony, he calls out to Koharn at the other side but there is no answer. It turns out that Koharn is taking a shower. She wonders about the change that Konoha mentioned in the morning and definitely from today on, it will always be the same between them because they are childhood friends. Natski opens the bathroom door and asks if Koharn is in there. Wearing just a towel, Koharn looks surprised. Natski apologizes and goes out of the bathroom. Koharn thinks that definitely things like this won’t make their heart beat. The two blush over this and still thinks that it is definitely not romantic love. ^^; They wonder what’s with this situation. The next day, Koharn is still puzzled why her heart kept on beating from that night up to the morning. Her younger sisters tell her that she cooked too many foods for breakfast. Koharn tells the twins that occasionally they should have a lot of breakfast. She freezes when they say that she usually does that only if she is bothered about something. While Koharn wonders when did her younger sisters become quite sharp, the twins tell their youngest sibling, Koyou [guesswork name from 小陽. It is either Koyou or Koharu so I chose Koyou.] not to eat too much or else, she’ll become fat. Koharn admits that it is true, it was quite bad that she couldn’t sleep at night. Outside, Natski greets Koharn and says that her weird out face is quite funny. Koharn thinks that it is all Natski’s fault. Just when he is going to ask what happened, Natski stops for he remembered the incident last night. He turns around and says that they should go. Koharn laments over Natski’s reaction of ‘what happened’ after he saw her like that last night. While Natski walks ahead, Koharn remembers him saying that he doesn’t feel anything towards her child-like body but then, why doe she feel depressed about this, and she hates this feeling. Natski is blushing a bit and tells himself to forget what he saw and just think of F-cup idol Ryouko. Soon, Ryouko is floating around Natski head that he happily calls for Ryouko to come. Koharn tells him that is disgusting. Natski apologizes. Thinking that she should act like before, Koharn gives him a bento box and tells her that it is her specialty fried chicken. Natski happily tells her that her bento box is really delicious and every time he wasn’t able to eat it for lunch, he won’t be as energetic.
Koharn blushes and thinks that it is the same smile like before. He also can really flatter someone. Natski suggests that she make Vienna sausage tomorrow. Koharn thinks that she is bothered about what happened because she was told of changes going to happen during high school but it is alright, things won’t change between them. At school, the girls mob Natski about going to class together, I’m your classmate, let’s exchange email address, etc. Koharn is surprised that Natski had become popular and it seems like a miracle. Her friends tell her that only she, doesn’t know that Natski is popular in junior high but the other girls don’t do anything because Koharn is always around Natski. They tell her that Natski’s face is quite handsome. Koharn looks at smiling Natski with the girls and wonders if it is so for she always sees him [so she can’t say]. She gets infuriated over stupid Natski telling the girls that it is finally his time. During eye check, Koharn is really fired up that her friends say that she is a bit bothered and it is a big influence that Natski had become popular. While going for the hearing test, Koharn is puzzled over this agitated feeling she has. She overhears Natski’s voice so she heads toward it, only to find him surrounded by girls flirting with him that he is cute which Natski doesn’t like to be described as because he is a guy. Koharn thinks that she thought that she knew everything about Natski but she totally didn’t know that he is popular. Flashback: It is raining and young Koharn had found where Natski is hiding. She told him that she heard that his parents divorced and poor him, he no longer has a mother. To his surprise, Koharn is crying that he exclaims why is she crying. Koharn tells him that she will make him bento box, always, she’ll give one to him. Natski felt sad that he patted her head and called her stupid for her favorite umbrella which she dropped is now wet in the rain. End flashback. Koharn starts to think that there are a lot of things about him that she doesn’t know.
While walking at the hallway, Natski notices a couple of guys peeping on the girls who are having a body examination check-up. Natski tells them that they are so obvious to peep like that like old geezers. They tell him to shut up for he is popular unlike them. The two guys start to peep again..at Koharn. They lament that it is her and surely, she is an A cup and she really has such a child-like body. They were surprised when Natski suddenly closes the door and darkly tells them that they are not allowed to look. The guys quickly run off and say that he just want to monopolize. Then, the teacher opens the door and sees Natski standing = culprit. ^^; In the classroom, Koharn is surprised that Natski has been caught peeping. He is made to kneel down as punishment with a sign – sorry for peeping. Some girls tell the teacher to let Natski go for it is okay if he peeps on them. The teacher says no for that isn’t the problem here. Natski tells her that he wasn’t peeping. The peeping guys apologize to him for he was the one caught. Then, Koharn goes to Natski who asked where she came from. She tells him that she was in the classroom and she already finished her check-up. Natski murmurs that those guys weren’t peeping on Koharn. Koharn tries to speak to the teacher that Natski won’t peep but she was interrupted by Aki who says that Natski isn’t a person who would do such a thing and without proof of peeping, he could just be standing in front of the door. Aki says that she will take responsible for him if it is truly him. Then, Koharn notices that Natski looks mesmerized by Aki. The teacher decides to let Natski go. Natski is amazed by what happened and Koharn thinks that she was about to say the same thing to the teacher. Blushing Natski thanks Aki who thanks him back for what he did at the opening ceremony. She also thanks Koharn who thinks that Aki is amazing and Natski would be fascinated by her.
Then, some girls mob Natski again about believing in him even if earlier, they didn’t, and they invite him for lunch. A girl offers to prepare a bento box for him. Koharn is shock when Natski smiles and thanks the girl. She asks what his favorite food and he told the girl that it is fried chicken. The girl tells him to accompany her in shopping. Koharn thinks that the Natski she knows had changed so much and if this goes on, her most important thing will disappear. At the supermarket, Koharn takes a bag of Vienna Sausages. She thinks that it ought to be okay to put in the bento box but it would only be for one person. She hates this feeling and thinks that Natski lied to her about not being energetic if he didn’t eat her bento. Koharn quickly returns the bag of sausages in the refrigerator. To her surprise, Natski appears behind her and asks her why she is returning it. Putting the sausages in her basket, Natski tells her that today is special sale day so how come she quickly went home without him who is responsible for carrying the things, so give the basket to him. Displeased Koharn takes the sausages and put it back in the refrigerator. Following her, he asks why she is returning it. She says that she won’t make bento box for him anymore because someone else is going to make it for him. Puzzled, Natski tells her that Koharn’s bento is Koharn’s bento and he can’t be without her bento. Koharn is surprised and wonders if he meant that he will eat everything up. Holding the sausages, he tells her that she have told him that she will always make him one. “Do you want to break the promise? You’ll be punished by Yama [king of hell].” Remembering her promise while they were young, Koharn breaks into laughter and thinks, that it hasn’t disappeared. That night, Koharn feeds Kohan [invented name from 小班; panda looking puppy]. Its house is between Koharn and Natski’s houses. While she watches her dog eat, Koharn thinks that chest-tightening feeling had also disappeared and why is that.
Then, a cup with a string hits her head from above. At the balcony, Natski says hello. Koharn thinks that it is quite nostalgic for it is a string phone. She says that she can hear him. He asks if she will put in the sausages and she says that she will. She inform him not on Monday, because there is a training meet so she can’t make bento for him. Natski is excited over it because they are going to stay overnight and they will be with the special class. To Koharn’s surprise, he says that maybe he can talk with Aki again. Koharn thinks that pricking feeling was gone, but now, it is back. During the trip, her friends ask Koharn about not going carsick from eating tangerine while on the bus. She tells them that her chest feels tight. Konoha asks if she is going to catch a cold. Koharn says that is why she is getting nutrients [Vit C from the tangerine]. She frowns as she looks at popular Natski being fed snacks by his fangirls. She thinks that it is quite baffling to suddenly realize one’s childhood friend is popular and when did he become like that. She becomes gloomier when Natski is flattered about being called cute. She still has that uneasy feeling. This trip is a two days and one night new student training meet[/field trip]. As they go to the camping site, Koharn felt nauseous for she had become carsick. Her friends ask her if she is alright for she ate 3 tangerines. Koharn said that she can’t help it for they were delicious. The teacher calls out to the class that it is time to set up the tent. Konoha is about to go but Koharn tells her that she also wants to go. Natski stops Koharn and offers to help them set up the tent since they are classmates so Koharn can go and rest. He throws his jacket on her and tells her to use it as a pillow. Natski and Kotarou go to Koharn’s friends to help them set up the tent. Koharn comments that he is quite dependable. She observes that his jacket is quite big when obviously before, they are almost at the same height.
Later on, the girls are washing the vegetables by the river. Konoha comments about Koharn wanting to know Natski’s other side. Washing the tomatoes, Koharn says that is right for she didn’t know that Natski is popular before. Then, Sumire says that Natski couldn’t swim which Konoha laments as unfortunate for his motor skills is quite good. Koharn says that she knows about that. Konoha says that it is because Koharn doesn’t totally know Natski that is why she is frustrated. Koharn denies it. They say that she just wants to monopolize him. Koharn continues to deny it that they say, ya, ya, they are only childhood friends. After they left, Koharn looks flustered. Then, she notices that a tomato is floating by the river. She runs after it and it bumps on Touya’s foot. Recognizing him, she asks him to help her grab that tomato. Touya just looks at her that she wonders if he doesn’t like her but then, he is the tomato’s savior. To her shock, Touya turns to leave and the tomato continues to float away. Koharn quickly grabs the tomato and apologizes to it for letting it alone by itself. She is then furious at Touya. Looking down from the camping site to the river, Kotarou and Masamoto notice that Touya was with Koharn. Masamoto says that Touya is number 1 in the special class just like Aki and he is the young master whose father is a doctor. Natski is busy hammering the peg for the tent. Kotarou comments that it is unexpected that Koharn would be together with some other guy. Natski is surprised when they say that it seems that those two are in good terms when they went onstage. To his friends’ surprise, Natski hits his finger with the hammer. He tells them that he will go and ask if Koharn has band-aid. Then, Natski hits his face on a low hanging branch. ^^; Kotarou says that it seems that something is weird about Natski. Masamoto laughs and says that maybe there will be progress between those two during this trip. Carrying a huge bowl of tomatoes, Koharn notices Natski with some girls. He calls out to her and says that she is just in time for he is looking for her so can he go to her tent for them to have some fun [with the others]. Feeling gloomy, Koharn turns away and snubs him. He chases after her and grabs her shoulder. She turns and their faces are a few inches away. They immediately back away from each other.
Then, Koharn screams over the vegetables on the ground. While they go to pick it up, Koharn wonders why her heart is beating so fast just because Natski is quite close to her. Natski asks her what kind of person is Tsutsuki Touya and since when they started to be in good terms. He is surprised to see her looking really grumpy and dark. Koharn shouts who would be in good terms with that guy and it infuriates her just by thinking of that guy. Natski says is that so. She asks him why he is asking. She sees him smiling happily that she asks why he is suddenly happy. He tells her that after hearing that she is in good terms with Touya, his heart felt uncomfortable even if he doesn’t know why. Koharn exclaims that it is the same with her, if his relationship with some other girls are good, she also feels uncomfortable. They look at each other in surprise and say simultaneously, “It’s because we are childhood friends! *double hi-five*” ^^; Soon, both are in a jolly mood for they had figured it out why they felt uncomfortable. Carrying her bowl of vegetables, Natski asks what’s for dinner. Koharn happily says that it is omurice [omelette rice]. Natski is happy over that because he loves Koharn’s omurice. At the cooking area, the other girls are amazed at Koharn’s amazing cooking skills as she easily flips over the omurice. The other girls ask her why they have a hard time cooking. Koharn tells them that it is because the fire is low so they should put in more firewood which Koharn chopped. Then, she even offered to make apple pie. The other guys start to pay attention to Koharn over how amazing she is. Kotarou says that everyone is amazed over Koharn’s cooking skills. Pointy nose, Natski proudly says that after all, their Koharn is quite strong. Then, Natski freezes when he hears some other guys saying about how ‘housewife’ type Koharn is and she is really good. Natski is surprised when Kotarou says that Koharn is becoming famous. Natski tells him that they should quickly go chop some firewood so that they can eat. He mutters that he felt uncomfortable again, just like how Koharn felt. Koharn notices some fangirls calling for Natski and thinks that possibly, some things had changed a bit between them but..
Soon, they are eating panda design omurice with soup. Natski praises Koharn who is quite proud of herself. Smiling at Natski, Koharn promises that if there is something she can do for him, she will absolutely do it for she wants to use her own way to make him smile. While they continue to eat, Aki passes by and looks down at the happy group. That night, the group is playing card games and Koharn wins. Natski laments over always losing to Koharn. As the winner, Koharn orders number 2 to love dearly number 3. Sumire got number 2 and Kotarou got number 3. Deadpan Sumire tells Kotarou to face her but blushing Kotarou tells her to wait. Soon, she is patting his head. Then, they hear that someone is visiting Koharn’s tent where they are playing. A couple of guys ask Koharn if it is convenient for her. Koharn is puzzled why a couple of guys would want to see her. Natski suddenly remembers the couple of guys who got a crush on Koharn. Koharn goes to open the tent’s door to see her visitors but Natski suddenly grabs the tip of her jacket. She calls out to him and he apologizes. Masamoto says that it is possible that those guys plan to confess to her. This surprises the others. Masamoto says that Koharn is quite amazing today while making dinner so the guys are all stirred up. Koharn says that she only cooked. Masamoto tells her that guys have no immunity against that. Flustered Natski asks how he can make this depressing feeling disappear. Suddenly, the teacher directs his flashlight at the guys outside Koharn’s tent and asks who is there. The guys run off saying that it is the teacher. Inside Koharn’s tent, they are also in a panic because if they are found out, the everyone in the guys’ tent will be in trouble. Konoha says that it is too late for them to leave. Masamoto quickly suggests that they hide in the sleeping bags. Kotarou quickly tells Koharn to go in with him. Just as Koharn is about to go in, Natski quickly grabs her hand. Surprised Koharn is then pulled in one of the sleeping bags. The teacher checks in the tent and says that they are already sleeping. Somewhat flustered Natski is hugging blushing Koharn. Narration: “Hey, Natski. Is this also something what we’ll do because we are childhood friends? Making one’s heart beat so fast that it is suffocating.”
Scans by 夜莺工作室