June 25, 2012

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 42]

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Cover page: “A wish that is entrusted on a tanzaku [a strip of paper wherein one’s wishes are written on it during Tanabata festival], will it come true?” Looking at his cellphone, Sou shouts, “Ah, it’s true!! I have really searched a flower called ‘Tokiwamansaku’!!” [There is no English name for the flower, it’s scientific name is Loropetalum Chinense; 常盤滿作] Hinata says, “Didn’t I tell you? I immediately thought of it the moment I heard that Tokiwa-kun is called ‘Mansaku’.” Sou replies, “How can you unexpectedly think of that. This kind of flower isn’t quite popular. If it’s ‘Mansaku Ukonkou*’, then I would know.” [*Tulip in Japanese] Hinata mutters, “Ukonkou..Ukonkou..for this to be a guy’s name is..” Sou laughs and says that still, it is a popular flower. Then, Anna arrives. She waves at them and says, “Good morning you, two! It seems that you guys are also quite happy so early in the morning!! *smiling* What are you guys talking about!?” While Sou is speechless, Hinata tells her that the full name of their class’ Tokiwa-kun is the same with a flower’s name. Anna exclaims, “Ah—is that so!! That’s quite fun!!” Sou asks her what’s up with her for being in such a high mood and don’t be like that so early in the morning. As they prepare to walk to station, Sou says ya, it is very amusing for Tokiwa isn’t a match with flowers. Anna laughs and says that it turns out that Tokiwa is called, ‘Mansaku’. “That’s the first time I have heard of it— Hahaha” Hinata just looks at Anna. Anna thinks that yesterday, Aya told her that the two of them, ‘the girl Sou used to like’ and ‘best friend’ to be going steady, and yet the three of them are hanging out together, Sou is quite pitiful. “Ayane-chan really loves to worry!! For me and Sou to ‘return the feelings of being very good childhood friends’, a lot of things had happened. And right now, we finally returned to our original situation. She doesn’t need to worry for the three of us really get along really well!” In the train station, the guys feel weird for Anna keeps on laughing. Sou asks Hinata what’s up with Anna since she’s always smiling. “Did something happen?” Hinata sighs and tells him that he doesn’t know because Anna won’t tell him when he asked. Anna thinks, “Ya. There’s no need to be bothered by that and I don’t want to make Hinata excessively worried about it. It’s for the best to act like the usual.”

In the classroom, Anna suppresses her giggle as she looks at the results of voting as to who will play what role in the stage play. Hinata writes on the board: Snow White = Nagase Sou, Queen (stepmother) = Tokura Hinata, Prince = Koshiro Anna, and Hunter = Saeki Nanoka. While Sou looks stunned over the results, Nanoka is very happy over this. =P It is announced that those who don’t have a role will be assigned to either making the stage props or the costumes. Sou stands up and shouts that he objects. Anna tells him that his voting results led by a huge margin. While Tokiwa is laughing over this, Sou shouts that he isn’t a bit happy about that. “Who the hell would even dress up like a girl as Snow White!! Hinata, you also hate it, right. Dressing up like a girl as the Queen!!” Hinata says, “Ah. Ya--.. but someone has to do it.” <-grown up. Sou is totally aghast that after a long pause, he mutters, “..okay..” The fangirls are saying that dressing up like a girl, Sou ought to be very pretty, and they anticipate what a dressed up like a girl Hinata would look like. Hinata asks Anna if it is alright for her to play as the prince. Anna says yes, and she also wants to try out dressed up like a boy. “But, actually, isn’t it quite questionable as to why I got a lot of votes...” Raising his hand, Tokiwa says that he knows. “It’s because of that, right? It’s because Koshiro-chan is Hinatata’s girlfriend and Sou’s childhood playmate- Even if it is a stage play, but it is a role wherein one can flirt around with handsome Sou, right? Rather than engaging in an ugly competition for that, it would feel better to just give it to Koshiro-chan whom they won’t worry about since she doesn’t have any other motive in playing that role. It’s called ‘no fighting agreement’, right?” Anna sweatdrops and wonders if it is a very beneficial role, the role of helping Sou dress up as a girl. The girls chatter noisily as to how did Tokiwa knew and who is he. Pulling Tokiwa’s ponytail, angry Sou shouts that he always butts in all of a sudden. “Why don’t you just shut up, Tulip!” Yasumoto asks if there’s no role for him as the teacher. Hinata asks if he wants to participate in it. Yasumoto timidly says that before he had passed through a stage of wanting to become an actor, and he was quite serious about it during college. Sou comments that Yasumoto unexpectedly talks about the past.
Soon, the students are noisily talking with each other. While the others are asking if Yasumoto will dress up as a girl, Anna overhears a couple of girls talking. One girl says that she thought that even if they think it is alright but Sou might not like it, for Anna to act as the prince. “Huh, why?” “It’s because there’s a rumor at the start of school that Sou-kun likes Anna.” “Ah yes, there is.” “But, right now, Koshiro-chan is going steady with Hinata-kun so that means Sou-kun has been rejected, right? In the end, being paired up in a play with a person who rejected you, isn’t it very pointless?” “Speaking of pointless, for those three to still go to school together, isn’t it cruel?” “-It definitely is.” “Sou-kun is quite pitiful--” While Anna looks thoughtful over this, Yasumoto is wondering if he’ll wear female clothes at his age. Some of the guys shout for him to wear it. Suddenly, Anna shouts, “It would be better to change the selection of the prince’s role!!” Yasumoto looks tense as he tries to decline because for him to act as the prince, it is too eye-catching. Anna sweatdrops and says that he got it wrong. Addressing the others, Anna says, “If that is the reason for choosing the prince is like what Tokiwa-kun said.. *pulls surprised Nanoka in front* then I think Nanoka is more suitable for the role than me!!” Nanoka angrily shouts if Anna wants her to die. “For you to want Nanoka to be paired up with Nagase-kun, is this some sort of scheme to pick a quarrel with me!?” Gesturing to Nanoka, Anna says, “See, that’s how it is. She’s someone whom others don’t have to worry about and she doesn’t any other motive in acting the role. Or one should say that there’s malice.” Nanoka shouts how she can act that role. “Let me tell you that it has already decided that Nanoka will play the hunter!! Ordered by the Queen to kill Princess Snow White!! I really want to act that out!!” Anna sweatdrops and tells her that the hunter role is to help Snow White. Then, Sou declares that he also won’t do it. Everyone is surprised. Sou angrily says that since the committee member-in-charge also refused the role, then of course, he also has the right to refuse it. “I seriously refuse it.” Anna is totally aghast-tense. Tokiwa tells Sou to wait a minute and read the mood. “If you won’t do it, who would-”
Sou tells him to do it since his hair is long so it suits him to act as a girl. Tokiwa says that he has work after school so he has no way of preparing for it. The girls start to chatter that it will be boring if Sou doesn’t want to do it. They wonder who would play Snow White. Someone says that it will be Hinata, but then who’ll play the Queen. One of the guys point to the other and tells him to play Snow White but the other says that he doesn’t want to. Someone says that it is getting more troublesome. Aghast Anna tries to do some damage control but the bell has rung so Yasumoto says that they’ll continue this tomorrow. Narration: “I’ve screwed up..” In the living room, Anna trembles as she holds her head in frustration. “Ah..in what airplane am I on? Destroying the class’ meeting. I obviously became a committee member to help Hinata but I’ve become a hindrance!! *gloom* And, the deadline for the cultural festival is also approaching!!” Anna becomes sad as she remembers those girls gossiping about it being pointless being in a play with someone who rejected Sou and for the three to go to school together, Sou is pitiful. She thinks, “There’s nothing that I should be worried about and there’s nothing to be bothered about, I’ve obviously already decided on that.” Holding a bento box, Anna’s mother calls out to her and asks if she has time, help her give this food for Sou’s dinner. Anna tells her that she thinks that Sou is currently at work. Anna’s mother says that if he isn’t there, then forget it. “Quickly go and it’s just next door!” Ding dong. As Sou opens the door, Anna is surprised that he’s there. With a lame expression, Sou asks what it is. Thinking that Sou is really in a bad mood, Anna says that she brought him food for dinner..it’s dumplings. Sou excitedly exclaims, “Dumplings!?” ‘Duh’ expression Anna is speechless as somewhat embarrassed Sou looks away. Anna tells him that she has something to tell him. Later on, while Sou is eating his dumplings, Anna asks if Sou still doesn’t want to play Princess Snow White. Sou looks at her. Flustered Anna tells him that she knows that he doesn’t want to dress up like a girl but he isn’t the only one who is dressing up like a girl. “Didn’t Hinata also say it, someone must do it!!” Wolfing down his dumplings, Sou tells her that it is because Hinata accepted the role that is why he is persuasive. “Absolutely force that role to someone else..” Anna shouts that she’ll play the prince. Sou sweatdrops and says that her opinion changes quickly.
Anna tells him that she had thought about it again and she won’t let her own stubbornness[/willfulness] screw things up. “In the end, just like what sensei said, the cultural festival is an opportunity to make Hinata blend in the class. Today, I also felt that, just with one word from you, you can change the class’ mood. Of course, I’ll do my best but I feel that in order for this stage play to become a success, your help is absolutely essential. If you are around, Hinata will be able to easily blend in the class..” Sou says that her persuasion is quite despicable. Puzzled Anna asks why. Sou has this ‘cannot resist’ expression. Then, he says, “Okay..I’ll do it..” Anna happily exclaims that’s great. “Thank you!!” Preparing to go out of the apartment, Anna tells him that starting tomorrow, he must stay behind after school dismissal everyday. Sou sighs since in the end he has to do it. Anna also tells him to fix his parttime job schedule to match up with them. Sou says ya. Anna tells him that he definitely should. Sou says, okay, okay. To Sou’s surprise, Anna tells him that starting tomorrow, it will be troublesome but she’ll go to school by herself alone. She explains that the photography club also has a program for the cultural festival. “Because I’m busy with the class preparation after school, so it has been decided that that we’ll meet up before class. I’ll also tell Hinata about it.” Sou looks glum and says, “..is that so.” Opening the door, Anna tells him that they’ll see each other in class. Sou tells her that he wants to confirm something important. Anna looks surprised. With a serious look, he says, “That preparation of the photography club for the cultural festival, will it end when the cultural festival ends?”
Anna looks stunned then she starts to happily hit Sou’s shoulder and exclaims what he is saying, but of course. “I don’t understand the meaning of your question!! *Sou holds his shoulder and angrily mutters that it hurts* It is because nutrients aren’t going in your head, right? Remember to eat up the dumplings-” Then, Anna heads out of the apartment. Anna thinks, “I’m such an idiot. Unexpectedly lying by saying that there’s preparation to do for the photography club. I’m going to school by myself is only the temporary way in making myself feel at ease. I’m really an idiot.” Sou goes back in and notices that his cellphone is ringing. It is Aya. Sou looks dark/serious then he answers it. Narration: “But, in the end, there’s just no way for the three of us to go to school together like the usual--..” In the photography club room, Anna is sitting with her head on the table. She has been passing time there. After a while, Anna thinks that she ought to be going to class. While walking at the hallway, she sees Nanoka by herself. She thinks that it is quite rare for Nanoka to be alone in the morning. She calls out to Nanoka to greet her a good morning. Anna is shock to see Nanoka looking really gloomy as if she is on the verge of tears. Aghast Anna exclaims what happened. “You looked as if you are going to quickly die. *Nanoka quietly stares at Anna* What had happened!?” Starting to cry, Nanoka tells Anna that last night, Aya had called her. Anna thinks so that it, Aya had finally told Nanoka about Sou. Nanoka continues to say, “And then, right now, Aya-chan is once again going steady with Nagase-kun. That is what she said..” Anna is surprised. Then, she overhears some girls saying that it is Sou and Hinata and today, they are quite handsome, too. “But, who is the girl together with them? What is that? Childhood friend?” “Ah- apparently, it isn’t the same girl, right?” While Nanoka is looking behind her, Anna turns around to see Aya walking together with the two guys, right in between them.
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