June 30, 2012

Black Bird [Chapter 66]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 26, 2012

Looking at a chrysanthemum, Misao happily says that it had bloomed. Tarou says that even if it is only one flower, if it fully blooms, he’ll move it to a place where everyone can see it. Misao says that it is amazing for she hasn’t seen such a huge chrysanthemum before. Looking around, Misao says that it is such a huge courtyard and is Tarou the one who personally prunes them. Tarou says yes even if he fundamentally wants flowers but Kyo-sama doesn’t want that kind of courtyard wherein flowers are blooming randomly all over the place since makes Kyo feel uneasy. Tarou says that even if the scale is small but he can only do it at this place. They look at a greenhouse – Tarou’s flower farm. Tarou tells her that this place is the rose garden. Misao wonders if that is small [for it isn’t]. Misao happily looks at the blooms and thinks that it’s beautiful. Then a maple leaf falls down in front of her. She picks it up and remembers Kyo’s wish to make time stop. Misao thinks that it is the same, she doesn’t know how many times she thought of it. She always thought of it while holding Kyo’s arm. During the peak of happiness, one would want time to stop. Then, Misao thinks that Kyo is acting strange last night. Even if it seems that he had a talk with his father but it seems that Kyo’s heart is heavy. And apparently..it is a bit hard to go near.. Tarou calls out to her and asks her what the matter is. Misao says that it is nothing. Pointing to the flower, Misao asks if she can take some of it because if she decorates it in the room, Kyo will.. Tarou exclaims that Kyo-sama doesn’t seem to appreciate art[/beauty] and Kyo-sama had told him to prune which he forgot to do. Then, Kyo calls out to Misao and asks if she has time. Holding a huge pruning scissors, Tarou cries and apologizes to Kyo-sama, he’ll immediately go and prune. Kyo says that even if he doesn’t know what is going on, then go. Serious Kyo tells Misao that there is something that he has to tell her.

In the room, Kyo informs Misao about the ‘preservation’ technique which his father told him about yesterday. Apparently, it is a technique that can preserve a person’s original form, wherein time stops but one would continue to live on. A bit stunned Misao asks if that can be done and is that what Shou’s note is referring to. Kyo says that his father said that it isn’t so because apparently, this technique will also affect the fetus in her belly. Misao mutters that she’ll be ‘preserved’. Kyo says that during that time, they will search for a way to make her live. “We can win over time. You will only be put in a deep sleep and there will be no pain, Only--.. honestly, we don’t know until when. Perhaps it will be 10 years. During that time, aside from you, everyone’s time would continue to move. And, this world’s appearance will also change.” Misao thinks that in ten years, the streets scenery can change, everyone will grow older, her parents might not be around. “And compared to anyone else-- *looks at Kyo*” Kyo smiles and asks if she will hate the him who is an old geezer. Misao says that perhaps she’ll hate it a bit. Kyo tensely asks if that’s true. Misao asks him what he thinks of doing. Kyo grinds his teeth. Kyo tells her that he thought of it the whole night and what he thought is his own wishful thinking. “You will lose a lot of things but it is better than death, right? *flustered and tense* If this goes on, you would have lost your life in spring. Only this.. only this..” Misao looks flustered and tense. Looking away, Misao says that they go think of it when the time comes. Kyo says that in doing the technique, it seems that it would be better while the fetus hasn’t grown older. That way, it would be much easier to carry out the technique and it will lighten her burden. “..don’t you want to?” Misao asks if it is okay. She will be in a deep sleep like a doll for some ten years. “A world without me, can you continue on living like that?”
Kyo tensely says that he is already fully aware of it but it isn’t like she isn’t around. “For that day, when I’ll meet you again after you have awakened from the deep sleep, only to find a good method [to extend her life] and afterwards, I live together with you again.. Only having that kind of hope.. only if you actually live on..I can bear loneliness for a long time *grabs Misao’s shoulder* Please.. Please answer me, Misao--...” Looking tense, Misao thinks that aside from don’t want to, she can’t think of anything else, because within her heart, compared to pondering on it, it would first refuse, as if there is a sorrowful whimpering sound. Misao mutters, “No..” Kyo shouts for her to stay at one side, at least, leave a bit of feeling. Kyo immediately push Misao to the side in frustration and left. Misao continues to cry and mutters Kyo’s name. Misao thinks that she isn’t only bothered about that, losing so many things. Later on, Sagami sees Misao all alone at the courtyard. He asks if she is alone when everyone is at that side. Teary-eyed Misao says that she is thinking of some things. Sagami says that it is good timing for Tarou said to give this to her. It is a bouquet of flowers. Misao happily takes it and says that there’s a lot. They are so beautiful. Sagami asks if she plans to decorate the room with it, but he thinks that it won’t make Kyo-sama happy. Misao asks why, is it because he hates flowers that he doesn’t want flowers in the courtyard. Sagami says that it isn’t hate, but the courtyard is a preference problem. “It’s to say that he doesn’t want you to become happy because of someone else’s flowers. Apparently, since from the start, he wasn’t able to make his own flowers bloom.” Misao asks why. Sagami asks if she doesn’t know that Kyo would carelessly take care of the flower too much that it withers. Flashback: Sagami told young Kyo that plant doesn’t need a lot of water. Carrying a cactus, Kyo exclaimed for him to shut for he is only worried that is why he is watering it. End flashback.
Misao laughs over this and says that he doesn’t hate flowers but rather he is afraid of inconvenience. Sagami tells her that when Kyo wanted to cheer sick Ayame up, he would plant these flowers in the courtyard. “Every time, it would wither so every time, I would replant them.” Flashback: Sagami would secretly replant the plants every night. Then, when it bloomed, Kyo would happily show ‘his’ plants to Ayame who is happy over it. Sagami just quietly looked on. Pointing to a tree, Sagami told Kyo that the plum tree needs to be pruned so that it will absorb more sunlight. Then, Kyo pruned the sakura tree instead and it started to wither. Sagami told Kyo that sakura trees cannot be pruned. He called Kyo an idiot for failing to prune the plum tree and yet he prunes the sakura tree. Kyo tearfully shouted that Sagami is not permitted to call him an idiot. End flashback. Sagami tells Misao that Kyo had too many snow barrier that the pressure broke off the branches, so in the end, Kyo has been forbidden to go in garden. Then, Sagami notices Misao happily saying that she also wants to see that kind of Kyo. She tells him that hearing him tell her stories of Kyo’s past, she also wants to be with him. “When I didn’t notice it, Kyo really takes a lot of effort [in doing things] and I’m afraid that right now, I also want to embrace him.” Misao thinks that is right, if they are separated for some 10 years, Kyo will absolutely not just wait and become old. “Because he will never-ending continue to looking for a good method [to extend her life]. His heart will wear down bit by bit, become depressed and perhaps become devastated. Only by imagining my death, only with that, Kyo is troubled and anxious. *cries* I won’t want him to be all alone.” Looking sad, Sagami calls out to her. Wiping her tears, Misao apologizes and says that she is okay. Then, she looks surprised. Pointing to a plant behind the tree., she asks if it is a bonsai. Carrying some gardening tools and a huge sack of fertilizer, Kyo stands behind them and looks surprised. Blushing Misao turns around and asks if it is Kyo’s..that lifeless plant. Tense Kyo shouts that she’s not allowed to see it. Quickly standing behind the plant, Kyo shouts that it is because he had been busy that he doesn’t have time to take care of it. Looking sideways, Sagami tells him that whether it is being taken care of or not, it won’t grow in such a dark place, and he is using such a strong fertilizer. Kyo shouts that if he puts it out in the sun, people will find it. Sagami sighs and he walks away. Kyo is totally embarrassed and curses that Misao got some flowers.
Then, he angrily shouts at Misao not to laugh at the result of one’s all-out effort. Looking away, Misao apologizes. Kyo shouts for her not to apologize for he’ll feel sad about it and there are things wherein he isn’t an expert at. Teary-eyed Misao says that she really likes him and it is really great that she was able to stay at his side. Kyo looks surprised then he looks away, a bit flustered. Misao asks if the one who needs to be ‘preserve’ is only her, won’t he do it with her. Kyo tells him that if that happens, who would search for a way to extend her life. He cannot do such an irresponsible thing. Misao says is that so, then in the end, it isn’t needed, she doesn’t want to go in a deep sleep all by herself. “I had also thought of it so many times and it would be nice if time can stop like this. But all these numerous happy and cute moments, you were the one who gave those to me and I was able to experience it because I’m with you. If we were to part, even if I were to live on, it has no meaning. *Kyo calls her name* Kyo, please, understand me a bit--” Kyo says that he knows and he also thought of it that way. “Seeing you not moving. The you who can’t talk. Up to what degree can I bear it? Can I properly live on- Even if I’m conscious of it, I’m also quite afraid that I can’t take it-- *Misao drops the flowers and hugs him tight* But it is better than letting you die. *hugs surprised Misao tighter; with blank eyes* I’m sorry.” Misao quickly breaks away from his embrace. She realizes that Kyo really wants to do it even if she doesn’t agree to it, he’ll force her to. Kyo grabs her arm and Misao shouts, no. Then, to Kyo’s surprise, Misao falls on the ground. He asks her what happen. Holding her belly tight, Misao trembles and says that it hurts. Then, Kyo notices that there is some blood on her skirt. In the house, Sagami and Houki see Kyo carrying Misao who is in pain. They ask Kyo what had happened. Kyo tensely tells them to call the doctor quick. Ayami exclaims that there’s blood. “Could it be the child--..” Misao thinks, “I beg of you, I still don’t want to go to some other place.” Blurb: “Inflicting Misao a new suffering, what would be the fate of the fetus..!?"
Scans by 水银工作室.